Star Trek Movie Alien Spoilers?

Every Star Trek movie (and TV show) has lots of aliens. The folks at io9 have been trolling through IMDB and think they have sussed out what aliens are in the new Star Trek movie. Some have sent this article in as a ‘tip’ to, but did io9 really figure it all out?


The io9 article “Find Out Which Aliens Turn Up In J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Movie” goes through some of the character names that have shown up on IMDB in the last month and attempts to derive what aliens will be in the movie, concluding that it will include Klingons, Orions, and Romulans. Of course, all of that is pretty old news around here, see TrekMovie articles on: Klingons, Orions, and Romulans.

And then io9 concludes with this ‘shocking’ discovery:

Most shocking alien race mentioned in the cast credits: Kelvin Alien #1. Are we really going to see the return of those uptight peeps from Andromeda, with the belt buckles that turn you into bath salts? Really?

Ummm…No not really
The ‘uptight aliens from Andromeda’ are ‘the Kelvans.’ Any ‘Kelvin alien’ would be referring to a member of the crew of the USS Kelvin, a ship revealed by in our spoiler article last week on ships for the new Star Trek movie. In fact just a few days ago io9 ran an article about our article “Spock’s new ride” which itself mentions the USS Kelvin.

That being said, there are aliens in the new Star Trek movie in addition to the ones mentioned above. Some have been seen previously in Trek before and some that are entirely new. As TrekMovie gets more confirmations on this we hope to have an article about the aliens in the future.

Kelvans and their cool buckles NOT in JJ Abrams “Star Trek”

What about IMDB?
There are a number of new actors listed on the IMDB page for Star Trek, however TrekMovie does not use IMDB as a source as it has proven unreliable (for example Matt Damon was listed as Kirk for months). That being said some of the actors recently listed have been confirmed and is currently working on a series of articles about some more confirmed cast members for the film, most of which are fairly small roles.

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Ha. You said Matt Damon.

Wow, what an “uninteresting” story LOL.

Blue has always been my favorite color. Now I know why.

All my Favorite Alien’s were from TOS, maybe there will be a few new Alien’s this time around. Or perhaps our old favorites with bigger budget for makeup!
I’m ready, for it.

I was wondering what the policy here was on acknowledging’s alleged cast listing. I have been checking it out periodically and am noticing a lot of new characters/parts being listed for the new movie with no mention here. So now I know.

Horta forever!

Once crushed…. (kkkkggggrrrssshhhcckk!) …this person is dead.

Bring Back Kelinda !!!!!!

Will ruffles have ridges…….I mean Klingons?


Not sure they should be front and center in any scenes, but if we happened to spot them skulking around in the background either at the Academy or on the Enterprise, that would be a real treat!

And wasn’t there a Horta crewmember in one of the books?!?!

I wanna see me some Sleestaks. And think about that. Gorns and Sleestaks – I’m pretty sure it’s like a Vulcan slash Romulan thing happening there.

Chaka and Chewebacca, and a salt vampire too.

Old Spock is an alien, innit?



Kelinda…ahh, yes…fantasies….errrrrrr…..boyhood fantasies revisited!

Yeah, bring back that Kelinda (Barbara Bouchet). She still looks great! Yay, brother. I reach that. I really do.

I’d really like to see an Andorian (with the horns on the back).

one word: andorians.

Maaaatt Damon!

Barbara Bouchet… For some reason, Gershwin runs through my mind’s Victrola when I gaze upon this vision of gallic loveliness:

“Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you…”

I wonder if Shatner had the same thoughts :-)

There’s also the three kids playing Vulcan bullies #1,#2 and #3, which means we’ll get a replay of Spock’s childhood tauntings as described in “Journey to Babel” and seen on TAS’s “Yesteryear”

Make that “Czeck” lovliness!

Episode to episode, TOS had the highest amount of hot chicks of any Trek series.

Louis Gossett Jr. as the dude from Enemy Mine. He should be in it. And the freaky fella bad guy from Galaxy Quest.

Ooh, ooh! Alien v. Predator! Both of those bugs! And Greedo.

#2–It got you to comment, dinnit? Admit it, you’re just mad because you didn’t get to say “first”.

*laughs heartily at io9*

By the way, there are actually a couple aliens aboard the Kelvin, according to the actress who claims to have played one of them.

Don’t forget Wally Gator, The Geico Gekko, and Snake Plissken.

#15 J W Wright — YES! I agree 100%. Andorians have *got* to be in this movie, they’re the greatest.

*continues laughing heartily at io9*

Oh well, at least they’re trying, right? Not every site can be as good as

And the Great Gazoo. He could be part of the Q.


@The Chad

Yes, ruffles will have Klingons. ;-)

Thanks for the Team America Matt Damon clips… This is what has been looping in my head since I read this article, ha ha.

Since the comments for this article have already gone terribly of course, let’s continue the off topic chat with a thought exercise:

What would the new Trek film be like if the creators of Team America & South Park were making the movie instead of JJ… Or how about the Coen Bros, Spielberg, Kubrick or any director/writer of your choice.

Speaking of Kubrick, am I the only one who has noticed the colors of the spacesuits in the pod bay of Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Take a look at:

@27 — Good idea but too late for the Great Gazoo, Harvey Korman just died.

As an original series die-hard, my take on aliens in the movie is this:
We don’t need no steenkin’ bumpy foreheads!
I’d prefer original series Klingons, too, but I can live with updated Klingons
if they’re more like the original concept of an extension of the spine as Mark Lenard had in TMP, not just bumps for who-knows-what’s sake.

