Spoilers: Details On Star Trek Movie Ships

Ships like the USS Reliant (STII), The Klingon Bird of Prey (STIII), USS Excelsior (STVI), the Son’a Flagship (Insurrection) along with the various Enterprises have all been key locations for past Star Trek films. Now, based on information from a number of sources, TrekMovie.com has put together a summary and some details on the ships of Star Trek (2009).

Even though there has been a lot of talk about the early days of Kirk and Spock and Starfleet Academy, JJ Abrams new Star Trek will be spending quite a lot of time in space. This article will detail the four ship locations where much of the action will take place.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701
As expected, the primary location of the film is the Enterprise with the bridge being the key location on the ship. About three to four out of the twenty weeks of shooting took place on the bridge set. We will see the ship under the command of both Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) and James Kirk (Chris Pine). In addition to the bridge, other locations for the ship seen in the film will be: sickbay, crew quarters, engineering, a transporter room plus corridors and turbolifts. All sets were built at Paramount with the exception of engineering which was done on a redressed industrial location.

In the past, the interior look of the various Enterprises regularly changed from film to film, and JJ Abrams Enterprise is no exception. So far we have only seen a sliver of the bridge from this photo taken during JJ Abrams live chat with fans at TrekMovie.com.

The USS Kelvin
The Kelvin is a Federation starship from a generation before the Enterprise and smaller than the Enterprise. It is of a new ship class never seen before. The ship is commanded by Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) with George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) as first officer. Locations seen on the ship include the bridge (which reflects an earlier design than the Enterprise and is a lot ‘busier’), corridors, sickbay and engineering.

The Romulan Ship
TrekMovie.com previously reported that the primary villains of JJ Abrams Star Trek are the Romulans, who come from the 24th century. They travel through time in a ship, but the ship is not necessarily built for time travel. The ship is commanded by Nero (Eric Bana). The design of the interior of the ship is apparently different than traditional TNG era Romulan design and said to be ‘surreal.’ It is not yet known what the name of this ship is.

Spock’s Time Ship
As reported before, the Star Trek film involves time travel and elder Spock (Leonard Nimoy) traveling through time. However (contrary to previous rumors about the Guardian of Forever) Spock uses a Vulcan ship specifically built for time travel. The ship is small and has a crew of one (Spock). The film will feature the bridge and also the ship’s ‘time core.’ It isn’t known what the name of the ship is, and it may be that the ship has no name.

Other ship locations
In addition to the above four ships there are some other ship locations that will be seen (and had sets built). These are:

  • Medical shuttle (from the USS Kelvin era)
  • Transport shuttle (from Kirk’s time at Academy)
  • Federation Ship Bridge Simulator for Kobayashi Maru Test (redress of USS Kelvin bridge)

A lot of ships for one film
Note the above list may not be entirely comprehensive, but is based on the best info available to TrekMovie at this time. There are certainly more ships which will be seen in the film’s space scenes. That being said, there will be a lot of on-board ship action in this film. A source tells TrekMovie that more ship interiors were created for this film than any other Trek film before. And unlike previous Trek films there is a minimal amount of ‘redressing’ being used. The USS Kelvin and the USS Enterprise are totally unique. All this means that Star Trek will truly be (as co-writer Bob Orci said in one interview) ‘a starship adventure.’

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