More From Saldana On Minis, Pine & Quinto, and Hailing Frequencies

With her upcoming roles in JJ Abrams Star Trek and James Cameron’s Avatar , Zoe Saldana is destined to become sci-fi royalty, but in a new interview with ComingSoon the new Uhura shows that she is still well grounded as she talks about turning heads in her mini, the new Kirk and Spock and if she is going to say that signature line

excerpts from Coming Soon’s interview

Coming Soon: Can you tease if you wear the mini-skirt? Did you get your legs in shape for this role?
Saldana: All I’m going to say is that for some reason every man on set noticed when I was working. It was like “God, I don’t know – Was it my line? My deliverance? Oh. Okay.” That’s all I’m going to say.

Coming Soon: Any one else in the new cast that kind of blew you away?
Saldana: Everybody – from Eric Bana to primarily Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, they were amazing. I really hope that the fans embrace their interpretation of Kirk and Spock. It was so genuine and it came from the heart, with the most respect.

Coming Soon: Okay, you’ve got to give up one little thing: did you get to say “Hailing frequencies open?”
Saldana: [long pause, then grinning widely] F*ck, yeah!

…more from Saldana on Fans, JJ Abrams and Nichelle Nichols at

Zoe Saldana flashes a sultry smile at the “Cloverfield” premiere

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F*ck, yeah , mini-skirt frequencies are open !!!

#2 And I was waiting for a PG or PG-13 ;-)



She’s quite stunning. I really hope Uhura has more to do than be the eye candy on the film. It would be great to see her as a fully developed character.

Ha, she seems cool.

I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of her either.

“I really hope that the fans embrace their interpretation of Kirk and Spock.”

Zachary Quinto is more likely going to play spock like Nimoy which fans will more likely embrace.
But, I do not think Fans will embrace Pine’s Indiana Kirk or his James T. Solo.

the actor saying they are going honor the past actors versions of the characters, But Pine is so off-base.

I has one star wars and Indy line to say about this film and that is:
“I have a bad feeling about this!”

Judging Chris Pine before seeing his performance is just plain stupid. Of course, you has one line…

I am not sure I can ever accept Pine and Quinto as Kirk and Spock. I can enjoy their performances as those characters but how are we to accept new actors in these iconic roles after 42 years? Shatner and Nimoy will only be Kirk and Spock.

Quinto is going to be at Vegas on stage with Leonard Nimoy. I want to grill him about the movie. i want to make sure we are getting proper Star Trek and not Abrams version that will be more like Lost.

To me Pine dishonoured Shatner by saying he is basing Kirk on Harrison Ford and Quinto contradicted himself by saying the new movie honours original Trek while reimagining it.

With comments like this I have a bad feeling JJ Abrams is crapping over the show we all love. I hope to god Im wrong. I really want to like this film. I am now convinced this is a reboot.

How are we to accept anyone else but Sean Connery as bond? Oh yeah wait we have Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, and a host of others. All adding something to the role. I guess kirk and spock aren’t people, their characters and as long as we have some klingons and good stories Im in. Tribles away!

To me the difference with Bond is that he started as a character in the novel and there was around a decade for each actor. It became a tradition. To me I thought Star Trek would never be recast because of it’s spin offs.

I can enjoy them playing the roles but growing up with all Star Trek it will really hurt me when the books and merchandising forget about Shatner and Nimoy and use Pine and Quinto’s likeness for future TOS novels. I wnat to like the new actors but Pine’s comment really dishonoured Shatner.

I really want this film to work but JJ Abrams has me so worried that I want Rick Berman back now.

Is recasting a good idea? is going back to TOS a good idea? To me the main concern I have is that JJ is putting a stronger emphasis on making this appeal to the mainstream audience who aren’t fans. Given JJ’s language it seems he is going all out to get that mainstream and to hell with the hard core fan base of Trek. This thinking has me worried.

To date the only reboot or reimagining that worked was the new BSG.

Hopefully when the movie comes out my fears will be done and I will prb embrace Pine and Quinto better then. But to me they will never take the place of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

“I really want this film to work but JJ Abrams has me so worried that I want Rick Berman back now.”

So.. you’d rather the franchise sink further than possibly being revitalized.

“I wnat to like the new actors but Pine’s comment really dishonoured Shatner.”

Which comment was that? I remember no such thing.

“Given JJ’s language it seems he is going all out to get that mainstream and to hell with the hard core fan base of Trek.”

He’s never said that and that’s pretty unfair to him. That seems to be just your interpretation, which as I say, is pretty unfair.

