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There are new synopses available for the Star Trek books from Pocket Books for the Fall. This includes the Enterprise book “Kobayashi Maru” and the TNG/Titan (+more) crossover "Destiny" trilogy.
[Spoilers] .

Kobayashi Maru (August 26)
by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels

To protect the cargo ships essential to the continuing existence of the fledgling Coalition of Planets, the captains of the United Earth’s Starfleet are ordered to interstellar picket duty, with little more to do than ask “Who goes there?” into the darkness of space.

Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise™ seethes with frustration, wondering if anyone else can see what he sees. A secret, closed, militaristic society, convinced that their survival hangs by a thread, who view their neighbors as a threat to their very existence — the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Russians of the old Soviet Union, the Koreans under Kim Il-sung — with only one goal: attain ultimate power, no matter the cost. The little-known, never-seen Romulans seem to live by these same principles.

The captain realizes that the bond between the signers of the Coalition charter is fragile and likely to snap if pushed. But he knows that the Romulans are hostile, and he believes they are the force behind the cargo ship attacks. If asked, Archer can offer no proof without endangering his friend’s life.

To whom does he owe his loyalty: his friend, his world, the Coalition? And by choosing one, does he not risk losing all of them? What is the solution to a no-win scenario?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru"
available for pre-order at Amazon

The above synopses is from the official Simon Says site, the below jacket copy blurbs are from Pocket tells TrekMovie that the above is final but that the Destiny blurbs (below) may not be final and the one cover from is ‘definitely not final.’

Destiny Trilogy

by David Mack

Destiny: Gods of the Night (September 30)
The Borg return — with a vengeance! Blitzkreig attacks by the single-minded aliens with their hive mentality and their mission to assimilate every intelligent being they encounter are leaving whole worlds aflame. No one knows how they are slipping past Starfleet’s defences, so Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew are detailed to find out — and to put a stop to it if they can. Meanwhile, thousands of light years away, Captain Will Riker and the crew of the Titan follow bizarre energy pulses to a mysterious, hidden world. There they find a figure out of legend: a Starfleet captain long thought dead. And at the same time, over in the Gamma Quadrant, newly promoted Captain Dax and her crew investigate the wreck of the Earth starship Columbia NX-02, missing in action for more than two centuries.

"Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night"
available for pre-order at Amazon

Destiny: Mere Mortals (October 28)
The Borg have found a secret passage through subspace and are using it to attack the Federation. But the passage is only one of many that the Enterprise crew have discovered inside a nebula. Working together, Captains Picard and Dax must find the right one before they can lead a counterstrike to stop the Borg invasion. Meanwhile, Captain Riker and the crew of the Titan are being held hostage by the powerful reclusive aliens know as the Caeliar. Their freedom hinges of the action of fellow-prisoner Erica Hernandez, commander of the long-lost starship Columbia. Hernandez has lived among the Caeliar for centuries, enduring disasters, accidental time travel and interstellar exiles. After so long, can she be persuaded to fight for her freedom, or is it too late for the Titan as well as for her?

[cover not released yet]
Star Trek Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals"
available for pre-order at Amazon

Destiny: Lost Souls (November 25)
An armada of several thousand Borg cubes has wiped out a fleet of ships sent by the Federation and its allies. This time the goal of the Collective is not assimilation but extermination. Jean-Luc Picard, Will Riker and Ezri Dax unite in a final desperate bid to halt the Borg’s genocidal progress through known space. But their three starships – the Enterprise, the Titan and the Aventine – are no match for the Borg armada. Or are they? With them is Erica Hernandez, former captain of the missing starship Columbia. Endowed with powers and insight gained from centuries spent with the alien Caeliar, she can end the Borg threat forever – or transform it into a menace which will devour the entire galaxy.

[cover not released yet]
"Star Trek Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls"
available for pre-order at Amazon

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The Kobiyashi Maru book sounds great. I have enjoyed the collaborative works of thos authors. I can do without the other stuff, though.

