New ‘Alternate Reality’ Fan Collective DVD Set Arrives In September

CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment have finally officially announced a release date and some details for the sixth ‘Star Trek Fan Collective’ DVD set. This time the theme is ‘Alternate Realities.’ The set will have 20 episodes (from all five Trek series) and is due out September 16th.
More details below. 

Star Trek: Alternate Realities Collective
Details are sketchy, but here is what is known so far:

  • 20 episodes from all five Trek series
  • Total of 5 disks
  • Exclusive special features
  • Standard DVD only
  • Street Date: September 16, 2008
  • Runtime: 15 Hr. 17 Min. 52 Sec.
  • Languages: Brazilian Portuguese Dubbed & Subtitled, English Subtitled, Latin American Spanish Dubbed & Subtitle
  • Audio: 5.1 Surround

Official synopsis reads:

Available for the first time on DVD is a collection featuring the bizarre and strange of episodes of Star Trek! See your favorite characters behaving contrary to type in familiar but odd circumstances in Star Trek: Alternate Realities.

The set is not yet available for pre-order and there is no pricing or box art available. As more information comes out will provide updates.

What 20 episodes?
No indication yet, but obviously the Mirror Universe will be a big part of the set and that has one TOS episode, two Enterprise episodes and five in Deep Space Nine. Other possibilities would be episodes like TNG’s "Parallels" or maybe even Voyager’s "Living Witness." There has already been a Fan Collective set on Time Travel and it contained many alternate timeline episodes like TNG’s "Yesterday’s Enterprise," and Voyager’s "Year of Hell" so it is unclear if those would be on this set.

Fan Collective series
The Alternate reality set will be the sixth ‘Fan Collective’ from Paramount. The first four (Borg, Q, Time Travel, & Klingon) were put out in 2006, with the last (Captains Log) in the summer of 2007. All of them contained a dozen or more episodes (including many two parters). The special features for the first four sets were limited to new text commentaries on a handful of episodes. However, the 2007 "Captain’s Log" set had a number of video special features with all five of Star Trek’s captains. Apparently the new set will follow suit with its own video special features

All the previous Fan Collectives are available at Amazon individually for around $31, and also in a box with all five sets included:


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The Klingon Collective featured “Way of the Warrior” which was some of the best 2 hours of Trek I have ever seen!

The only real Star Trek is TNG

I wish that they hadn’t of duplicated episodes of the different collectives. I hated shelling out 30 bucks a pop when some of the episodes on the new collective had already been on the previous collective once or twice!

Finally there will be a collective with all the Mirror Universe episodes!

jmdiaz, warning for trolling and flaming in the collective thread

all trek is real trek…dont try and spark a my trek is better flame war.

comments to

It’s about time we got a new Collective DVD coming out!

IMHO, they should stop doing these ‘collective’ sets – don’t we have all of the series anyways and can’t we pick our own favorites – and should really focus on some Blu-Ray releases, particularly the TOS:R sets and 10 movies.


In case you are unaware, you do not have to buy them, caprrtavis.

Hmmm – Rumor part of the new STAR TREK movie deals with one or more alternate timeline and then we get this box set.

Have we gotten a Time-Travel box yet?

Yes, it was the 3rd i believe.

The should have a TNG collective or something like that.

Its simple, repackage old products in a new format these collections. Its good business on the part of the studio especially if they get a lot of fans to plunk down money for these special additions. Its not an unusual practice some years ago the Comic book industry put out the same comic book with multiple covers that they declared collectible, of course it backfired on them because of market saturation In publishing you get book companies that put out special additions of classic fantasy and science fiction books. How many special additions of the lord of the Rings books are their? answer lots and people buy them up. In the dvd’s how many specail additions of movies do they put out? answer more then one. Same principle with the trek collective and collectible dvd series

They should release “The Unwatchable Collective” featuring the absolute worst episodes of all 5 series with MST3K-type audio commentaries! I just finished watching the VOY episode “Twisted” on Spike and it was one of the worst hours of any television — but also unitentionally hilarious. It could include from TOS “Way to Eden”, “Spock’s Brain” and “The Alternative Factor”, from TNG “Shades of Gray”, “Night Terrors”, “The Loss”, “Phantasms” and “Force of Nature”, from DS9 “If Wishes Were Horses” and “Profit and Lace”, from VOY “Twisted”, “Non Sequitor” and oh any episode from seasons 1-3 or 6-7, and from ENT anything from seasons 1 or 2.

