May 2008

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.22.08

This week The Watch welcomes the return of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which opens today) by starting with an Indy-related Trek Celeb story. Plus we have Kate Mulgrew and Patrick Stewart being honored for their theater work, lots of red carpet photos from around the world (including Jeri Ryan’s first post-baby sighting), videos and more.

Library Computer: Review Shatner Autobiography “Up Till Now”

Shatnerology 121: Introduction to Shatner Each year at the college I teach as a Sociologist, I suggest a class called "Introduction to William Shatner" and I am not joking when I say it would be a dynamic class looking at issues of from aging to Marxist theory. No, really. After reading William Shatner’s autobiography "Up Till Now," I am convinced that his life is symbolic of the United States experience. Ironic for a guy from Canada.

Trek Ink: Review “Assignment: Earth” #1

A new IDW comic series begins and this is one we have really been waiting for. Revisiting the Original Series, and showing the first five episodes from the lost spinoff, “Assignment Earth”. John Byrne brings us his vision of where the show could’ve gone, and we’ve got the first issue this week. In addition to that, we’ve got cover previews for the next few issues and for John Byrne’s upcoming Romulan series.

George Takei Getting Married

Late last night George Takei (Star Trek’s original Sulu) announced that he and his long-time partner Brad Altman were engaged to be married. The announcement comes just one day after the California Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages are now legal in California, overturning a previous ban as unconstitutional. Takei talked to TrekMovie about the wedding and more.

Abrams and Orci Talk Trek

IGN has two separate interviews of interest to Trekkies today: one with Star Trek director JJ Abrams and one with co-writer Roberto Orci. Abrams spoke about why he chose to direct the film and how he thinks it will make Trek ‘relevant’ again. Orci talked about how the origin story in Star Trek is one you haven’t seen before and that they put their all into it and ‘didn’t save anything for later.’

Science Friday: From Novas To Dust, and Beyond

This week in Science Friday we bring you observations of Titan by Cassini’s radar, a possible visit to a killer asteroid, a new web app that brings the universe to your computer screen, the always stunning discoveries of the Chandra X-Ray observatory and the VLA, and why astronauts should be afraid of dust. All this plus our gadget of the week: the TUIST instrument. Check it out!

CelebWatch: Stardate 05.15.08

Hiya, folks! This week’s Watch brings you Quinto cracking jokes about Trek, movie set reports for Scott Bakula and Winona Ryder, Trek star convention appearances, the final act in the Andrew Koenig legal drama, Stewart hanging with with his fellow Tony-nominees and visiting Goldberg on The View (w/ VIDEO), and a new project for Trek ’09 writers Kurtzman & Orci: What do you guys think about Tom Cruise for President?

Trek Guide To New, Returning and Cancelled TV Shows

Today the US networks finished up their week of ‘upfront’ presentations announcing their 2008/2009 schedules and there is a lot of Trek vets in the mix. The JJ Abrams crew and Colm Meaney are headed back to network TV with new series. Plus we have news on which Trek vets are coming back next season and which ones are not. Plus an an important update on Shatner’s Boston Legal.

Shatner on Stern: Talks Trek Fueds, Abrams Trek, Berman Trek, and more

Wednesday morning William Shatner was the guest on the Howard Stern Show promoting “Up Till Now“. The interview went on for almost and hour and ranged on a number of topics from the book, to problems with the Trek cast, to the Abrams movie, to the death of Kirk and much more. Excerpts and AUDIO below.

FanMade Follow-up: RiffTrax and Phase II Work It Out

On Saturday reported that the former MST3Kers at released a comic commentary for the Star Trek Phase II episode “World Enough and Time,” but that STP2 producer James Cawley was not happy about it being available as a synced video download. Today Cawley informs TrekMovie that Rifftrax and Phase II have worked things out and WEaT will be available as audio only.

Shatner Talks Takei Feud On Conan [UPDATED: Shat Talks Pine + Vids from View and GMA]

On Monday William Shatner showed up on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien to promote his new autobiography “Up Till Now“. Shat did a skit early on, then came on as the 2nd guest and talked about his ‘gripping’ experience meeting Koko the gorilla, and how his Trek co-stars hate him, specifically George Takei. See VIDEO below.

TrekInk: Revisiting the ‘First Mission’

This month, TrekInk revisits an old Star Trek comic book from the DC Comics days: the 1985 DC Annual fittingly titled "All Those Years Ago". The transfer of the Enterprise from Pike to Kirk, Number One’s career ending injury, and McCoy’s return to space. All this and more delivered to you by the capable hands of Mike W. Barr.

ShatnerWatch: Boston Legal Renewed + Autobiography Preview [UPDATED]

A special Sunday Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. After a long period on the bubble, ABC has cut a deal to give Shatner’s Boston Legal another season. More on that and how it relates to Colm Meaney’s new show Life on Mars below. Plus new excerpts from Shat’s new autobiography “Up ‘Till Now” have just been released. UPDATE: Added full schedule for Shatner media tour