Quinto: New Trek Honors Original

You just can’t keep a good Vulcan down. In a new interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Zachary Quinto, who takes over the role of Spock in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, once again explains that the upcoming film honors the original Trek series. He stresses, however, that the priority for the filmmakers was to make a good movie. Quinto also explains how he thinks his role on Heroes won him the role of Spock.

On the new film’s connection with the original series:

It was done with real heart and real respect and a real effort to honor the origins of this franchise, while at the same time sort of re-imagining those origins. People have been enormously supportive of me playing this role and of our making this movie. We’re all really excited about it.

Quinto explains that making a great movie took priority over what the fans are saying:

I feel strongly that we’ve done really good work as a group, as a cast, as a crew. And I don’t really feel like any of us can or do concern ourselves with anything other than making the best project that we can possibly make. And the response that people have to that is neither in our control nor can it be a concern, because then what are we making it for? The reality is, if we make what we know is in our hearts, then hopefully people will respond to that, and they’ll respond to the fact that it was done with integrity and imagination and creative vitality.

Quinto believes he wouldn’t be in the movie at all if it wasn’t for his role as the villainous, brain-consuming Sylar on Heroes.

I don’t think I would have gotten the movie if I hadn’t already been on the show. It sort of really helped me in that regard, as well. I think it made me sort of a bankable commodity. Like, having never really done a movie before, I think being a part of a show as successful as this one gave the studio the confidence to get behind me as the choice for the role. Also, I’m sure J.J.’s and Leonard’s support helped.

Zachary Quinto attends the Entertainment Weekly & Vavoom Annual Upfront Party at the Bowery Hotel on May 13, 2008 in New York City. (WireImage)

For the full interview, including why he now finds it hard to use the word ‘logical’ in every day life, head on over to Sci-Fi Wire.

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I iz <3 the new Spock. Could they have gotten anyone hotter?

I’m glad that he says it will do justice to TOS. We need it.

He certainly seems sure of what he’s doing. Let’s just hope he’s right. ;)

There’s a typo in your post Anthony.

“Quinto also explains how he things his role on Heroes won him the role of Spock.”

I think you meant “he thinks his role”

Casting Quinto as Spock was, in a word, logical.

I like this fella. And he’s right about the fans — they’d have driven themselves crazy trying to make US happy.

If they get the movie right, I’ll be one happy camper. That’s all that matters

Re #5. I should clarify : by “they” (as in “driven themselves crazy”) I meant the cast & crew. By US I mean US, the fans.

I’m surprised at you. The opening sentance said you can’t keep a goog Vulcan down. I’ll bet you would like to prove that otherwise.
Quinto is great as Sylar, he will(I’m sure) be fantastic as Spock. I don’t want to get involved with keeping him up or down though. I will leave that to someone else’s capable hands. I say this in a purely cinematic nature of course.

goog? I meant good. Sorry

Who knows, maybe goog is really is good.


Logic is something that humans rarely exhibit. Instead, they often seem to rely on emotions and “gut feelings” in order to guide their thinking process. Even though it is not logic as we understand it, it often reveals possibilities that far exceed our own.

In this case, no one can disagree, though.

In order to appeal to the fans, they have to make it perfect. If they do otherwise, they know that all Gret’hor will break lose.

Too much caffeine. Sorry.

#3 Charles Trotter

Geez, I didn’t even realize other people were posting news on here now. I guess I should pay more attention!

The fans on this site can rarely even agree amongst themselves on anything other than the fact that they enjoy Star Trek in one form or another, so any attempt by them to make a movie which pleases all of the fans in every way would be futile. He’s absolutely correct. They should make what they feel is a good movie that stays within the general vision of the original series. Fans will either like it, or they won’t, but it should never be handicapped by what a minority of potential moviegoers believe it should be (if that minority could even agree on what that is).

Although he is not saying anything we have yet to hear, I respect the thought behind it.

Krik#7- LOL! A Vulcan male, additional strength notwithstanding, is no match for a human female with all adrenal and hormonal systems engaged… just ask Sarek…

#15, like I said on the other thread. };-D>

Denise#15. I don’t need to ask him. I am married to a wonderful – and very strong minded woman, who is also the mother of my 2 sons. A 3 to 1 ratio in my house, and nothing gets by her.

I can’t wait till they post that first full size ship shot. I might just cry.

Well his eyebrows have grown back in.

…the adventure continues….

Eyebrows nothing. This guy should be playing Mugatu’s onyx twin. How did they manage to keep him clean shaven long enough to get anything on film? Or has Spock been reimagined as a grunge Vulcan?

never saw the dude in that other show. still think he’s gonna be a good Spock though.



#21—If his facial hair grows anything like mine, he could shave in the morning, and look like he’s had about a day and half’s growth by mid afternoon. If my wife and I go out after work, she often asks me to shave a second time before we leave.

Some men are more manly than others, I guess(J/K)…Quinto likes to save on razor blades, it seems.

