BSG Preview: “Revelations”

Tonight is the big night–the midseason finale and the last Battlestar Galactica for 2008. The episode is called "Revelations," but will it live up to that name? From the previews we have below it looks like it might.

Airing on the Sci-Fi Channel tonight , June 13th at 10 PM (9 Central)

“Revelations” [Season 4 Ep. 10]
Synopsis: Rebel Cylons go to extreme measures to draw out the Final Five from the Colonial fleet.

TV Spot

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Sneak Peek

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Watch ENTIRE EPISODE online today
Unlike recent weeks of only doing 10 minutes, will be streaming the entire mid-season finale starting every hour, on the hour, between 9AM and 4PM Eastern (CLICK TO WATCH). Also recent episodes of BSG are available online (ad supported) at and

Battlestar news of the week:

:"I’m a Frakkin’ Cylon" (four of the ‘final five’ actors talk about being a Cylon)

No more BSG until 2009
Ron Moore confirms with TV Guide:

At a Wednesday-night screening of this week’s episode, Moore explained to that even though they are currently filming the series’ final scenes, the “practical realities” of post-production — coupled with the formidable end-of-year competition presented by new fall series, baseball and football — places the onset of the final episodes at the start of 2009, at the earliest. “Realistically, there’s no way to get back on the air faster,” he apologetically added.

"Revelations" Hollywood Premiere
On Wednesday there was a star-studded Hollywood preview of tonight’s episode followed by a Q&A session. There is a good spoiler free report on Mojo’s blog with some pictures. AICN has a spoilery report. GalacticaSitrep has a good post that summarizes all the other reporting, with lots of links. 

Katee shows she is a Cylon lover

Frakkin’ Links

The comments section below is for the majority of Trek fans who are also BSG fans. It is to discuss the series, the week’s episode and anything else related to the preview article above. If you are not a fan of the show, then why are you even reading this far down into this post? There are plenty of Trek stories so just move on. Any flaming of BSG will be considered trolling. If you have issues with this site having one BSG column a week, then make a note in the site feedback page.


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Billy should have been a cylon.

Best frakin’ show on TV! Too bad we have to wait until January for the second half, but it’ll be worth it.

I’ve never been able to get the wife into it very much, but she indulges the Viper pilot in me every Friday night. LOL

I can’t wait for this ep, yet I’m terrified of it in that it means we’ll have to wait 6 or 7 months before we get the end. Argh! I have my theories as to how this will all pan out and I’m very anxious to see if I’m right. Possible good news on at least one of the TV movies. I hope they do them all. 3 or 4 movies that will help to build up to the final 10, giving more hints using backstory would be most satisfying.

I’m frakkin stoked!!


I just know that this will be THE episode !!!

“Samuel T. Cogley” posted a complete spoiler-filled synopsis online yesterday – if you’re interested you can find links to it in the BSG topics over at TrekBBS.

I love the new BSG but was under the impression this was it — and “all [would] be revealed” this summer.

Glad I was mistaken, frakkin’ aye!

God they are not revealing the Final Model? I would love at least know the answer to that one especially if i have to wait so long for the second half of the 4th season. Oh well.

Now I’m terrified to read any blog anywhere for fear someone has viewed the complete ep and is dying to ruin it for the rest of us. I actually like watching this in real time. I know, I’m so frakkin’ old. Now, get off my lawn you pesky kids!


I love this show.

I would love for one of the possible movies to cover the first cylon war. BSG is still the best show on TV.

As with most seasons of BSG, I think this one got off to a shaky start. I’m hoping this episode kicks things back into high gear. Of course, I’m also hoping we don’t have to wait until 2009 for the rest of the series.

I know that I’m going to be reduced to a quivering pile of jelly by the end of the year. Waiting sucks.

And I am all for revisiting the original Cylon war in some TV movies. What we got to see of it in Razor was fun. Everyone meet back here after the episode airs on the west coast. No spoilers please.

Just saw it on SciFi.

Wow. I mean, … Damn.

It’s a real ride. Roller coaster-like.

Three words.

Oh. My. God.

Where do they go from here?

Can’t wait for tonight!


For those of you who can’t wait for next year’s half-season to air, allow me to answer two of the biggest questions on your mind about BG:

1) Commander William Adama is the final cyclon. How could his second-in-command and “friend of 40 years” Colonel Ty be a cyclon without him knowing unless he’s one himself? Sure puts a point on the speech he made immediately before the war started, eh?

