BSG Preview: “Sine Qua Non”

Battlestar Galactica is back after taking a week off with “Sine Qua Non” which has Adama and Tigh not exactly seeing eye to eye (and that would be Tigh’s left eye of course). More info and vids from that episode below, plus news on more webisodes, TV movies, deleted scenes, and Ron Moore’s other projects below.

Airing on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight , May 30th at 10 PM (9 Central)
[note: this episode aired on Tuesday in the UK on Sky One]

“Sine Qua Non” [Season 4 Ep. 8]
Synopsis: A power struggle among the Colonials results when one of their leaders is abducted.

Note: Sine qua non is a Latin phrase meaning “without which it could not be” said famously by Andrew Jackson, who famously said: “E pluribus unum, my friends. Sine qua non.”

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Battlestar news of the week:
Video Q&A Pt. 2 w/ Edward James Olmos (Adm. Adama)

Video Q&A Pt. 2 w/ Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster)

Moore on religion of Trek and BSG
BSG co-creator Ron Moore has an extensive interview at Wired, covering his past with Trek his present with Battlestar and his future with Virtuality and Caprica. Here is just one small part with Moore talking religion on Trek and BSG:

I was raised Catholic, and I’m a recovering Catholic now. I became interested in various Eastern religions, and now I’ve sort of settled into somewhat of an agnosticism and sort of a general interest in the subject. I think in the show I felt it was a part that was really noticeably missing from the Star Trek universe. Gene Roddenberry felt very strongly that by the 23rd and 24th centuries that all the major religions had vanished and it was all regarded as superstition. That was his view of the future. I just never quite bought that. I thought, that’s part of who we are, it’s part of what it is to be human, to seek to answer the questions of: Is this all that I am? Is there nothing more? What happens after you die? It didn’t seem like that was going to go away.

So I sort of felt its absence in the Star Trek universe, and then felt like that was something I would really portray in Galactica. And then as the Cylons became human-looking, when we decided that they would look like us, it just raised a whole host of issues that went in this direction: How they thought of themselves, why they wanted to kill humanity, that they saw themselves as humanity’s children but felt they could never really come into their own until they had killed their parents. Already You’re dealing with these metaphysical and physical arenas.

And then there was that moment in the miniseries where I just saw on the page that had Number Six say “God is love” to Baltar and one network executive just seized on it and said that’s a great thing, I’m just shocked, you should play more of that. I just took the chance and went with it — decided that that was going to be a big part of the show, and the show just lent itself to it.

Mojo blogs on lost shot
Battlestar CG artist Adam ‘Mojo’ Lebowitz has an interesting post on his blog lamenting a pre-visualization shot that he made for the last episode that ended up on the cutting room floor. He has a full breakdown of the scene with images and video.

Unseen shot of Prometheus headed towards Cylon baseship.

More webisodes and TV movies on the way
This season of BSG is going to be broken up into two sets of 10 episodes, which means after this week there are just two more to go before the BSG drought begins again. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune reports that Sci-Fi are planning on a series of webisodes to tide you over and bridge the gap between the two halves of the season. Ryan also reports that it appears that plans are afoot for three more prequel BSG TV movies, but nothing is final yet on those. No word on when any of these TV movies or Webisodes will air. The second half of BSG may not start until 2009.

Frakkin’ Links

  • BSG composer Bear McCreary blogs about the song “Gaeta’s Lament” from last week’s episode “Guess What’s Coming To Dinner.”
  • Katee Sackhoff interview at TV Zone.
  • Edward James Olmos talks about final episode at TV SciFiNow.
  • Scott Ian’s official blog has reactions from Aaron Douglas on the final BSG scripts
  • E! has spoilers on the BSG prequel pilot for Caprica
  • io9 has spoilers on Ron Moore’s pilot Virtuality
  • Ever wonder what you get when you mix lolcats and BSG? Well wonder no longer.

Col. Tigh gets the LOLCats treatment

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The original BSG was based on LDS myth.

The whole Greco-Roman-Egyptian classical civilizations.

The 12 tribes of Israel.

Catholicism incorporates all the classical religions because it evolved from them (plus Judaism) There’s no mystery if you cut out all the mystery. Pun intended. (yes I’m Catholic, whatever you’re thinking, nip it)

So when is everything going to be revealed then???

We’re waiting.

I still say Shatner is the final Cylon and he sings “Hey Mr Tambourine Man” Or better yet, “I wanna sex you up” and steals Baltar’s (Mudd’s) Women.

What’s Klingon for “Booyah”

Yeh Im a big fan of Battlestar Galactica, from the early days ,,to the new.

and yeh,, I watched Battlestar Galactica 1980 too,,, *Gag*

I always wondered why the bigger stars like Lorne Greene had anything to do with it.

