More Photos From Academy Location Shoot

Back in March we reported location shooting for the new Star Trek feature was taking place at Cal State Northridge. Now some new photos from that shoot, including some aliens, have shown up online.


From the new report at JoBlo:

These are some pics from the set of Star Trek Academy. The location is California State University of Northridge and the school library is being used as a… well, school. This shows some nice costumes and art design. During filming, all the extras run over to the right side of the field, to the blue screen and point, as if something big crashes.

This jibes with reports sent in to back in March — that some kind of dramatic event happens at the Academy.


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err the red uniforms are such garbage,…but the black military dress is nice

Cool beans – you can see the blue/purple alien from the front in one shot, standing behind the futuristic are.

There’s also a white stenciled label on an obelisk that says “GNDN”


I like the uniforms.

Those alien extras look a bit too much like the bizarre Star Wars aliens.
I don’t like, or want freak-tastic aliens in a Star Trek movie.

What is the rust-brown antenna looking doo-hickey apparatus, I wonder? Futuristic vending machine? Otherworldly port-a-potty?

From the blue-screen, there would appear to be quite a CG set extension that would support the claim that some big FX driven event would happen. Or they are just trying to hide the traffic on the freeway.

And where is that dude that said no pictures from the set ever show up on this site? Gotta be here every day, man. It’s called payin’ your dues.

This looks freakin’ awesome!

The red uniforms still make sense to me, so I’m not gonna worry about their aesthetics. (Not that it bugs me anyway. I think they look fine.)

But sweet! More pictures are always fun, even if they don’t show anything big (though that tower thing piqued my interest, though it’s probably just a Starfleet control tower or something…) It’s great just to get a sense of the set, to see what was going on while filming– and I agree with six about checking here every day: it does pay off when things finally start happening. :D

P.S.: I feel sort of bad about this, but… well, it was the Aptera that grabbed my attention first. I’m not a car person, I don’t drive at all, but that is one COOL car. It sucks that only Californians can get them; I was trying to talk my dad into getting one for commuting (“commuting” :P), and then I found out we can’t even own one once they start production. Huge bummer. =(

Isn’t the car an Aptera One? Looks exactly like it.

And yeah, the uniforms are garbage. Way too big and loose… kinda 1980s, not exactly contemporary. Give me tight-fitting any day!

In the 23rd century there WILL be short skirts and go-go boots. The human adventure truly is just beginning. 100 cocktails to JJ’s costume designer.

This was all 2nd unit shooting. There’s no way you’ll be able to notice the fit of the uniforms in the wide angle crowd shots they were doing.

9. Yep, that’s an Aptera. Maybe it’s a cadet’s 200 year old beater he or she’s driving around in college ;-)

I like the Red uniforms a lot.

I also noticed the Go-Go Boots, and the skirts were short.

There is definately a 60s vibe to the whole thing, and the location looks like the kind of location they would use in the Original Series.

The black “Stormtrooper-Like” uniforms might take a little getting used to, but I think they are meant to signify an earlier generation, the instructors and whatnot.

Visually, like the 40s WWII era making way for the younger, more outgoing, 60s era.

This film looks like a little bit of a tribute to the 60s, and Star Trek’s reflection of it.

Very interesting way to go, and those designs could easily lead to the Original Series we know.

I like.

So cool love the Star Wars Imperial Nazi uniforms starfleet Wermacht and the miniskirts wi gogoboots look quite sweet

6. No freeways in view of CSUN; I should know, I live two miles from there. Which makes it suck so much that I missed these Academy scenes while they were being filmed.

If you look closely, you can see Kirk and Spock standing at the balcony in one of the shots.

Its Star Trek in the Star Wars Universe – perhaps this is how time travel is used in the film. As long as Jar Jar Binks isn’t in this prequel. :P

the further adventure of hotel bellhop academy, eh?

GNDN = goes nowhere, does nothing… a tribute to a tos in-joke

is it me or do the female uniforms seem a little less than ‘hot space babe’ compared tothe original series… there are some chunky cadets at large (pun… sorry)

since that car is now featured in a ‘green’ commercial on television, i wonder how ‘futuristic’ it will seem in the new movie? unless its presented as an antique hotrod, like a chevy belair…


I wouldn’t worry about that stone tower thingy. It has GNDN on it… fans of the original series know that means it GOES NOWHERE DOES NOTHING. ;)

(PS, it was cool when that showed up in the DS9 Trials and Tribbleations too)

The only thing I don’t like about the uniforms are the oddball peaked caps. I think they may have been slightly redesigned to avoid obvious comparisons to Imperial uniforms.
On another note, any theories as to what the big crash might be?

