Great Links: Lists, Nerds, Mashups (and More) Show Their Love For Trek

In this week’s Great Links we have an ‘angry’ look back at the history of Star Trek games, TNG and other Trek getting some respect on some lists, but being dissed by the AFI. Plus we have an (un)appologetic Trekkie showing her nerdiness, a new TAS mashup…and Picard goes green.


Angry Nerd’s Trek
This week the ‘Angry  Video Game Nerd’ takes a look at some of the early (and often frustrating) Star Trek games. [contains much mature language]. More from the Nerd at

Trek on the Lists
Another week of Trek going up on the lists.

Sci-Fi Visions for Tomorrow: Top Things You Must Read, Watch, And Do To Save The World
TOS and TNG end up on the top TV shows, but no love for any Trek movies.

Paste Magazine: Top 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows
This time only TNG makes the list, and is beat by Battlestar! Frak!

411 Mania: Top 5 Most Memorable Reboots
And TNG again makes the grade!

Film Crunch: Five Great You and Dad Movies
Fathers and sons feel the love in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

No love from the AFI
Last night the American Film Institute Special on CBS revealed their "10 Greatest Films in 10 Genres." The Top 10 Sci-Fi films were (descending order) 2001, Star Wars, ET, Clockwork Orange, Day the Earth Stood Still, Blade Runner, Alien, Terminator 2, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Back to The Future. Isn’t their something missing AFI? Even Entertainment Weekly noted "What the sci-fi list doesn’t feature a single Star Trek movie".

AFI…mine is the superior movie

Picture of the week: An apology
Erotic Photographer and model Katie West got a comment on her blog saying "And f**k, the girl is just thin, and I get pissed each time I see her" so she created a photoset to ‘apologize’ to the world for all her sins, including "being a giant sexy nerd." (plus here is a bonus ‘making of’ shot on flickr.)

TrekMovie says: no apology necessary

Video of the week: Common People Kirk Spock Slashup
Youtuber kirkslashspock has a new mashup of TAS using Shatner’s song “Common People,” with a bit of a K/S slash angle.


This Earl Gray is not hot!


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Picard Hulk. is cool.

First??? Love our Orion girl blogger!!

Hey, guys – the link for the Dad & You movies needs fixing; it takes you to the Top 10 Sci Fi shows article.

But speaking of Dads, how about a “Top 10 Star Trek Dads” feature like the one you did for Mother’s Day?

Great, great slashup

Enjoyed the “common people” video. Wonder how long it took him to find suitable footage to sinc up lyrics with.

Link for the Top 5 remakes directs to the Top 10 instead. Correct 411 link:

RE 3
we dont like to repeat ourselves too much. That is why we did 77 awesome for SHatner list and a B&W photo essay for Nimoy. For Fathers day we did an indepth look at one episode instead of the same thing we did for mothers day.

next year who knows

My only question regarding the Star Trek video games……is what song was the drummer playing to on the theme of this video? Or what compound meter did he think he was playing to? Doesn’t seem he was in the same room with the guitarist.

On the video itself….I remember Coleco Vision. Ah Coleco Vision. Still have mine. Original controllers, console, game cartridges. If anyone’s interested….I’ve got it up in the attic. Cheap.

Ah, the way that old video games used to be. That reminds me of the first Zelda. I still can’t figure it out. I’m so spoiled by 3D graphics and the Wii and an awesome computer, that I’ve forgotten exactly how bad things used to be. I love growing up with technology.

To continue my previous rant:

improved graphics does not always mean better performance. I use Vista, for instance. So far, I have not had any issues with it. As far as I can tell, the graphics-laden Vista makes life so much better. Vista is invincible! Vista will never cra—–


Crud muffins….

Thanks for the reply, Anthony!

I first played “Time Trek” in 1978, an unauthorized game for the TRS-80 Model I. It ran in 4K of RAM. That’s 4096 bytes, kids. Radio Shack released their own version of it as “Space Warp” with the names changed (Klingons to Jovians, Enterprise to Endever, etc). There’s a screen shot of this version at

Arrrrr… uuuhhhh…

Sorry thar’ TOG… but I think a better Vista fur ye be the unique images of tha’ fair lady above…

Now, whilst I can appreciate tha’ attitude and tha’ asthetics of the images, I will respectfully bite me tongue and restrain from me normal boorish innuendo and smutty-roo.

