Rod Roddenberry To Unveil Memorial To Father This Weekend At Canadian VulCON

The small town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada (the same one that is lobbying to get the Star Trek premiere in 2009) is holding its 15th annual Star Trek convention this weekend, and this time there is a special Roddenberry tribute, and a special Roddenberry guest. has details and exclusive images of the memorial below.

Vulcan Honors Roddenberry
The town has created a permanent memorial (see below) to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.  His son, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr., will be on hand to unveil this tribute. In a statement Rod said:

I very much appreciate this tribute to my father, who would be humbled by the continued popularity of Star Trek in big cities and small towns around the world,” offered Roddenberry.


Roddenberry Memorial (click to enlarge)

Close-up on plaque (click to enlarge)

Canadian Vulcans embrace Trek
Vulcan, with a population of just 1,942 has completely embraced its alien-sounding name by erecting an oversized replica of the Starship Enterprise and building and operating a Star Trek-themed tourist station with memorabilia and a virtual reality game. The town also hosts their annual VulCON Trek convention.

Other events taking place June 13-15 during the VulCON 15: Spock Days/Galaxyfest weekend include:

  • The inaugural jump of “The Flying Trekkies,” a seven-person skydive demonstration team who will land on Vulcan’s main street dressed in Star Trek costumes
  • The official opening of a large collection of Star Trek Memorabilia and Collectibles, donated to the Town of Vulcan by the estate of long time Star Trek fan and Vulcan enthusiast, Albert Cave
  • A Star Trek Intergalactic Fan Fiction exhibition, where fans can showcase their Star Trek-related hobbies, artwork and fan fiction to an appreciative audience of fellow aficionados
  • An outdoor event stage featuring a Star Trek-inspired fashion show and Klingon Karaoke

Dayna Dickens, Vulcan’s tourism coordinator talked about Vulcan’s adopted link to Trek:

Vulcan is proud to be coincidentally associated with the Star Trek phenomenon. We are thrilled to host Eugene Roddenberry Jr. at this year’s convention, and especially to have him unveil a memorial plaque dedicated to his father.

More information on the Vulcan GalaxyFest at the official site

Rod Roddenberry headed to Canada this weekend
to help celebrate his father


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When was the town founded?

ahhhh… Roddenberry be like Dickens or Lucas or tha’ guy who invented sweat pants… all people who contributed somethin’ bonny ta’ tha’ fabric of tha’ universe… Rock steady, dear Trekites.

Speakin’ o’ namin’ places for Trek locales, I’ve been lobbying ta’ rename me ship “7 o’ 9” but me shipmates won’t have it. Also, they reminded me tha’ ship is called Enterprize. Well, whud do ya’ know?


#2- my head hurts after reading that post.

Now that sounds like the kind of place I would love to adopt as my hometown. I would love to be able to tell people I live in Vulcan.

Kobayashi#3- That is what BND always goes for…

BND- Did you see my latest post at 69 Forward? LOVED your Bjorg queen ep.

#4—You could still tell people that, although they might look at you funny.

Kobayashi… I am chucking some aspirin in tha’ sea, matey. Sooner or later, it’ll reach ya’.

Denise, Thanke very much. I was gettin’ a bit obsessed wit’ episode eight thar’ hopin’ fur it ta’ be a pleaser… anyone can click on me name and see me head-hurting webbypage… Bring somethin’ stronger than Bayer though…

Should I be givin’ Gene the “created by” credit for me migraine delusions?


Nice remembrance for Gene.

This is only half a nonsequitor:

I now know how I want to die.
In Atlanta today, an 81 year old woman asked a judge for a new trial.
She was convicted two years ago of killing her boyfriend at a local nursing home. At today’s hearing, she argued that he drove her to insanity. The man was 85 and cheating on her — with 40 other women.

Take me now, Lord.

That memorial is absolutely fit for the great bird! I love it. Excellent job on that one!

The TWOK quote is perfect. Very fitting.