Apparently, I’m having some difficulty typing today.

“Kobayashi Maru”


Now that wasn’t so hard…

Oh, joy. More Borg. Can’t get enough of THAT, really.

I’ve been looking forward to “Kobayashi Maru” ever since I read “The Good That Men Do”, which was an amazing book I thought. I’m a little skeptical of this Destiny trilogy though, what with Captain Hernandez still being alive after two hundred years. Regardless, I’ll still keep an open mind and check it out.

#3—Tell me about it. That drum has been beaten to death.

I don’t mind the K.M. story being told (in a non-canon format, of course), but what ever happened to the exploration stories? Why does the Federation (or the entire galaxy) always have to be in jeopardy to tell a good Star Trek tale?

An epic film (like STXI) is one thing, but just give me a novel where Starfleet is actually performing its primary mission and I’ll give it a read.

Another thing…Ezri Dax as Captain material? Is this the best they can muster?


Agree. I would say give Kira a fed starship before Ezri.

“Kobayashi Maru” sounds like it would be the perfect jumping off point for the Romulan War.

It’s a shame. That could have been a great fifth season finale.

7, Kira does have one. It’s called “Defiant.”

I agree with those who are weary of another set of Borg stories. VOY overplayed the Borg card to the point where they stopped being menacing. Hence, the turn from assimilation to extermination. The authors knew the assimilation angle was played out.

Its cool that they are writing this sort of stuff, but the fact that it’s all non-canon makes me lose my interest entirely.

Ezri does take quite a turn in the books. She jumps onto the command track once she gets more comfortable with symbiote and ends up being the Starfleet XO on DS9 before Bajor signs into the Federation. After Unity, she’s the 2nd Officer aboard DS9 behind Captain Kira and Commander Vaughn. She’s much more interesting in the books than she ever was in the series.

#8—Agreed. I’ve always believed that if ENT had been more accessible to fans, it would have lasted longer. Personally, I never got to watch it (due to its broadcast on UPN) until it was in syndication and available on DVD. It’s actually my favorite spinoff series.

#9—It seems beyond Kira’s personality, to me anyway, that she would continue to serve outside Bajor after the Dominion War had concluded. She was a patriot of Bajor first and foremost, and I don’t recall Bajor ever being canonically inducted into the Federation. Am I mistaken, or are you assuming that events would progress to that conclusion?

In any case, it’s difficult to imagine Ezri Dax in command of her own emotions, much less a starship. It’s hard for me to see her as the “counselor” she was supposed to be, and even more difficult to see her as having evolved to the point where she could command the respect of a Starfleet crew.

#12—“She’s much more interesting in the books than she ever was in the series.”

That’s good to know. I almost lost my coffee (through my nose) when I read that she was being portrayed as a starship captain. I just don’t see it.

I used to read Trek books when I was younger, but became uninterested. Although, it’s interesting to hear about some of the ideas they use.

And #6 Clostetrekker, I was thinking the same thing. Not every Starfleet officer is going to end up a Captain, and that goes especially for Ezri Dax. Who is a counselor!

Weird that they chose an unrelated ENT calendar image (vs. the Suliban, no less) for the temporary cover to Destiny Book 1 when they coulda used the image of the NX-02 being excavated in the Gamma Quadrant that showed up in the 2007 calendar and actually ties in to this story. Just sayin’.

PS, I too am absolutely, unequivicably *sick* to *death* of the freakin’ Borg!! Get over it, Pocket Books! Because of their constant usage, because of all the baggage that came with Nemesis, because of all the totally outlandish and, yes, depressing directions they’ve taken since the last rotten movie I don’t care for any of the current TNG-era novels. With the exception of the ENT books and the very refreshing Vanguard series (which seems to be in limbo currently) I avoid all of those. Ugh.

