VIDEO: Shatner & Stewart On Sunday Award Shows + Takei On Morning Show

On Sunday night both of Trek’s most famous captains could be seen on TV award shows. Stewart was a nominee at the live broadcast on CBS of the Tony Awards (he lost…awww), and William Shatner was seen presenting an award at a taped broadcast of the TV Land Land Awards (um…on TV Land). We got video of both plus a bonus Takei video too.

Stewart…gracious in defeat
Everyone thought that the competition for Best Actor this year was between Stewart (Macbeth) and Laurence Fishburne (Thurgood), but dark horse Mark Rylance (Boeing Boeing) was the winner. It appears that Stewart got the biggest applause, but you can see him be gracious and shake the hand of Rylance in the vid below.


Shatner and Asner honor Office
William Shatner and Ed Asner (Lou Grant from The Mary Tyler Moore Show) presened the ‘Future Classic’ Award to NBC’s The Office at the TV Land Awards. As you can see from the video below, Shatner appears to be the only guy there not wearing a tux and tie, but he can sure read his lines.

(click to see video at TV Land (scroll to ‘The Office Future Classic’)

Ask the Shat: Got a burning question for Shatner? Submit it to the BBC and they may ask him later in the week.


Bonus Captain Video – Takei on CBS Morning Show
Another Star Trek Captain was on TV in the last 24, talking about a kind of ‘award.’ George Takei (Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior) and his partner Brad Altman were on the CBS Early Show this morning talking about their upcoming wedding and picking up their marriage license tomorrow.


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Enough about Takei.

George don’t talk to Julie Chen, she’s married to the enemy! Les Moonves canceled Star Trek: Enterprise not to mention being a thorn in Dan Rather’s and Howard Stern’s side. Best wishes though.

I only watched the Tony’s last night to see Stewart win, alas it was not meant to be.

Les cancelled Enterprise?!!!

I’d like to shake his hand. Too bad he couldn’t abort that POS four years earlier.

Oh my god….. Stan Winston has died, seriously bad news for Science fiction

O Captain, my Captain, and my other Captain!

Although I agree with Shatner that George needs drop the feud, its seems that him and Brad are a lovely and very happy couple and I couldn’t be happier for them both!

Im a big fan Of Shatner and would love to see him kicking arse as “Kirk” one more time,,,but Ive got to ask,,

Why no tux and tie on Shatner?

Why the shabby jacket with rolled up sleves ?

secret message in that ??


Where have I seen Rylance before?

Re to #3:

Your comment is uncalled for and has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Besides, I rather enjoyed Enterprise.

Back on topic,

It’s a shame Stewart didn’t win the Tony. I saw Macbeth, twice. I enjoyed it immensely as well. What a great performance.

Oh My God did anyone else hear that special effects master Stan Winston
has passed away he was only 62. Sorry for the change of subject.


#3 M’s comments were not “uncalled for.” they are his opinions and they werent expressed in a particulary offensive way. and they were indirectly on topic as he was making a comment in reply to #2’s comment.

I love seeing Captain Kirk and Lou Grant standing side-by-side. Two of my favorite characters (and two terrific actors).

#11 I am sorry I agree those comments were uncalled for and I consider it trolling. Back on task…..Congrats to George and Brad I love them both and wish them the best! Bill…..come on man… know you got a better suit…wEAR IT! Patrick…..he is an actor….he DOES NOT need to win every award there is…..there are better actors out there. They do not all need to be Trek alumni…….

Captain Kirk is looking sharp!


WAIT A MINUTE. #2 & #9 can state their opinions,but I CAN’T?!!!

Please explain this, or are you just going to cite me for trolling and ban me from this thread? Like you do to anyone who states an opinion different from your own.

I mean # 13

M, you are banned for three hours. As punishment you must go out in the street and shout “I love Enterprise!! Bring back Archer! I am Herbert!! THIS IS A DISASTER!!”

(of course, I have no actual power)

I accept my punishment LOL!!!

#12 – Lou Grant would have made an excellent starship captain (I’m referring to the character, of course, and not Mr. Asner. Well, I guess Mr. Asner is included, but you know what I mean.) I can see him telling a green young ensign fresh out of the Academy, “You’ve got spunk. I hate spunk!”

Hey M,

That’s what it’s like with some around here, all sweetness until you say something that rankles, even if it is your own opinion, stated in a reasonable manner.

Such is life… :-)


In defence of #3- sure Enterprise had its good times but generally it was rather poor.
freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and to be fair Archer and his cronies were rather bloody iritating.
it could have been so much better.
I’m hopeful JJ will save us all!

Anthony- Thank you for posting the the George/Brad video – that was great! One cannot help but smile when watching those two speak so openly of their longheld feelings for each other.

anyone else notice that shatner was gone after he and ed asner did their job of reading the teleprompter? i couldn’t find him on stage when the cast of the office came up. sure he may have been off camera. ed asner was visible and he wasn’t the one wearing blue.

I only watched the Tony awards to see Stewart win as well. My biggest regret this year was not being able to go see him live in New York to perform my favorite Shakespeare play. The exerpts I’ve seen were just fantastic! I really hope that he and Ian can do a show together in the West End. I would pay today’s airline prices to fly across the pond to see that!