6. THX-1138… “And where is that dude that said no pictures from the set ever show up on this site? Gotta be here every day, man. It’s called payin’ your dues.”

Technically, those aren’t pictures from the set. They’re from location filming.


(Previous report Spoiler RE: other ships)

Maybe it’s Spocks Timeship, he can’t be the best flyer I don’t think I’ve ever seen him drive. In fact when Vulcans are confronted with driving (Turok with Paris in Future’s End and T’Pol and Archer in Carpenter Street) they seem perplexed by it. Silly Vulcans.

Loved the mini-skirts and boots. But the caps look weird, like a cross between a jockey’s helmet and those caps English schoolchildren wear.

It been a long time…..

Man! all the photos of JJ’s star trek look like Star Trek: Enterprise.
1. The photo of JJ sitting at a Helm typing laptop. the helm looks like Star Trek: Enterprise.
2. the uniforms are like Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms cross with Star Wars Imperial officer uniforms. The blue uniforms look like the same blue color as uniforms and not the TOS blue. Star Trek: Enterprise had caps too, but with nx-01 on them.
3. the enterprise is the trailer looks like the NX-01 crossed with 1701 and 1701-a.

The only thing is that some thing in JJ’s Star Trek look like older tech then the Tos or Star Trek: Enterprise. It is like stream-trek.
Star Trek: Enterprise is the prequel to TOS (by 100 years), but the JJ’s Star Trek has old tech then Star Trek: Enterprise.

The more I see of JJ’s Star Trek, the more I hate it, no wonder they are keeping it Super Secret.

I hated Star Trek: Enterprise, but now I’m first to like it after seeing and reading about JJ’s Star Trek. seasons 1 and 4 are good. seasons 2 and 3 suck because of bad stories. I also skip the Bad main song. The more I watch Star Trek: Enterprise, I see how a lot of TOS canon is hidden in the show. You have a watch Star Trek: Enterprise carefully and look deeper to find all the TOS links. One is the TOS beetle-boots with the zipper on the side that is apart of the Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms. the Star Trek: Enterprise uniforms has all type of thing which link it to the TOS.

JJ’s Star Trek uniforms do not look like star trek uniforms. The short skirts and go-go boots are the only thing I have see which is like the TOS. It seems more and more that The short skirts, go-go boots and nimoy will be the only things which will be canon to TOS.

More photos from this shooting at:

Different blue screen there, nice overhead view. From such a large distance, the uniforms don’t look so bad.

Kirk is on a shuttle joy ride and crashes into the Academy.

(I seriously hope not)

It’s really much less 1960s than it is 1950s — a “reverse evolution” of the TOS uniforms based on what we know of previous sci-fi costume design.

Think about it: TOS’s uniforms were the contemporary style of 1966-68 projected 300 years into the future. 1950s sci-fi outfits were very much more like the Academy outfits we’ve seen in these shots. Forbidden Planet, for one, had outfits very like this, and so did many movie serials and television shows.

Even though we know it’s a retcon, it’s canon to say that the “11 years ago” setting of The Cage means that its uniforms — with their flat “bellhop” caps and outer jackets, and even the bulky “hand lasers” — represent the design style of the mid-to-late 2250s, so to follow the analogy, they are 1950s style projected 300 years ahead.

This also gives us some indication into the actual timeframe of the central narrative – probably anywhere from mid-2240s to the early 2250s.

If we’re seeing Kirk at the Academy, I’m presuming he’s in his early 20s — if we take the date of 2233 at the Memory Alpha bio as canon, and he takes command of the Enterprise in 2265 at the age of 32. Presuming that the Academy is more like a traditional 4-year college and he would enter around the age of 17-18 (2250-2251) and graduate at the age of 21-22 (2254-2255)

Since the events of “The Cage” take place in 2254 (“thirteen years ago”, from the perspective of 2267), it seems likely that if Kirk knew Spock at the academy, it would have been briefly…Spock would have been an upperclassman or even an instructor, as by 2254 Spock was junior science officer on the Enterprise under Pike…so how old is Chris Pine’s Kirk supposed to be in this – 18?