I think Enterprise would have had one hell of a run if they gave it a chance. There were talks of having Guinan working as personal assistant for the head of the UESPA under a different name (i.e. Q saying “Oh, is that the name you’re using now?”). They would have seen Dr. Phlox’s home world, more mirror-universe episodes, and maybe even a return of section 31. I’m just going off what I read on and reading comments by Manny Coto… But I totally think Enterprise could have made a serious turn around. I just loved it’s story telling and the way it made you feel as if you were there. It was so different than the other Trek shows, but that’s why I always enjoyed it so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and so on, but Enterprise was great, too.

By the way with the Destiny series, I didn’t even read Dax, my mind went straight for Kira Nerys and edited out Dax. lol I don’t know why. But she would have been way more ba-dass. Anyone else kinda gettin’ that feeling?

#18 – I totally agree. Season 4 of ENT is rerunning on HDNet now, and even with the budget cuts made by UPN during the last season the show looks great. I’m actually a bit of an outlier in that I generally enjoyed Season 2 the most, if only for the variety of stories.

I read an article recently that Coto planned on making Jeffrey Combs (Shran) a regular during the 5th season as well. Too bad UPN never had the commitment to what was a rapidly improving series.

The Enterprise novel reboot has been some consolation, albeit small. Nothing can really replace seeing Bakula, Trinneer, Billingsley, et. al. on-screen. Oh well, sometimes the good one get away – I enjoyed Journeyman alot, as well.

Yes, ST:ENT would have had an AMAZING 5th Season, and all accounts and suggestions point to an End-Of-Season-Five cliff-hanger showing the initial Romulan Attack that officially started the war itself, perhaps to play out during Seasons 6 and 7. (With perhaps final resolution for the end of Season 7, or somewhere along those timelines, if we consider the E-R war took place over approximately 2 years…?)

A “Star Trek” war-arc taking place over the course of two seasons isn’t so far fetched, as we see with DS9’s war arc seasons.

ST:ENT Season Five would have likely had more “exploration” stories leading up to the Earth-Romulan war, and similar stuff (reading ST:ENT’s “The Would Be Season Five” on the Memory-Alpha website), with hints in many episodes that ‘Something Evil Comes This Way appearing here and there. (Section 31 would most certainly be involved, perhaps foreshadowing what we would see in aired DS9 episodes about that part of Starfleet Charter: “Article Four, Section 31.”)

Hmmmm……… I, too, have been looking forward to this series of books. I have to wonder if Manny & Co. [J&G Reeves-Stevens, and Mike Sussman, etc.] might consider actually WRITING and/or PUBLISHING the scripts that would have been filmed, if Paramount Television really is “done with” ST:ENT. Would Paramount allow that? Or, could JJ’s film actually prompt them to bring back the cast for Season Five? That’s a long shot right off the starboard bow, but stranger things have happened. C’mon, people: Season Four is where they hit their stride. Okay, I admit it. I’m biased. I’m the author of the Guinan story noted on Memory-Alpha’s website.

One of those stories has been taken: Star Trek Phase II is seriously considering the Kzinti war story (which would have taken place BEFORE the E-R war began, but perhaps could have been another “manipulation by Romulan forces to test the Coalition of Planets’ resolve” as it were, leading up to the actual first Romulan attack), and the poster art featuring the angry-looking Kzin sitting in his chair is truly hair-raising. (Pun not intended.)

But with these stories, we see the simple fact: under Manny & Co.’s guidance (and this has been echoed by Brannon Braga only recently), this show absolutely became the kind of “Star Trek” that GR himself would have been proud of. Brannon said they probably should have done those types of stories from the beginning, or words to that effect. Well, THEY DID that in Season Four!

Back on topic: ‘Kobayashi Maru’ scenario—-as far back as Archer’s era? Interesting. Thanks for posting the notice of these books! May 2009 is just too far away to wait for more STAR TREK!

These books sound great. Finally some great action w/people that I are about. Being a bookstore manager, I’ll get mine first :)

if Ezri Dax got a ship , i should get one any day now :)

Ezri Dax has her own ship…We know what Scotty would say:

“And if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon!”

