Star Trek The Exhibition Opens In San Diego

Star Trek: The Exhibit premiered this weekend at the Air and Space Museum in San Diego, California. About 1,000 people visited The Exhibition on opening day Saturday, including local Fan clubs (and local Klingons). We have photos of the opening below, plus video of the local news coverage.


PICTURES (click to enlarge)

Crowd lines up for the opening Saturday morning

Local weatherman Dave Scott gets some help from San Diego Klingons of the The IKV Stranglehold

Exhibition entrance is just a few feet from the real Apollo 9 spacecraft!

Klingon Attack Cruiser and the Starship Excelsior, just two of the many original filming models you can get up close and personal with

Re-creation of the original Enterprise bridge (chair and console from “In A Mirror Darkly”), where you can sit and have your picture taken

Uniforms worn by Kate Mulgrew (Capt. Janeway) and Avery Brooks (Capt. Sisko.), just a sample of the original costumes on display

‘Timeline of the Future’, also shows some of the many display cases for original props and models

Step through the Guardian of Forever for a great photo op

Mike Okuda talks to the NBC affiliate in San Diego about the Exhibition

NBC San Diego also has more pictures from the tour HERE.

San Diego’s channel 10 also previewed the Exhibit

More local coverage of The Exhibition at (also a photo gallery)

For more information on Star Trek The Exhibit in San Diego, see our previous story with details on the Exhibit and it’s transformation from ‘The Tour. Also vist the official site.

Photos (mostly) by Mike Okuda

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I hope this keeps going for long enough to make it to the east coast.

Almost makes me want to fly out to San Diego…like right now…looks vaguely like the experience in LV

that is not the chair from in a mriior darkly, the borrowed the chaire from star trek new voyages

according to okuda it is the chair. and STNV are filming right now so cant see how they can lend their chair out

Cool Expo.
Makes me want to fly out to the States and check it out right now!
Would anything like this ever get to London?

Are those really the filming models? Aren’t they just sitting in some guys house since the Christie’s Auction?

look at the detail on the bridge monitors on the mock-up bridge. That’s the kind of detail I hope we see in the movie. Also, I think the bridge will have a similar lighting scheme. I don’t think it will have the hard light the bridge had on TOS.

I just came back from the exhibition about an hour ago. More than anything, it struck me as a road-tour version of the sort of thing you get at the Trek Experience is Las Vegas. The props and miniatures not already pawned-off at Christy’s are impressive, as was the Master’s Replica of the original Enterprise on display that had been profiled here a couple of weeks back–trust me, they may actually be woth the $1200.00.

On the other hand, while walking around the TOS bridge and Next Gen corridors can’t help but be fun for any fan, their obvious lack of fidelity to the originals (see photo above) is also something of a disappointment. And once you’ve taken in the props, costumes, and sets, you’re pretty much done with the show. I’ll leave it for others to decide if that’s worth the $24.00 adult entry fee, but T2, it’s definitely not something I’d get on an airplane to see. To be honest, my stepdad and I spent just as much time checking out the Air and Space exhibits afterwards, even though I’ve been a Trek fan for more than thirty years now. At least they picked the perfect host site with Balboa Park, which, along with the weather, mountains and oceans is one of the real perks to living in San Diego.

I went when it was Star Trek: The Tour and it was quite an exhilarating and nostalgic experience to be on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Will they EVER do ANYING on the East Coast?!

Either way I’m happy to see this open though I WAS kinda excited about Trek on a boat! (The Tour)

I went to the Star Wars Science thing last week. I paid 20 bucks to see real items from the Lucasfilm archives. At least they have the real stuff on display.

#3 john doe — For the record, only the tactical scope was borrowed from New Voyages. The conn itself was built by Herman Zimmerman for a museum attraction and taken from storage for use in “In a Mirror, Darkly.” Everything else, including the captain’s chair, was built for the episodes.

I hope this comes to Atlanta someday soon, because I want a picture of myself in every chair and at every console of that bridge, and another of me jumping through the Guardian.

Sucks we never get anything like this in Australia we had something similar back in 97 but I barely remember it, I was only 6 lol.

Huh…so it’s kinda like the ST Experience then. I’d love to have my pic taken in the Captain’s chair tho. That would be awesome… I hope this comes up to Washington State eventually. Im sure it’ll be at the Pacific Science Center.

Maybe I wouldn’t be tempted to get on a plane to this show then. I didn’t realise that most of the get-up was not original!

#4…..Anthony we have built three chairs since then. The only thing we loaned to “Enterprise” for “In a Mirror Darkly ” was the “Sulu scanner”……

ugh.. i am so pissed the Ent – D bridge is not there… i wonder why they condensed the tour… bummer

1000 for opening day (on a Saturday, mind you). That’s not very encouraging. How many visitors will there be on Tuesday, three weeks from now? As I’ve said before: the folks here had better “get on board” for the new movie because it is the LAST hope for Star Trek!

“Star Trek: The Exhibition” looks interesting and it makes me wish I had the money to visit San Diego.

19, you’re right, only 1000 people is not encouraging. I hope you’re wrong about the new Trek film being Trek’s last hope but you could easily be correct. Let’s hope it’s a blockbuster.

19. keep in mind that this same exhibit was just in california. under a different name and bigger too!

#17 CaptainLordBat — as I explained (see post #12) :-D

Tactical scope, Sulu scanner, same thing :-P

I’ll be there next month, sitting in Kirk’s chair and stepping through the Guardian!!! Must … not … lose … control!!!

WHOOOOOO!!!!!! :-)

i disagree Star Trek: The Exhibition or tour always stay in california rest in life huh! i knew too many people can’t flow across any states because of gas rise!!! i felt not fair to anyone live far away. california are selfish!!! come on….

