Shatner: Star Trek Was A Miracle

Just when you thought it was safe, there is yet more from William Shatner as part of his tour promoting "Up Till Now.” The British Daily Telegraph has an extensive feature on Shatner where he talks all aspects his life including some good tidbits on Trek, from how it started to how it ended to the rumors of him wearing corset. Plus in a separate radio interview Shatner talked about Galaxy Quest!

From the Daily Telegraph interview…

Shatner On his fortune of getting the second Pilot for Trek

It was all luck, I look back upon it as the miracle that changed my life.

On how life was rough after Trek was cancelled

‘I was divorced, had three kids to support and was totally broke. I managed to find some summer work but couldn’t afford hotels, so I was living in the back of a pick-up truck in the San Fernando valley. I rigged up a shower, raised up on stilts. It looked just like a lunar module. A young kid of about six came across me one day, took one look and said, “Wow, Captain Kirk.” I couldn’t resist playing along. I invited him on board and gave him a tour of my ship. There is a middle-aged man out there somewhere who is laughed at in his local bar every time he insists Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise really did exist.

On the death of Kirk and handing over the film franchise to TNG in “Generations”

It was a really strange sensation, like giving away my most prized possession. It was nothing to filming Kirk’s death scene, though. ‘In the original script, Kirk died when he was shot in the back. But trial audiences hated it, so I ended up getting crushed to death seconds after I’d saved a galaxy. One of my enduring lines in the original series was, “Captain on the bridge.” I did a little improvisation and, as everything collapsed upon me, I yelled, “Bridge on the captain.” Sadly, they cut it.’

Shat also took the time to respond to some ‘rumors’

‘Actually, I wasn’t wearing a corset,’ he corrects. ‘I had fallen off a horse and broken some ribs. I had to be strapped up and some kind soul told the tabloids I’d got so beefy that I needed a corset to get into Kirk’s costume.’ Shatner smiles broadly, his earlier introspective mood erased. ‘And no, it isn’t a toupee,’ he says, tugging his hair.

Read much more from Shatner in the full Telegraph interview.

Shat on Galaxy Quest and ‘Corny’ Trek
Another one of radio interviews Shatner gave is now online. Bill talked to WMGK of Philadelphia about the usual stuff (trek feuds), and the book, but also on what he though of the Trek parodies and the corniness of Trek.

On the Trek parody film “Galaxy Quest”

It was a fun movie. It was a wonderful spoof. Why Star Trek has remained in everybody’s consciousness for forty years, I have no idea. Captain Kirk seems to be alive and well so I run with it

On the ‘corny’ dialog in Star Trek

I think what you refer to ‘corn’ was the writing and you are probably referring to some of the cliché words, but no we were taking it all earnestly, up to a point. I was certainly aware that it was a little hokey. At the same time you are asking the audience to suspend disbelief so you had to believe in it thoroughly.

Listen to the full interview at

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I loved Galaxy Quest! Who else thinks Shatner is turning into more of a baby than people ever thought?

and it’s not a toupee?
For real?
What species of animal is it?

“Bridge on the Captain!”

Shatner is great!

Aw, poor guy lived in the back of a pickup truck for awhile! No matter what, seems to me like he earned his fame and fortune by sticking to his guns, er, phasers (?) and clawing his way up. But Galaxy Quest WAS funny, I loved the chief engineer, total polar opposite of Scotty, completely calm and collected, “just F-Y-I, you guys, the main generator’s gonna overload and… destroy the ship in about… fifteen minutes, just thought you might wanna know…” I died laughing.

I posted a link to this Daily Telegraph article in a previous thread. It was immediately deleted. And then the article is posted here. I’ve had posts deleted in the past, and have noted others here complaining of the same thing. It’s why I rarely post here anymore.

Anyway, it is an excellent article, one of the best treatments Shatner has gotten lately…

I suspect ‘ol Bill is telling the truth about his hair. He probably had massive hair transplants done in the past 10 years or so. He could certainly afford it.

Obviously it’s not a toupee… now. No one wheres toupees anymore, I’m sure he got it grafted years ago.


It might not be a toup, but it’s sure as heck not his original hair…

Ahhhh why the hell did he read the script and go ahead with the Kirk death,,,,




This is one fan who would love to see the return of Kirk!,

#5: Tony has a tipline. You should consider using it. He’s quite good about it, too. There’s also the simple fact that the spamfilter software on sometimes does too good of a job, and deletes legitimate posts. Everyone has that from time to time. Either way, you’re not really in a position to complain, I think.

It’s a nice article. I keep a mental ticker of Shatner in my head based on what I read about him here, and the “Bridge on the Captain” line, the six-year-old kid with the tour, and the simple line, “Star Trek was a miracle” have raised his mental trading price considerably.