I am am very ready for a new version of Star Trek. After 42 years the standard version was getting tired. So long as the ideals hold true, so will
Trek. Tribbles away!!!!

I guess it is a little unfair, I guess I read too much into JJ Abram’s language. I was opposed to Casion Royale being a reboot but it turned out to be one of the better Bond films in recent years. I hope the same is true for Trek.

Pine’s comment about playing it like Harrison Ford where as the other actors are honouring the original proper actors felt like an insult to Shatner.

Can you accept Pine and Quinto as Kirk and Spock? Do you think they will do justice to the characters? They might do justice but I dont want people to forget William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy made these roles.

Does this mean that future Star Trek TOS novels will have Pine and Quinto on the covers rather than Shatner and Nimoy?

I guess what is really scary is the thought the timeline will be altered to retcon the original series so that this movie’s time line becomes gospel and GR’s Star Trek no longer exists. This is what scares me.

Morning, everyone. I’m a huge trekkie, I’m sure you guys have seen me post here before. I am attempting to start a video studio with my roommate. We eventually want to do a Star Trek fan series, but for now, we are trying to get our names out there. If you guys have time, please go check out our latest video, “Dancebot”. You can find it by clicking my name. Thanks very much:-) We’d appreciate any comments you’d like to leave.

All this bickering and whining about the film is getting far too silly now, as someone said in an earlier post, ‘Judging Chris Pine before seeing his performance is just plain stupid.’
It’s like the end of a sports season, for example I am from England and when the domestic Football (soccer to the Americans) season ends everyone gets really bored and starts making up stories about players moving and signing for other clubs. 9 times out of 10 it just doesn’t happen.
Now, I’m not say to stop giving your own views, I like to speculate and gossip as much as the next guy, but some people on here seem to be so wound up and worried about what may and may not happen, believeing EVERYTHING they read and hear about the film. My advice to those people is to just not bother going to see it as you may have a heart attack, irrespective of the film being good or bad.
My point is no-one is going to have a constructive view of the film, and of how the actors honor the past until they have watched the whole bloody thing with there own eyes.

Shatner is Kirk
Nimoy is Spock
Deforest Kelly is McCoy

I fear this movie will be just a weekend diversion for me and not really the Star Trek: The Original Classic Series.

The original family feels like an old pair of shoes, comfortable and familiar.

You can mimic but never replace the originals.


I agree with you

I know i sound negative but I really do want to like this film. Its the young ones who watch this and they will prob watch this film and love it and never watch the Original Series or TNG or DS9, VOY and ENT for being not like the movie.

I can imagine one of those kids being asked who created Star Trek and they would answer JJ Abrams. The anger on my face then would put Bruce Banner to shame. Say what you want about Berman but he always mentioned Gene’s name and his name was kept in the credits of the later spin offs

In the British press it annoyed me when Russel T Davies was credited as Creator of Doctor Who, where as it was Sydney newman back in 1963.

@20 – Don’t agree. The characters are bigger than the actors. Its only within each of our minds that arbitrary restrictions exist.

This has been proven by other iconic characters – Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Scrooge, Superman, Batman etc. The original cast characters are too powerful, too dynamic, and too entertaining to restrict to one era.

Bring on new adventures!

…the adventure continues……….

She can open my hailing frequencies anytime.

#22 -As I have stated many times before over the past year and a half (and I DO SUPPORT the new actors) — you cannot compare ST to Superman, Bond, Batman etc. For 40+ years Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly etc. WERE Kirk, Spock, McCoy Etc — in this case the characters are NOT bigger than the actors — the actors ARE THE characters.

That is the challenge for Abrams and crew, which I believe they will overcome.

It still amazes me that people think JJ is only making a movie for the mainstream audience when everything he has said is about him making a movie that follows canon and will be enjoyed by true Star Trek fans, and how the two writers are huge trekkies. It’s like people only read half of JJ’s comments and then start to cry and moan.

Also Bond and Batman started out in novels and comic books and the actors changed within a decade each time so we grew up with diff interpretations.

As Wil Wheaton stated in his blog its Abrams language that is causing the die hard fans to feel he is messing with Trek. when he says things like this wont be your dad’s Star Trek then I get concerned. I can understand them wanting to update it in today’s market but I dont want it to look alien.

I want to like this film and hope next year I will be laughing at all this.

Quinto even contradicted himself in a statement saying the new film honours TOS origins while at the same time reimagines them

Please know I want to love this film. Just hope he does Justice to Trek

captain_neill… chill… relax…. chillax!!!! haha..