CmdrR#9- Those nursing homes rock after lights-out.

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr. is one handsome young son of a buck.



Ahhh Canada…so proud to call you home.

So Denise, are you finally revealing that you live in Vulcan? That explains so much.

Long Live the memory of The Great Bird of the Galaxy. Metting him was the single most thrilling moment of my life.

Other than the night Denise and I spent in 69 Forward.

What can I say, I’m a g0oFbAlL.

Canada makes the best Vulcans.

Best to Rod, Majel and the rest of Gene’s family.

#1 the town was named in the 1920s

So it was named in the 1920s for the Roman god of fire…I guess being up in Canada, it was wishful thinking.

My band played a gig in Barons, Alberta, just south of Vulcan. It was the first time that I had a chance to drive through the town. Seeing the Enterprise parked at the side of the road was a thrill, to say the least. But it was also quite bizarre.

I thought about all the verbal abuse I took (back in the early ’70s) at the hands of my schoolmates for being a “Star Track” fan. I met another kid at that same school in Calgary and we have been friends now for 34 years, thanks to our mutual appreciation of the Great Bird’s vision of the future.

Makes me rather proud to know that Trek is no longer considered just another quirky space show but rather a major part of the fabric of modern pop culture and a blueprint for a hopeful future.


Klingon Karaoke? OK

Hikin’ down the road, with live g’akch in my load
I got seven females on my mind

Some who want to stone me
Some who crack my bone – weee
I like the ones who bite my be-hind.

Keep it Kliiiingon
keep it Kliiiieeiingon
Don’t let the sound of her shrill cries make ya wussy

Fighin’ hard while she still can
Upper cut or underhand
Darken up, I’m cummin hard
So, keep it Kliiiiiiiiing-on.

#18, if you played in Barrons then you played in Smallville. The Smallville High scenes from Superman – The Movie were filmed there. Little Hollywood North in that area.

#20- I think your right. Forgot about that. And a lot of Superman III was shot here in Calgary.

Good times…good times.

Very cool for Rod to honor his dad this way…GodSpeed.

…and straight on till morning.

I’m going! Should be really fun!

Interesting that the epitaph is from a Trek film that Roddenberry didn’t completely like.


Spoctor McKirk – You can even see the Calgary Tower in a shot or two. I remember watching a few scenes get filmed. Even saw Chris Reeve “fly”. :)

Hey, no one has mentioned Majel Barrett-Roddenberry in ages. Does anyone know how she is doing these days?

I certainly hope she is well.

Ok, but am I the only one who, when they saw the picture of that rock, expected it to morph into a giant living rock creature, intent on studying the nature of good and evil?


Majel is going to be at the Las Vegas con again this year. Last year, she didn’t look very well and I think she’s in the early stages of dementia. My prayers go to her and her family.

I hope we get to see pictures of the Flying Trekkies!

Love that plaque.

28 and 30:

MBR has also been contributing her voice to the computer in Star Trek : Phase II (formerly New Voyages). As to her health, I haven’t heard anything but I do know that it has been stated that she’s pretty much retired.

Wah, I’m going to miss this! Went last year (I live in Calgary), and it was pretty cool. Best to Rod and his family, Albertans are happy to have you in our corner of Canada!

Majel has a bad hip and is not very mobile but she is still in very good spirits and is optimistic about her recovery. Her son Rod is an amazing dude. Very grounded, and shows such respect for his fathers legacy, Star Trek’s legacy and the fans as well. So pleasant to be around. Everyone make your plans to attend next years you will not be dissapointed. It is like no other convention you will attend. Hang out and chat with the guests all weekend long. Ask questions one on one, socialize and drinks with em. It’s a hoot. Cya all there.

“Star Trek Intergalactic Fan Fiction exhibition”


*collapses to the floor in a fit of laughter*

sorry. I’m a bit loopy this afternoon. :-P

Hopefully the rock doesn’t wake up and scream “No kill I!!!”