Ah, if only the Spock Market were still running… :P

#11–fair enough. Are you one of the operators of this site then? When you say “tipline” is that a phone number? Or did you mean a link? If it’s a link, I have not yet spotted it on the site, perhaps you could point it out to me? I have looked for a submission link in the past, and haven’t been able to find it.

Of course, any end user of any site is in a position to complain. Whether it does any good or not, or whether the operator of the site cares or not, is another thing. I have had my own posts deleted in the past, and have noted others experience the same thing. If it’s a filter, then, like I said, fair enough. I’m not a flamer or a troller or anything, so I was always baffled when my posts have been deleted.

So, why wasn’t this “bridge on the captain” improvisation–if it really1 occurred–included on the dvd extras for GENERATIONS? Huhh? And for that matter–on the Wrath of Khan dvd–where is the botched scene George Takei alleges kept him from being promoted to captain of his own ship?
But back to the hair… just how hard did he tug on his hair? Methinks he dost protest too much. I’m of the mind that Shatner of the old school has resisted something like hairplugs and continues to wear a toupee to this day. Obvious hair line toward the middle of his pate seems to suggest this. At least his toupee during the original series effectively looked like individual hairs. With Denny Crane, you never see hairs sprouting from the front of his pate. No Captain Kirk wave…uh uh…
Still waiting for the Halloween episode of Boston Legal next season where Denny Crane dresses up as Captain Kirk. This would rock!

well now I do believe that you can never beleve what his Shatness is saying…come on Bill who are you trying to kid!

The Daily Telegraph article is great – informed, well-balanced, and an interesting read.

The way Shatner speaks about his wife’s death is very candid and touching – so are the moments when he talks about how Nimoy tried to help them; it says a lot about their friendship.

And Shat is right – ST was a miracle, and we still enjoy it and benefit from it after all those years.

Shatner is cool.

Well there’s supposed to be a part of Kirk still in the Nexus, isn’t there? Can’t they just yank his butt out?

#12-Right below the categories listing on the right, and, above the poll, usually. I see it now and have always seen it.

#17-Great name, and that is what I used to think…but do you know how confusing that would be to non die-hard Trek fans…and how hokey & stupid to them. They’d probably never come back to a Trek movie….and we need butts in seats….LOTS of them.

The argument is made that it was a wig, but since he got plugs or grafts. Unlikely. All scholars of the Shatner hairline know the history from Trek through Kingdom of the Spiders to TJ Hooker and beyond, and it’s a story of a total hair helmet. Today he wears a much more appropriate “thinning” style, which might not technically be a toup (no loops, no glue) but it surely is a weave or a unit and not his hair proper.

Enough cast mates admitted to him wearing a rug during the original run and movies makes me wince how much bull we stupid Trekkers can swallow. Who cares if it is a rug or how much plastic surgery or cgi is done to correct and actors flaws. Heck it is all illusion anyway. I really don’t care, as long as the performance is great.

“Double red alert!”

“Absolute. Total. Annihilation.”

Yup, no corn in Trek.

Despite the desires of a sad few…Shatner remains…THE man!

Shat-tastic article!

For those who like to claim no one is interested in William Shatner, and his presence in JJ’s movie wouldn’t matter one way or the other…. please note all the press the man is getting for this bio. imagine the buzz if he were in the new Trek movie.

…or just wait a year and see it first hand…


I could care less if he wears a cat on his head or has plugs, the guy brings a lot to the table by way of acting experience. he knows how and when to be serious, and when to be ridiculous. He’s been through some crap in his life and still manages to shine in whatever he does. He really does have a wise soul.

And of course, seeing him in the new Star Trek movie would be a hell of a thing, but don’t count on it. Perhaps at the end, a hint of his return, though, might be in order.

Just read the Telegraph article. Absolutely wonderful and touching interview.

Long Live The Shat!

#17. Jim

I kinda wondered that. After all, they did it with Guinan. However, when Picard told her to come with him to help stop Soran, she said she couldn’t – – that she was only an echo or a shadow and referred Picard to that other Captain. I suspect that’s why they haven’t done it.


#24 … Good post. I admire Bill for how he totally rebounded from what must have been some tough and humbling days in the 70’s. To lose your main source of income, your family, and be a former tv star living in the back of a truck could not have been easy. Some people would’ve just given up. But look at him now, he’s on top of the world. That’s quite inspiring.

And who gives a damn what’s on his head? He looks great, and everyone has the right to make cosmetic changes if it helps them feel better about their appearance.

“Bridge on the captain…”

I’m GLAD they had sense enough to yank that out. Kirk says this after being crushed and then laying there dying?! How stupid!

