Exclusive Details on Alternate Realities Fan Collective DVD set

TrekMovie.com has got new details on the September release of the sixth Fan Collective DVD set: “Star Trek Fan Collective: Alternate Realities,” which we first reported on last week. We have the full list of twenty ‘alternate reality’ episodes, pricing, box art and details on a free action figure give-away promotion for the set.

Episode list
As expected, the Mirror Universe, is a key element of the Alternate Realities Fan Collective, making up six out of the twenty episodes (which actually leaves out some of the Mirror DS9 episodes). In addition there are two ‘parallel dimension,’ four ‘twisted realities,’ and eight ‘alternative lives’ episodes. Each of the five Trek series has four episodes in the set.

Disc 1:
Mirror Universe  

  • Mirror, Mirror – TOS  
  • Crossover – DS9  
  • Through The Looking Glass – DS9  
  • Shattered Mirror – DS9  

Disc 2
Mirror Universe  

  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 1) – ENT  
  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 2) – ENT  

Parallel Dimensions  

  • The Alternative Factor – TOS  
  • Parallels – TNG  

Disc 3
Twisted Realities  

  • The Enemy Within – TOS  
  • Turnabout Intruder – TOS  
  • Frame of Mind – TNG  
  • Shattered   – VOY  

Disc 4
Alternate Lives  

  • Yesterday’s Enterprise – TNG  
  • The Inner Light – TNG  
  • The Visitor – DS9  
  • Before And After – VOY  

Disc 5
Alternate Lives  

  • Timeless – VOY  
  • Course: Oblivion – VOY  
  • E2 – ENT  
  • Twilight – ENT

Special features
The set will also contain a number of special features (both text and video), but details are not yet available.

Price: $42.99 (US) / $47.99 (Canada)

Street Date: September 16, 2008

Special free Geordi figure offer
According to CBS the initial shipments for the set will include an exclusive “Geordi figure offer from Diamond Select Toys.” You will be required to send in an insert along with shipping and handling charges to get your free figure. The only details so far is that it is a new exclusive figure of Geordi LaForge. A good guess would be that it would be “Captain LaForge” from the Voyager episode “Timeless” featured on Disk 5, but for now neither CBS nor Diamond Select will confirm this. This will actually be the second action figure promotion for a Fan Collective. In 2006 the “Q” set had a “Tapestry” Picard (in blue outfit).

Is Captain LaForge going to get a figure?

Box art
CBS has not yet sent out cover art to the press, but TVShowsONDVD has this artwork sent out to retailers

Nice placement of the sticker!

As of today, this set is not yet available for pre-order, but should be shortly. TrekMovie will provide an update when it is.

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I still hope for the Empire being in the next movie… ;)

If you already own all the series on DVD, this set isn’t necessary. But I can see it as a way for someone not totally familiar with Trek can get a taste from these points of view.

“The Inner Light” is one of my all-time favorite hours of television. Nice to see it featured here.

Will the TOS ones be the remastered or original?

“The Alternative Factor” is my favorite TOS episode! It’s one of the best they ever made! I’m so glad it’s part of this set!

Yeah, I’m kidding.

I have the other sets… I may pick this one up as well.

Some good choices here. I guess they had to find a home somewhere for “Turnabout Intruder.”

Darn that blue starburst! Now we only get 1.6x the Spock!

E2 was one of my favorite Ent episodes. Eden’s FX work in the time rift was emmy-worthy.

Doesn’t “City on the Edge…” count as an alternative history? Or did that show up in another box set (which may explain why they scraped the bottom of the TOS barrel to get Turnabout Intruder”)

Now, see, there’s NO WAY I can ever afford every season of every series, and not only that, I wouldn’t want them all anyway. These sets fill a nice void for when I want a Trek fix, and the price is certainly right.

I loved “Turnabout Intruder”!


Everybody talks about Shatner’s over-the-top performances but he is wonderful in TI. Take notice of all of the little feminine quirks he adds as Janice Lester. Watch how he sits in the command chair, how he walks, when he’s filing his nails and even when he’s “red-faced with hysteria”.

And Sandra Smith is great as Kirk in the court martial scene.

The plot *is* ridiculous and utterly sexist, but they make the best of it.