18, 20, 21…

I’m with you, ENT was and still is the show that mosts resonates with me (besides TOS but I was also a big fan of DS9). I, too, would welcome the ENT cast reuniting for a belated Season 5 or a string of TV or straight-to-DVD films (a la Stargate). Still so many stories to tell — love the notion of Shran joining the crew particularly after seeing him and Archer working together (grudgingly) on Andoria in Season 4. Even have to say that I would’ve been interested in seeing the Romulan War movie Paramount was kicking around before JJ was signed aboard (sort of a Pearl Harbor movie with new characters running concurrent with ENT). I hope more Trek fans who haven’t given ENT a chance will. I’ve been a Trek fan for most of my 40 years and ENT is still my current favorite incarnation.

#26—I hear you, Anthony, but it just doesn’t feel like a plausible choice to me, knowing the character from DS9. I could believe that she evolves into an effective ship’s counselor (although I never could stand that concept in modern Trek), but to the point where Starfleet would put her in command of a starship? Naaaaaaa…

That point may be answered to our satisfaction in the story; we’ll just have to read it and decide for ourselves. I’m certainly going to read it! Hey, with no more ST to look for on the small screen, and with ST XI not due for nearly 10 more months, it’s the best that’s being offered. (Next to the fan films, that is.)

Ooops, that “#26” should have been “#27” … I’m using a different, smaller keyboard, and its scruntching up my fingers.

enterprise shouldnt have been cancelled, all i heard about the show was how it was either “wah, it’s the same old thing” or “wah, its too new and strange” among the whining of trekkers who preferred the protracted klingon space opera of deep snore nine, and mistakenly thought that was what star trek was… a whole generation, lost…

and speaking of lost, voyager: lost in space had a few moments, but were few and far between.

enterprise to me was a great mix of tos with tng, something special for the older trek fans, almost nostalgic

like the original series, enterprise will become popular in syndication, hopefully to the point of ‘why did they cancel this again?

maybe the by the time the next abrahms trek comes out, enterprise will be popular enough to be part of the story, that last season of enterprise was pretty mind blowing

but not if its klingon tedium you’re looking for… you have your ds9 dvds for that (me, i have babylon 5 dvd’s where ds9 should be)

They should abandon all Star Trek book lines and launch a single new series based on the new film when it comes out! The current books are a self-contradictory non-canonical mess. I can’t believe that, at the current insane rate of publication there’s even 10 per cent of any real worth.

Just as the movie’s going back to basics, so to should the spin-offs. TNG: over. DS9: over. Voyager: over. Enterprise: over. Draw a line under them all and concentrate on making one series consistent and good! I wouldn’t be surprised if a single decent series of books made as much money as all the other series do put together!

21 – yeah i guess wed have seen the romulan wars maybe..and other TOS prequels…maybe even that elusive Shatner apperance (Mirror universe?..time travel?)..or even the Kobiashi Maru novel done on screen

and the last ep couldve seen Archer and Tpol at the launch of the NCC 1701 – watching it blast out the space dock..maybe with a very young spock on board (after all it said on archers cv on screen that he attended the launch in the Ent Mirror eps)

then again if Ent hadnt benn canx – no big movie next year

RE: The “Ezri can’t be a captain!” controversy.

Anything can happen. Go watch the first season of DS9 — then the final season — and pay attention to Nog, for example. Could anyone predict the trouble-making Ferengi kid would ever be on the fasttrack to becoming a Starfleet captain (he even was the captain of the Defiant in an alternate future)? DS9 has a tradition of blowing your expectations out of the water.

30. Deep Snore Nine.

I gotta disagree with your assessment of DS9, for those of us who “got it” it was an amazing series — and the Trek Universe is certainly large enough for it to fit into nicely. I agree with your opinion regarding Voyager which was an inconsistant, largely derivitive mess. It had its moments and certainly had potential but it often came up short of meeting that potential. Fortunately it has been remade lately and vastly improved upon — as a show called Battlestar Galactica.

