Shatner: Star Trek Was A Miracle

Just when you thought it was safe, there is yet more from William Shatner as part of his tour promoting "Up Till Now.” The British Daily Telegraph has an extensive feature on Shatner where he talks all aspects his life including some good tidbits on Trek, from how it started to how it ended to the rumors of him wearing corset. Plus in a separate radio interview Shatner talked about Galaxy Quest!

From the Daily Telegraph interview…

Shatner On his fortune of getting the second Pilot for Trek

It was all luck, I look back upon it as the miracle that changed my life.

On how life was rough after Trek was cancelled

‘I was divorced, had three kids to support and was totally broke. I managed to find some summer work but couldn’t afford hotels, so I was living in the back of a pick-up truck in the San Fernando valley. I rigged up a shower, raised up on stilts. It looked just like a lunar module. A young kid of about six came across me one day, took one look and said, “Wow, Captain Kirk.” I couldn’t resist playing along. I invited him on board and gave him a tour of my ship. There is a middle-aged man out there somewhere who is laughed at in his local bar every time he insists Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise really did exist.

On the death of Kirk and handing over the film franchise to TNG in “Generations”

It was a really strange sensation, like giving away my most prized possession. It was nothing to filming Kirk’s death scene, though. ‘In the original script, Kirk died when he was shot in the back. But trial audiences hated it, so I ended up getting crushed to death seconds after I’d saved a galaxy. One of my enduring lines in the original series was, “Captain on the bridge.” I did a little improvisation and, as everything collapsed upon me, I yelled, “Bridge on the captain.” Sadly, they cut it.’

Shat also took the time to respond to some ‘rumors’

‘Actually, I wasn’t wearing a corset,’ he corrects. ‘I had fallen off a horse and broken some ribs. I had to be strapped up and some kind soul told the tabloids I’d got so beefy that I needed a corset to get into Kirk’s costume.’ Shatner smiles broadly, his earlier introspective mood erased. ‘And no, it isn’t a toupee,’ he says, tugging his hair.

Read much more from Shatner in the full Telegraph interview.

Shat on Galaxy Quest and ‘Corny’ Trek
Another one of radio interviews Shatner gave is now online. Bill talked to WMGK of Philadelphia about the usual stuff (trek feuds), and the book, but also on what he though of the Trek parodies and the corniness of Trek.

On the Trek parody film “Galaxy Quest”

It was a fun movie. It was a wonderful spoof. Why Star Trek has remained in everybody’s consciousness for forty years, I have no idea. Captain Kirk seems to be alive and well so I run with it

On the ‘corny’ dialog in Star Trek

I think what you refer to ‘corn’ was the writing and you are probably referring to some of the cliché words, but no we were taking it all earnestly, up to a point. I was certainly aware that it was a little hokey. At the same time you are asking the audience to suspend disbelief so you had to believe in it thoroughly.

Listen to the full interview at

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