The Collective: New Trek Statues & Nutcrackers + Picture of DST Medical Tricorder

This week, two new companies join the growing list of those manufacturing Star Trek products. has your guide to new Christmas items by Kurt Adler and a new Vina statue from KitKong’s Model Mansion. Also, there is news about new products from DST including the first image of the Medical Tricorder.


Christmas Trek from Kurt Adler
This autumn, the Kurt Adler company will release three Star Trek Christmas products in their popular Fabriche and Nutcrackers lines. This represents the first ever Star Trek Christmas products from this venerable company. Kurt Adler has been making Christmas items from 1946 and is one of the most respected in the industry, with nearly 40 licensees with Star Wars, Superman, Batman, and Marvel Comic characters to name a few. .

The Christmas with Tribbles Statue has previously reported on the Hallmark ornament featuring Captain Kirk from the episode "The Trouble With Tribbles". Kurt Adler continues the theme with a 7 inch Fabriche statue of Spock on the deck of the Enterprise, surrounded by gifts and tribbles. The statue retails for $49.99 at Entertainment Earth and is available this October

Kurt Adler Star Trek Spock & Tribbles Christmas Fabric Mache Statue
(pre-order for October availability)

The Nutcrackers…Sweet!
There are two Kurt Adler nutcrackers for holiday festivities this year with 11 inch wooden versions of Kirk and Spock. These are the first ever nutcracker versions of Star Trek characters and they retail for a reasonable $33.99. In addition to being a fun holiday decoration, this item should provide juvenile fans with a great amount of fodder for prurient jokes.

Kurt Adler Star Trek
Mr. Spock Nutcracker
Kurt Adler Star Trek
Captain Kirk Nutcracker
(pre-order for October availability)
(pre-order for October availability)


The KitKong’s Model Mansion Vina Statue
KitKong’s Model Mansion is now getting into Star Trek. They announced this week a new 1/6 (12 inch) pre-painted porcelain and resin statue of Vina from the episodes "The Cage" and "Menagerie" sculpted by Chris Elizardo. This is the first ever statue for the popular character who has been both a Playmates Toys and Diamond Select Toys action figure over the years. For those unfamiliar with KitKong, they have items from many popular feature films and comic books, including Marvel and DC Comics characters. The Vina item is limited to 200 statues and is available for preorder now at ModelMansion for $64.95.

1/6 scale Vina statue from Kit Kong available this fall

UPDATE: has been told that this statue is not an officially licensed product. It is unknown if it will still be availalbe.


DST: Medical Tricorder Images and Deluxe Edition Captain Kirk

Medical Tricorder
This week, the first prototype image of this October’s exclusive Entertainment Earth edition of the Medical Tricorder was released. This Diamond Select Toys role playing prop replica includes lights, sounds, the voice of Dr. McCoy, and a removable scanner.

Star Trek TOS  Exclusive Medical Tricorder Replica w/ removable scanner
(Entertainment Earth exclusive pre-order, available October)

Deluxe Captain Kirk
This October, DST will be offering a deluxe edition of the Captain Kirk in command chair action figure. The action figure includes an electronic captain’s chair with lights and sounds, featuring the voice of Captain Kirk and effects from the original television era. While a similar Kirk with Chair was offered two years ago, this is the first electronic version and amazingly costs only a few dollars more than the regular version which included none of the bells and whistles. Currently only available for pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store

$27.99 and it’s yours later this year


Autumn and Christmas Bonanza 
These new licensees and the presale of more items from DST is good news for collectors. There will be a veritable bonanza of items for this Christmas season for Star Trek fans, from PEZ to Kurt Adler, to Hallmark Ornaments, to Rittenhouse Trading Cards to more action figures from DST. This week’s news, along with the list of licensees discussed previously by helps show that Star Trek is being considered in the same league now as some other major feature films and brands. It also represents the same kind of retro retail marketing to promote Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Leading up to Indy 4 there were many new ‘classic Indy’ products released which were fun for fans and helped remind people of why they loved the character of Indiana Jones so much. Hopefully, the same kind of effect will be the result from these classic Trek products.


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The tricorder! All that’s missing from my collection!

when can NECA take the Star Trek collectable toy license from DST.

That medical tricorder looks pretty sweet. I may finally have met my match after years of avoiding this kind of stuff :) But then again, it’s no secret that I consider Star Trek “the adventures of Leonard McCoy, that Spock guy, and their sidekicks.”

Speaking of those: I do find it ironic that the nutcracker Kirk looks slightly more like Kirk than the “deluxe” Kirk. Is there just something special about William Shatner’s face that makes it physically impossible to sculpt it? Some quirk of the forehead, something non-Euclidean in the jawline? I don’t even mean fine details, even very general proportions seem to elude sculptors when it comes to the cap’n, regardless of budget, medium or scale.

Poor likenesses…too many quatloos…what’s the point of this madness?
The Kirk in command chair previously released had many defects including scuffed paint on the chair and smudged command insignia on the shirt.
The Vina 200-piece limited edition again looks nothing like actress Susan Oliver. Why bother??
I’m similary disappointed with the poor likeness of Kirk in the two-piece Death of Spock Wrath of Khan action figure set. Looks more like Sulu.
They’re crankin’ this stuff out with little attention to detail…and internet customers take the chance that the items they buy may have flaws that shouldn’t be there if quality control was there to do the job it should.
Can I speak more bluntly??

I would LOVE to see an entire Star Trek LEGO set. I mean all the characters from all the shows, ships, locations, everything ! I realize this would cost a small fortune but I think that would be awesome !