You know what version of Trek I find unwatchable? TNG! I know, I can’t believe it either! It is arguabably the most beloved of all but damn, does it feel dated nowadays! And I *loved* it when it was airing. Then again, I’m sure I’ll love it again when it gets the *Remastering* treatment (hopefully). Or at least it’ll give me something new to complain about.

I liked quite a bit of DS9, although I wonder if it really needed to be done in the Trek Universe? (I didn’t mind that it was presented as a Star Trek series, but the very title STAR TREK implies a journey amongst the stars, does it not?) I liked the cast of DS9, and there were some pretty heavy stories. Unfortunately, it, too, suffered the same plight as all the other post-TOS series at their assorted low points (I was always turned off whenever Trek writers tried to make the characters more “real,” having them participate in mundane activities, having romantic dinners, rehearsing theatre, and so on… These “realistic” moments always came across as very forced, or contrived, IMO).
I, too, am suffering Borg Burnout. When we were first introduced to them, my reaction was, “Alright, something new!!!” Now, they have become cliche, like a singer appearing on the Tonight Show with yet another rendition of “Feelings” (I’m sure some of you are old enough to remember that offense to the ears). No future Trek writer of any kind should ever be allowed to approach a producer/editor with the words, “I’ve got this idea for a Borg story,” for a VERY long time.
As for ENT, I confess I didn’t like it when it first came on, and never watched it again, in spite of the fact that I like Scott Bakula. However, on the basis of the positive response I’ve read from so many people on this site, I’m going to go out and get the dvds and watch it again. Sometimes it’s better on the second date, eh?

ZOMG. Destiny “Mere Mortals” = Star Trek: Armada II. Anyone else see the parallels there?

My -extreme- trepidation towards Destiny and what looks from here like “OMGWTFBBQ EPIC SPACE WARZ!!1!” and other assorted fan service-ery will be withheld at this time, because, hey, “A Time To Kill/A Time To Heal” were very good books, and “It’s Only A Paper Moon” and “Starship Down” were great eps. David Mack is to be trusted.

KM looks good.

Rhett Coates, word up! I believe #18 was citing “The Treatment” when he was talking about Guinan thar!

Why don’t do anymore Star Trek audio books?

After the “Before Dishonor” disaster (one of the TNG books from 2007) I am concerned when I hear about the Borg tearing through the quadrant. What key and well known planet gets destroyed now?! You will have to read “Before Dishonor” or go to the Memory Beta wiki to find out which somewhat key and well known planet gets DESTROYED in that book. Also the description of the “Destiny” series changing the 24th Century “forever” I’m concerned. However, I will reserve judgement until they are out and I have read them. I’m hoping that they will be great, which they have to potential of being, and NOT completely destroy the 24th Century. We’ll see.

As for the new ENT book, I’m looking forward to it and look forward to reading what should be a good book.


I believe the “…will be changed forever!” was on the back of “A Time for War, A Time for Peace” too, but I can’t say I agree with that. I really liked the book, though.

“4. BrandonR” agreed!
“the good that men do” was a great book. I will be picking up the new trio. Canon or not, to me it’s still Trek and I love to read all the adventures of my fav. charactors.
I find just reading Trek, helps me keep an open mind. As for the Borg, well bring it on!

RE: Ezri being a starship Captain.

In addition to what everyone has said above about the character developing over time and evolving well in the DS9 Relaunch books, there’s two things we need to remember:

1- Ezri was an unprepared host, she didn’t have years of training before she was given the symbiont. There was massive character development in her confidence, competence and ability between “Shadows and Symbols” and “What You Leave Behind”.

2- She’s a Dax. Nine lifetimes of experience: decades as a Starfleet officer including fighting in several wars; commanded starships in war; negotiated treaties between dozen of blood enemies; and yes, been a counselor- to me, all the right experience to be a first rate starship commander…..

