‘Ace of Cakes’ Creates “Star Trek: The Cake”

Food Network airs a reality show called The Ace of Cakes which focuses on a Baltimore bakery run by baker Duff Goldman, who turns out to be a Trek fan. The show often features custom specialty cakes, and a producer for the show sent TrekMovie some exclusive preview pics of a special Star Trek: The Original Series cake that will be featured in an upcoming episode.

Here are a few shots of the Trek cake (click to enlarge):

More cake geekery
The Trek cake is not the first franchise that Duff Goldman’s bakery has taken on. In the past they have done Harry Potter, Star Wars and others. Duff was profiled by StarWars.com for his Star Wars cakes, and was also profiled by our friends at Geek Magazine.

Here’s a clip from the Harry Potter cake episode:


The fourth season of Ace of Cakes is airing now on Food Network Thursdays at 10PM. The Trek cake episode should air sometime in the fall with the fifth season. More info at the official site.

Some websites have noted comments below as some kind of proof that Trekkies take things too seriously. The irony is that the one they point out, from Sean calling the cake a ‘disaster’ was a joke, as he notes on his blog. Nitpicking is a sport amongst Trekkies and Sean was just parodying that. No one here is taking the cake too seriously, but apparently some other sites are taking the comments too seriously.

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this is awesome… “Ace of Cakes” is one of the few shows that I watch on TV, actually. :)

cake doesn’t look that appetising. but cool though

That’s too awesome!!

And my birthday is in a few days! Anthony, you shouldn’t have!


Don’t forget the Saturday Night Live sketch where Patrick Stewart worked in a bakery that made erotic cakes. He kept changing the peoples orders to be a woman going to the bathroom.

The way he is leaning on the arm rest with that smirk on his face is great :)

That cake looks so neat, that I wouldn’t want to eat it!

I noticed the redshirt in the navigator’s seat too, but all things considered, a minor thing. The cake looks great, especially the smirking Kirk.

The redshirt guy is Mr Leslie!

My mum made me an Enterprise cake back when i was 12. It looked a bit more tasty than that to be honest!

lol #6 has a point. Scotty and Uhura are not in the right spots and Chekov is nowhere to be found. Even before Chekov came onto the show Scotty didn’t sit there.

Any idea what the price tag is on this?

I think it’s crazy that they could make a reality show about baking cakes!

Ugh Sean you make us look all INSANE! It’s a cake…nothing more…it’s not meant to be canon. Just relax dude. Who gives a frak if the small little cake people are not sitting in the right chair. Lords of Kobol protect us all! If anyone saw the G4 Star Trek ads they ran then we all know that Spock doesn’t have a sanctuary where Scotty DJs

Secondly, Adam, I’d rather watch a show about baking unique cakes on the FOOD NETWORK than a show about 12 women who want to find a farmer for a husband.

That’s too cute! I love Ace of Cakes. Everyone on the show seems so nerdy (in a good way) and fun!

i want one of those for birthday

RE: 14
“…Adam, I’d rather watch a show about baking unique cakes on the FOOD NETWORK than a show about 12 women who want to find a farmer for a husband.’

LOL…agreed – some of these shows are rediculous, I’m not saying “Ace of Cakes” is a bad show – it’s just amazing what they can turn into a TV show these days.

“12. Sean – May 25, 2008

lol #6 has a point. Scotty and Uhura are not in the right spots and Chekov is nowhere to be found. Even before Chekov came onto the show Scotty didn’t sit there.”

Actually Sean, Scotty DID sit at the Navigator’s Station on the bridge at the end of the second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before” because Navigator Gary Mitchel was dead. There is a picture of it at http://www.trekcore.com. I tried to post the link to the picture but it did not work.

Navigator NCC-2120 USS Entente

“That cake looks so neat, that I wouldn’t want to eat it!”