I dig the box art. Leonard Nimoy has a beautiful mouth.

It’s strange they didn’t include Storm Front- ENT. I liked the Nazi in the U.S theme. In the very opening scene, when Archer first wakes up in Earth’s past after destroying the Zindi weapon, I always expected him to say “Oh boy…” a la Quantum Leap.

11: Exactly!

Most of these episodes are not in any other “collective.” This is
a good one for sure. the Klingon collective was my favorite so far. Way of the Warrior is one of my personal DS9 picks.

In a Mirror Darkly is absolutely mandatory viewing as far as I’m concerned. My jaw never left the ground after seeing that piece of work.

– $$$$$$$$$$$$$ –

Are the TOS episodes the remastered ones? Will this be a ripoff? Nimoy on the cover is a crafty selling point with the new film coming out. With this I think I know that the TOS episodes in this box set will be the orginal. Paramount are greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy!!!


no, not really, I just haven’t seen that quote in a while ;-)

I have all the other fan collective sets, and plan to get this one. If they keep this up, I’ll eventually have all the best episodes without buying each season :-)

well at least there be at least 1 ST release in 2008, but I alredy have most of the episodes on DVD and the ones I don’t have I will just download from iTunes or other places, I think 43 bucks is a little steep for an exclusive Gordi figure. LOL

The real question is will the TOS episodes be the remastered Versions? I sure hope so, because the other sets weren’t and it sucked.

Agreed, they should include the remastered version. Remastering TOS, made me fall in love with TOS because I started watching Trek during TNG’s final season. I thought TOS was the worst show of the franchise (mainly because of the outdated effects). Remastering TOS made me change that opinion. The should include the remastered version or at least let us, the fans, chose what should be included. I personally think Anthony should make a poll.

I accidentally clicked on that damned expanding Circuit City ad TWICE before I could click on this article. I know you have to pay the bills and all (I am in media sales myself), but those ads SUCK!

I might be into this if the remastered version is included. The selections are pretty good. Too bad they don’t cover all the ds9 mirror universe episodes.

FWIW, I’m a big Trek fan but I don’t own all the series various season sets. I appreciate these “best of” slices/sets very much. What’s wrong with choices and options? I don’t consider this a “going back to the well” business model at all.

In A Mirror Darkly and Yesterday’s Enterprise were brilliant fun… but I dont see the need to be fleeced even further by Paramount, I have these all in the regular DVD’s, except for the Deep Snore Nine and Voyager: Lost in Space episode (though I do have Tribbleations on a homemade compilation DVD…)

If you really wanted these, you could rip your own dvd’s from your existing collections, it sounds like the “special features” arent very special, else they couldnt wait to entice the fanba$e with the juicy details…

man, some of these eps are so good… but man, some of these eps suck.

Turnabout Intruder – TOS??? Oh God.

Can’t believe “Tapestry”(TNG) isn’t on one of these “alternate” disks. I’m sure its in a Q collection somewhere, but still, that’s about as “alternate” as Trek gets.

I’d rather see DS9’s “The Emperor’s New Cloak” than TOS “The Alternative Factor”.

But not by much.


These sets are mainly for people that don’t have all the seasons, which is probably quite a lot of people. I think they’re nice and I have Captain’s Log just for the new special features.

If you don’t want it then don’t buy it. How hard can it be? Paramount is running a business, of course they will market stuff that they know there’s money in. But they’re not putting a gun to your head, you know.

I don’t think they should include the remastered episodes on this, because that’s not the original version. If they could put them remastered but without the new FX then that would be great, however I don’t think it’s that simple (don’t get me wrong, I like the new versions, but I still believe that on a set like this they should put the original, also for continuity with the other sets).

I really would have liked for them to have included “The Tholian Web” on this set because it dealt with another universe regardless of “IaMD”. But it would’ve been nice to get a complete Mirror saga. Although IRCC, the last Mirror ep on DS9 was total crap. And yeah, count me in on adding the re-masters too.

Has anyone found out if the original series episodes in this set are the remastered ones or not? I really want to know before I buy. If it is the remastered ones, I’m in! If not, I already have the original versions…

A lot of stinkers in this batch, but also it contains the only episodes of the 24th century that I would ever pay money for. If it ever drops to $19.99 I’m in.

