Takei Marriage License Big News [UPDATED]

Today was the first day for California to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples and George Takei, along with his partner Brad Altman, were literally the first in line to pick one up for their September wedding. It was a media circus in West Hollywood, with Takei making big news across the country. Below we have VIDEOS and pictures and links to some of the coverage


Entertainment Tonight spends the morning with George and Brad

Takei and Brad on Access Hollywood

…and on CNN (before and after picking up the license)

More video: 3 Local LA News stations coverage

UPDATED: Daily Show on Takei
John Stewart shows he (or his writers) know their Trek.



(LA Times)



AP: George Takei of `Star Trek’ gets marriage license
LA Times: West Hollywood: A happy star’s trek to a wedding license
E! Online: George Takei: Licensed to Wed
Variety Wilshire and Washington Blog: Sulu’s Bliss
NY Daily News: May equality live long and prosper
People: George Takei Obtains A Marriage License

…and hundreds more articles from around the world

A message from George and Brad
the following was put up today on George’s website.

We are back at our home in Los Angeles after a hurly burly morning in West Hollywood, where we applied and received our marriage license.

We are feeling a combination of exhaustion and exhilaration after sharing the morning with hundreds of other couples taking this historic opportunity.

Although we were put in the media spotlight because of my Star Trek fame, we felt one with everyone’s joy on this landmark occasion.

The last 48 hours have been a whirlwind. Our trek to the alter began at 2:30 a.m. Monday morning when we crawled out of bed to get ready to appear on the CBS Early Show, and it never stopped.

We were interviewed by tons of electronic media, including ET, Access Hollywood, CNN (including its Latino arm), and Inside Edition. We even did some interviews with Nippon TV and Sankei Shimbun from Japan. We cannot possibly keep track of all the print and radio interviews we are still giving today and throughout this week.

This is a glorious California morning of making history.

Now the love that Brad Altman and I have shared for each other for these last 21 years will be recognized and celebrated joyfully when we get married in September

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Great news! Wish them well.

Damn! George is looking positively svelte these days!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|


(Here’s where I get kicked outta here fur good… Oh, well…)

And yet tha’ British Empire still won’t let me marry me right hand…

(I’m gunna run and hide now)


Haha, BND!

Big grats to Takei and his…dude? Hey, it’s all about happiness, these lives of ours. Whatever it takes, you know? Good for them for getting one step closer to bliss.

Brit, lol… Been a while since I laughed thanks.

I’m so happy for George Takei and other gay couples will finally be able to get married in California! My heart will NEVER understand how people can object to something that brings so much happiness into people’s lives.

World needs more love and less hate. Good on George and Brad. And it’s about time the Arnold allowed you two to make honest men of each other.

YEEAAH! I’m so happy for them. Seeing the joy on their faces as they take this step together is awesome. Best wishes guys and send me a piece of cake in September!:)Thanks Anthony for posting this.

Hey, what’s the deal? How come you get cake? I want cake too! If Ron get’s cake I say we all get cake! Way to try and get cake just for yourself, Ron.

Doh! I hadn’t realised California didn’t allow them to get married before (it’s not local news for me). I think I just assumed that it was all very liveral there what with having SF in it and so on..

I had pondered earlier why they’d left it until now…

Congratulations to them. I’ll pass on the cake, I’m trying not to put on any more weight…

Awww yay!!! Congratulations to the happy couple!! All the best in the future.

Congrats to George and Brad!

Thankfully, humanity on the western edge of the western world seems to be acquiring some common sense.

Congrats to them both! Illinois needs to get a move on it and at least pass the damn civil union bill.

And I’d like to invoke Victor Hugo’s sentiment when he wrote, “To love another person is to see the face of God.”




All the best to George and Brad…

Thanks for all the vids, Anthony…

Wow . . . after 21 years, it must feel pretty amazing to finally be able to make it official. Having to wait that long to do something that everyone else takes for granted is hard to imagine. They look so happy, I wish them all the best!

Congratulations, George and Brad!

I’m reminded of the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., who said, “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” This is certainly evidence of that.

I look forward to the day when we live up to Star Trek’s vision of a future with equality and tolerance for all, and I am both moved and inspired by the step you were able to take in that direction this day. How wonderful.

Best wishes for a beautiful wedding this September, and a lifetime of happiness together.

We’re so happy for you! (The other ‘Q’ and I. Heh.) We’re happy for other couples finally getting their chance to marry as well. I can’t wait until your ceremony!

I’ve said a BAZILLION- or two- times, but I hope you two have an awesome wedding in September!