Krik#17- Cannot imagine why any Vulcan male would want a cold, logic-driven woman. After Spock’s Amok Time experience filtered through the Vulcan lockerrooms, I bet Vulcan men enmasse started coming to Earth in search of hot, caring Earth women.

Denise, are you implying that Vulcans are the (how shall I put this?) Urban Rappers of the galaxy?

Not only did Heroes make him more visible, his particular role on Heroes often called for him to play emotionless while still being interesting. I don’t think there could be any better training for playing Spock than playing Sylar.

I do hope he finds, and stands closer tot he razer. As Syler, he always seems to need a shave.

CmdrR#25- LOL! Why am I not surprised that your very strange mind would take a leap in such a very strange direction?!

Here’s Stonn’s rap after going through his own pon farr with T’Pring:

Gonna’ get in my lowriders car,
T’Pring ignored me during pon farr.
Bitch stood out on the corner,
With her ho hos made to order.

Gonna’ catch that poppin’ jam shuttle,
Get to Earth for some Human who’ cuddle.
Sarek had it right with what he got,
Human girls be bootylicious hot.

The guy is ugly

No offence to Anthony and the site they do a great job of reporting what very little info there is about the new movie but….

Is anyone else getting bored of the “it will respect the originals but it will be accesible to the general public” quotes. It’s high time they gave us some real news to chew on while we wait for the next year.

Kroll#30- Really do not think we will have to wait that long. I have a feeling that two months from now, at the Vegas con, some good stuff will break.

Yeah, I don’t think I have EVER seen Quinto properly clean shaven. In the convention pics with Nimoy and even in those infamous spy photos in his Spock makeup he still has that stubble. I hope we see a nice clean shaven Spock in the movie.

#28. Denise

Wow – – Harry will be wery proud of you!!!



Quinto’s perpetual 5 o’clock shadow will be fixed in post-production.

CGI CSF (clean shaven face).

Katie#33- Thank you, thank you – I could not have done it without my motivator, CmdrR, and my muses, 50 cent and Diddy. Not to mention that bitch T’Pring.

#11. Krik Semaj

“Too much caffeine. Sorry.”

You too? Excellent. This is the best place to be when you’re high on caffeine. It is very entertaining. I found that I shouldn’t visit here when I’ve had too much chocolate, but the natives seem to like it. They watch me spin like a top until I embarrass myself. Totally.

#24. Denise

“Cannot imagine why any Vulcan male would want a cold, logic-driven woman.”

Sorry my dear but on this I must disagree. I haven’t yet met a man who likes or much less understands emotional women. Most men are attracted to their opposites then say something like

“Why can’t you be more like me?”


How much more would a logical Vulcan dislike it? Look at Spock and Leila. He cared for her but chose to reject emotion and happiness with her rather than embrace all it entails. Look at Tuvok and Noss. He was willing to be alone even though he cared for her because he disliked “emotion”.

Dumb, dumb, double dumb. I think we add excitement to their dreary lives but they think it’s chaos. How boring their lives would be without us. My husband was attracted to me when I was 21 and crazy. Now he questions the wisdom of that but I say hey, at least I’m not boring! He has to admit that I can still take him by surprise and make him burst out laughing until the tears run down his face.

I like it like that.


Sorry, De. Are we still buds?


Actually, part of the reason my husband and I get along so well is that I am also a very logical person. Even though I have strong emotions (which I hate being at the mercy of), somehow I can make the logical decision. (It’s the Myers-Briggs thing. I am an ESTP and my husband is an ISTP.) Hope some of you know what that is other than an car engine additive…


See, Krik?

Too much caffeine…


37: I’m an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs, so you don’t need me to tell you that the introverts and extroverts clash, but are drawn to each other at the same time. I took a class once where we all took the Myers-Briggs, and when the results came in the professor paired us up with our like profiles. So there I was with this class full of E’s chattering away with each other, and me and this one other guy looking at each other waiting for the other to go first. It was hilarious.

And I love Zach Quinto. Very excited that he’s going to be our new Spock. I think he’s very sensible to say that they had to make the best film they could, regardless of how others would perceive it. And I don’t mind the furriness…Leonard Nimoy was Mr. 5 o’clock shadow as well.

There. I’m on topic. Love Denise’s rap!

Sorry. Got side-tracked and off topic.

He thinks he got the job because of “Heroes”. I think it’s because he looks like a Spock clone!



Katie#36- Why are you apologizing? And of course we are still buds, emotionalism and all. I have also been required to take the Myers Brigg, as well as tomes of other cultish-type personality tests during career indoctrination …shudder. It never ends, either. Personnel departments must justify their own jobs by making the company drones fit into preexisting slots, handing out paperwork to each employee by the ton and demanding answers to questions that Spock would be hard put to answer. New age terms and propaganda-type persuasion (Hitler-youth techniques, as one of my colleagues calls it) abound. I would call all personnel cretins by a derogatory ST-based name, however, I cannot come up with one that would accurately describe the baseness of character needed… (sorry if anyone in a personnel position happens to read this and becomes offended – I am on a rant).

