Nichols and Koenig Join Takei Wedding Party

A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie first reported that George Takei and his long-time partner Brad Altman were engaged to be married. Now People Magazine is reporting that Takei and Altman have set a date and picked a location, plus Takei is bringing on board his former Trek co-stars to join in on the day.

Koenig and Nichols in the party
Takei tells People:

The best man is my colleague from Star Trek, Walter Koenig, who played Chekov, and the matron of honor is (Lt.) Uhura, Nichelle Nichols. And Leonard (Nimoy) and his wife Susan are on the (guest) list.

The pair will tie the knot September 14th in a formal affair at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Details are still being working out, but People reports that they have settled on some details to “reflect their eclectic taste as well as their respective backgrounds” including Scottish bagpipes, a Mexican-American Buddhist minister officiating, and a fusion Japanese-Mexican cuisine for the dinner.

Takei and Altman at Night Out for Equality Gala, Sunday in Bethesda, MD (People)

Takei will next be seen in the new Adam Sandler comedy You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, opening this Thursday.

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I had the pleasure of meeting George in 1990 in Boston and took a Boston Trolley tour together. He is a wonderful human being, intelligent, articulate, funny and passionate about humanity. He has led a fascinating life and I think he is a great guy. I wish he and Brad all the happiness in the world. I remember that great line from “Friends:” Nothing makes God happier when two people — any two people — are in love. God bless you George and Brad!

He didn’t invite Shatner…? lol

Best wishes, George and Brad. Long and happy life to you.

It sounds like they are planning a lovely and joyous ceremony. Wish I could be a fly on that wall. Best of everything to them.

What????? No invite for Shatner???? ;-)

As I said before, Congrats to the couple. Everyone needs to find the one for them and it seems they have.

It’s great to see that Koenig and Takei have remained such good friends over the years. Congrats to the happy couple!

One little sticking point here: ‘ Japanese-Mexican cuisine’? OK, I got a renegade libertarian streak in me, and I’m an Andrew Zimmern kinda culinary adventurist, but how the f*** do you ‘fuse’ Mexican and Japanese cuisine? Iguana sushi? Tempura scorpion? Refried cactus? I mean, there has GOT to be a limit somewhere…..LMAO! The flora and fauna of the world tend to be indigenous to that locale for a reason – they generally don’t play well in a larger sandbox, gastronomically-speaking.

Curried kangaroo with pine nuts in olive oil, anyone? :-) *URP*

The Japanese-Mexican cuisine is probably a reflection of his time spent in East LA as a child. In his book he told an anecdote of his first time to a barrio in the neighborhood and how he fell in love with that culture.

I too think it’s awesome that Koenig is Best Man.

The story of this ceremony would be an excellent ending for a sequel to “To the Stars.”

Funny how life changes. When Koenig first started working on Star Trek, George Takei hated him, but now they’re good friends and Walter’s going to be the best man.

did anyone catch george’s quick cameo on the series ‘scrubs’?

that was awesome…

OK, I can dig Japanese and Mexican cuisine, side by side. Now, ‘fuse’ it. I’m of German extraction to the core, but I can’t see how to ‘fuse’ Grandma Krause’s Old Country Schweinshaxe with Cypriot Kleftiko to save my life. The spices, meats, and cooking methods simply don’t compliment each other. Call me a purist.

That’s directed at #9, BTW. Being a culinary whirling dervish, my curiousity is piqued.


Aww…congratulations to them both! It sounds like the wedding is going to be a wonderful event. I wish them both continued happiness together.

Gotta say… Viking brings up the real (culinary) controversy here!

Whenever I whip up some leftovers that somehow combine Italian and Chinese I call it an “Eric Cheung.” I grew up with pretty fused food myself!

#2and #5

The Shat is going to crash their party instead. ;)

Met George at Comic -Con last year. Really a great person to talk to.. Best wishes guys! : )

Best Wishes to the happy couple :)

It has been a long time coming. Have a feeling that wedding and reception are going to rock. Good for the guys.