It must of been tough at times working hard on a great tv show,,and then watching it getting trashed like that.

Most pre-Christian Old World religions have myths where the local Hero goes out in search of his or her gods and is not rewarded the way he expects.

Very common in Greek Myth, Norse Myth, the Grail Legends, that sort of thing. Hindu too.

Introspective religions like Judaism and Buddhism teach that God is found within.

Where is the Cylon god?

Que’s que se, “je ne sais qua?”

Final post & I’m done:

The more I think about it, if you watch the characters, the Cylon god is a fertility/sex god. Probably Inanna or Ishtar. Shatner in drag then?

They’re obsessed with sex, especially Baltar & Six, Helo & Sharron. How do they explain away the second hybrid child, Nick??? Obviously they made Chief Tyrol a Cylon at the last minute.

Too many plot holes

oui, quoi non qua c’est la vie

Amazingly, Sky showed it in the UK this week so for once we can read this without worrying about someone spoiling it.

So all I’ll say is that I thought this was another notch up in this story arc and if you’ve been enjoying it so far, this won’t dissapoint. The only criticsm is that a certain scene didn’t ring true for me but a minor quibble in an otherwise shock-full episode.

Meeow is all I can say

Love this show….Roddenberry would be proud of Moore….

This series is not going to have a happy ending, at least thats the way it seems. The problem is that that it would kill my interest in the Caprica series.but we’ll see on this.

BSG is a pretty cool series. I just wish Scf-Fi would run a complete season without taking a year off in between. Seriously, it kinda kills the mood when they take upteen number of months or years off in between.

I mean, I love the show, but the way it’s aired annoys the frak out of me.

Also, why in the world are they showing something like “Dr. Who” BEFORE BSG? That makes no sense at all. I mean, showing BSG at 10 o’clock on Friday nights??? If Sci-Fi is trying to get ratings they’re not programming very well. Pretty crappy programming decisions if you ask me.

Great series. :)

Great episode tonight folks lotsa good stuff….only gripe….not really a sight of the basestar AT ALL. Just makes me drool for next week even more……..The big break is REALLY gonna suck. Hope Sci-Fi airs the final ten before 2010.

1. The Guy that Never Posts on an Empty Stomach
“What’s Klingon for “Booyah”


Why does there need to be a huge break anyway? Haven’t they already shot most of the episodes? At the very least, I know the cast have read the final scripts.

Why I’m now an even bigger fan of BSG:
Rekha Sharma.

I fess up. I’m hooked on Lost and BSG… I will avoid future single arc shows like the plague. I love BSG but am glad there’s an ending in sight. As for Lost, I can’t believe I have to wait two more frakkin seasons and still they won’t let Ben stay dead. Ugh.

Love the BSG LOLCats… esp. the one where kitty’s complaining about being “boxed.”

As for prequel movies, they could be cool if the cast is used properly. Razor was good, but it had the feel of being uneccesary since we’d already seen the results of that incident. I liked it, but the whole lesbian angle didn’t add anything. (Except for the Quiznos commercial, that is.) Would love to see the movies be stand alone ‘away team’ missions or something. Anyway, I’ll be watching.

I wouldn’t sweat the writers-strike-induced break too much. There’s talk of up to three BSG TV films filling the gap. The current run is leading up to a big cliffhanger, so we’ll have something major to look forward to next year!

BSG has become my Star Trek (don’t take that the wrong way). I enjoy it so much that I overlook any weaknesses.

I have found the story telling pretty tight this season, without much wasted motion. I thought Razor was great and I, for one, would love to see more of the first Cylon war as Moore would envision it. Instead of Caprica, that’s the show I would like to see.

And much respect to my friends across the Atlantic for not letting the cat out of the bag on this weeks ep. Thanks, pal-o’s.

Oh god, the lolcats were killing me. ‘I luvs Kara Thrace. Now letz boxes!’

Why does it have to have a sad ending? after all that hell wouldn’t at least a bitter sweet ending be more satisfying? I like the show bads it’s become the live action equivalent of Full Metal Alchemist where lots of bad and tragic things happen o people. How much gloom and doom should the audience endure, should not the payoff be worth it. Im not asking for and they lived happily ever after. but if tis sad ending why even bother to rewatch the episodes after the show finishes it run.Why even bother to See Caprica?What is the point.

Please I do like the show its writing is top notch, but a downbeat ending after all of ththis, to me would not be satisfying.And again I ask the question why even bother with Caprica knowing what the outcome is going to be for the coloniels. A down eat ending is a cheat, pure and simple.

Garo, why do you think the ending is going to be a downer? My feeling is that it’s going to be positive and revelatory for just the same reason you brought up; that the series has been so dark up to now.