I wouldn’t worry about it. Most of the cakes they make on the show are more like sculptures made out of some food-like products. A lot of the cakes they make are styrafoam and rice crispie treats covered with fondant. Not too appetizing.

Mmmmmmmmm……yum non canon cake! : )

#19 – your nuts! Where do you get your mis-information? A friend of mine has been to the place and I can assure you they are 100% edible cakes!

i cant believe some people are getting uptight about this flippin cake. its rediculous!! there are far more important things in this world to get uptight about like famine, disease, discrimination, war, poverty, and so on.

if they are going to get upset about this then what chance does JJ abrams got for this movie. think about the vastness of the universe, think of the millions of years of evolution of this planet etc ……………………………….then look at your comments. it really doesnt matter.

BTW a fab cake and id love that for my birthday!! i wouldnt want to ruin it tho.
classic trek UK

I wonder how much a cake like that would cost? I live nowhere close to Baltimore, but if a baker around here could do something like that, imagine what a cool birthday cake that would be!

I hope they got the buttercream/antibuttercream intermix ratio right. Otherwise that thing could blow sky-high like a volcano cake at a six-year-old’s birthday!

They should bake em all with red shirts, cause they’re gonna go fast.

MMMMMMmmmmm… Starfleet Cake.


Other things that cake got wrong:
1. The captain’s chair is not precisely in the center.
2. There isn’t a second level separating the science/com/engineering stations from the captain’s chair and helm.
3. Uhura is all wrong.

Epic fail!

(I am totally kidding, btw–except for the “mmm” part…seriously, everybody loves cake.)

Yeah, I had been in discussions with Duff’s Brother Will about Ace of Cakes coming on the Star Trek Phase II set and doing a cake for us, but they’re doing 4 Hollywood premiere cakes in June (thanks to the Harry Potter Cake above) and they weren’t going to be able to fit us into the schedule- big disappointment, but that’s the way the cookie…er, cake crumbles.

MMMMM! Edible star charts. What flavor I wonder.

“#19 – your nuts! Where do you get your mis-information? A friend of mine has been to the place and I can assure you they are 100% edible cakes!”

First of all, thank you for the comment about my nuts. Second, watch the show. Its all wooden skewers, rice crispie treats, styrafoam and fondant. with a little bit of real cake here and there. A lot of customers get a show cake to look at and sheet cake to eat. I have friends in Baltimore who know of which they speak. And, again, thank you for acknowledging my nuts.

Cellular peptide flavor. With mint frosting.

lol, @ steve623, maybe YOU should watch the show more closely, crispy treats are so rarely used by Charm City Cakes that they’re in less than 1 percent of all their cakes. These guys make over 40 cakes a week, at best, what, THREE, maybe FOUR get featured on the show, and they’re usually the more extravagant ones – i.e. more tv friendly. On top of that, almost every bakery delivers extra sheet cakes to eat when requested… As for fondant and “skewers”, criticizing a cake for use of fondant is like criticizing it for using flour, or sugar, or egg – fondant is a standard ingredient in specialty cakes.

#20 – Anthony….

“btw….i just spoke to Senator Vreenak about this….he was very excited and looks forward to getting a piece of caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake”

LMAO! Too freakin’ funny! I haven’t posted here in weeks, but that one definately deserved some notice. You and your staff are class acts…keep up the wonderful work.

Oh, and concerning the show Ace of Cakes. It’s the only show on Food Network that I truly enjoy. The cast is both extremely talented and unique. Duff hired creative friends for his bakery and it worked for him. Not only are he and his staff the most sought after specialty cake designers but they are featured on a TV series. Kudos to them. They are all artists and a lot of fun to watch.

“These guys make over 40 cakes a week, at best, what, THREE, maybe FOUR get featured on the show, and they’re usually the more extravagant ones – i.e. more tv friendly.”