This is a pretty good selection. Maybe I’ll buy it as a surprise for my 14-year old. He’s a pretty big Star Trek fan (LOVES Enterprise), but hasn’t seen that much of DS9 or TNG.

I love the fan films.
Keep it up guys!

SInce the Remastered episodes don’t appear on any of the other sets, its unlikely they will appear in this one.

CBS / Paramount counts on making big money on their over-priced season sets for the rematered episodes. They won’t be giving them away in this collection. You can count on that.

“Alternate lives” without TNG “Second Chances” (the Thomas Riker episode)? You gotta be kiddin’!

I doubt the Remastered versions will be included. “Turnabout Intruder” hasn’t even aired in Remastered form yet.

how is the enemy within an altered reality?
“the mark of giddion” or “wink of an eye” would be more appropriate for this selection.
they have really hurt the sslection by having it limited to 4 episodes from each series.

they need to do a best of box set for each series and a best of remastered box set.
a complete Mirror universe 2 disc set would be good too.

And how do we start a pettition to have the Blue Ray Star Trek Remastered box sets done in original production order starting with “the cage”- “where no man has gone before” and “the corbomite manuver”…

and if paramount is trying to entice the uninitiated why not include some episodes of “the anamated adventures of gene roddenberys star trek” (aka- star trek: the animated series)

Boy, it’s really going to hurt when they rip that ‘EXCLUSIVE FIGURE OFFER’ sticker off Mirror Spock’s goatee. Maybe he’ll have one of those Home Alone mirror moments…

“The Visitor” (DS9) was by far the most moving Star Trek Episode. It makes me cry every time I see it.

@38. Trekboi
Thats a fantastic idea. I hope Anthony Pascale can help us!!!!

@39. TREKBOI !!!!

Buying it buying it buying it, and it’ll be the only Collective DVD set I will (so far).

“In A Mirror, Darkly” has to rank up there with the best Trek ever made, not to mention “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” and “Alternative Factor,” “Visitor,” and “Twilight.” Yeehaw Humanity’s last stand at Ceti Alpha V!

I just bought a huge TV, too. I am seriously excited.


When you pop on In A Mirror Darkly 1 and 2 your jaw will not leave the floor! Guaranteed.

There’s no reason to have 4 episodes from each season, just to be fair to each show. None of the TOS episodes, except for the original “Mirror Mirror” episode are alternate lives episodes. They should toss those other TOS ones out and include some better candidates. Plus “Mirror, Mirror” should be the Remastered one. Because otherwise you might as well start throwing in episodes in like VOY’s “Tuvix” – which I sure as heck wouldn’t.

1) Even though crappy, DS9’s “the emperor’s new cloak” should be in there to complete the Mirror Saga.
2) TNG’s “second chances” is by name, the very definition of an alternate life.
3) DS9’s “Children Of Time” is also a ‘alternate’ scenario that should be on there somewhere.
4) VOY’s “Living Witness” – should be on there too.

Dude! There’s still time.

*Change that ISHHH*

Bang goes that promise every Mirror Universe episode will be in the set.

My prediction was…

TOS – The Tholian Web
ENT – In a Mirror Darkly, Part I & II
TOS – Mirror Mirror

DS9 – Crossover
DS9 – Through the Looking Glass
DS9 – Shattered Mirror
DS9 – The Emperor’s New Cloak

ENT – Twilight
ENT – Storm Front, Part I & II
TOS – The Alternative Factor

TNG – Yesterday’s Enterprise
TNG – Future Imperfect
TNG – The Inner Light
TNG – Parallels

DS9 – The Visitor
VOY – Before and After
VOY – Living Witness
VOY – Timeless

Botheration. I wish they’d just stuck with stories dealing with parallel dimensions, twisted histories and alternate futures. Instead extending that to transporter twins, dopplegangers and psycho trips has really fudged the issue.

I haven’t ponied up the cash for the full season episodes of any of the series. However I have bought all of the fan collective boxed sets as the price is right and, for the most part, they are really well chosen. Obviously if you bought the entire seasons they are not for you. These are for the more casual fan such as me. I’ll own this one the day it arrives.