…….Amm i like star trek ? (lol meh i was bored) , and yea just the way BSG is going i have a feeling it will either be a bad ending or something really sureal , oh well should be fun to watch .

check out the Syfy portal there is a write up on the show you might find of interest. The cluesto to the story seem to poin tto that possibility. Guys check it out. tell me whatyou think.

Read it, Garo. Olmos is obviously a person in the know, but I have a hard time believing that he gives away the ending of the show, essentially, but not the final Cylon? The conspiracy theorist in me says it is subterfuge.

ThX -1138 maybe im jumping the gun on this . If well awritten series comes to unsatisfying conclusion, then it just was not worth the trip. Edward James Olmos had said previously that he would not be surprised if everyone ends up dying, then there was Hera saying good bye to Sharon and the vision of Hera with Baltar and six which the door closed. This to indicates tragedy for almost all of them. By again check out the Syfy Portal.

If some of them die but not all. I can live with that kind of ending. Your right it could all be a red herring to throw us all off. But considering the dark nature of this show you can’t dismiss the everyone dies ending either. There is one other possibility lke the 12 tribes they wondered for 40 years till the generation that sin was no more, maybe that is what he means about everyone dying off , I would have absolutely no problem with that kind of an ending.

Hey it’s about the journey, not the destination! I think Baltar may be one of the only human survivors. Colonials will die. A lot of them. I don’t see BSG having a happy ending, maybe one that will make you think a little bit though.

To bleak, to dark , what’s the point in caring? You have to like the ending or the journey means nothing.

Gorn Captaian I don’t think the people on the Titanic would have shared your opinions about the journey being more important then the ending.


But it made a great movie.

I love my BSG

#30 yes and the poor ship was cheated out of the category of best Performance by inanimate object, it lost out to Keanu Reeves (LOL)

How many of you would be happy with a sa ending to BSG? To me that is not a satisfactory payoff for this series. I know< Ron Moore is the creator and he can do what he wants, but to me its kind of pointless way to end a series. With no hope for those few who suvive because their decendants if any are stuck in an eternal loop of history repeating itself. That’s just a tad to gloomy for my taste. In a short story or novel or even an episode of a show a sad ending is fine. But somehow for a series ,its not fine. But this is just my opinion on the subject. For the time that we invest in the show, should we not get satisfaction? The show Full Metal Alchemist,great show, well written and I cannot bear to look at en episode of it, to sad ,to dark. By the way the Whole notion of its not the end but the Journey that’s important. That to me is overrated.

Here’s another Question, what ids the point of a series of Caprica other then back story filler for BSG. we know what Cylons are are going to do, and become so really whats the purpose of it? There is no insult intended by this question, just simply a question, the drama and suspense that such a series would have would be rendered moot by what we know will unfold in BSG.

Caprica soap opera an iffy proposition. If they focus a lot on the development of the artificial intelligence aspect and the first Cylon model(s) then it has a chance with sci-fi fans given the level of talent that will work on the show. But let’s not forget what a huge misfire Bionic Woman redux was.

For thos interested in the Last Supper image, I’ve found something major hidden in the image and many other clues (“It’s all right there” Ron Moore said) …

If we know how its going to work out then what is the point of it? Answer none.

Why does a story have to have a happy ending? Some of our most celibrated stories have trajic endings. Shakespeare quickly comes to mind. I, for one, love a story with an ending that makes you say, “well what do you know….” BGS rules!

This is a television series not Shakespeare and no Im not asking for and they live happily ever after ending. A bittersweeries television,et ending will suffice. Especially after all of this misery that the characters have had to endure. If it it has a sad ending no one is going to bother with the show in syndication and fewer still are going to bother with a prequel connect the dots sci fi soap opera like Caprica.

Keanu Reeves line was great, Garo.

I hope it’s not a bummer ending either Garo, but I don’t think it will diminish my enjoyment too much.

My wife, on the other hand………

Well then, what do you guys think a “happy ending” of BSG would be like?

Doubtless, now the team know Caprica is happening, there will be a few crumbs thrown to the fans to tie in the prequel with current BSG. The three TV films, should they happen, will almost certainly help to establish Caprica.

Hopefully, if Caprica becomes a series, we’ll get to see more of the first Cylon war, either in a spin-off from that show or from more Galactica films! Ron Moore has said that there’ll be no sequels to BSG, but there are lots of opportunities for ‘plug-in’ stories!

Whats the point? the Caprica series is going to be little more the a glorfied story filler for BSG. To me it serves no purpose. #40 Gorn Captain Im not looking for a sacarine sweet happy ending , bitter sweet is fine. If it the future then all died along the journey and its their decendants then that would be fine as well. Im not condemning BSG. just the direction its going.