“As Wil Wheaton stated in his blog its Abrams language that is causing the die hard fans to feel he is messing with Trek.”

I’m a die hard fan, i don’t feel that he is messing with Trek. It just seems to me that some people have developed severe cases of selective hearing, and as a result are becoming increasingly paranoid and panicky (is panicky a proper word?? hmm.. im gonna go with it..) yes, paranoid and panicky that they are now twisting every little remark into meaning doomsday!

So, it won’t be your dad’s Trek… some people wanna push themselves to the point of having a stroke.. i simply think, cool, the sets won’t be made out of cardboard…

“I want to like this film and hope next year I will be laughing at all this”

then take a deep breath.. and don’t read too much into off the cuff remarks… i hope you will be laughing at it all.. that’s if you survive another 11 months of all this… i swear some people are heading for a god damn coronary!!!

She seems like a really cool and smart lady. The longer interview is worth a read, especially her thoughts on Nichols and being an unintentioal role model.

#20: “The original family feels like an old pair of shoes, comfortable and familiar.”

That one sentence comes closer to demonstrating why “Star Trek” is dead on TV and the big screen than just about anything else that’s been posted.

I dont mind the sets being a tweaked a little, but I don’t want them to look completely different from the one swe love. Enterprise proved that it could be done in a way to look m ore advance than the NX 01.

The colour scheme could be kept and made more subdue. I will probably be relieved when I see the film.

Do you think after the movie hits the novels of TOS will feature the likenesses of Pine and Quinto instead of Shatner and Nimoy? This is one thing I cannot accept. Period.

Maybe someone could answer a question for me. Why, if some of you are so fundamentally opposed to Pine and Quinto and Abrams and the whole idea of a new Trek movie, are you. . . VISITING THIS SITE?

Good grief people!

“Shatner, Nimoy, Kelly etc. WERE Kirk, Spock, McCoy ” errr. NO.

They were actors playing a part, that’s all, just actors, you may have seen them in other TV shows occasionally, “oh look there’s Captain Kirk in Boston legal”… I’m sure Mr Shatner would comment on that if he heard you say it.

What a load of tosh, Look, Doctor Who has had TEN actors playing the part on TV, (and no, the doctor wasn’t first a character in a book).

Each of the versions of the Doctor was the same character but with a different body (as it’s a different actor). Each interpretation was different, some were amazing some not so, and each incarnation of the Doctor has its own fans. I personally like Tom Baker’s version best, (he was the fourth by the way!) others, like David Tennant – the current Doctor, are fans of Peter Davidson’s Doctor (the Fifth one), personally I don’t like that Doctor that much.

So the chances are that you may or may not like this version of Star Trek, it’s not going to spoil anything you’ll still have all the original TV shows, all the books and you can even imagine your favourite Kirks face when (if) you read a “new” TOS era books that are bound to be published.

What I think I’m trying to say is that this version going to be different, maybe very different, you may like it or you may not, accept that and enjoy it for what it is, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

Long live Captain Kirk – which ever actor plays the Role!! ( I just hope i like him/her…)

I’m really liking her…. really…

I prob will like it when it comes out

Don’t dig skinny legs on my ladies, so I don’t see her in a mini-shirt as being all that alluring. Not at all a fan of the decision to dress the female actors in mini-shirts and go-go boots. Seems a little tacky to me.

She does have a pretty face and I am looking forward to see her performance.


Probably because this is a site covering 40 years of Star Trek, the new film only having a miniscule part in the legacy.

deleted by admin

This new girl playing Uhura is really hot. I believe I will like her.

Can I ask out of curioisty what is the cross section for fans liking JJ or hating what he is changing?

#32. Granted. I see your point, but why gravitate toward a thread about the new Uhura in the new Star Trek if you’re not on board with the idea of a new Uhura and a new Star Trek to begin with?

#39. Blecch. Leave it alone.

#40. Just to clarify — I meant my “blecch” for #39, not for Zoe Saldana.

#41. And I meant #38, not #39. Last post – sorry.

I’m staggered by some of the disparaging remarks here (actually, i’m not, I’m wearily jaded!) Kirk, Spock and McCoy started out out on the printed page too: a script. Realistically, Shatner played Kirk for three years on TV, voiced a short 1970s cartoon for 22 episodes, while basically doing other things, then played Kirk as the lead in six films across 13 years, while he also did other work. He then guested in Generations.