I am probably in the minority when I say this, but I actually get a lump in my throat when Kirk’s death scene plays out. I think the music in combination with Picard’s emotional delivery made it very, very sad when Kirk passes…

Sorry. I should clarify the above comment.

What I meant was, AFTER THE REAL GUINAN LEFT THE NEXUS, the other one was still there talking to the ‘real’ Picard. They didn’t actually ‘do it with Guinan”. Picard TRIED to get her to help him but she said she couldn’t leave with him (for whatever reason).

Better go get some coffee…


You know I’m still thinking the whole Shat-not-in-Trek-XI is a huge set up by JJ Abrams and Shatner. Why?

1) Current Trek XI actors, TOS performers, Trek outsiders and Trekkies like Cawley and co. have been speaking overwhelmingly in favor of him handling Trek XI and how respectful he is and how he loves having people’s approval and include fans in his production. Weird that only Shatner seems to stand out “negatively”.

2) Current Trek XI actors have all been receiving guidance from surviving TOS performers: Takei, Nimoy, Nichols, Koenig. Who do we see most often speaking out? Cho, Pegg, Quinto, Saldana and Yelchin. Where the hell is Chris Pine eh? My guess is he’s keeping a low-profile and for a certain purpose.

3) The only “reported” exchange between Shatner and Pine seems to have been through letters… Kinda weird considering the biggest sci-fi icon of all time has not seen anything of the production according to official reports.

4) Just when the Shatner-not-in-Trek-XI controversy dies down, Shatner does a whole bunch of public appearances commenting on it. It gets people talking and does Trek XI free publicity.

5) JJ Abrams is a man of mystery and deception. Just look how he teases audiences with Lost. He’s doing the same with Shatner, letting people guess, speculate and fuel interest for the movie in the meantime.

6) Since Kirk sacrificed a lot to save Spock, it would only make sense that the Nimoy-Spock would alter the timeline to save his friend that once brought him back from the dead and return the favor. It is reported that Nimoy and Pine have a scene together. This might be they key.

7) My guess is that Shatner IS in fact in Trek XI. It will be a 60-second scene at the very end of the movie when Nimoy-Spock returns to the 23rd-24th century.


I’ve thought and said all along that we are being played, and maybe Shatner as well ,since he couldn’t keep a secret about the new movie to save his life.

So, they sneak him in at the last second, film the scenes, edit it in and send it to the theaters.

Still hoping.



I FULLY agree with #30! Very well put. Here’s hoping…

Well the posting of this article aside….regarding his book…….I’ll say it again. . . .get the book on CD. Worth every penny to hear the Shatner give a reading on his own words, in his own words.

And I’m adding “fidelity” to my list of Shatner pronunciations after listening a bit again this weekend.

JL (28)

Jeez! Get a sense of humour!

Picard came over as really fusty in Generations, while Kirk saved the day with wit and charm. ‘Bridge on the Captain!’ was a very ‘Jim Kirk’ remark.

The film, which was a really miserable one, could have done with a few more genuine laughs. Shatner, with his endless charm, walked away with Generations and he was by far the best thing in the film. Berman’s decision to kill Kirk came off as bitchy and spiteful in the long run and drove a lot of us away from Star Trek!

#30–“6) Since Kirk sacrificed a lot to save Spock, it would only make sense that the Nimoy-Spock would alter the timeline to save his friend that once brought him back from the dead and return the favor.”

“My guess is that Shatner IS in fact in Trek XI. It will be a 60-second scene at the very end of the movie when Nimoy-Spock returns to the 23rd-24th century.”

SIGH…Would that really make sense? Would Spock, of all people, disregard the consequences to billions upon billions of people by intentionally altering history in any way for the sake of saving a personal friend whom he knows is supposed to die in the timeline Spock knows to be correct? And would Kirk, assuming he did not die on Veridian III (due to Spock’s uncharacteristically selfish intervention of course), even still be alive in the post-Nemesis era (assuming that is the era Spock returns to–if he even returns at all)?

Here is to hoping that doesn’t happen…That would not be our Spock. That would be someone else, IMO.

The only way to make something like that happen would be to relieve Spock of any moral responsibility to the timeline. Kirk’s survival would have to be due to someone else’s action, unbeknownst to Spock altogether. Still, where would Spock see him? Kirk’s age in the post-NEM era would make it a stretch to say the least!

#13–If Denny Crane dressed as Kirk (Captain, Admiral, Cadet, who cares as long as he does it!), it would 1.) be great! hysterical! faboo! and 2.) *reeeeeally* fuel the “is he or isn’t he in ST11?” debate.

Yield to the logic of the situation, Bill and BL producers. Do an homage to the late(?) great James Tiberius Kirk.


“Would Spock, of all people, disregard the consequences to billions upon billions of people by intentionally altering history in any way for the sake of saving a personal friend whom he knows is supposed to die in the timeline Spock knows to be correct?”