East Coast guys–have faith. See the original stories on this: New owners (Premiere) want to split the show, (maybe with a duplicate TOS bridge), and tour it on a separate second schedule so it hits more cities faster. Stay tuned!

#19 Sex: “As I’ve said before: the folks here had better “get on board” for the new movie because it is the LAST hope for Star Trek!”

Star Trek is a multi-generational genre icon; it’s long-term prospects will never depend on a single project … the impact of the film’s success or failure will be entirely short-term, maybe 5-10 years depending on the timidity of the garden variety Paramount Suit.

And if the film rocks, the folks here (and elsewhere) will have no hesitation getting on board. So all it has to do is rock :) Here’s hopin.

And check out that bizarre freudian slip. Don’t take it the wrong way, #19, you’re not my type :)

Does anybody know how to check the schedule of when they will be where? Everything Ive checked says nothing including Star Trek dot com, ticketmaster, etc…

Is there a list somewhere that has all the cities and dates????


Thank you !

So, is the Wil Wheaton thing still part of it?

#23—I have to admit that sounds pretty good.


According to the designer of the USS Titan model used in the Long Beach Star Trek Tour, the bit with Wil Wheaton and Tim Russ was removed from the smaller Exhibition in San Diego.

If they come to Boston and/or Providence, I’ll be there!

The Klingon who can’t speak Klingon. What a shame for the Empire! :p

“baH bagheyzaz” is wrong. It’s “batlh bIHeghjaj”!!!



27. S. John Ross

Exactly WHAT is that “bizzare freudian slip” that I supposedly made?


Trust me, even they don’t know. Remember that so-called schedule for The Tour? That was a joke (or fraud?). The Experience folks will probably try to line up venues during the coming months (IF the current exhibition in San Diego is successsful).

Is it me, or do the news anchors sound vaguely patronizing?
I’m probably being over sensitive.

The only way the tour/exhibition/stall will make it past California is if it makes money.


#36—-He was talking about the word “sex” appearing before HIS post (#26), not yours.

#38—Nope. There was a previous article which distinguishes between the two.

#39—It’s not you. As always, they are doing this with a not-so-subtle “these people are crazy” look on their faces. Can you blame them? We can be a little bit nuts sometimes.

I never saw the Titan model in Long Beach? Where was it?
I thought it was in that “stupid” titan ride but it never rose out of floor.


It has been mentioned before on this site and in the article above that this is a slimmed down version of “Star Trek: The Tour”.

Any news on when and if this is going to be moving on to other parts of the country? I can see that a lot of people are interested who don’t happen to live in San Diego. Even a prospective idea of cities and dates would be appreciated. The official site says that it is kicking off the North American tour but that’s it.

Lucky meeee, this is 7.5 minutes away from my house, even at Warp .0000009 (50 mph). All you Out-of-The-Country Types, welcome to San Diego, come along for the visit!

1,000 visitors is a huge success for an exhibition opening. We handle marketing for multiple blockbuster exhibits, and typically 1200-1500 people for an opening is great and that’s in a top 10 market area. This is the first exhibit we have had a line out the door for the opening as well. Exhibits just don’t draw that “opening” demand becuase they are int he market for soo long. Over 50% of the people at the event (surveyed) this Saturday where “new” to the brand, meaning they had limited knowledge of the movies or TV show. I think the exhibit will provide a great opportunity for Star Trek to expand it’s fan base.

I went on Saturday. It was a little crowded, but I got to spend lots of time studying the ship models up close. They did rush me a little through the TOS Enterprise bridge, but I snuck back later when there was a lull in the crowds. There’s something about sitting in that Captain’s Chair that you just can’t describe.

This looks very much like the Star Trek exhibition that came to the Science Museum in London a number of years ago. Naturally I dragged my daughter along with me to see it, she was too young at the time to say ‘no’ !

It was fun, but to be honest I had hoped for more. For example an entire original bridge would have been nice, rather than the cut-away we had. Some kind of interactive segment on the bridge would have been really cool, with a few actors intermingled with the punters on the bridge.
Sort of like the ‘Alien Experience’ that travelled around the UK a few years ago, where you got to be rescued by the Colonial Marines and led around a maze of corridors to the drop ship and see the marines get picked off one by one by the aliens. That was a lot of fun.

I don’t know how big San Diego is but 1000 people on an opening day does sound a poor turnout by any standard.

Call me cynical, but I think that Paramount are trying to find ways to drum up interest for the new movie while spending as little as possible.
Of course I could be completely wrong, as indeed I often am…

Is there any cost for the pic on the bridge?? what are some of the other items within the tour which cost additional $$?? It would have been nice to have the ORIGINAL BRIDGE probably in a landfill by now.

I just saw it, and it was amazing. The stuff was handpicked before the Christie’s auction, and so is the best stuff before they sold the rest. All the props, costumes etc. are original and amazing. The original sets were never kept at the time (TV shows don’t keep them), and in fact were never built in one full immersive experience like this at the time (shooting TV never works like that, they only need what is directly in front of the camera, not around and behind) so this actually looks better than anything made at the time. Anything that did survive by way of original set parts has been integrated. It looks awesome.

This was a refined and improved experience compared to Long Beach, it had more of a flow to it, less chaotic, and I liked it a lot better than Star Trek: The Tour. There is stuff in this one that The Tour didn’t have. And how cool is it to have real spacecraft like Apollo 9 there too.

If we want Star Trek to survive we need to get in our cars / planes / whatever and get down there and support it. I plan on going back a lot!!

That sounds awesome! I am going this weekend.

You guys are all nerds! No wonder anchor men and women look at you that way!