With as many filmed hours there’s bound to be a handful of awful ones. Why not let CBS-Paramount make some more money by repackaging them? ;)

I’m an original-series fan, and at the moment I certainly can’t afford to buy any of the other series on DVD … so I was really, really glad to get all the Q episodes in one set, and all the essential Borg episodes in one set.

What I would really like to see now is a “Fan Collective” set devoted to TNG, DS9, VOY and, if applicable, ENT episodes that bring back characters from TOS. (The Sarek, Spock and Scotty episodes on TNG, the Klingon and Tribbles episodes on DS9, the Sulu episode on VOY, and any others that might not be occurring to me right now.)

Sounds good. How about a ROMULAN Collective?

#13 – I always thought that the best way to enhance TOS “Spock’s Brain” was to remaster the episode with 54 minutes of a black screen.

Do the TOS episodes in the collective come as regular or enhanced?

17: So far they have been the un-altered versions. I have all of the sets sitting next to me.

bring on the collectives!
I want to see a “best of ” Horror themed /Thriller/Creepy episodes box sets with episodes like Catspaw- Wolf in the Fold- Night Terrors-Sub Rosa- Schisms- Eye of the Beholder- One- The Haunting of Deck 12- Impulse- Doctors Orders ect ect.
I second the idea of a basic “best of” for each of the STAR TREK series.
I especially want to see a “best of” for STAR TREK: Remastered- combining all the biggest n best FX episodes from all three seasons- with some featurettes about the remastering of the particular episodes and how they came to the decisions made with the new FX.

15, I completely agree with you. I’ve always been a fan of the Romulans and, while I like the Klingons, have felt that the Klingons got a little too much attention. I think that the Romulans deserve equal levels of attention. I would love to see a Romulan Fan Collective.

As a side note, did a “Great Romulan Episodes” article and the number of episodes they had selected would be perfect for a Fan Collective. You can read the article at Move you cursor over the “Features” tab at the top of the page and click on “Specials” Once there go to the third page (using the slider) and click on the article titled “Great Romulan Episodes.”

I voted for this set (Alternate Realities) when it was announced on and I’m glad to see that it is finally coming out! These would also be great sets for new or casual fans to buy who don’t want to buy whole seasons but only want the best episodes of the 700+ episode franchise.

19: I want to see a “best of” HD/remasterd collective for all of the shows.


DUCK! There’s a Cash-Cow being thrown at us!!!!

New Fan Collective DVD Set?
This is odd, seeing that CBS came out with a box of all the Fan Collective DVD Sets last year.

I Think something is up!

My only thought is that maybe…. just maybe something has change about the new Star Trek.

I think this Fan Collective DVD Set MAY have a new trailer….just Maybe.

Alternate Realities?

I hope this means that the New Star Trek is the Alternate Reality rumor we heard about early this year and not The Time Travel.

If the New Star Trek is Alternate Reality of TOS I wlll see it.
but, if it is a Re-writing history Re-vision of Star Trek, I will not.

I think An Alternate Reality of TOS is the right way to go and it sure make trek fans happy that it is not Re-writing history Rebooting Remake of Star Trek.

Hey J.J. and crew I hope you are doing An Alternate Reality of TOS.

#15: A Romulan collective

Interesting idea considering the Romulans are my favorite of the aliens, BUT I don’t think Rick Berman’s crew had a very good handle on the Romulans (especially thinking of NEMESIS… I just cannot buy into the Reman element of that story).

I’d be hard pressed to think of any episodes on NG, DS9 or ENT that match TOS’ “Balance of Terror” or “The Enterprise Incident.”

just my .02

#24… oops forgot to mention VOY…

although ST: VOY’s episode “Eye of the Needle” was pretty damn close to TOS quality.