I liked Christopher Plumber’s ridges in VI. Subtle. Also liked his bolted-in eyepatch. Ha.

But, I’d be happy with very clever and subtle make-up, rather than rubberized prosthetics that roll up at the edges. (Nearly the first close-up in Nemesis reveals the crappiness of the ears in that one.) CGI airbrushing (as opposed to motion-capture) can do wonders, too.

Actually, I’m hoping for a whole new generation of effects for this movie, one that will be quickly poached by others.

I vote for no more forehead ridges. Enterprise was particularly fond of this device. Hey, it’s an alien—better give it a weird forehead. That way we’ll know it’s an alien.

Ok so Romulans definitely. Klingons, could be cool BUT they can’t have ridges……….. Must…….. Go…….. Back to…….. Good …… Old……… Days

I like General Chang as well!

No Ridges! No Ruffles!

I actually brought this point up like 4 bloody times when posting on this site ! , i swear the so copyed me, the first time it was to ask what was a Kelvin and wondered if it was a miss spelling of Kelvans , from the andermeda galaxey . then only a few days ago when we saw the spoilers for the ships , i asked i wonder if these aliens where what the ship was named after.

Post 85 (the last time i brought it up)

post 36 ( i think the first time i brought it up back in april)

#14-That’s now!!!! The real now!!!!

I always liked those puppets at the end of Catspaw…
they should have one as a crewman… wearing a little tiny redshirt…. or as a Science Officer!
(I’m tired. Can you tell?)


May he rest in peace. But dig out his voice recordings and Lucas him in.

THX- Come over to the Chat thread- there is a sensual emergency over there.

“Bath salts”? That cracked me up.

I think it’s amusing that most aliens that take over human bodies in TOS just “become human” and forget their original mission and universal concept. On one hand, it’s a reflection of American Cultural Imperialism: if they just experience our look and feel, they’ll want to be more like us. On the other hand, it’s probably what would actually happen to real aliens taking over humans.

Non-sequitur: This is why I think the whole meatware Cylon story in BSG is a bore, no matter how hot Number 6 looks in a red dress. Nothing kills suspense like a weak, conflicted enemy. “I used to be a husband and a father. Now I don’t know WHAT I am…” Feh.

Kelinda had it going on!

#25 “J W Wright — YES! I agree 100%. Andorians have *got* to be in this movie, they’re the greatest.”

There will be one in the theater at least, when I see it!

Kelvan vs. Kelvin… Illiteracy kills.

And provides countless “tips”. After having the USS Pasteur, the USS Kelvin is just fine: after all, he is the one who said circa 1900 that everything that would ever be discovered in physics had now been discovered. Methinks this means the USS Kelvin might just be steam-powered.

But gee, in science, we use kelvin all the time. As a matter of fact, right now, it’s about 284 kelvins and rainy outside here in Maine. And about 1 gee, too.

Get me Jeffrey Combs’ agent! Shran not getting a cameo in this film would be an outrage… (wink).

I have to admit I am greatly disapointed by the news that “time travel” is going to play a role in the movie! No matter what percentage of stories from TOS, the movies or other series were based on it, it (being time travel) is a cliched, poor and weak plot device that lacks imagination. The fans that made Star Trek what is is deserve more than this! Don’t get me wrong. Time travel, in the beggining was a novel idea; TOS Guardian of Forever, The Terminator (ONLY the first one) and even Back to the Future were great, well written movies, but this plot device looses its profoundness quickly.

I miss when storied delved into the characterization of the actual characters and made them the HEROES we grew up believing in and tried to be like. We can better relate to our favorite character if he or she is facing a problem that is not COMPLETELY outside the realm of possibility for us to face ourselves. I’m not saying that you or I will be comanding a starship and be able to make the same decisions that Captain Kirk makes, but we may well be in the possition of commanding others and hence be responsible for their safety. There are a lot of people out there, that grew up looking up to the good Captain, whom hold jobs and have careers just like that. I do know this: none of us will EVER be in the possision of traveling through time! That being so, I don’t give a frog’s fat butt what fictitious time travelers are up to. Give us something that our suspension of disbelief can actually suspend. After all that is one of the things that always made Star Trek stand out for me; The characters, technology and situations may have been fictitious, but they were believable and inspiring.

Well, that’s all I have to vent about. I’ll still be at the front of the line when the movie is released. I just hope a bunch of greedy hollywood producer types don’t ruin this for me and all of you. I REALLY hope my fears are Wrong and nothing would make me happier to admit I was wrong about all this.

Until the truth presents itself,
Live long and prosper.

#48 But, time travel this time is really the MacGuffin here.

It’s a reasonable means to an end: to tell an “origin story” for the original series, that never appeared on screen. It’s the “final frontier” of Trek, to look back at the early days of Kirk and Spock, something we’ve all wanted to have a look at for forty years.

One expects that most of the events of the movie we’ll see, would have played out almost exactly the same whether Nero and Old Spock were there or not. At least, it wouldn’t be impossible to script it that way: sort of a “Star Trek: A Christmas Carol.”

Old Spock becomes Scrooge revisiting with Nero, the Ghost of Romulans Past… or something like that. Now I’m wishing there were a cameo for Patrick Stewart as Admiral Picard, counseling Nimoy’s Spock before he goes back to the past…

Perhaps they could work a Medusan into the script… and then Shatner’s cameo could be where he looks at it and goes insane…

Or they could expand somewhat on idea from one of Shatner’s ST novels and have him be resurrected by the Borg…

I am LoKirktus of Borg… Resistance is futile…