BSG Preview: “The Hub”

Tonight’s episode “The Hub” is the second to last Battlestar Galactica for 2008 and will see the return of a familiar face. We have previews and behind the scenes videos plus lots of frakkin links to new interviews and more.


Airing on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight , June 6th at 10 PM (9 Central)

“The Hub” [Season 4 Ep. 9]
Synopsis: Colonial Viper pilots plan an attack on the Resurrection Hub with their Cylon rebel allies.

TV Spot

(Outside USA: Watch on YouTube)

Sneak Peek

(Outside USA: Watch on YouTube)

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Battlestar news of the week:
Lucy Lawless (D’anna Biers) “Breakdown”

Are You Frakin’ Kidding Me?! (cast talk about shocking moments)

Mojo blogs on lighting
Space is dark…very dark. Battlestar CG artist Adam ‘Mojo’ Lebowitz explains in an interesting post on his blog how the team approach the lighting for their effects work.

The Cylons have a big porchlight

Frakkin’ Links [w/ thanks to Galactica Sitrep]

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Only one more for the season? Bummer! Now we have to wait

Frakkin’ Ay Bubba!

That 10 minute sneak peek is shorter and shorter each week and a rip off!

There was maybe 2 minutes of show and 8 minutes of commercials!

What the Frack!!! Like Billy Idol said: ” I want more, more more!”

Did they really give away who the 5th cylon is in the commercial? I hope not. The visions were pointing to her being a cylon since the other two having the visions were cylons, but Starbuck was having weird stuff happen to her, too, and I don’t think they could both be cylons.

I don’t think Dana B’hers is referring to the 5th cylon specifically, she is referring to one of the 4 who is probably in the room with her and Laura,thats may take at least.

I think the whole final five thing is a MacGuffin. But, I’ve been wrong before. OK, I’ve almost always been wrong when I try to predict what’ll happen in this show. I will predict that if Xena’s phone cam was actually working, that pic will be all over YouTube. And so will I.
Frak, I’m gonna miss this show until next year.

I think D’Anna is probably talking to Anders in the preview

The fifth cylon is Lorne Green. Stone cold lead pipe lock. That’ll freak the frak out of ’em.

I sure hope they are serious about having a couple of Razor type movies to tide us over this summer until 2009. I’ve already watched my DVD’s twice.
I am a BSG crackhead.

I don’t understand why they take what the Cylons tell them about stuff as the truth. Why would there be any limit to the amount of biological Cylon models they could make? Where is the mechanical Cylon intelligence that created the biological Cylons? Where is the central command of the Cylons? Why don’t they care about stuff like that?

I just thought about this some more. There are actually thirteen cylon models. In answer to #9’s questions, the central command of the cylons is run by Count Iblis and Cassiopeia.

Oh wait! It’s Boxey!! He was in like, the first 2 or 3 eps, wasn’t he? No, hold on,,,,it’s the Doctor!! That’s it!!

Wait a minute, wait a minute. It’s, it’s……………………………………………….

John Colicos!
(I figure if I just keep naming people, I’ll eventually be right)

Lucy Lawless=delicious

Hey where ever you find Xena you find Gabriel, OH MY there it is the idenntity of the 5th cylon is Gabriel !!

So bummed these films cannot be viewed outside the US.

both the preview and the sneak peek always have youtube links under them…the other vids are hulu exclusives and there is nothing we can do about that

#8 that cracked me up!!

I thought this was the last season of Battle Star–there’s more!

The ending was nice, which means next week everyone’s going to die.

This IS the final season of BSG. This is just the mid-seasone break. Episode will resume in 2009 and more then likely, in January of 2009 not Summer of 2009.

I used to be able to follow most of this show pretty well, but lately I have no idea what it is that Baltar is talking about!

And I agree with THX, I am also a BSG crackhead! And here I was just starting to get used to getting my fix on a weekly basis, but now I know I’m going to be jonesing after next week. And I’m willing to bet it’ll have a good cliffhanger to leave us hanging all the way until next year!

Next week should be fun! :)

@6: “I think the whole final five thing is a MacGuffin.” Um… “A MacGuffin”? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. A MacGuffin is a motivating goal for a story.

After thinking long and hard on this ep and those leading up to it and after talking at length about it, my roommate and I have begun to believe we may have a inkling of who the 5th cylon is, how and why they are important, what their search for redemption could be (the hybrids have referred to the 5th as being one searching for redemption, coming out of a dark place), and what’s going to happen when they find earth.

The trailer for the next ep seems to indicate they find earth, which would make it a cliffhanger for sure. What a place to leave us with them finding earth in the last 5 or 10 minutes. That could possibly make sense though, because that would leave them the entire last half of the final season to,reveal, explain, conlude and generally wrap things up.

And just to give you all a hint as to who we believe is the 5th cylon, someone has mentioned them in this thread. It’s someone who is trully not in the “last supper” picture, but who has been there, quietly the entire series and has had some influence on key people.