#5. Anthony Pascale – May 29, 2008

jmdiaz, warning for trolling and flaming in the collective thread

all trek is real trek…don’t try and spark a my trek is better flame war.

It’s Okay Anthony. everybody’s entitled to their opinion, We’re big enough to take a few insults.

But if jmdiaz calls the Original “Enterprise” a Garbage scow, I’ll take Thier freakin’ head off.


A couple TNG episodes that would be perfect for a Romulan collective are:

Unification 1 & 2
The Defector
Face of the Enemy

I know some of you see this as CBS just cashing in on Trek, but I love the Fan Collectives. I can’t convince my wife to let me spend tons of money on whole seasons and I don’t like most episodes. The Fan Collectives have given me a cheap way to only get the episodes of all the series that I like. I don’t like how some of the episodes are also found on others, but what can you do? A Borg set without “Endgame”, for example, is sad and so would a time travel set without it.

I still haven’t picked up Captains, but I’ll definitely pick up Alt Realities.

What a cool idea! When I was a kid, my local TV station used to show its syndicated TOS episodes in theme weeks like “I’ve Got a Crush on Kirk Week,” and “The Trouble with Doubles Week..” The ads for the week would be musical montages with approporiate clips and songs. It was great fun.

I know all of the other sets haven’t been the remastered episodes of TOS, so I wonder if this set will have the new ones on there. Interesting….

“It’s ok to cheat, if you just really don’t like to lose.”

I’m in; I love these sets. A great economical “alternative,” if you will, to buying whole season sets.

Click on ‘doubleofive’s’ name on post #27 for info. on fan editor ‘Adywan’s’ wonderful ‘Star Wars Revisited’ edit – A much improved version of the ‘Star Wars:A New Hope’ 2004 ‘Special Edition’ DVD….

Now, if only someone as talented as Adywan could do as well with the current ‘TOS Remastered’ episodes….

Re: #14 – I made this suggestion to Paramount about a year ago in some online poll they did about future Collectives. The only Collective I’d really be interested in buying would be one with the spin-off show episodes featuring TOS characters: Encounter at Farpoint, Sarek, Relics, Unification, Trials and Tribble-ations, Blood Oath, Flashback … are there others that would qualify?

RE: #28 – I’ve always thought it would be fun to host a local TV Trek show where you could do that: Everybody Dies Week! Spock’s in Love Week! You could talk about behind-the-scenes stuff, trivia, critique the episodes….

Scott B. out.

Here’s another idea: The Vaughn Armstrong Collective. Features every episode from all 5 series that Vaughn Armstrong guest-starred as a different character! There’s gotta be five discs worth of those.

“Fathers and Sons” would be a good theme, too – lots of good fodder there. You’d get more episodes with the more inclusive “Parents and Childre,” but that would be TOO many to choose from.

Paramount does have some merit in making these collectives, because before I had enough money to buy series, I was seriously considering these sets. Also, these are great little collections to take like, on vacation when you want to take trek, but only one one kind of trek.

And knowing Paramounts’ past stuff, I can expect Year of Hell on there, and Yesterday’s Enterprise. But considering that, that’s still only 10 episodes. I’d be interested to see what else they put on there (maybe a TNG episode where Data malfunctions, or a VGR episode with the Doc malfunctioning). And then there’s TNG’s The Game, which might be on there.

Also, if anyone knows, but isn’t there an episode of ENT where the crew is infected with some sort of virus and it’s only Phlox who manages to avoid it?

The Turnabout Intruder might be a good candidate too, although it isn’t exactly Kirk who goes haywire.

My guess for the episodes in the Alternate Realities Fan Collective…

TOS: “Alternative Factor”, “Mirror, Mirror”
TNG: “Future Imperfect”, “The Inner Light”, “Parallels”, “Tapestry”
DS9: “Crossover”, “:Through the Looking Glass”, “Shattered Mirror”, “Resurrection”, “The Emperor’s New Cloak”, “The Visitor”
VOY: “Non Sequitur”, “Living Witness”, “Course: Oblivion”, “Workforce, Parts 1 and 2”
ENT: “Twilight”, “In A Mirror, Darkly, Parts 1 and 2”

#27: You’re right about the three Romulan episodes.

