Great Links: Trek Ships, Charts, Girls and Battles

This week  Great Links finds new Trek art from the Mojo’s hard drive archive, a statistical analysis of Trek fans vs. Doctor Who fans, and gallery of images of the girl to the blue girl (right) and her friends having some landing party fun. Plus Babylon 5 v Trek video mashup and more…

Mojo’s Effects Blog
Our friend Mojo (former Trek graphic designer Adam Lebowitz) has some more Trek eye candy to share, this time some cool high res images that he made for the former Star Trek: The Magazine. For big versions of the pics and the back story check out the Darth Mojo Blog.

you keep missing Khan

Who v Trek fans – by the numbers
io9 recently did a reader survey of Star Trek fans and Doctor Who fans to see if they have any differences in their occupations and aspirations. What they found was that the fandoms were nearly identical, except that the Trek fans were older. Check up the detailed post with lots of charts and graphs.

Most discovered Trek with TOS syndication and & TNG

Pictures of the week: Red shirts and short skirts
Two Australian college students named ‘Chiaki’ and ‘Ona’, or known collectively as ‘Chonastock’ on, have done a new series of photos called “Starfleet Redshirts Redux” which tells a story of a landing party you really want to be on. Check out the gallery of dozens of shots.

On the USS CHONASTOCK there is a waiting list to get on landing parties

Video of the week: Kill Bab5
One of the better made video mashups was uploaded to YouTube this week by ‘conmanguyler.’ It takes battle scenes from the Star Trek vs. Babylon 5 parody “Star Wreck” and puts it to “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” by Tomoyasu Hotei (made famous in the film Kill Bill).



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Wee doggie! Hot hot hot. And the girls are pretty sexy too. ;-)

Sweet Mash-up

Blue is absolutely my new favorite color! I saw the shots on Flickr last week and I want to get my wife into a bath of blue kool-aid or something…

I like my milk like I like my women: Blue!

I saw some of these photos a few months back, however, they have expanded their portfolio tremendously. I would love to find out how Andorian girl made her makeup look so good. Hottie Trek babes and beautiful photography – irresistable combination.

Mojo’s pics are just gorgeous- difficult to pick a favorite. And it was the shields and sensors that were inoperative in the Mutara Nebula.

WOW! I’m turning blue someplace else!

And they got the Andorian antenna right… on the back of the head. Wish we had her as a regular on some series.

Blue and green are my favorite Trek colors. :)

I used to subscribe to Star Trek The Magazine, and the art was always top-notch.

Blue has always been my favorite flavor.

I mean, color.

those are some very cool chics!

CmdrR#10- LMAO! See my comment about her in the Officer’s Lounge.

Speaking of “Mashup” Vids… Mine is up on youtube, taking the Severed Dreams episode, on Linkin Park’s “What i’ve done”… Wich I think is as good… :P

Why must Star Trek and Babylon 5 always fight?

:-( ;-)

The ladies are excellent costumers and make up artists, I have them as friends on I also watch Mojo’s blog and his artwork is fantastic as always. The Trek/Who chart is fascinating and the article itself was enlightening.

haha…love those charts! pretty interesting comparisons.

i wonder why we never saw redshirts that looked that good on TOS , great pictures

I think I’m in love…

Hey Anthony, Keep posting Stuff from the “CHONASTOCK” gals and a Year will Pass By REAL quick, man. WOO HOO!!

nice dharma logo el ghost host :)

Listen that Video with Star trek Vs Babylon 5 is crap if Starfleet Can Defeat the Borg their anint no chance in hell the Babylon 5 Antiquated ships can defeat federation Sheilding.

Now fanboys don’t have to date outside their species! There is hope yet.

Where the frak is the Sombreroprise?

Those are the original “In the Pirkinning” effects.

That Andorian girl is HOT!

YOW!!! They can be on my landing party anytime!


Hmm I’m curious about the pic of the Big E and Reliant, I can’t remember that scene in the film

…You gotta admit, those Redskirt gals sure beat the pants off those retarded goth “Suicide Girls”!

re: USS Chonastock.