Im definately buying the Vina statue from Kit Kong. I have a couple toher pieces from them and the quality and detail are fantastic.

The Nutcrackers…..ummmmm…….at least they are properly named ! lol

Much TOS goodness to be had. I’m in for the Tricorder and deluxe captain’s chair for sure. The vina statue ain’t half bad either.

Tricorder looks sweet. I will get one.

They caught Vina is just the perfect pose… wow! I first saw her and fell in love with her when I was 11…. no wonder I love green women! So sad that there are so few in real life.

The tricorder looks amazing… And for the price, it’s a must! Now all I need to do is buy one of those short blue dresses and I can be McCoy’s nurse… :-D

nutcrackers?! arrrr… I said it afore, I’ll say it again…

“Break it so.”

oops… wrong cap’n…


This Med tricorder looks great. I’m a scientist, though, so my pre-order for the standard tricorder stands.

An action figure that sits?

I’m sure Denise and Spockanella are pleased to see a Spock nut breaker — uh, nut cracker — uh, thing that busts a — oh hell… you know what I’m saying.

Re:4. Jeffrey S. Nelson – June 23, 2008
“Poor likenesses…too many quatloos…what’s the point of this madness?
The Kirk in command chair previously released had many defects including scuffed paint on the chair and smudged command insignia on the shirt.”

To be honest, after 30+ years of various companies making Kirk toys, statues and model kits, none have ever enjoyed a dead-on likeness to William Shatner…maybe Mego’s 8-inch figure is the lone exception. If Shatner is too complicated a face to get just right, I guess collectors have to settle for second best.

“The Vina 200-piece limited edition again looks nothing like actress Susan Oliver. Why bother??”

Agreed. That is about as bad as one can get…but we’re living in the period of so many superhero, sci-fi and fantasy statues and busts being good business, that the rush to cash-in while a type of product is “hot” means more than quality control.

That said, the Tricorder is a dream come true. Sure, its not as solid as the Master Replicas version, but as a play prop, it is the best ever made. I only wish tha was available when I was Trek-obsessed kid in the early 70s!

The medical tricorder WITH removable scanner. I’ll say it again…..where was that MasterReplicas? Too cool. Mine’s on order. Can’t wait.

Wow! I get my sister a nutcracker for her collection every year – I think it’s got to be the Spock one this time.

So for the whole five people on the planet that will buy the nutcrackers, I salute you.

I want the tricorder.

True, you can walk into any Toys R Us and find Star Wars Lego sets, but I can’t even remember ever seeing Star Trek Legos. They really should jump on that. I would actually be real tempted to go get a Lego Enterprise.

The Vina statue looks more like Linda Blair in The Exorcist than Susan Oliver.

I’ve had my tricorder on order since they were announced. I’ll probably order the variants because, to allude to what Compassionate God stated, I am a grown up kid who never had such cool Trek toys when I was a young. Just that tiny, little Exploration set that AMT put out. I broke so many of those things.

Nutcracker likenesses are pretty good.

Right on! I’ve ordered the Tricorder. Now my TOS Landing Party gear is virtually completed. I can hardly wait to scan/record my girlfriend while she snores the night away.

I couldn’t care less about the various figurines but I will make an exception for the Vina statue. It’s kind of cool, but ridiculously overpriced.

OK, I have to disagree (somewhat) with some of the comments concerning the Vina statuette. Personally, I love it. The detail and workmanship look great. It may not be an exact likeness of Ms. Oliver, but the essence is truly there. A sultry, sexy green chick enticing all the Trekkies of the world.

And wow…Entertainment Earth is doing a bang up job with their replicas. Accurate AND affordable…the perfect combo. If I had any disposable income at all, I’d be all over their products, but alas…

I have broke and will always break your almonds.


“Why does Lt. Pryor keep calling me ‘Captain Cracker’?”


To bludgeon a shelled nut to expulsion is not logical.


.. I wonder if the hand held medical scanner will whirl and spin?

If the communicator can have a spinning moire motor for $29, I don’t see why not.

Here’s hoping!

“I am Ki-Racker! I have legumes! I am Ki-Racker!”


“The Nutcracker is a Russian in-wention.”


Hazelnut frequencies open, sir. Me and my four crewmates are gonna get crackin’.

CmdrR#12- LOL!

BND- You are on fire today, dude.

#17 – Im dreaming of a LEGO DS9 complete with Runabouts the Defiant a QUARKS too ! Quark look like a LEGO character already sorta – How cool would that be ?

C’mon, Who wouldn’t enjoy a LEGO BORG CUBE ????? We could mix and match their arms and attachments… cool….

In fact, how about an XBOX 360-PS3 LEGO video game like they did with SW, Indy and coming soon Batman ? I would buy that game without any hesitation. But alas, its NUTCRACKERS for Xmas this year…..*sigh*

Sorry for going off topic bt we need some LEGO STAR TREK goodies !!!!!!

WOW! I can’t wait for the medical tricorder.

Also, I fail to understand how the nut-crackers will crack the nuts.

I think they beam the shells away.

Well, if any of you have noticed, the site has been informed that the “Vina” statue isn’t even a licensed product. Can we say “Change the name or Paramount will sue for copyright infringement” kids? I knew that you could.

As for the spinny thing in the scanner, it looks like there is a button on the side of it, so it probably will spin. The only thing that even closely pulls me towards it is that it has good ol’ Bones’s voice on it.

And I love the Spock w/tribbles statue, and the tag that says “From McCoy” just made me laugh!

They could always repackage the 200 Vina statues as “SHE-HULK 2008” lol

Hi webmaster!