I remember an NG episode (and the Romulans first appearance on NG) when Admiral Tomalak (hope I spelled that right) said so drolly (in Romulan fashion)…

“we… are… back.”

That sent shivvers down my spine!

and who can forget on DS9’s when Romulan Senator Vreenak proclaimed , “It’s a fake!!!!” ?


I generally do not like funny science fiction but… how about a fan collective of funny TREK episodes?

and I mean episodes that were MEANT to be humorous or whimsical– not funny because of stuidity (“Spock’s Brain,” for example)

“The Trouble With Tribbles, A Piece of the Action” and” I, Mudd (shut up, Stella dear!!!)” are hysterical!

DS9’s “Little Green Men” is another good candidate…

NG didn’t do humor very well… I hated HATED The Outrageous Okuda, a blatantly failed stab at humor.

Fellow fans would have to come up with more examples of TREK humor.

36. “I’d be interested to see what else they put on there (maybe a TNG episode where Data malfunctions, or a VGR episode with the Doc malfunctioning). And then there’s TNG’s The Game, which might be on there.
Also, if anyone knows, but isn’t there an episode of ENT where the crew is infected with some sort of virus and it’s only Phlox who manages to avoid it?
The Turnabout Intruder might be a good candidate too, although it isn’t exactly Kirk who goes haywire.”

How are any of those episodes Alternate Realities? Those are just episodes with characters acting irregularly. It’s more likely to include episodes like “Twilight”, “Mirror Mirror” (and the 5 DS9 and 2-part ENT Mirror Universe episodes), “Year of Hell 1&2”, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, “Parallels”, “Living Witness”, “E2”, “Children of Time”, “Timeless”, maybe “Course:Oblivion”, “The Visitor”, “Non Sequitor”, “Tapestry”. That’s 21 episodes to choose from and there’s probably others. Of course many of these have already appeared in the Time Travel set.

39. “I hated HATED The Outrageous Okuda, a blatantly failed stab at humor.”

Ooh! Yeah, I forgot to add that one to my list for The Unwatchable Collective set! Truly awful on so many levels despite a whole bevy of recognizable guest stars.

39. …and it’s “Outrageous Okana” not Okuda! Fruedian slip, perhaps? I know we all have been raggin’ on the Okudas over their lackluster TOS-Remastered so I can see how it’d be easy to mix the two. :)

#38… um, now that I think about it, I don’t think it is was Tomalak making NG’s first Romulan appearance…. it was so long ago (and far far away)

43. It was Tebok in that episode, played by Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), not Tomalak. I think his first appearance was season 3’s “The Enemy”.


ENT’s episode 412-413 “Babel One” and “United” is a two-parter involving the Romulans secretly using drone ships to gin up wars between Earth, Tellar, Andoria, and the Rigelian Syndicate. Archer manages to weld all the suspicious factions into an alliance to destroy the drones. It’s very, very good Trek.

VOY: 107 “Eye of the Needle” was wonderful. The TNG “Unification” two-parter, I felt, was among the best Trek made.

A while back ran a contest asking for suggestions on the Collective Series. I believe it was announced back then that the Mirror Universes would be the next in the series. I had wondered what had happened. Glad to see it finally being released. The Mirror Universe stories have always been some of my favorites.

I had suggested a series at the time…a Character Crossover Collection. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Who knows…maybe in the future. I forgot what the prize was for winning suggestions…lol…

A lot of the Lwaxana Troi episodes of TNG had a lot of intentional humor, although always with a serious B story.

At this point the Fan Collectives work for me brilliantly.

Beats plunking down 90 bucks per season!

Lessee, 90+/- bucks per season or 30 for a variety from all series?

Ding! 30 bucks wins out!


The defector moved me like no other trek episode since. That was some seriously good writing.

I wonder if they’ll come out with a Stinker Fan Collective.

Spock’s Brain
Turnabout Intruder
And The Children Shall Lead

Shades of Gray

etc. etc.