More From Tahir On Abrams and The Trek Script

Faran Tahir can be seen as one of the main villains in this summer’s hit Iron Man, but next May he will be playing Capt. Robau in JJ Abrams Star Trek. Tahir talked to Comic Book Resources about Iron Man and Trek and noted that he sees his ‘heroic’ Trek role as a “great change of gears.” He also talked about director JJ Abrams approach and the Orci/Kurtzman script.

excerpts from the CBR Interview

Tahir on director JJ Abrams and balancing Trek for old and new audiences:

I think J. J., again like [Iron Man director] Jon [Favreau], understands the genre well. He also understands the fact that there are die-hard Trekkies out there that want things done right. He respects that and yet he also wants to challenge it. So certain things will be conformed and other things will be challenged. I also think that he understands that there is a whole generation out there that has not grown up with “Star Trek.” All the shows are done and there hasn’t been a movie in a while, so there is a nice gap in between. I think he also wants to cater to that group so they can be introduced to this on they’re own ground. So it’s not like something their father, uncle or older brother told them about but it’s something that they really discover on their own and get to own it themselves. He’s created a very nice balance and the feel to the movie is something that I feel he has really gotten right.

Tahir on the Orci & Kurtzman script:

They really are great writers. They really understand how to pull you into it. They know how to see that audience in the dark room and take them to a whole other reality. And that’s what I like about the script. This “Star Trek” will do that and you won’t have that separation of fantasy and reality. You will be transported there and energized right onto the deck of the ship. So it’s very well done.

Star Trek gets gig on Lost
Regular views of Lost may have spotted Tahir in the recent episode of the JJ Abrams created series (“The Shape of Things to Come”). Tahir tells CBR he got the gig through Trek (likely from Bryan Burk or Damon Lindelof who are producers on both Trek and Lost). Tahir notes that Abrams gave him some advice:

he just said, “Trust us. Things sometimes wont make sense to you but just trust us. Just go into it and play it out and leave it up to us beyond that. Just go have fun with it.”

Tahir on Lost

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Great actor

I love seeing actors and actresses cast “against type” — it shows their range. Tahir is just IN HIS ELEMENT, and in his case, being a Star Trek fan himself sure helps! Bravo, Tahir; we’re looking forward to seeing you as a GOOD GUY for a change!

Got a feeling this guy is really going to break out.

He will assuredly help bring an ethnic touch to Star Trek which is a part of what the show was all about. I like that they stuck him in a captains chair as well. Tahir is actually a really good actor.

That all sounds good, but is there every going to be an actor who says “the director is dumb and just doesn’t get it and I’m hating the entire experience!” before a movie comes out? I would love to hear that someday, but much like politicians, actors seem to have to say the right thing all the time. All the directors they work with are “brilliant” and all the actors they co-star with are “great to work with”, etc. C’mooooon…what are the odds? ;)

I became a fan of him after Iron Man……It’s my honor to see this great actor on big screen again next May…..his character in Iron Man is very popular here in Brazil

I can very easily see him taking the center seat on board a starship. It will be refreshing to see a competant captain in Starfleet besides James T. Kirk.

1st person view would be great!

Can’t have Trek without a bald starship captain. (Or at least one in a bad wig.) That’s why Enterprise failed. Bakula shoulda shaved.

A whole generation that has grown up without Star Trek?

Enterprise went off the air in ’05, and Voyager in ’01. Is this new film’s primary target audience the under-three crowd? Under-seven?

I’m not saying that the franchise hasn’t been on the wane, but “a whole generation” is kind of a big overstatement.

“cap97” I guess if he wants to keep working in Hollywood you don’t say anything negative until at least the movie is on DVD and there are no chances of sequels ;)

“The Underpants Monster” a whole generation probably did miss the newer Trek series with the ratings Voyager and Enterprise had. Mostly diehard Trek fans were left watching in the last few years.

He’s awesome – ten kinds of awesome. Loved him in Iron Man.

But he’s also speaking pure adcopy …

That said, it’s nice to see him bothering to speak some pure adcopy :)

A generation that may have missed original trek may be what he meant.
Who knows? Some people consider everything else not “real” trek, or what trek was. Just a thought.

True. And I can’t really fault anything coming from that gorgeous mouth…

Give me a break, this is a weak story from “the staff” and why would you even bother with it?


#10—I think he means “Star Trek” (TOS), not “based upon Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry”.

He sounds pretty dang smart to me. Good luck to him with his career.

Well, my son is just under two and LOVES the original Star Trek. He recognizes the Enterprise (and can say it) and goes whoosh everytime he sees her.

D When are going to break the tough news to your son — no sound in space and what it really means when Kirk pulls his boots on…?

That man is sooooo handsome! Eye candy off the port bow!
Nice to see a middle-eastern captain in trek


AICN called. They would like you to go back there. Seems they have run low on pointless negativity and would like you to bring some of your own.

This is part II of an article that was run yesterday. I found new information in it I did not previously know. I imagine it was written by “The Staff” because the information was pulled topgether from more than one person and source.

Flame on!

is it just me or does her look like Keegan Michael Key’s grumpy twin?

Kate… Mulgrew… is… bald?

CmdrR – Same time I break it to him there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy….