May 2008

Top 10 Star Trek Moms

Today is Mother’s Day. Many fans have their Moms to thank for either introducing them to Star Trek or supporting them when no one else would. would like to thank all the moms who help make the world a better place each day by presenting this list of Star Trek’s Greatest Moms. Each character was selected because she represents an archetypal quality we appreciate in the very best of moms.

Sci-Fi Saturday: Marvel Movies, Indy, Dark Knight, Buck Rogers, GI Joe, Lost, Smallville + more

Sci Fi Saturday is here for a late night entry of news on a whole bunch of new movies from Marvel (Iron Man has gone to their heads), details on the Dark Knight’s two-faced Harvey Dent, the return of Buck Rogers and tons of images and vids from the upcoming summer movies. In TV news we have details on the Lost finale and future seasons, plus another possible cast defection from Smallville, and more.

FanMade: RiffTrax Does Phase II+ Federation One Images + New Audio Dramas + more

There may be no new Trek episodes coming out of CBS Paramount these days, but the fan community continue to take up the slack. This week we have news and exclusive images from the Hidden Frontier mini-series “Federation One” and new releases from Star Trek Odyssey and three different Trek audio dramas. Plus there is a bit of drama going on with Star Trek Phase II and the folks from RiffTrax. Oh…and Space Nazis.

CelebWatch: Stardate 5.9.08

This week’s Watch covers news on four of the Star Trek captains and makes you ask the questions: Will William Shatner be back as Denny Crane? Will Patrick Stewart be nominated for a Tony Award? Does Avery Brooks exaggerate? And what happened to Kate Mulgrew’s family emergency? Plus, we have news on the two Koenigs, Crosby, Auberjonois, Cho on SARS, and more!

BSG Preview: “Faith”

This week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, “Faith,” is the conclusion of the cliffhanger episode from last week “The Road Less Traveled.” And it includes a special Trek Guest Star (Nana Visitor aka DS9’s Kira Nerys). We have more details, preview videos, and vids with three different BSG stars, and Caprica casting news and some frakkin links, so check it out.

Star Trek Movie Countdown: One Year To Go

One May 8 2009, exactly one year from today, the new Star Trek feature film will open. Of course last Christmas was also a ‘one year mark,’ until they moved the movie to May in order to capitalize on the summer movie season. Although there has been a lot said (and some shown) about this film, there are still a lot of events coming up over the next year to look forward to.

Great Links: ‘Dude, Where’s My Trek’ Edition

Star Trek is everywhere, it surrounds us…and binds us…oops wrong franchise. Maybe confusing Star Wars and Star Trek explains why the International Space Station has Wars and not Trek in their library? We have that story and all the other Trek flare ups around the web in this week’s ‘Great Links’ including a story about how one actor auditioning for Scotty almost got himself the wrong kind of happy ending.

The Collective: Racing Promotion – Indy Goes Indy, Is Trek Next?

A year before Paramount brings Star Trek back to the mainstream in a big way, they are working on another big franchise comeback, Indiana Jones. The Collective is keeping a close eye on how Paramount market this year’s big Indy movie to gain insights into what we may be expecting for next year. We will have a full report in June, but today offer an example of just one bit of the Indy media blitz…racing promotion.

Abrams Offers Two ‘Star Trek’ Premiere Tickets For Charity Auction

One year from this week there is going to be a big gala premiere for the new Star Trek movie. Such events are usually just for the Hollywood elite, but thanks to director JJ Abrams you can go too. Abrams has offered up two tickets to the premiere for a charity auction going on right now on Ebay. The auction ends at 6PM Sunday May 11, and the bidding is already up to $2,550.

Quinto Is Relaxed About Being Spock

Some of the actors who have taking on their new Star Trek roles have talked about how ‘daunting’ the challenge has been to step into these roles in this big franchise, but apparently not Zachary Quinto. In a new interview with the new Spock says that since the beginning it just ‘felt right.’ The actor said he wasn’t too worried about Spock becoming a big part of his life going forward.

Stewart Talks Trek, Success, American Dad and more

Partrick Stewart (aka TNG’s Capt. Jean Luc Picard) is still playing to rave reviews for Macbeth on Broadway. In a new interview promoting the show with, the actor also got around to talking about his time with Next Gen saying it ‘was a quality project.’ He also talked about how he and his former TNG cast mates ended up singing together, and more…see below.

TNG Headed To Sci-Fi Channel [UPDATED]

After being recently pulled from both the Spike TV and G4 schedules, reruns of the Star Trek The Next Generation were off the air for the first time in years, but that is about to change. The SCI FI Channel, which currently airs Star Trek Enterprise, is now the new cable home for Star Trek: The Next Generation . TNG is as part of a newly announced package deal between SCI FI and CBS, but is the only Trek series named.

FanMade: Review Phase II “To Serve All My Days – Night in 69” + New P2 Guest Cast Anouncement

"To Serve All My Days," featuring Walter Koenig and a script by DC Fontana, was originally released by Phase II (then New Voyages) on November 23, 2006. It’s new level of sophistication for home-made Trek sent ripples through the fan film community. Now it has been ‘reissued’ with a special ‘Night in 1969’ edition with new edits, additional footage, new effects, new music…and even a new ending.

Future of ‘Star Trek: The Experience’ In Doubt

Since opening in early 1998, Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton has been the premiere live Star Trek attraction in the world. With its Trek-themed restaurant, museum, shops and rides, it plays hosts to thousands of tourists and Trekkies every year. However, the current contract is up and it looks like 2008 may be the last year for Star Trek The Experience.

CelebWatch Stardate 5.1.2008

Howdy, folks! We’ve rustled up ah whole mess of news for you in this week’s Watch: Shatner rides again, Mulgrew calls it quits, Takei gets a birthday surprise, Abrams gets snubbed by Time, and Trek heads for the Chiller. Plus, find out why Wil Wheaton and Christopher Lloyd are seeing yellow.

TrekInk: Review ST:NF#2 + News On Comics DVD

This week we have a review of the second New Frontier comic from Peter David, where he continues the story of the stolen prototype timeship. Plus, we have news on a new DVD, coming out later this year, that will have digitized versions of every Trek comic from 1967-2002. And IDW are branching out from Trek into Trek parody with their new Galaxy Quest comics!

JJ Abrams: Star Trek Never Given This Kind Of Treatment

Last Saturday, JJ Abrams was a presenter at the Hollywood Life Magazine Young Hollywood Awards and AP caught up with him to talk a little Trek. As per usual, the Star Trek director wasn’t talking plot details beyond saying “It’s a chance to see what Kirk and Spock would look like done now,” but was keeping up the mainstream media message that the film is a new kind of Trek for both the fans and for non-fans.