What did we learn at the end of ST3:TSFS?

The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many . . .

I’m still betting Shatner’s not in it though . . .

I always under the impression that kirk could be brought back from the nexis?like the door was left open.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from someone currently in the military who also happens to be one of the original TOS fans watching “Man Trap” during it’s original airing.

My salute to Mr. Shatner. I pray that I am in half the shape he is it at his age (Sheesh, I have to run two miles everyday as it is). All I have to say is have some respect for the guy. What’s with all the crappy comments about his age, his weight? For crying out loud, is there anyone on this site who is immortal? Immune to weight gain as you age? Sheesh, I gave up on hair myself decades ago. If anyone has a cure for hair loss, speak now or forever shut the hell up.

The point is, it’s easy to talk about age when you’re young – but when you reach the half century mark – your perspective changes. I admire folks who drive on against the clock. Mr. Shatner is above par for a man his age. I’m 55 and I understand his passion for something he is so closely identified with. I pray I can have his gusto for life two decades from now.

Bottom line is, he is willling and able to once again appear onscreen as CPT James T Kirk and lack of vision, creativity or desire on the part of the current production team to make that happen is sad.

BTW – as I write this I’m watching “The Longest Day” on AMC. Take a moment or two to remember those who gave so much in the name of freedom.

God bless America.

#38–“What did we learn at the end of ST3:TSFS?

The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many . . .

That’s a very general statement. I think we learned that Spock’s life was more valuable than the careers of his shipmates (David’s death was an unforseen consequence). It is very different to risk the lives of billions by intentionally altering historical events…

But you are right, I am sure. He is not likely in the movie.

#40–As a fellow veteran (combat veteran US Marine), I echo your sentiments about honoring those who have fallen, but I respectfully disagree about Shatner’s non-appearance in Trek XI. It is obvious that Shatner’s appearance did not benefit the story within the script that Paramount approved. Calling it a lack of creativity is unfair, since none of us have seen it yet. You may be disappointed that the story you wished them to tell is not the one they have chosen, but that alone does not make it a bad decision, or worse, a sign of inferior talent…


Semper Fi.

Have you read the script? How do you know whether Mr. Shatner’s appearance would benefit or not benefit the script?

Let me clarify. I am not staking the movie on Mr. Shatner’s appearance (although I do feel it would benefit substantially form it). My main point is that posters should show some respect and not make blanket assumptions such as: “He demanded too much money” or “He demanded a bigger role” unless they can prove they were in the room with Mr. Shater and Mr. Abrams or have some sorte of recording to prove such.

To simply state a post does not make it true. Otherwise:

– JJ Abrams cares nothing about fans. He is simply is fulfilling a bet he made with Tom Cruise that he could make a Star Trek Movie
– Zachary Quinto, out of frustration with being afflicted with “ultra eyebrows”, asked his agent to get him the role as Spock so that he could destroy the character

The point is you can claim ANYTHING on the Internet, but you should have some evidence to back it up (sorry, but I’m also have a degree in journalism). I have nothing to backup either of the claims above. I admit it. However, many people continue to make outrageous claims about Mr. Shatner with nothing to back it up.

Happy Memorial Day’s Weekend. Keep the members of the armd forces in your thoughts and prayers. Respect the fallen and what they died for.

18. jimj – May 27, 2008
#12-Right below the categories listing on the right, and, above the poll, usually. I see it now and have always seen it.

Thanks Jim. I found it, um…..after I turned off my adblocker and reloaded the page. :)

“Not a toupee” = “The transplants finally took hold.”

It’s been a well established fact that he wore a rug during the original series.

I think it was sometime after Generations that everything finally grew in enough so that he could finally say bye-bye to the head tribble.

“Takei… as in: toupee.”

30. The A-man – May 27, 2008

“7) My guess is that Shatner IS in fact in Trek XI. It will be a 60-second scene at the very end of the movie when Nimoy-Spock returns to the 23rd-24th century.”

Hi, sorry, I disagree. this sounds more convoluted than the “second shooter on the grassy knoll” conspiracy theory


If Spock would have prevented Kirk’s death (which resulted in saving millions/billions of lives) would it me much of a stretch to think that he could have also did his “prevention” at a point in time that prevented both Kirk’s death and the destruction of Veridian III?

The chances of Shatner being in XI are 3740 to 1. He’s not going to be in it. I’d like to think so, but there’s absolutely no way that this could be kept secret if he was.

And if I’m wrong, well… there’s not really a lot I can do to an internet forum other than quote myself and look like a douche.

It’s probably safe to assume that Shatner is not in Star Trek XI. Has he even visited the set?

You can tell that Shatner wore a wig in a few episodes, but that doesn’t mean he still wears one now.