Interestingly enough ta’ be sure, some great hits, whether it be in tha’ art or music realms, are things done out o’ spite, revenge, or just hollerin’ back.
Oh, yeah, a Brit calls up “Hollaback Girl”… oh, well, I’m so vain, I probably thought this webbysite wuz aboot me… even Sweet Home Al-a-BAM-a spited Neil … Khan’s revenge be of spicy and endearing bent… Sistine Chapel wit’ its nudies fur that abusive Pope ta’ be spited wit’…

So, is sayin’ “screw you” a good inspiration and muse to create works that truly do resonate wit’ so many so powerfully? Moreso than, say, erotica or love…

Nah… lookee tha’ Father’s day thread again wit’ tha’ bonny standout “The Visitor”… which oddly enough had nothin’ ta’ do wit’ Colonel Kira…

Positive or negative, art be inspired by passion… yo ho ho, JJ & Orci & K-man, how many movies dese days have that drivin’ tha’ wheels? Hope some Rommie Prater cut ya’ off tha’ day ya’ wrote tha’ script and got ya’ all worked up…

— “Is There In “Screw-You!” No Beauty?” —


Yes indeed how Trek games have all suckethed hard thru the years!!! Never failing to be aweful so at least they have a perfect record. Only good Trek Games ever were role playing not the video variety Star Fleet Battles and FASA.

British Naval Dude, thou cracketh me, most delightfully, up! And HOORAY for tall, skinny Star Trek lovin’ hot chicks! I knew there was one or two hidin’ somewhere…

I dig green chicks. Thanks for making my day.

“Mercy this, Motherf–ker!”


-I liked that TOS video game back in the day for NES, it was the TNG won that drove me crazy.

-Last week I went to see the midnight showing of the Hulk and there were these cute girls who got all painted up in green. Man if I see that for the Star Trek showing I think I’ll fall in love.

Oh and that AFI sci-fi list was total BS, no trek, but there was Invasion of the Body Snatchers?!?! Whatever.

oh man, that chick is hot hot hot!

Yes, this is much better than that picture from the other day. In the words of James T. Kirk….

Oh… my.



BND, we’ve been over this HOW many times? I would probably like Chakotay quicker than I would an Orion Slave Girl. You have seen my Quinto rants, right?


I ain’t no hollaback girl!

I idolize Gwen Stefani.

Oh man… the Angry Nerd’s fight scene with the Klingon deserves to be a classic. Perfect sendup of a TOS Kirk fight. Nice job phasering the Metron too.

Okay, Kate West is hot, but a bit thin for me but you tell ’em sweetheart!!

The best trek game is Bridge Commander, because of the mods.

best star trek game is birth of the federation with the latest udm mod , so says is , and meh i am use to star trek not making the top 10 sci movie lists , even if it should be there , its only the best sci fanchise ever ! , but to be fair its the t.v. shows where it really holds it own

I agree. Katie West, no apology necessary. Rock on with your bad self.

Bridge Commander IS the best Trek game ever. Elite Force II being a close second!

Angry Video Game Nerd is the man. Thanks for plugging him Anthony!

ah she so hot!

Anthony, thanks for the warning about colorful metaphors. What about a little mention of the use of blackface in 2008??

I kid. Good stuff. Also love Nurse Chapel’s discrete descent. OMG!

As for Katie West, hubba hubba.

That AFI list is quite illogical. Though A Clockwork Orange is one of my all-time favorites, it’s definitely not a “SciFi” movie. I suppose they could call it ScoFi (social fiction) but it really doesn’t belong with the rest of those movies. Personally, I’d replace Body Snatchers with THX-1138, and finish off the list with Star Trek II. Back to the Future is a really fun movie, but it’s not top 10 caliber.

Kate’s got some more revealing (and less on-topic) pics in her photostream. FWIW.

The game video is awesome, right down to mispronouncing “Metron” the way Kirk did. I still have the Atari Star Trek game. I seem to recall having to bump off Nomad on a boss level. I only wish they had covered the insane Apple II “Kobayashi Alternative” game and the wildly frustrating PC version of the 25th anniversary game (the CDROM version had the actors voicing the dialog.)

You want Genesis? I’ll give you Genesis!


I don’t think any “Star Trek” films belong in the Top Ten Science Fiction Movies, but I also think that about four of the films they selected are out of place there.

2001, Star Wars, Day the Earth Stood Still, Blade Runner, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and *maybe* the original “Alien” are good choices (Star Wars partly because its influence on American commercial films in general has been extraordinary.

AFI isn’t about getting these lists right, it’s about making you watch their specials and argue about their lists. On that level, the special was good.

I can handle 2001 as best Science Fiction.

But Vertigo? It’s not Hitchcock’s best anything. It’s a flawed gem. Rear Window or North by Northwest would have been SO much better in that category.

Is Lawrence of Arabia a better night than Dr. Zhivago? Um. How the hell can you decide that with any authority?