Those ugly tomato-red costumes could have been saved with black pants. They would have looked better, and more Trekish.

its only a matter of time before st:ent is appreciated, the same happened with tng, throngs cried ‘it aint trek without spock and kirk’

enterprise was good, and it was a crime to have pulled the plug on that last season, which was really getting good

go back and look at tng’s first few seasons, i wonder how it stayed on the air at all, but after season 3, they really hit their stride and produced excellent trek



26 – I like the main song of Enterprise as a pop/rock-ish song. It’s even on my ipod. But I don’t think it should have been used as the theme for a star trek series. —-Maybe—- for the end credits, but not for opening…. imo

I think Russell Watson is a great singer btw….


Really? I think that’s exactly what I’ve been looking forward to seeing in a Trek movie. We saw way too many humanoid aliens in Trek. It’s time for some Horta/Tholian/Medusan-type aliens.

I like the uniforms, don’t understand what the hoopla is about the hats… or is mankind supposed to move on from the use of hats in gene roddenberry’s 23rd century human society? *rolls eyes*

Also, as for the uniforms, I’m hoping that these are Academy uniforms only, and that something nicer/cooler will be seen on board ship. ’cause they are kinda fugly.

#36, I think there was an interview with someone who was on set and said the uniforms are almost the same as the ones worn in the original show, so I assume the ones in the pics are cadet uniforms

#32: I lol’d. Well played.

#26: With you. Hell, I even like Season 3 now, once I got over the whole canon issue and realized it’s just a damn TV show. And the season premiere and finale of Season 2 are glorious.

It is kind of ironic that, since with ENT they were trying to be as TOS-like as possible in terms of story and cast, they got the same fate as TOS — cancelled early and only appreciated years later. I hated ENT when it was on the air, but got absolutely addicted through the DVDs last year.

Let me guess. No, actually, I will hedge a bet.

This is where Spock and his “Time Ship” crash-land. The moment will be played for comedy, a la Nimoy/Spock’s most famous best-remembered-by-the-public appearance — in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

I don’t think the ship we see is Spock’s “Time Ship” — does Vulcan intergalactic law require a license plate?? ;-)

Oh, my gosh WHY did they have to go with the mini-skirts? Ughhh! Women’s uniforms with mini-skirts!

Gene Roddenberry only used mini-skirts in TOS for the sexual attraction factor. Sure, I want to look feminine when I’m at work, but I’d never be caught dead in one of those. So demeaning!

The skirts are not short enough, what ‘swith that?

40: Mini-skirts were in fashion back in the Sixties. Lots of people wore them and thought nothing of it, maybe they’re just keeping with that Sixties look. *shrugs*

Also, person who posted about Kirk and Spock being on a balcony, (whose post I can’t find, somehow) were you being serious or did you just want me to end up hunched over the screen, straining to find the hidden characters à la “Where’s Waldo?” LOL.

(I never could see them. :P)

Everyone power down a little. These are pre-TOS cadet uniforms. They could be wearing WWI doughboy fatigues for all I’d care about that unwritten part of ‘canon’. And given that the esteemed Mr. Cawley – self-described canonical fundamentalist that he is – gave the TOS-era uniforms his seal of approval, I suspect that J.J. & Co. aren’t too exercised about these photos leaking. It’s like puzzling over how tall Abraham Lincoln’s first stovepipe hat was. Who gives a shit, ya know?

I’m also disappointed with the uniforms… so far. Tacky 60s go-go boots; Tacky 60s mini-skirts; Tacky, overly loud reds; borrowed STAR WARS-like uniforms. Only some of the hat designs show a spark of imagination. What can the makers be thinking about? Add to this a borrowed, overly used time travel premise and I’m beginning to get a bad feeling about this film. However, I guess it’s still to early to make any major judgments.

Nice photographs.

So far, no photos of the cadets assembled on the steps of Starfleet Academy, except on my blog.

Lame dude, Lame.

So your telling me you want to see crappy looking aliens with slightly bumpy foreheead or noses?!

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see a Trek with a budget and look that it truly deserves.

And for those of you who bitch about such ancillary things as red cadet uniforms that will probably only be seen in the film for about two seconds….

Move out of your Mom’s basements!

i think these are the academy uniforms

In the future, Nazi communists will rule the galaxy.
Who knew?

Everybody jumps to conclusions and has no patience. The get a few pics and a plot point and assume the worst.