…………………………………..once she got used to the symbiont that is!

My 2 cents


Kobayashi Maru sounds great, but I gotta ask– who is Archer’s friend who’s mentioned in the synopsis? I don’t see a name, let alone any explanation of who this person is or why they’d be in danger.

Apologies if this is someone from earlier books, or something; I’ve gotten waayy far behind on Trek novels. College :(

I won’t give away that character’s name (if my suspicion is correct), if in fact the novel’s writers made this a direct sequel to “The Good That Men Do.” For those who have read TGTMD, you know exactly why This Personal Friend of Archer might be put in danger depending on Archer’s actions in the storyline. (Again, presuming it’s a sequel to that novel…..) But #41, “cp,” if you’ve ever watched ENT, then I think you already know. (Again, presuming…..)

“….and the last ep couldve seen Archer and Tpol at the launch of the NCC 1701 – watching it blast out the space dock..maybe with a very young spock on board….” MY REPLY to that absolutely astonishing idea:

WOW! “And His Eyes Were Opened…!”

You have an AMAZING idea there that would have made a TREMENDOUS series finale (–far better than TATV actually turned out to be–), where the elder Archer is present at the launch of the NCC-1701 (the day before his peaceful passing in upstate New York—according to words by Sussman), and with elder T’Pol looking on as well…. Seeing JJ’s crew with Capt. Pike [Bruce Greenwood cameoing] and the young TOS series cast [JJ’s cast] in such a cross-over story, and even having LEONARD NIMOY also guest-starring in his time-travel story line from ST-XI as written by Roberto and Alex…… I can just see that happening—perhaps even having the episode directed by JJ himself! Talk about “mind-blowing,” it would bring a total and complete link between ENT and TOS, and beyond. (And just where WAS Guinan during all of that?)

Hey, we’ve already had numerous “cross-over” episodes and films:

—-TNG/DS9 crossovers: McCoy (and later, Scotty) aboard the 1701-D, Sarek and Spock, Picard meeting Kirk in ST-7, etc.
—-DS9’s pilot episode began w/ the Battle of Wolf 359 in a flashback; TNG/DS9 crossovers (TNG crew visited a few times, “Thomas” Riker, Vash and Q, Worf, etc….), and the TRIBBLES [Orb-of-Time] incident,
—-VGR’s pilot episode has them docked at DS9 with Harry Kim and Tom Paris meeting Quark, “Flashback” showed Tuvok aboard Sulu’s USS Excelcior, then when Q had Will Riker whisked aboard the USS Voyager, and the many Q episodes, Borg stories, BOOTHBY! [Species 8472’s recreation of him, anyway], Barclay and Troi seen during Season-7, etc.
—-ENT crossovers: “Section 31” (harkening to future DS9 stories), the characters SURAK and [younger] T’PAU of Vulcan, and the biggest ENT crossover story: “In A Mirror, Darkly” (w/ Zephram Cochran, an ENTIRE Tholian, and a different species of Gorn, shown — and the USS Defiant from Kirk’s era …. Who couldn’t help but smile a parsec wide when the evil universe ENT crew put on those TOS uniforms…? Truly an episode to remember!

And maybe I forgot to mention other good ones!

WOW: imagine the incredible cross-over story that could have been, with Archer and T’Pol at the launch of the NCC-1701 — that would most certainly have been an excellent SERIES Finale, as well as a tie-in to ST XI, just like the 2-part Spock story on TNG was a direct tie-in to ST-VI. (I’ll always like Riker and Troi, but something about TATV just doesn’t sit right with me as a “SERIES Finale” for ENT. A Season Finale, maybe—but not a Series Finale.)

Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, there still can be a good ENT Series Finale made: with such an ENT / ST-XI crossover story as suggested. Manny Coto & Co. would probably want to weigh in, and Roberto and Alex are the kinds professional writers and fans of ST’s 300-year saga who would want such input. So, Roberto, what do you guys think about that one? Please respond; our hailing frequencies are wide open! (If that sounds like an inpromtu Pitch Session—without a script to sell, so be it. With ENT not filming more stories, so far, we can’t get enough of GOOD Star Trek these days. At least not until May 2009!)

#42: I’m sorry to say I fell out of watching Enterprise somewhere towards the end of season 1. (I don’t even remember why any more; might’ve been too busy with school.) I’m planning to fix that this summer, though :D so I’m sure things will all make sense.

# 31

When you don’t like all that spin-offs, why do you post?

I for my person still like the most spin-offs, even with the new Star Trek coming in May 09 and I think, I will like the old ones and the new one as well. The books might be not official canon, but some of them are pretty good and would have made good additional episodes or entire seasons for all the spin-offs, even for the original Star Trek.

After the very good Season 4 it was really a shame, Paramount canceled Enterprise. It was worth a fifth season. Perhaps CBS shoud do a TV-movie like MGM did with the Stargate-franchise after cancelling SG-1.

BTW: The Destiny series sounds interesting. Titan, Enterprise-E, Columbia and the Borg… I wonder what kind of movie that would be (Perhaps a suggestion for Star Trek XIV Mr. Orci? :))

#44 said: “The books might be not official canon, but some of them are pretty good and would have made good additional episodes or entire seasons for all the spin-offs, even for the original Star Trek.”

Oh my /god/, yes. I would pay actual money– not that much of it, because I’m a college student here, but I would pay– to see Greg Cox’s “Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh” books declared canon somehow. Those books were brilliant.

Also Peter David’s “Q-Squared.” I hoped for years that it would get turned into a TNG movie somehow; I think it was a fantastic piece both of Star Trek storytelling and of scifi writing overall. (Though I’ll admit the concept wouldn’t’ve worked as well with characters for which we didn’t already have a lot of context.)

Most of the books over the last five years or so mesh together to form their own post-tv show collective. While they deviate from the TV canon, they form their own, kind of.

ok…regarding ds9s novel reboot…that actually was/is an official paramount-approved canon novelized 8th and 9th seasons of ds9 as is the voyager 8th season novel reboot and the tng reboot much in the same way joss whedon took buffy the vampire slayer and angel into their 8th and 6th seasons officially in comic books…

the idea of ezri as a captain? i can see it…echoing jadzia in a way…

id loved to have seen the deep space nine millennium trilogy made into a movie series…those was THE BEST TREK NOVELS EVER!

as for if jj’s new films canon or not…remember in tos’s original canon zefram cochrane broke the warp barrier in 2061 not 2063 and world war 3 was in the 1990s…so it could be said due to that and other things that jjs 23rd century canon is in line with the 2063 angle and that the defiant from kirks time that was in line with in a mirror, darkly was an alternate-timeline/ 2061 canon version…meaning shatner as kirk canon as we know it i.e. tos…was another timeline and jjs tos canon is in line with most of modern trek…

another angle is tuvoks statement in ‘flashback’…when he said holoimaging was much less accurate in the 23rd century…implying that the tos crew we knew actually looked like jjs cast instead of the original could imply that janeway being shocked that sulu looked as he did meant she thought he looked like john cho instead of takei which could imply the reverse too which creates an interweaving paradox

but wat id love to see as a future trek film is jj weaving a story of how the existence of star trek in the here and now factors into the internal trek universe…maybe have him say a temporal agent from daniels’ time went back in time and became gene roddenberrys father using future knowledge of trek events over the centuries to get young gene to create star trek and create an archive of trek events to be consulted by rick berman and jj etc.,…??? in order to help provide a blueprint for how the course of time should play out, even helping to create a psuedo-masonic secret society that later would evolve into section 31 and the department of temporal investigations, protecting and interpreting future events in a davici code-esque way…LOL