Oh …….MY …….god. I am in love.

:::wipes away tears of joy:::::

Now *THAT* my friends is what post TOS Trek was missing.

Hey this is Ona from Chonastock, thanks for featuring us Anthony, and thanks everyone for the comments.

DJT- haha I’m honoured, I think that post-TOS Trek is mostly rubbish as well, so I’m glad to continue on in the same vein as the original.

Denise – The makeup is Kryolan aquacolor, so easy to put on and stays on brilliantly after you spray fixer on.

Oh yeah, and um ….Mojo’s stuff rocks.

Gotta love that Galaxy Class render.

::::goes back to day dreaming about Chiaki and Ona::::

I gotta say, that Vulcan girl …grrrr.

:::Looks at watch :::::

Dammit! It’s been seven years?!

Haha. I’m pretty active myself on deviantART and it’s nice to see some fellow dA’ers get some Trekkish attention.

:::doesn’t even realize there’s charts on this column::::


I love all of these images (the landing party ladies and the starships)!

As a coprorate finance consultant to the Fortune 500… the career analysis resonates all too well. I suppose being forced to deal with reality of the authentic aggregate of billions day-to-day concerns of the consumer and procuers populations tends to disabuse one of the false, somewhat preposterous “optimisim” of the latter Treks – and it also explains the naivety the RoW (rest of world) chalks up to the Geek/Nerd stereotype.

On the other hand, computers and IT, students, scientists, writers, actors etc live in a life arbitrarily defined of theories, fantasies, etc that are deliberately isolated from externalities. Thus it is entirely possible to live one’s life without ever meeting a disconfirmational fact.

For not only are business and finance grossly underrepresented – all “We deal with reality” occupations are similarly underrepresented. And yet, at the same time, I fit the “I want to be an astronaut when I grow up” pice of the puzzle. Of course, inthe age of men like Neil Armstrong and Chuck Yeager – who didn’t? I never did but then I am an ordinary man of ordinary talents. The “real” astronauts of Apollo were studs. Man’s men. Heroes in every sense.

Lesson learned? This survey ought to give pause for reflection to those who, perhaps in earnest, mistakenly dedicate their lives to that which is unreal, and by that I mean, obeys its own internal “laws” that do not intersect the laws of nature except at certain, well regulate and defined interfaces.

Thanks, Anthony. ;)

Now those are some fans I’d like to meet!


How can anyone look at those fab Chonastock shots and EVER think TOS was cheesy?

The girls are stunning, the Aussie settings are fresh (film Trek 12 there, JJ!), the make-up and costumes fantastic, and the pix well-composed and very retro-cool.

More, I say! More!

Scott B. out.

Penthesleia#32- Thanks for the makeup tip Ona. I have always had a thing for the Orion slavegirl green makeup, but you have taken Andorian blue to a new level. I know you guys are in Australia, however, it would be so cool to see you at the Vegas con. I will be doing the Mirror Universe Uhura thing this year and would love to hang with Andorian girl and Vulcan girl – any chance?

Anthony- LOL! Help me convince Andorian girl and Vulcan girl to show up in Vegas – you know you might get a pictorial spread out of it for the site. Anything to make the fanboy posters happy…

Again, ladies’ pictures are stunning and not just because they ar quite fetching. They show a lot of Trek cred in their choice of make-up, props, and wardrobe. They hold the phasers and communicators correctly, too.

I also enjoyed MOJO’s blog again. I have added it to favorites and put that Galaxy Class up as my wallpaper.

I find myself really into Andorians all of a sudden.

This is what JJ Abrams should be doing in the new Trek movie. These uniforms and women look awesome! I would rather have them in the new movie than the terrible outfits we see in the Academy photos.

Awesome cool Australian gals! Man the land down under has my vote for TREK and creative fun! I need to visit that side of the pond one of these days. Keep up the great work ‘Chonastock’!

Chonastock photos… I approve! The girls were fetching (though I couldn’t figure out in what danger they were). :-) That background with the geodesic dome was especially great.

wow my video is here xD i didn’t know that thanks for uploading it!