2) The Galactica fleet is already in the vicinity of Earth. Ever notice those “cameos” of the constellation Orion in the background of many recent space scenes? The only place in the galaxy where those stars appear that way is HERE. And by the way, the Cyclons are already there, too!

In my opinion, the twelve Cyclon models have been carrying out “God’d Will” from the beginning, hearding this controlled group of humans to Earth to reunite the parents with the children and start anew.

Wow! Katee is luminous!

I’m glad that Aaron Douglas (Tyrol) also said that he was frakkin pissed when he found out he was a Cylon because it “marginalized” his character. Tyrol was my favorite character, and now I don’t know who is because Tyrol completely lost his sense of self-worth and became this emo, brooding waste of life.

I hope Aaron Douglas was telling the truth when he said that him being a Cylon ends up being cool. It better be or, in my eyes, Battlestar Galactica will have been a giant pile of crap.

Gee, Sean, no margin of error for you, is there?

My wife better not burn my toast or I’ll divorce her. (not a serious comment)


fRakKiNg brilliant until the final scene. Someone leaked several months back that Earth would be post-apoctolyptic. Kind of a let down. dAmN sPoIlers!!!

nOw the question is: Did we kill ourselves off or did the loyal Cylons? And are there any other survivors?

Hey, Alpha Century is only a five minute walk for these guys.

kEeP oN FraKkin’.

All I know is the last ten minutes made me cry like a baby and in perfect BSG fashion instead of answering our questions the give us more!!!!

I love this show

Dear God! I drink a lot, recently started wearin’ me an eyepatch, am a ship officer… I could be cyclon too! Oh,no!

Wait… I’m not crappin’ Duracells yet so I think I be OK.

sorry- if I’m wrong, but the evil Picard-like guy is a cylon, righty? Haven’t seen much o’ tha’ new shows so tha’ fans will forgive me inaccuracies… unlike that episode where they mercilessly shot and ate the mechano-doggie cuz it may have been a cylon… or just annoying… hard ta’ figure it all out…


Ya’ know yer a cylon if ya’ refer ta’ tha’ Trans-Am on cinderblocks in yer lawn as yer “reserrection ship.”



I get jokes.

BND not speaking BNDese? Give the man some frakkin shore leave.

Damn… LOVE that this show keeps me wanting more. Every “finale” leaves me wondering: “Where the hell are they going with the plot now??” It’s been a LONG time since SciFi has been anything more than a formula show:

Heros characters meet alien race A (or the forehead of the week) with large planet-wide problem B and techno-babble solution C. Throw in some good FX, sexual inuendo with humor and the geeks will be happy.

You can usually tell from the teaser where an episode will go. Not with BSG. Keep it going everyone. Make us think. Make us wonder. Make us talk AFTER the episode is done and ponder where you’re going. Going to miss it when all is said and done! Good job!

Sheesh I know what’s ya’ mean. I die every epeisode of me show. get’s old, man. Dat’s whys I liked DS9- little different.

Ye’ know yer a cylon if yer girlfriend, whose also yer cousin, is booglin’ Baltar fur access codes ta’ tha’ Walmart so she can nuke it.

as endings go ,hat a Horror, all that way and earth pretty much dead, looks like a holocast of the Nuclear variety, its past or future? hard to say. Im not sure I want to know the rest at this point. Its beyond depressing.

Well, BSG has been commenting on our real life so far…

Is this a commentary on where our country is headed?

“Message, Spock?”

“None that I’m conscious of except, of course, Don’t frack things up… Admiral!”

#17 – Adama is NOT the final Cylon as he appears in the Last Supper image that has been widely promoted this season. Ron Moore and others have made it very clear… the Cylons we DO know about appear in this image. The final one does not. So start making your list from there.

Also… SPOILER ALERT*********************

The is no smoke or fire in the devestation. This is not a recent bit of destruction. This happened a long time ago. As little as six months ago or much longer. Anything that could burn has. Its doubtful that the Cylons attacked…

I love the show, but I am outraged that the producers are going to make us wait six months before the air the final episodes. That is unless of course there is another writers strike then we might wait another 18 months.

I respect the ending, but love it, I do not.

“You Maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you all to Hell!”

Charlton Heston is looking down upon us and shaking his head tonight…

For the record, Nova is much hotter than Pres. Roslin.

(Nova + Orion = 10,000 experience points)

Next episode: BSG encounters the Spaceballs…

Oh well, there goes the planet!