Like the Star Trek one Michelle said looked so neat she wouldn’t want to eat it, but since its mostly fondant and rice crispies, she wouldn’t want to bother, which is what I was talking about in the first place. But if your idea of tasty cake is skewers and fondant and tooth-shattering marzipan Spocks, knock yourself out, Captain. Beep once for yes and twice for no if you want seconds!

This cake is incredible! My friends and I recently baked and decorated a Borg Cube cake for a friend’s Star Trek themed bday party. Check out my blog for pics! It was so fun to make and even more fun to consume! (theutensils [dot] com)


“Have you ever kissed a girl??!?!?!?!?!”

It’s an F-in cake. Turn-off your caps lock and and stop making trekkers look like such OCD losers.

#2 Why dont you do a remastered cake and show us how it should have been done lol.

“since its mostly fondant and rice crispies”

[Sigh] Really? Are you talking about the Star Trek cake? How would YOU know what it’s made of? Do you work at Charm City Cakes? Sure looks like cake and fondant to me. And no cake it “mostly fondant.” Do your homework.

I’m sure Scotty likes to drive as much as the next guy! All that time tweaking the engines and not even getting to drive? I think not! People need to lighten up and get off of this canon trip! I’m sick of hearing the bad reviews on Star Wars, Star Trek and now Indiana Jones. It’s fan boy whining driving the masses away!

Is this web site ran by communists???

Can’t say “First”, can’t use “All Caps”, basically you can’t say anything that Anthony doesn’t want you to say.

I like this website, but I can find my trek news elsewhere.

I’m betting Anthony, that you live in California. Not much is legal there, either.

I bake cakes…..we try to keep as much as possible edible. But sometimes, in the interest of making an awe-inspiring event cake, there will be skewers, dowels, rice krispies, wooden parts, wire, gum paste, fondant, lots of fondant.
Again, as much as possible will be edible.
Nothing wrong with that. The customer knows up front and we know how many people to feed so you just adjust accordingly, even if it means making an extra sheet cake to eat and keep the pricey cake for gazing upon.
As for price, I would guess that cake in the $500 range, and that may be a conservative estimate. If you are really interested, check out his website.

Some of these threads are classic. This is one of them.
Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I’ll just say- great cake, Duff!

someone mentioned the Patrick Stewart on SNL “erotic cake” sketch….

me and a friend of mine have just recently been scouring the internet to find that clip. We saw it the first time around back in the early nineties (estimate) and have been trying to find it online!

if ANYONE can come up with it…that would be awesome!

Hey all –

I actually live in the Baltimore area, and have met with Duff and the gang at Charm City. A few facts:

1. Yes, the cakes are, for the most part, edible and delicious. We met with them and then had a tasting of several different types of cake that you can choose from.
2. Yes, they are expensive. Very expensive. Down payment on a car expensive. (#43 Judy’s Deserts…you’re WAY off!! ;) ) As a matter of fact, we are having one made for my son’s 13th birthday, and I was rather stunned at the price (but what the hell, huh? You only go around once and every so often, who can fault you for a little over the top extravagance?) I look at it as buying an edible piece of art.
3. I also know the folks that produce the TV show (a great bunch of people) and one of them is a big Trek fan as well.


Beautiful!! Just beautiful!!

I want one for my birthday next year!!

And remember guys – IT’S A CAKE!!! Get a freakin life if you see more than that!!

I’m just waiting to see the response that #42 is ganna get… I was once a webmaster for GWOnline.Net, and let me tell you that comments like that were never tolerated. Do you have any idea what it takes to run a website of this magnitude?! You can’t do anything that Anthony doesn’t want because, guess what, it’s his site! If there were no rules, things would be running amok.

Be thankful that people like him have the ability to run sites like this. Your other sources for Star Trek news probably won’t tolerate talking like that either, so I would keep a lid on it if I were you.

Oh, and that cake is awesome :D I wish I had one… But, like others, I wouldn’t wanna eat it : /

Mr. Sulu, lay in a course for “tasty”….

On those other sites, you can say “first” and use all caps if you want to……….