Cryptic Hints At Star Trek Online Announcement

Since January when first reported the demise of game developer Perpetual Entertainment, the future of the “Star Trek Online” MMORPG has been uncertain. Although TrekMovie has reported that sources indicate Cryptic Studios picked up the license, Cryptic continues to refuse to comment on any speculation, but today they dropped pretty big hint.

Countdown to July 27th
Today on the Cryptic Studios website a new countdown timer appeared. It is currently at 45 days and a few hours, which lines up with Midnight Sunday July 27th. A smaller version of the timer also appears on Cryptic’s site for their next game, the super-hero themed Champions Online. The timer doesn’t indicate what it is counting down to, but the background image is unmistakably a previously released image from Star Trek Online (see below). It just so happens that Sunday July 27th is the last day of Comic Con, but the show closes before midnight so this might just be a coincidence.

Cryptic’s new cryptic countdown timer

Although Cryptic is playing it coy, they are certainly a more logical home for Star Trek Online. As the maker of a number of award-winning MMORPGs, they have a proven track-record and do not appear to have the financial problems that plagued Perpetual.

Counting down to what?
The countdown is likely for some kind of announcement, and certainly not the release of the game itself. Before Perpetual went under, the game was being targeted for Summer 2009 (and the shake-up has likely had an effect on that date). Cryptic’s new Champions Online is targeted for the Spring of 2009 and that game has an big official site with lots of artwork and videos, etc. Right now official site for STO ( remains unchanged, with just a logo and the words ‘coming soon’ (and no indication as to who actually is the company that is making the game). So we are back to waiting, but this is a good sign that Star Trek Online is alive and some news will be coming soon. TrekMovie will continue to keep a close eye on developments and will hopefully have more news on STO leading up to the countdown timer reaching zero.

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I just want a pic of the big E

Hopefully something finally happens, I’ve been waiting for this for who know’s how many years now…come on and get it going! It will be awesome!


This would be great news. I played SWG from launch until NGE happened and have been dying for a good Sci-Fi mmo to hit the net (and I’ve tried a few since). I can think of no better universe to play in than the Star Trek universe.

I hope that this is accurate. It’d be nice to have a new Trek game. My favorite was Starfleet Command.

Can’t wait. Been playing Eve Online, but its not the same :( . I’m still playing Armada II and BOTF.

Dear God man… I surely don’t need such another realm like that

I have me own state o’ delusionality:

‘course I may wanna try it out… might be fun…. canna I be a Gorn dat owns a flower boutique on Kronos? mayhaps I culd be tha’ guy dat scrubs down tha’ nacelle… I mean Nichelle!… yay… that be me job in fantasy land…


I was one of those nerds that checked the many times a day to discuss the STO, other Star Trek games, and, of course, the minute details of any Star Trek episode brought up.

I have had dreams in which I was not a charachter in the game, but instead was simply playing the game. That alone states how much I want this game to come out.

Maybe it’s just a countdown to a press release….

STO… out of danger?

I have lots of faith in Cryptic, having enjoyed their games for over 4 years now. They have an excellent team, and if any developer could pull this off, it is them.

I bought a brand new computer back in February just for ST:O right before all the s*** hit the fan at P2. I’m glad to hear that it’s alive and well and we may be close to some news… FINALLY!

45 days to say: “Shatner is in”!!!

Just show us the damn ship!!!!

they will announce… that they lost the license.

why should MMORPGs fare any better than the other trek RPGs? : P

yay !!!! this is good news, i have to say i am a big video game fan ( going as far as to studying game design and games programming in college ) , and i have played every trek game on the pc ( well in windows and most dos ) . so i am really really really looking forward to it . i have tried other mmorpgs but could just never get into it , gave up on wow or lord of the rings (and many others) , after a few weeks . but i know a star trek one would be different . man i cant wait and to be fair Cryptic Studios have more experience and a better record , so thats a good sign , but since there working on champions online for 2009, i am guessing we wont see star trek till what 2010 ?

ok this is interesting

looking in the html code i found thissnippet of info:

//cdLocalTime(“ID_of_DIV_container”, “server_mode”, LocaltimeoffsetMinutes, “target_date”, “opt_debug_mode”)
//cdLocalTime.displaycountdown(“base_unit”, formatfunction_reference)

//Note: “launchdate” should be an arbitrary but unique variable for each instance of a countdown on your page:

var launchdate=new cdLocalTime(“cdcontainer”, ‘June 12, 2008 15:27:44’, 0, “July 28, 2008 00:00:00”)
launchdate.displaycountdown(“days”, formatresults2)

<!– 1213309664 —

so they are calling it a launch date…interesting

Show us the Enterprise

I would say this is welcome news if we knew what it was news of. I don’t even know if I know what I just typed, you know?

I have no interest in a MMORPG, but I’d really dig a James Bond, Medal of Honor-style, mission-oriented, FPS type game for the Wii. One with a multi-player mode. I hate single player games, but I also don’t want to play with the whole world.

Just saying.

Scott B. out.

PLEASE MAKE STAR TREK ONLINE, CRYPTIC STUDIOS! My heart was CRUSHED when Perpetual went under. I’ve never “role-played” in an MMO because it felt too nerdy, but if STO were to come out I would dork out 100%. City Of Heroes was a ton of fun (though shallow), so please do as good, if not better, on STO!

Well at least this stub motivated to find out what the hell MMORPG means!

I guess that also means I’m not really a marketing target ; )

I’ve also been looking forward to this game, as it seems like it would be the closest thing to actually living in the Star Trek Universe.

And I guess I’ll have to sign my name differently, as I was surprised to see another MikeG. yikes!

Heh. Another frequenter here.
*Vulcan-salutes K’ShaQ*

That background makes it almost completely certain – Cryptic is in charge of ST:O. (Or if they aren’t, we’re going to hear about the real owner of the IP when they sue Cryptic for use of that copyrighted artwork…)

I’m really excited about this, but Cryptic has now put me in a great dilemma: I’ll have to choose between Star Trek Online and Champions Online…

#18 Captain Slow
“so they are calling it a launch date…interesting”

It probably refers to the launch of the website for ST:O. Don’t get too worked up, people.

Combined with the former rumors we’ve found, plus the concept art, it’s prety damn safe to assume that the “official” announcement will come at midnight, July 27th.

If you want to follow the announcement live, STOZone will be broadcasting live as the countdown reaches zero, and I would love to hear from all of you as the new info is launched.

Star Trek Online Lives!

Bah! Where’s my ‘Lego Star Trek’ shoot-em up then?….

I would be so all over this thing!!!

Can’t wait!!!

WTB beta invite =P

At last we might get a good Star Trek Games . Gentleman get your spells… I mean phasers ready . I hope to the picard that this is some news on a release date :P