Star Trek Pez Coming This Fall has exclusive early details on a exciting new product: Star Trek PEZ, which give a new meaning to the Vulcan neck pinch. Coming this Fall will be the first ever Trek-related PEZ candy dispensers with a new Original Series-themed collectible set.
Details and pictures below.


The first Star Trek Pez will depict the original crew of Star Trek The Original Series in a gift set including eight dispensers and candy in assorted flavors. The dispensers included depict the original crew (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov), plus the NCC-1701 Enterprise. The people at Pez Candy Inc. tell that the Enterprise is unique for Pez as it depicts a ‘scene’ (a Pez first), where you see the ship emerging from a nebula cloud. The complete Limited Edition Star Trek Pez Collectors Gift Set will be available in September/October for around $20. It should be available both online at the Pez Factory Store as well as retailers like Wal-mart and Target. However the set will have a limited run of only 250,000 (for Pez that is limited!), so they will go fast. Each box will have a special numbered sticker as well.

Star Trek Pez Gift Box

Detail on Chekov, McCoy and Kirk Pez dispensers (prototypes, final designs may differ)

The new Star Trek Pez have been in the planning for almost a year and were timed to come out this Fall as part of the buzz around the new Star Trek feature film, which was then moved from Christmas 2008 to May 2009. However Pez Candy Inc. decided to keep with their plan, and since the dispensers depict the original crew and not the new Star Trek movie crew, there was no reason to move the release. The prototypes were first shown off by Pez at a recent candy show in Chicago, but will be officially announced at the licensing show in New York taking place this week. A representitve for PEZ tells TrekMovie that the prototypes pictured above (shown at the Chicago show) are not final and that the mold sculpts are still being worked on.

Small candy — big step for Trek
PEZ (whose name is from the German word "PfeffErminZ" or "peppermint") has been a candy phenomena for nearly 50 years and their Star Trek license is good news because PEZ is known for featuring the biggest films and characters. The PEZ line includes Star Wars, Pixar films, Elvis, Disney, Shrek, NASCAR, and DC and Marvel Superheroes. The Star Wars line includes not only traditional dispensers, yet also tin sets and large electronic versions of the dispensers with voices and sound effects. Hopefully, the initial Star Trek offering will generate enough interest that the line will be expanded in similar ways to Star Wars..

Past Trek Candy
Although Star Trek has never been Pezzed before, it has been candy-ized before. In 1976, Phoenix released the first Star Trek candies which featured plastic generic toys inside Star Trek themed containers. And in 1996, fans could assimilate chocolate bars by Leaf, Inc. featuring six wrappers from Star Trek First Contact.

Past Trek candy

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cool sweeties cool dispensers. I’m first to comment cool!

The likenesses are better than DST’s. I am only half joking.

Good. I always wondered why these never appeared. Pez did many other characters during the 60’s.

I’ve just been watching “The Pretender” and Jarod was always popping Pez. I’ve been considering getting some but didn’t like the dispensers. Now this is TOO COOL – – I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


Uh oh – – John, is this only in the States? I’m in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hope it’s here too!


5: Katie, if it’s only in the States, I’m sure one of your buddies on the chat will be happy to try to pick a set up for you!

More tacky merchandising, and people will literally eat it up!


Good lord…

pez me up scotty…

limited set?
i see trek fans buying and not opening the package.
now lets release the other char.

romulan commander (female)
romulan commander (male)
sarek and amanda
mugato, gorn
gary seven and roberta lincoln
mirror spock
chapel, riley, rand, kyle
kahn, mcgivers, joachim
tholian, salt creature (eh), balok
squiree of gothos, tholian
law giver
cpt christopher
zarabeth, keeler
andorian, tellarite
bele, lokai
kang, kor, koloth

for the pez dispencer is empty…..

i forgot a tribble

anythings better than the dreaded “Spock Helmet”

I hope they refine the designs a little more. Pez Chekov looks more like Don Knotts than Walter Koenig.

wait a sec i thought i had a talosian in there. darn it. there it is i put tholian a sec time instead.

now i know dispencer will get picked up by collectors. and these will even get purchased by trek fans and even the general public. but i dont see the regular pez buyers to pick a randopm dispencer like the ones i listed above. maybe if theye were paired in sets like this limited one. they could go ahead with this reg cast issue in the fall. then add the other charactors in sets sold with one of the regular cast to help push the sale.
lets see this set has 8 so the next one could have one of those and 7 new ones. that way the reg cast dispencers get another release and we still get more trek charactors in pez. the movie aint till May so they have time.

The correct spelling in german is “Pfefferminz(e)”, not “pfetterminz”. Aside from that: Coooool ;-)

On the one hand, this is so tacky it’s fabtacktastic. On the other… it’s great to see signs of STXI becoming a big ‘event movie.’

If the movie’s lousy, I’m ripping open the package and sucking the sweetness right outta Uhura’s lips.

@14 – You’d be surprised at the number of people who collect Pez dispensers of all kinds. Like Beanie Babies in the 90s, some people must have them all!


That reminds me of the Chewing-Gums with TNG-Stickers in it.