Anyway… I’ve got hundreds of favorite Sci-Fi movies… including some that stink. (Dark Star anyone?) Night Flyers (catch the Vulcan!) This Island Earth. Forbidden Planet. Farenheit 451 (Bradbury loved the tacked-on ending.) Metropolis. Fantastic Planet (one good French cartoon!) For that matter, Akira. So many more…

Oh, I didn’t even realize that Clockwork Orange was set in the future until someone pointed out the purple hair and explained that the milk bar doesn’t serve milk.

10. That One Guy – June 18, 2008
To continue my previous rant:

Let’s get you a real computer.


Citizen Kane over-rated fur ye’????

Sorry… couldn’t resist me matey… and Dark Star… feeze tha’ dead cap’n… surf in space… beach balls more deadly than Klingy-ons…

Hows aboot Jeremiah Johnson? How’s about films that bring us togther and we quote and know and stop and watch when on tha’ telly?

Like tha’ Wrath o’ Khan? Fight Club (better than tha’ book!), Legend of 1900, Branaugh’s Hamlet, and recently, There Will be Blood…

Kelly’s Heroes, anyone? Thar be sci-fo blastin’ Hank Williams Jr in 1945…

A good film is a good film… in tha’ future we don’t cat-o-ga-rize… Pirate alert! RAID THA’ AFI !!! We will take it back.


Now… back ta’ tha’ green loveley…

Have ya’ ver seen any other mock Orions wit’ such natural lookin’ hues? Skin color lookin’ realer than Enterpoop’s ep. Good job thar’, lassie.

I find it hard ta’ decide whether ta’ frame ye’ on me wall like “Flaming June” or ta’ seek out me right hand…

Ahhhh… tha’ dichotomy o’ man… like football… beastly or beloved?

Fine art, I’ll say.


While we’re on the subject of Trek games I can honestly say the only ones I’ve ever liked are Birth of the Federation (my favourite) Star Trek TNG A Final Unity, DS9 Dominion Wars DS9 the Fallen. I love Armada for the gameplay but other than that it’s pretty stupid, don’t even get me started on the second one.

If we are talking ‘proper’ Science Fiction, then in my opinion, Star Trek – The Motion Picture wins hands down. Lets be real here, Star Wars is and always has been Science Fantasy. Not that this makes me like it any less you understand.

As always, these are my opinions, your mileage may vary.

Several points, why is no single Star Trek movie in the AFI list. Wrath of Khan should have been in there, it is one of the best sci fi films ever. Several of the movies have to be in there.

I love Battlestar Galactica and it is one of the best shows on TV at the moment but I still believe The Next Generation was a much better show and should have been number 1. I am glad TNG was so high up but I think it should have been top. BSG should have been number 2.

TNG is one of my fav shows of all time.

If he’s such a nerd, how come he said, “phenomenons”? Dude, “phenomena” is the plural of “phenomenon”. kthanxbye.

#35: ” Forbidden Planet. Farenheit 451 (Bradbury loved the tacked-on ending.) Metropolis. ”

Three good calls there. And I agree and understand that the AFI lists have a definite marketing bent to them – which is why they’re always larded with so many recent films at the occasional expense of real classics.

“Forbidden Planet” is probably my favorite sf film of all time, and it’s certainly one of the best.

The 25th Anniversary Game was so much better on the PC, from what I recall. It also involved a different storyline if I recall correctly. Too bad he didn’t include the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier PC game. That one was BAD.

“Farenheit 451 (Bradbury loved the tacked-on ending.)”

And so he should. It’s a better ending (indeed, a more “Bradbury-esque” one) than that of his own novel.

I saw Ray at the LA Book Fair a few weeks ago, and was struck by just how much at peace he seems with his life and work at this point. Good for him–he’s earned it if anyone has.

“I love Battlestar Galactica and it is one of the best shows on TV at the moment but I still believe The Next Generation was a much better show and should have been number 1. I am glad TNG was so high up but I think it should have been top. BSG should have been number 2.”

Nope. But, to each his own.

#41—Right there with you, Mark.

TMP, besides being extremely underrated (IMO), is the best sci-fi film in the Star Trek feature film series.

TWOK might be more conventionally entertaining, both for TOS fans and mainstream movie viewers, but TMP is definitely the better sci-fi film (and my second favorite ST film).

#42—“The Next Generation was a much better show…”

I’m not sure how it compares to BSG (never did anything for me), but I can barely watch TNG in reruns (with the exception of “Yesterday’s Enterprise”–which is just a great story). I know that there is Trek for all kinds, but TNG– IMO, is just plain dull. I never found myself involved with the characters, and I have to say that the TNG-era is just less romantic than the 23rd Century setting of TOS and the original films. Voyager was extremely hit and miss, DS9 is decent on its own, and although I seem to be in a minority, I actually enjoy ENT on DVD.

TNG lost me at Farpoint…

Game Nerd knows his Trek, that was funny as hell

Okay, that Orion girl sure put a smile on my face. :)