I’d argue that, right now, William Shatner is better known as ‘William Shatner’ than ‘Captain Kirk’. Chris Pine has every right to draw inspiration from wherever he wants to to play Kirk. As a younger actor, he’s going to be influenced by different actors from those who influenced Shatner’s performance. If you take the approach that only one person can ever play a character originated in a script, then Shakespeare’s plays couldn’t have been performed after their debut.

There’s a somewhat blinkered attitude among a certain number of Trek ‘fans’ who think Star Trek is ‘special’. They think it’s so ‘special’ that it operates according to different rules in the everyday commercial world from any other franchise. Some Doctor Who fans feel the same about their show. Some Superman fans feel that way about Superman.

The fact is, Star Trek isn’t ‘special’. It’s a multimedia franchise designed to make its owners money, just like all the others. It’s benefited from some excellent writing and performances down the years and has had a big impact on many people. But so have Doctor Who and Superman and Twin Peaks and Stargate and Sesame Street and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and countless other franchises! Star Trek has to play to the same rules as those shows and pretty much always has done!

And all this pompous rubbish about actors ‘disrespecting’ their predecessors! I mean really! Grow up! They’re actors who have been hired to play a role and they’ll put their hearts and souls into it. Different actors bring out different aspects of the characters, leading to us, the paying audience reexamining how we perceive them. That’s normal and that’s good. Why would I want Patrick Stewart’s Macbeth to be an exact rendition of Jon Finch’s performance? If people can’t deal with the new cast, they should stay in their smelly basements and not ruin it for everyone else.

As for the new film’s time travelling ‘destroying’ all past Star Trek; what garbage! Are the firemen from Fahrenheit 451 going to turn up and incinerate every Start Trek VHS, DVD, novel, comic and model ever made?

Everything still exists and will continue to exist for centuries to come! If anything, this film will create a ‘Universe 2’ where new adventures can take place without having to tie in directly to the events of all the other Treks. This happens in comic books and is a far less brutal form of ‘reboot’ than just ignoring everything that went before!

By the time Star Trek: Enterprise finished, the makers of the show had detailed events in Star Trek going from the 1960s all the way up to the 30th century! There was nothing left in Star Trek that could be surprising. There was even a neat little far future police force making sure that the Federation, which, dubiously, still somehow exists after nearly 1,000 years doesn’t mess with its own history.

If all that baggage is thrown out of the window, then great! if we can go back to having fun adventures with Kirk, Spock and McCoy, not knowing what might happen next, then Star Trek will be fully alive and vibrant again.

Zoe Saldana will give an excellent performance as Uhura, I’m sure. I hear the new female costumes will be a little more ‘bosomy’ than before. That’s good too: TOS was always sexy and had a youthful quality. it’ll be nice to see that brought out in a movie at last.

I’d love to see a scene where Kirk says: ‘Hailing frequencies open Lt Uhura!’ and she replies ‘F*** yeah!’


You said:

“Shatner is Kirk
Nimoy is Spock
Deforest Kelly is McCoy

No; Kirk is Kirk, Spock is Spock and McKoy is McKoy.

Shatner is an actor who played Kirk, Nimoy is an actor who played Spock and Kelley is an actor who played McKoy. Now these characters are played by new actors. The characters are the same, the actors different.

Deal with it.

Andrus#38- You need to work on your delivery – that was over the line.

I want this movie to be a hit and I want the new actors to excel in the roles.

I just hope the new fans will watch Star Trek we all grew up watching.

I will probably enjoy the movie when it comes out as it is Star Trek. I will hate it if a kid says JJ Abrams is the creator of Star Trek instead of Gene Roddenberry.

Well, I for one like being informed about something that’s very important to me. TOS is very important to me. The new film will be based on TOS. Not too difficult to understand, I should assume. ;) Furthermore, some people tend to express their views even if they’re in opposition to others, and also like to read and answer other posts. It’s called discussion…:)

Kelley never played McKoy, but he will always be McCoy.

Deal with it. :)

Anthony, anything you can do to keep comments like #38 off this board?

#44 Exactly. Plus, we’ve already had others portray Kirk and Spock. Kirk was portrayed by Sandra Smith during TOS. Spock was portrayed by a number of young actors in the movies, although “aaaaaaaaarrrrrr” is probably not dialog to the degree Smith delivered.

Smith was convincing as Kirk, so clearly, others can portray Kirk.


You mean, Kelley was the real McKoy…

Well sure it’s difficult to dissociate the actor from the character, but they are nonetheless distinct. Any actor will tell you.