Preview Images From “Lights of Zetar” Remastered [UPDATED]

This weekend the remastered Star Trek episode “Lights of Zetar” airs and CBS has sent over a couple of shots, including a first look at the famed Memory Alpha. [UPDATE: Plus an exclusive look at a new logo for the Memory Alpha library]

see images below


CBS has given the ‘lights’ of Lights of Zetar an HD update, and below that you can now see the Memory Alpha library from orbit of the Memory Alpha planetoid…so that is one big library.

Shot 1: “Lights"

Remastered (click to enlarge)


Shot 2: “Memory Alpha"

Remastered (click to enlarge)


UPDATE: Just how big is this library?
Some have wondered just how big the Memory Alpha library is if you can see it from orbit, however it should be noted that this is a planetoid and not a planet. Trek Remastered producer Mike Okuda tells TrekMovie:

Based on the size and spacing of the windows, I’d estimate that each of the domes must be similar to the Superdome

UPDATE: Shot 3: Memory Alpha Logo

Mike Okuda sends in the following note and image:

If you look very closely at the far left dome (above), you might notice a small blue patch on the top of the dome. That’s the Memory Alpha emblem (below)

(click to enlarge)

The Remastered "The Lights of Zetar" airs this weekend in syndication, check local listings. See for a list of stations

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Love the base on the planet!

The planet looks damn cool.

The base resembles the Chrysler car symbol.

That is a big big big library.

The clean-up looks so good. It looks as though it could have been filmed as recently as 10 years ago.

Memory-alpha kicks bottom. Zetar lights of look good, I think. Even if this is not a top notch episode, I hope they do a better job with image clean up on this episode then have over the last month or so.

Oh yeah, a note to Capt. Picard: “There are more than four lights!”.

I hope they updated the tactical plot on the view screen as the lights attack the memory-alpha station.

How big is the planet? Because Memory Alpha looks like it’s 125,000 ft tall and 4,000 miles across. Hate to have to be the maintenance dude.

Scotty gets a love story. Gotta love that, even if Kirk tries to horn in.

Man though, is that the best real estate the Federation could find for Memory Alpha? Shouldn’t the premier library get a few square k’s on Earth or Vulcan? This planetoid (that’s no moon) looks like it’s about two miles across. Hard to cram for finals there without an IHop nearby.


Is that moon base Alpha?

Memory Alpha is the size of like a continent…? I’m confused.


“Lights of Zetar” could easily make a Top 10 list of Greatest Shatner Grade-A Ham Overacting Moments… LOVE the bit where the lights suck the air right out of Kirk and the bridge crew! Gives me a great chuckle every time I see it!

Now that is cool, both shots are awesome !! The Rendering top notch, the newer take on the original material (Zetar cloud and Memory Alpha) are f*cking beautiful!!! See this is what guys like me and many of the other posters were crabbing about not enough consistancy and not enough original take like in these shots!!! Very cool can’t wait to see Scotty douching it up over Mira in this episode!!!

I have added the notation that Memory Alpha is on a planetoid. There is no indication of size, but assume that the planetoid is small and it makes more sense perhaps

Very nice, but in shot #1 “Lights” I like the original angle of the ship better. Of course, the camera could lower to that angle, but I don’t think they will do that.

The chick talking like Linda Blair in The Exorcist always freaked me out.

Is it true that Shari Lewis, of Shari Lewis and Lambchop fame co-wrote this episode and hoped to star in it? If so, that would make this one odd duck among a series that had some strange quackers.

Reminds me of the Genesis Planet before it was transformed (size wise). Glad to see not every “strange new world” has to be the size of the Earth.

#18 Yep, the same.

That’s a teenie tiny little planetoid of those domes are superdome-sized. I live down here in New Orleans and that was nice technical reference, Anthony.

The quality appears to be okay this go round. I suppose they had extra coffee on this one.

Sure wish they had given this level of care to “Assignment Earth” ….cough…..the Earth rotated backwards….cough…..

pretty images

It would be cool if memory alpha the wiki page would chime in on this one.