#17: Remember that if you ever get a lower gastroscopic exam. Your doctor may find that your esophagus and colon are up ‘fused’ together in ways that would make Dr. Moreau green with envy. LOL :-)

Sushi Burrito with verde sauce?? Chips and salsa with bits of octopus in it?

George, I’ll come to the wedding, but please have TUMS at the table.


“Here’s to ya’ lads.”

-The Late James Doohan

Japanese-Mexican cuisine should prove to be interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that combination. But I suppose that if Trek has taught me anything, it’s that anything can happen. Enough strange things have happened to me to shrug off just about anything. Bigfoot, a werewolf, 2 UFO encounters, and a beaver named “Scott.”

Life is an adventure, and I’m glad these two are finally able to explore it as a true couple.

Wow, so who takes whos name?

Is it still necessary to “take” a name?

#11 re “Scrubs” cameo

Yeah, Takei’s cameo was hilarious — and perfectly suited to this occasion, as he played the priest officiating at Turk’s and Carla’s wedding.

“I wanted the one who looks like Sulu!” :)

Best wishes for George and Brad on the very happy – and belated – occasion!

this site better have pics.

How amazing is it that a gay Japanese-American man in his 70s has become an American pop culture cult hero? Here’s to you, George – may you and Brad have many happy years together.

George Takei – what a guy! If he wants Japanese-Mexican fusion at his wedding he’s certainly earnt the right… Even if the mere thought makes me wanna barf!

All the best to the happy couple.

What Shatners not invited?

poor Shat snubbed by Abrams and now George….”Oh My!”. Dont worry Captain you can come to all my get togethers.

That is such wonderful news, I feel so excited for the both of them!

Trekmovie, I expect to see wedding pictures….

Congrats George and Brad. this has been long time in coming. May you live long and prosper.

That’s great news!


SPAM FILTER??? shame on you.




*Sigh* I’m so happy for you two! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding!

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+ banned

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aw how cute.

‘To love another person is to see the face of God.’ (V. Hugo)

Best wishes for George & Brad, and many happy years together!

why did they make this legal again?

I’m envious. It’ll be a while yet before we have the same opportunity here in the South. I’m really happy for these 2 guys. May you be truly blessed.

Oh and please don’t feed the trolls.

Anthony, how did that comment get in there from # 38. Hannitized08 – What a FREAK SHOW! If that comment were made here in Canada, someone could get into trouble with the law. Hannitized08 opened the door for me to comment, and to say why his opinion Is Not From Scripture, I won’t quote here, but I would like to say just one thing. “judge not, least you be judged yourself” and keep your unkind comments to yourself.
NOW on to more important stuff, Congratulations George & Brad, and to quote 7 of 9 “May all your hopes and dreams come true, except for one. So that you will always have something to look forward to!”

That’s awesome – I can;t imagine making friends at work and still being that close forty years later. What a nice bunch of people they seem!

congrats to George and Brad!
too bad Shat isn’t invited

Who gives a flying f*** if Shatner is not invited.
This is George’s day, lets not forget that.

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet George in person, the nearest I got was an email from George after I left a message on his website congratulating his wonderful performance after watching ‘World enough and time”.
To say I was surprised at getting a personal email response is a massive understatement and I think a testament to his character.

My sincere congratulations to George and Brad.

#47 and all other Shatner comments in this thread
1) Stop being so foolish and immature
2) My take is that if Shatner wanted to be long term friends with his co-stars, then he should not have tried to belittle what scenes they had and treated them with a lot more respect.
My opinions of course, your mileage may vary.

#48 Mark

I dont think anyone was being SERIOUS when they questioned why Shatner was not on the guest list.

I think they all were making fun comments because we all understand precisely why Shatner wasnt on the list.

It’s sarcasm.

It’s not always clear whether the comments are serious or not. I just think it detracts from the event at hand.