#39. Spockanella

Drat. Off-topic again, but I am very “J” in some areas which is probably why the line wasn’t that far into the “P” zone. My bff is INTP and she is light years different that I am but we think very much alike. I find it fascinating (that, and the Temperaments – Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholy).

Wonder what the two “Spocks” are…

Signing off to make dinner. Ttyl


41: Human resources, Denise, they want to be called Human Resources. Makes them sound like they’re dealing in disposable people…oh, wait, they are.

Thanks, De. Actually I wish more companies would make sure the right people were in the right slot. For example, my friend is the BIGGEST introvert I know and they tried to pigeon-hole her into Reception. What a nightmare for her. They tried to sit me in front of a computer with a dictaphone tape to just listen and type tapes ALL DAY. I kept falling over, asleep, bored to death. Finally they conceded and we were placed correctly and functioned well.

Hope they’ve picked the right people for these positions in ST:XI. It will be a test of their acting abilities. (From Eomer to Dr. McCoy – – can he do it?)

Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta go.



There is no such thing as “too much caffeine.” I’ve already sucked down 5 Diet Cokes, a Monster, and 2 cups of coffee. I admit, I have a problem, a rather large one. Caffeine is the substance of the Gods. It also one of the few words that follows “I before E except after C.”

The Enterprise also follows this rule, to some extent. The Enterprise-J was shown during the NX-01 era (before E) but it still comes up after 1701-C. I hate our language some days. I’d like to learn the African “click” language.

“Coffee: I beat the Borg with it.”

In this case, it is true, since I was playing Bridge Commander earlier and defeated a Tactical Cube.

As for Denise and CmdrR, you two never cease to amaze me. Especially with the little bit of rap that you came up with, I’m guessing impromptu?

High doses of caffeine may also cause erratic jumps in thought processes.

Keeping a movie’s story secret is good, but keeping a movie secret too much is bad.
I think Star Trek XI has been too much a secret.

Look at Indy 4 which is a big hit, they shown pics and footage when they were filming. look at the Lord of the Rings movies which was also a big hit, they too shown footage and also video web-logs when they were filming.also iron man did too. Indy 4 crew, iron man crew and the Lord of the Rings movies crew took the fans on the journey of the film making with them. The Fans of Indiana Jones, Iron man and the Lord of the Rings were exhilarated by these things. I am not a fan of Indy or Iron Man or the Lord of the Rings, but I too was exhilarated. I don’t go to the movie that much, but I am going to see Indiana Jones 4, Iron Man and did go to see the Lord of the Rings movies.

But, then there is Star Trek XI which have been THE MOST SECRET MOVIE that I had seen. The Star Trek XI crew were pushed the fans out of the journey of the film making. We have not seen one official photo and we are shown a trailer which shown a shocking re-design of the Enterprise. Filming is over and we still do not see a thing from this movie. We are told It a Prequel…no…It is a re-imagine (re-boot)….no…It a Prequel…no…It is a re-imagine (re-boot) and so on. We see all but talk for the pass three years and now we have to wait a year more before the movie comes out. Still, We have not seen one official photo or footage. I’m starting to become sick from hearing from the Star Trek XI cast and crew about how great the film is, How magical J.J. is and how it honors TOS.
All of this is starting to make me not care about this film and I’m a Star Trek Fan. You know what???? I been looking around the internet and a lot of Fans are starting to feel the same and talking to non-fans (that are in the AD BIZ), they don’t care about the new Star Trek. The non-fans are hyped up on Indiana Jones 4, The Dark Knight and are talking about the Hobbit which is years from now. The New Star Trek is not in their minds. Only fans are thinking about The new Star Trek and Half of them are mad about a re-imagine Star Trek. This new Star Trek may make money, if it is not having to face off with another big movie. This new Star Trek has been weaken by this “playing like they are spies” top SECRET actions of J.J. and crew.

Hell I’m exhilarated about Indiana Jones 5, Iron Man 2, National Treasure 3 and the Hobbit, but not so much about The New Star Trek. I was exhilarated about the new star trek, but now I don’t care about it and I’m a star Trek Fan. The only thing which is now exhilarated about Star Trek to me is The TOS-R DVD set coming out.

I Mean how many times has Zachary Quinto (and other cast and crew) said that the “New” Trek is true to TOS, but as shown none thing from the film?
but other films which come out after The new Star Trek are all ready showing Pics and Footage (Like GI joe).

Decloaking . . .
#’s 35 to 44, gods I love it when the women take over. That must be why it’s the basis of my 3rd and 4th novels?

ThatGuy#45- Come on over to the Chat thread sometime if you want to see some good Trek verse and rhyme. We specialize here at Trekmovie.

Everyone keeps saying it’s respective of TOS. They’d better be right. *shakefist*

Ooh, I got my pictures from SciFi Slam – my pic with Quinto looks pretty good. We look like brother and sister (the hair). Pic with Nimoy – instead of one arm around me and smiling, he should have had me locked in a tight embrace, eyes closed, ignoring the camera and face buried in my hair… stop it, Denise, stop it…