*happy tears*

Me and my Trek friends are going to have our own reception in honor of George and Brad’s wedding day. We’ll drink champagne and watch “The Naked Time”.

Congratulations, darling George!

Many congratulations to George and Brad!

Every kind of awesome; one step toward a better world. Glad to see ’em looking so happy.

Best of wishes and luck! And of course: congatulations!

They look very happy… good for them! Hopefully the rest of the country will grow a pair and a thick skin and realize that two human beings of the same gender who are allowed to get married won’t make the planet come to a screeching halt.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –

Congrats guys and all the best! I hope you are very happy!

And it’s nice to see the world taking one more little step towards being a better place.

I received a few emails asking where someone can send a gift to George and Brad. They don’t want gifts, but if you would like, you can send a donation to the Japanese American National Museum or Human Rights Campaign.

Congrats! Congrats! Less than 3 months to the wedding. Oh wow! :-)

I love that Takei the actor is taking a step which advances Star Trek’s philosophy of IDIC. Takei has spoken eloquently of Star Trek’s tolerant philosophy, and it is personally rewarding to see the congruence of words and action toward the goal of IDIC. As Kirk said in “The Corbomite Manuever” “A chance to demonstrate what our high-sounding words really mean.”
All the best, Mr. Takei.

Congratulations to George and Brad!

Congratulations to them both! A few years ago I might have opposed this but of late I’ve come around to realizing it’s not about me . A lot of people are going to be happy, and that’s all that matters. I’m all for it! How appropriate that Star Trek is at the forefront of this new era of social progress and common sense! To those of you who express disgust…try picturing your average STRAIGHT couple doing the nasty. YIKES!! Not pretty…

Much congratulations to George and Brad!

This is the kind of thing that brings us closer to Mr. Roddenberry’s vision of the future.

Where people are treated as people.

We still have a ways to go as evident by some of the posts here, but it is encouraging that the vast majority of the posts have been very supportive.

Hopefully my boyfriend and I will be taking the plunge as well… when the time is right for us.

Thank you, Anthony, for posting all the videos of George and Brad:

Brad: The champange is starting to work.

George: Now I can have my way with you.

Brad: You always do.


The guys look so happy – I am sure they are going to enjoy all the details of wedding planning for the next three months, given they have had to wait twenty-one years to do it. So happy for them.


It’s about time.

Congrats to George and Brad. :)

As far as Stewart… It wouldn’t surprise me if he knows all that. When he took over The Daily Show as host, he also took over as head writer (Craig Kilborn wasn’t a writer). Stewart’s a really knowledgeable guy and even more entertaining in person than on TV (I got to see a taping of TDS a few weeks ago).

Congrats, George and Brad! :)

I was an usher for my good friend’s gay wedding almost two years ago. It was a new and positive learning experience for me to be involved in this unique kind of wedding. It went well like a normal man/woman wedding.

It is about love and happiness, not politics and religion.

FYI: I am straight as an arrow and a between right wing and center person in speaking terms of politics in any case you wonder who I am and how I stand in politic.

Congratulations, George and Brad! :)


“It is about love and happiness, not politics and religion.”

Good call. Not my politics, not my religion, but hey, congrats guys and wish you all the happiness!!!!

Grats to George and Brad……now they can be miserable like the rest of us

ok ok. so whos the dude with his hand on Brad’s waist in the LA Times Photo. (the one where both the gents have their right hands in the air)

At first i though George had his arm around Brad. But you can see where george’s left arm is rest on his own lap. The strange dude is crouched behind Brad and putting his hand in there… What gives? lol

Congratulation Takei.

Congrats to Georege and Brad!!!

And to Star Trek fans EVERYWHERE… we’re alive to see such IDIC!

Special thanks to Anthony, for so carefully monitoring the posts.

I always knew this would happen some day…

#40 Garen…myself.

I looked a little harder and realized the man has a microphone in his hand. He’s recording some audio of the event. I’m an idiot. lol

George and Brad are fantastic spokespeople for this day. Best wishes to them both, and I am so glad to see such deep love celebrated.

#41 (for now…)

Trekmovie is not the place for politics?

Oh really? Someone need to explain this to Mark A. Altman immediately!!

Gotta love it!

Those clips were fantastic! If George smiles any wider his face will split in two… and who knew Brad Altman was such a cut-up!

Thanks for posting these, Anthony!

Guys, Congrats. I hope everything works out beautifully!

And yes, it is about time! ^_^

Oh, and thank you very much Anthony!

Congrats! Congrats! The wedding is less than 3 months away. Oh wow!