Also keep in mind this in mind Galactica’s ratings numbers have been dwindling .When the last episode of Galactica is finally broadcast , the show will go into syndication where it will probably disappear very quickly especailly if it has down beat ending. Now Caprica if it even makes it to full blown series will disappear even quicker without Galactica, because its simply not a viable series, and as concepts it sounds like a very bad idea for a series.

This episode is one of the worst.

OF COURSE Lee is going to be President (Interim). I saw that coming when he resigned from the service. “There’s a position opening up.” Remember that line?

But what I dont understand: Did Romo starve his cat or kill it just before he confronted Lee? Did he kill his cat just to prove a point to Lee? Or did he have a backup dead cat in his quarters the whole time?

Talk about LOLKATZ !!!1! ( lol ;-) )

Killing the cat was as lame as killing Cally. Kali? Kali Ma?

Please let the next episode be as good as the 2nd season eps

Oh, Frak!

What about the Cylons cant impregnate other Cylons plot device that put Sharon with Helo in the first place?

Suddenly Ty can get Six preggers? WTF?

The next Episode had better be great or I’m getting a life…

Yeah but but the fact that tigh could get he with child does prove that they may have passed the threshold and become fully human. Its possible that once the resurrection ship is destroyed that as a compensitory survival mechanism they will be able to reproduce.

I think it’s also safe to say that Laura is NOT the final Cylon, since they make it appear that way in next week’s preview. I’d wager Lucy Lawless is talking to Anders, and they just edited the clip to make it look otherwise.


I guess I was watching a different episode…I really liked this one. As for the cat, I suspect it had been dead for some time, and its appearance was only in Romo’s head. I think that tied into Lee tripping on the bowl and saying something about him never feeding the cat. I dunno, but that’s how it came across to me.

Six being pregnant…interesting. But they’ve always said the Final Five were ‘different’ than regular Cylons, so I don’t think that contradicts anything. I’m still wondering about The Chief’s kid, because it should theoretically be just as important as Athena’s kid. Unless Callie is one of the Final Five too. Who knows.

Just finished watching, and wow, another great episode!

I frakkin’ love this show!!!

Garovorkin (43) I don’t know what your problem is with the new Galactica, but you seem to be desperate to spell out doom and gloom for it. I remember a certain other sci-fi series that ran for about 80 episodes then got canned that became rather successful in syndication!

You cannot possibly know that Caprica will be dumped. Hopefully, Caprica will spin a whole new story, with the rise of the Cylons being part of a larger backdrop. You never know, people might actually like it!

It staggers me how miserable, bitchy and whiny certain people are being about this show. It appears to me to know exactly where it is going and and set to round off the story properly. I reckon it’s probably the old Galactica 1970s fans still doing their best to bad-mouth the show, picking on any random bit of an interview to justify their case! Oh and the weirdo brigade of Trek ‘fans’ who don’t think we should talk about anything other than Trek!

There’s absolutely no evidence that Galactica’s going to have a miserable depressing ending. And even if there is tragedy, well-written tragedy can actually be uplifting!

The show has a great deal of potential for an afterlife in syndication because it is a complete entity in itself with a beginning middle and definitive end. Also, it does very well in the home video market: given the half-assed nature of the DVD releases in the UK, a lot of us will probably double dip on the Blu-rays in time, if we get the extra features.

Garovorkin, I suggest you don’t watch Galactica anymore if you hate it so much. And I hope the anti-depressants kick in, soon before you slit your wrists and drive everyone else to do the same!

As for me, I can’t wait to see the next episode on Tuesday on Sky whose lack of confidence in the show is evident . . . ahem . . . except for their web pages, multiple start time options, simultaneous HD broadcast and multiple reruns, not to mention considerable promotion time! ;)

Cosidering the downbeat nature of the series , is it out of the realm of possibility that the show is going to have a downbeat ending ? There is an article l on the syfy Portal that you might want to check out regarding Galactica. Dom I don’t hate Galactica I never sated that I did . I believe this forum about expressing opinions, If Im not mistake? fostering discussion which i am attempting to do, and its gotten some responses which was was point of my expressing my opinions. you don’t like my opinions Dom, thats not the point. Caprica to has a bit of been ther done that feel to it. To me it does not sound like a promising concept, But then again it may succeed. who knows. But in the end I think numbers will dictate things here.

I’m a huge fan of the original and current incarnations of Galactica, but i got to say, I don’t know what happened last night to the writers last night. Galactica hasn’t always been pitch perfect, but it’s never been bad. Last nights episode was BAAAAAD. Really bad.

Given that they have limited episodes to finish everything up, why are we dragging out minor characters, with retarded new story arcs, and why are our existing characters behaving like impetuous 2 year olds. Cmdr. Adama was sooooo out of character in last nights episode. It was just awful.

Doug L.