The actress who played Mira Romaine in this ep was great. I have always liked this ep because the “lights” were a protagonist which was not your everyday bad guy – left quite a bit to the imagination and drew in another unknown crew member around which to play. Also gave some suspenseful, heart-thumping scifi moments.

The original effects of the planet and ship were better. Had more of a real feel to them.


17. Andy Patterson

Same here! I first remember it in the early 70’s as a kid and being extremely freaked out by that lady’s face…but the voice is what really creeped me out. Still creepy all these years later, too.

Hey, look, finally they’ve done it – they put in some red and blue stars!

The planetoid base is cool and all, even if it was clearly Built Ram Tough™, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to store Memory Alpha deep within the planetoid in case of attack?

Romulans or whoever threatening MA with destruction could present an interesting dilemma for the Federation. Just sayin’.

Marvin, maybe they made those improvements for Memory Beta.

Icky- that planet looks just like a video game circa-1998, not realistic at all. Seriously how many shots can CBS-D get wrong here? Someday someone with actual skills will hopefully get the nod to remaster this “remaster.”

well, the CGIs look pretty good, not use to saying that!


Uh, right.

One thing I thought was cool in this episode was the use of a “tactical” display tracking the lights path to Memory Alpha. I wonder if CBS will change that or not?

Wouldn’t a planetoid that small more likely have an irregular shape like many of the asteroids we’ve seen in our own solar system? If those domes are “Superdome sized”, it would seem to me that the Memory Alpha planetoid would not be massive enough to have formed a spherical shape.

Just sayin’.

Decloaking . . .
Hey everyone, zoom in as large as you can on Shot #1 at the Bridge Dome. It looks like you can see a silhouette of Kirk in his chair — that’s ultra super mega cool! Only the Shat’s head could be that big.

Denise our Vulcan mermaid, as a semi-professional actress you should know the Lights are the “Antagonist.” You are forgiven, but it won’t help with you application to SAG.

Why do the soap bubbles in Trek have bad attitudes?
The Zetar dudes, vampire cloud, Dove thingie… The Companion had an interest in nookie, but still engaged in kidnapping. When will soapanoid lifeforms join the peaceful community of the Federation?

Then we could offer them the Palmolive branch of peace.

36, 37: You had to go there, didn’t you? Ba-dump-bump!

I found the relationship between Mirror and scotty a little bit forced, but the episode had a lot chilling moments, The vision of the Dead scholars and see the lights themselves were creepy. This episode with a little better writing and better acting could have been one of the best ever. It would have been nice to learn what type of planetary disaster took place on Zatar.

#28… We don’t know but that the actual core goes deep into the planetoid, and the structures we are seeing are just surface buildings. It would make sense.

9:00 pm Saturday night in Tucson.

Be there. Aloha!

Spockanella, I live there.
You think it’s tough reading me, try being me!

Looks like CBS-D is definitely adding a “film grain” feel to The Enterprise, LOVE IT!

Just to cause trouble, who decided that this was not a planet, the IAU? It could be a dwarf planet which kind of counts.

Seriously I do like the looks from the images, wasn’t a bad episode either.

If they were going to build a complex like that, why not build a ship, so they could have a Galactic Federation BookMobile?

Actually, I’m sure a real library would have much more than texts. Otherwise, you could just keep a database. It would be interesting to revisit the library and see what’s really there. Might be part library, part zoo, part university, part museum. Who knows… but, it’d be cool.

The new shots look great. Too bad they got the hang of it towards the end of the remastering project.

Scott Gammans (#34),

Here’s my (highly speculative and barely logical) reason for the spherical shape of the Memory Alpha planetoid:

The Federation didn’t just build the library, they built the whole darned planetoid. Since a sphere is very sound, structurally speaking, that’s the shape they went with. Beneath the surface are many other levels with more information from all the planets of the Federation, all powered by a matter/anti-matter cell at the planet’s core.

How does that sound?

Wow!! Great Stuff!!

To bad that giant library will be damaged by the lights of Zetar. I recall Spock saying that some of the data may be irretrievable.

looking at Memory Alpha all i can say is that someone at CBS digital must be a big fan of the 80’s arcade game XEVIOUS….
only one Solvalov left!!!!!!