Faran Tahir Talks More Trek

Faran Tahir, first revealed to be playing a captain in the new Star Trek on TrekMovie.com is still out doing some promotion for his role in Iron Man, but also taking some Trek questions. Trek’s new Captain revealed to UGO that he is a “closet Trekkie” and also talked about director JJ Abrams approach to Trek and a bit on his character.

excerpts from the UGO Interview

Tahir on director JJ Abrams and introducing Trek to a new generation:

J.J. (Abrams) I think is a perfect choice to bring back Star Trek because he understands the genre. I think the greatest thing he’s doing is he knows there’s a spirit that’s essential to any Star Trek story and he adheres to that. And he also understands there’s a generation that didn’t grow up with Star Trek. There hasn’t been a movie in a long time. The TV shows are now gone. So there’s a whole new, young crop of people who only know Star Trek as something that was in the past or something that their older brother or uncle or mother or father watched, and that’s their introduction to it. And he has freshened it up enough that I think this generation will also get to own it, in a way. Which is great, because I think on a very philosophical level, to me, it’s a great way to make connections between generations. You know, a father and a son can get together and talk about sports, and that’s a common ground where you can open up a conversation. Similarly, I think it’s great to also have these pop culture doorways in conversations. And I think that’s what this will do. I think it will reintroduce Star Trek enough so that this generation can also be a part of it and it’ll also bring back some of the spirit of the old Star Trek. I think it’s well done. It’s a fresher look to the whole story. I think the movie will conform some of the things that people know as Star Trek, but it’ll also challenge some of those things. It’s a very, very interesting balance.

Tahir on his role:

My character is a Captain of a Federation Ship. I don’t know why they chose me to play a human (laughs). It’s a ship that hasn’t been seen before. But beyond that, they want us to keep it all kind of hush-hush. All I can say is that it’s a heroic character, it’s a good guy. Because it’s a known story, we want to keep as much unrevealed as possible so that the experience happens while you’re in the theater.

If you want some spoilers on Tahir’s character and ship, see our recent “Ship Spoilers” article, but there are some major spoilers in there so be warned.

Tahir at premiere for “Iron Man” (WireImage)

More from Tahir on Trek and Iron Man, including talk of an Iron Man sequel, at UGO.

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Tough Captain, tough!

By “heroic” I’m hoping he doesn’t mean he takes one for the team at the start of the movie.

I’m intrigued by “it’s a know story” regarding his role. Any thoughts?

Isn’t that what non-Enterprise starships do in these movies? Gt destroyed, hijacked, or otherwise compromised so our heroes can warp in and save the day?

A far as the ‘known story’ bit goes, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the 10,000 or so hours of Star Trek. We know boy will meet pointy eared friend, boy will fall in love with starship, and all will warp off to great adventure at the end of the film. The fun of the film will be the journey – the unknown details that make up the known story.

Sayid blew his brains out how is he talking now??? Magic of some sort i’d wager, Black infernal magic !!!!

Good God he has large feet.

Those could almost be TOS era federation boots, like the ones Spock’s wearing when he performs flamenco radial keratotomy on Kirk in Plato’s Stepchildren. Good that they’re using Fahir as a middle eastern good guy. I’m sure he’s made a few bucks wearing a black hat, too.

Denise, what is it they say about men with large feet? They have a large something else … can’t remember…the word re–member stirs something?

CmdrR, “flamenco radial keratotomy ” … man copyright that now before I do! ROTFLMAO!

That is one haaaaandsome man.

Yeah, but they didn’t use aluminum bats when I was a kid! And MLB didn’t have seasons that went forever and there were no steroids and Babe Ruth is the Home Run King Forever!!! It’s cannon [sic]!!!!!

I personally took his “known story” comment to mean that fans are already aware of what the movie is about, in a very general sense. Now we have to see the movie to get the whole picture.

CmdrR#8- You know, I was thinking the very same thing just this morning. As I slathered lite cream cheese all over my bagel and lox, my mind wandered over to Plato’s Stepchildren, Spock’s large albeit attractive feet and his flamenco radial keratotomy in the intimate vicinity of Kirk’s head…

Underpants Monster#11- You are correct, sir. He is also hoooooottttttt.

Commodore#9- Toes. They also have large toes, naughty Lurker.

Denise… slathered lite cream cheese… lox…

I’m rapidly reaching sensory overload.

It’s getting hot in here, Nelly. What is this, Swingtown? I must protest, but please continue nonetheless.



a Captain in the “early” Romulan war????

#13 (and #9)–Not toes. Something much higher.

Mom always said, beet feet, big–


Dang. All my extra spaces between the joke and the punchline were omitted, which spoiled the effect. Bummer.


Big feet, big expectations. Also, they make for a good base and fighting stance.

Of course some of us didn’t look down at the other fellas in the gym class locker room. Ladies and guys with a vested interest, what is the mathematical equation between shoe size and um…er….well I mean, how do you calculate the correspondence between one’s feet and their…..their um….up between the…….

A guy’s warp nacelle.

So is this Saudi Sisko?

THX#20- I do not know the mathematical equation as I daydreamed about Leonardo all the way through a semester of Algebra II – perhaps TOG would know, as he has mathematically-inclined gray matter. I do know the name for which you seek – a guy’s photon torpedo, yes?

Generally half the length of the foot. Tip of the pinky to the wrist usually corresponds as well.

Thanks, Vitruvian Man!

Kobayashi Maru

Maybe Capt. Garrovick of the U.S.S. Farragut, a young Jame Kirk served under him “One of the finest men he had ever known.”

Captain Hunk! I’ll have to see it a couple of extra times…… The film, that is.


So if I wear a size 24 men’s shoe, that means that I’m……………….

Again, wait for it………………………..

Eligible to run in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont?

So if I wear a size 24 men’s shoe, that means that I’m……………….

A circus clown, get over it.

It doesn’t matter what kind of spoilers, rumors, or other nonsense comes sifting through. Most of it will be of little or no matter to those who wish to see a Star Trek based movie. After all, “Enterprise” has already flushed canon down the toilet, that is, if you choose to accept “Enterprise” as canon itself. Personally, I’m looking forward to the movie, regardless.

Star Trek has only been off the TV for 3 years, its not been years without Star Trek and Nememsis was only 5 years ago. the current generation have seen the show in some form.

Maybe some have not watched TOS but it has not been off for ages

#32—“the current generation have seen the show in some form.”

Not according to the ratings of ENT (which I actually enjoy more than any of the other spinoffs), and the low turnout at the box-office for NEM.

To me, Star Trek has been off the air for many years. TNG (which built its own respectable fanbase and had a great run), DS9 (although I found it to be a good show in its own right), VOY, and ENT (also good in its own right) were light years from attaining the status of their ancestor, commonly known now as TOS. Its 79 episodes and 6 feature films are “Star Trek” to me.

The aforementioned spinoff series were all “based upon ‘Star Trek’, created by Gene Roddenberry”, so I suppose it all depends on how you look at it.

I have waiting since the late-1980’s for the iconic original characters to be recast and for Paramount to revisit the 23rd Century. While I felt then that the original cast was tired, I never cared for what came next with 24th Century Trek. It never felt right to me, and it certainly was never, IMO, worthy of a feature film series. The only TNG-era film which is even watchable to me is First Contact, and its by-the-numbers style resulted only in a marginal film (again, IMO). But I digress…


Hey Pal!! You didn’t get my little joke there, did ‘ya? Anyhoos, I think you were looking for the spoilers thread. This here is the Faran Tahir thread. We were all sorta going with a running gag that you, of course, didn’t have to participate in. But have yourself a swell day.