I used to buy them when I was a kid in the early 90`s. NextGen was in it`s 1st or 2nd season on channel ARD, back then in Germany.

Probably ruined my stomach with Gum, but those stickers of the 1st and 2nd TNG-Season where really cool. Whised I would have kept those.

Memories, sweet memories. (no pun intended)

wait a sec john if pez knows the movie was pushed back and theyree keeping the oct release (dif actors its ok) some one should tell their web site. it still says the movie comes on x-mas.

I remember when they gave out little TNG ships in boxes of cereal, I thought they were so cool.

#20 What brand of cereal gave out TNG ships? The problem with Star Trek toys is that Trek is for a more mature audience than say Star Wars. Not putting down SW. Trek shows real charactors with problems most adults relate to. It just happens to occur in a Sci Fi universe. One of the reasons you won’t see a lot of BSG toys. Could you imagine the #6 doll with accessories?

im sorry i still dont see it.
maybe its the lighting. but it looks like he has a large nose reminds me of walter matheu, karl malden maybe.

the lips look purple.

now at foirst glance they all have the same bust mold and dif color. but its hard to tell but does uhura have lower neck line then the boys. and if thats the case then why cant they give bones the round blue collar.
scotty looks a bit cartoonish and spock dosent look too bad.

My friends mom told me about these about 2 weeks ago. I’ll probably get a set!

PEZ needs to update its website. That’s the mark of a company on its toes.

Is it really SO hard to make things look like who they’re supposed to be???

RE: 25
yes it actually is hard to create an accurate sculpt on a one dollar plastic pez head. Even the high end quarter scale figures that cost over a hundred bucks have a hard time. very few Pez figures are of real people, most are characters, and it just isn’t easy.

that being said the article notes that they are still working on the sculpts. When the designs are finial you can be sure to find pics of them here at trekmovie as well.

My favorite Trek toy would be those Micro Machines of the ships. They are so detailed and were a lot of fun when making mock battles against each other.

It’s the never-ending deluge of Trek-related crap merchandise that helped make everyone sick of the franchise in the first place. They can put an end to the TV series’ and hope that we get a break and find ourselves suddenly hungry for more but the merchandising machine just won’t give it a rest — and we’re really getting a lot of Trek-licensed junk. C’mon, CBS-Paramount, stop handing out the license to every junk peddler out there!

The Enterprise D was relased in a plastic form in boxes of Cheerios during the run up to the first season. If you saved x number of box tops, you could send in for a die-cast version.

I never understood the appeal of Pez. Who wants to eat mints from the trachea of an animated character?

All I want is a D7 battlecruiser with lights. No assembly required. Rom Warbird would be nice, too.

Is the the absolute first time Trek characters have been Pez-o-fied?

PEZ is the ultimate retro thing-a-ma-bob. Last ones I got were halloween ones: a witch and pumpkinhead, and they come out for halloween with all the other halloween stuff.

Gotta have the Star Trek gift set. They will look nice next to all of the Megos in the curio cabs.

reminds me of that funny photo of the E with a sombrero hat featured in another article from a few days ago…. I hope the actual PEZ is shaped like Bill’s head too, as in that photo!!! XD

With this sort of “news” dominating these days, this site has really gone downhill….. oO

I have very fond childhood memories of the extremely-off-model Star Trek crap merchandise from the ’70s, so these Pez things look fine to me.

I have three or four of those 76 candy boxes. What can I say, Trek merchandise was scarce then.

I dont collect stuff, but THOSE I WANT!!!!!

Cool man, just COOL

Is it just me, or is Kirk wearing a science department blue tunic on the lower left corner of the box?????????

I gotta have it if for nothing else other than having the Enterprise sitting on top of a Pez dispenser! Totally cool!!!


And yet you took time out of your busy day to comment on it.

#40. THX

Zing!! Good one.


#6. Spockanella

Thanks. Hmmm, now let’s see. Who will I beg to do it…

They’ll probably come out here. I’ll let you know, sweetie.

Just checkin’ in before I check out (sleep). Gotta get up early.

Goodnight, (figure that one out)


#18 – yep, I remember those… it was my “first contact” with TNG and I remember being a bit baffled about the Klingon guy, as he actually had his hair kempt! :)

Yes! I must buy!

its you
kirks tunic is gold. but he is covered by a transparent blue graphic. thats what your seeing.

As an avid collector of Pez Despencers AND a Trekkie I will gladly fork over $20 for these!!! I baught the Orange County Chopper set for my mom a couple years back and that was just 3 of them in that set and it cost the same price as this Star Trek set…So getting THAT many Pez Despencers to me is a MAJOR bargain!!

I’ll probably end up putting the set still in the box in the China Hutch next to the OCC set (which came in a really nice tin) :D

Interesting that they will be marketing the new movie with such a direct connection to TOS (actors, style, uniforms, etc.). I guess they assume the hardcore fans will buy this regardless. It just seems contradictory to the “newness” of Abrams Trek.

Pez McCoy looks like Liza Minelli.

After years of Star Wars pez and superhero pez, it’s about time Trek got its turn!

The Sombreroprise predicted this.