Oh and #6 and #19, the term you’re looking for is red herring. And I do believe the final 5 are vastly important to where this is all going. You’ve all also got to realize that one of the 5 is model #7, which means that they skipped over a final cylon to get to the 8’s, Sharon’s model. That, too, I believe is important.


I think the final cylon is a minor character, The “original” cylon models have a few who seem to do nothing, The reporter guy, the black guy. They have had little if nothing to do so far.
The Final Five – Tori and anders, not exactly major cast members. The final fifth will proberbly be someone like that, I had my suspicions that it was Dee, but not so sure now…
The only way it will become signifigant who it is, IMHO, is when the five are united.
Cant wait to see this episode, i’m gonna miss this show…

#19 Ummm, you should read up on MacGuffins. They’re not a goal, they’re more a distraction… but anyway….

#21 Well, we only have Leoben’s statement “Adama is a Cylon” to go on. This means we have a choice of Admiral William Adama, his perhaps-not-for-sure-dead-if-she’s-a-cylon wife, his perhaps soon-to-be wife Laura Roslin, Acting-President Delegate Leland Adama, or his (just separated?) wife Anastasia “Dee”. Unless somehow Starbuck divorces Sam and marries Lee.

The S7 don’t know who the 5 are, so take Leoben’s statement that Adama is a cylon with a grain of salt.

It’s the Doc. Just you wait.

BTW, I REALLY enjoyed last nights episode.

#21. Paul-Fitz – Tori originally started out as a minor character, now she is a major player! So yeah, the final cylon could still be any of the other minor players, or who knows, maybe even someone we haven’t even seen yet!

Seems like I remember Ron Moore stating that the final Cylon is a long-time cast member. I’m thinking it’s either Gaeta or Dualla.

Feliz Gaeta seems to me like a good candidate for someone “clawing towards the light, hungering for redemption”, and especially in the “howl of terrible suffering”, to paraphrase the Hybrid. He’s having a pretty bad 4th season so far.

Dualla, on the other hand, seems like someone who has quietly been trying to manipulate her way close to major players – she was getting close to Billy (and thus the President), then when he died, she immediately moved in on Apollo, and when Apollo resigned his commission she dropped him like a hot potato… If he continues his rise in politics, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dualla move back in on him.

A few other random thoughts on the final five – two of the five, Tigh and Tyrol, were on Galactica’s bridge crew at the start of the series – makes one wonder if perhaps that is the reason Galactica was spared the wiping out of humanity, not the lack of Baltar’s CNP program in her system… This would be further supported if Gaeta or Dualla is the final Cylon.

Anders, another of the final five, was a big-time pyramid player on Caprica – It’s alse been stated that Starbuck was an aspiring pyramider before an injury to her leg ended that… and we know the Cylons have a special interest in her – Coincidence? Or not? Perhaps Anders was originally supposed to get close to her and perform the role that Leoben seems to be doing now…

I’m having trouble putting my finger on Tori’s role in all this, we seem to know the least about her back story – perhaps more wil be revealed later?

Remember back in the first few seasons when every show opened up saying that the Cylons have a plan? Maybe there’s a bit more to the plan than we have realized…

Just some thoughts, take em for what they are worth…

I’ve stopped trying to figure it all out anymore. I’m just enjoying the ride. I Frakkin love this show!

The Cylons HAD a plan. They frakked it up.

I still say it’s Roslin. D’Anna’s joke was misdirection.

If it isn’t Roslin, then I really don’t care who it is because anything else won’t have the same irony.

I think it could be Capt. Creighton or Lt. Taeg. Both are minor characters but have a lot of potential. It could also be Judas or Peter. Seriously, look at the last supper photo. My long shot prediction is Starbucks or Caribou Coffee.

Also if you watch the credits from a couple of weeks ago it said Cylon Toaster played by Kenny Baker. If you remember Kenny Baker was the “little person” who played R2D2 in all six Star Wars. I think one of the Cylon toasters will get shot in the chest and Kenny Baker “the little person” will fall out of the hole onto the ground and say he is the 5th Cylon. He will also have magical powers like a hobbit. The humans and Cylons will band together to fight “little” Kenny. Two will survive. It will be the really hot looking Six not “Natalie” the ugly Six and Dr. Gaius Balter.
Both will crash land on earth in an escape pod and bump their heads and lose the memories. They will be “Adam and Eve”.

One of my friends was on the Universal Studio lot and found this scribbled on a bar napkin in a dumpster. It look like Ron Moore’s handwriting.

I think this would be a great ending to the series. It really makes you think. Just think. Our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, greatgreat, great, great, great, great Grandma could be a hot looking Cylon name Six. Cool, huh?

Tom Zarek AKA Apollo is the fifth cylon! They get to Earth and find the original series characters.

“This has all happened before, and it will all happen again!”