I’m actually disappointed with the ending…possibly because I wasn’t surprised at all by it…

I’m also disappointed that it appears Ron Moore is going to spend the final half of the final season showing us why “Humanity is fundamentally doomed to always wipe itself out.”

I would have preferred the fleet jumping into the bustling traffic surrounding the Imperium’s Terra to what I got….

I think the apocalypse happened a long long time ago. Remember the Geiger counter in the show? It just barely clicked; just a little bit more than normal background radiation.

#33 – Its not the producers who are holding the show. ITs Sci-Fi Channel. Ron moore said months ago that fans were going to be pissed at where this episode ends if they have to wait six months or longer to see the resolution.

Ron Moore encourged Sci-Fi to air it in one lump sum.

Sci-Fi chose not to.

That ending was missing one very important ingredient which would have made the ending complete. The ending needed something really dramatic , like the sun super nova.

a very Troy McClure/”Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off” cliffhanger.

I *LOVE* you, Dr. Zaius!

what aboot if tha’ robots at the end of tha’ film “A.I.” were thar’ wit’ no humans and Adama said “Oh, frak- more cylons!” Or my ending which tha’ Cylons nuke tha’ earth themselves…

who don’t love a happy endin’???
Ahhhh… easy ta’ be tha’ monday mornin’ quarterback…

Brilliant, emmy-worthy writing, acting and production. But the question remains: Where the Frak do they go from here?
There doesn’t seem anywhere they can take it now.

Hey, at least there weren’t any Space Nazi’s waiting for them.

*maybe spoilers*

My guess on where they go now:

This isn’t Earth, it’s ‘Terra’ like in the original BSG. They didn’t
show us any continents so it could be some other ‘class-M’
planet besides Earth. Perhaps this ‘Terra’ is somewhere
close like Alpha Centauri so the constellations still look like
they’re supposed to.

So don’t give up, there’s still hope!

Wow! The most intense episode of Galactica ever!!!

I am optimistic that all is not what it appears–because a Planet of the Apes rip-off would quickly diminish the high regard I have for Ron Moore’s work with BSG (especially if he has an underground cult worshipping a frakking a-bomb!).

Consequently, I do think that the decision to take such a huge break at this point was wrong. While this “mid-season finale” can be respected (as noted in an earlier post) it really is more of an in-between episodic break rather than an ending that gives us something to anticipate some six months or so from now.

Right now I am thinking: “Well, they certainly have their work cut out for them restoring earth to a lush paradise but it sure doesn’t seem all that interesting if there are more episodes. After all, the humans and cylons made their peace and everyone lives happily ever after.”

Okay, maybe the brief teaser suggested there are a few loose ends yet but…I am at a place now where there just isn’t much enthusiasm for a few more episodes airing months from now.

Although, I guess I would like to know who #5 is…I think its the mysterious Viper that lead them to earth in the first place (after all, why would the four be that important in finding earth just because they managed to get curious about a Viper that everyone knew was a little spooky to begin with?? :)

Boy, that “Book of Pythia” is crap! LOL

I kept hearing Ron Pearlman’s line about Earth from Alien 4 in my head when Adama picked up that fistful of radioactive dirt. I half expected Adama to say, “Earth…….what a $h!thole..” LOL

In all seriousness I’m glad the writers decided to go the route they did (or at least the route they appear to be going). Showing the RTF reaching Earth in a timeframe that appears to be far ahead of our own time seems far more believable than landing in the distant past.

One thing is certain: The upcoming (and final) 10 episodes will be insane.

I do agree with #46 though

If they show a group of humans underground worshipping an A-Bomb I’ll be ticked!


#44 Thank you; did anyone even watch the original? My first instinct was to say, “it’s Terra! Obviously!” They’ve put in just about everything else from the original, why not Terra?

…I just hope to Gods we don’t see a re-imagined version of Hector and Vector…or the gunfighting Cylon on an unusual “cowboy” planet.

Bad news its most likly Earth C’mon this is Galatica where pessimism rules the day, by now we should be used to the people getting their hopes dashed with monotonous regularity. The question is, is this Earth of the past or of the future, It’s very hard to say which city this is on Earth, Could even be Alantis for all we know. Ron Moore and company keep the visuals on the city to A minimum, then there is the question of what caused the destruction, looks like some type of nuclear war. What would be rude to find out is, that the Cylons, one faction of them , got to earth first and leveled the plac and hid the fact from the rest of their fellow Cylons, that would be stretch but one possibility. Remember, it has happened before and it will happen again..