Mulgrew To Join Daniel Radcliffe In Equus On Broadway

Exit Patrick Stewart and enter Kate Mulgrew, look out New York another Star Trek captain is headed to Broadway. Today it was announced that Kate Mulgrew (Voyager – Capt. Janeway) has been cast in the Broadway revival of Equus which starts its 22 week run in September. Mulgrew is the first American cast for the US run, joining Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter series) and Richard Griffiths (History Boys) who are reprising their roles from the London run of the play.

A synopsis via

In Equus, psychiatrist Martin Dysart (Griffiths) investigates the blinding of six horses, a savage act committed by an unassuming 17-year-old stable boy, Alan Strang (Radcliffe), whose family life is rife with bigotry and religious fervor. As Dysart exposes the truths behind the boy’s demons, he finds himself face-to-face with his own. Mulgrew plays Hester Salomon, the compassionate public official who begs Dysart to take on the boy’s case.

Poster for Equus

Kate Mulgrew has been on the New York stage in The American Dream/The Sandbox, Iphigenia 2.0 (for which she recently won an Obie award), Our Leading Lady, Tea at Five, and Titus Andronicus. Her last Broadway appearance was in Black Comedy/White Lies in 1993.

More on Mulgrew’s casting at AP, Playbill, and

Equus and Radcliffe courting controversy
When Equus premiered in London in 2007 it kicked up some controversy over the Harry Potter star baring all on stage. Radcliffe seems to be using the play as an opportunity to shed is ‘boy wizard’ image as the Potter franchise winds down. The following video discusses the play and controversy

Peter Shaffer’s revival of Equus begins previews Sept. 5 at the Broadhurst Theatre in New York. Opening night is scheduled for Sept. 25 for a 22-week engagement ending Feb. 8, 2009. More info on Equus at the official site.

Nimoy in Equus
Equus was first on Broadway in two seperate runs the 70s. During the second run at the
Helen Hayes Theater in 1977, Leonard Nimoy took over the role Dr. Dysart from Anthony Hopkins. More info at IBDB and

Nimoy in Equus (1977)

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Interesting show. Well worth the money.

Wow, what a geek-out show.

Kind of like LotR: the Musical!

Daniel Radcliffe swears,,smokes,,gets naked,and plays with a horse,,

but Im sure people will go and see it because,,,,

Kate Mulgrew is in it

Any controversy is pretty stale by now but that won’t stop the media from trying. Radcliffe will be 19 by the time this opens in New York as opposed to 17 when he played it in London. I wonder if the reverse would have been allowed.

Hated Voyager.
Kate, though, is badass.
Saw the play years ago. I’ll pass.

Does this mean we get to see Captain Janeway naked? (or at very least topless) :D

As a self proclaimed Trek equine authority—

I got nothing.

I heard that most horses turn a blind eye to Radcliffe.

Leonard Nimoy played in Equus in the 1970’s, I recall.


I don’t recall Leonard saying that in either one of his books.

In a pre TMP interview, Nimoy did state he was doing the play when all the indecision whether Star Trek should be a TV movie, series or a theatrical feature. He was concerned if he had the time to do Trek.

Now that Kate Mulgrew is in this, I have to see it. This is AWESOME for her! How can you not love Kate Mulgrew?


Very good. I’m going to use that!

i heard rumors…… no San Diego Comic Con for star trek????


true of false???

first off… difficult play to “enjoy”… reminds me o’ Pete Townshend’s bio “The Horse’s Kneck”… but really…

second off… that poster art is farrr haunting and indicative o’ tha’ play… disturbin’ and I woulda not want it in me study…

third off… thar’s a greater contra’versy brewin’ aboot plastic ships and tha’ illusion o’ starfleet poppin’ up in tha’ threads… greater than Bare-it Potter…

fourth off… I have no idear what I’m talkin’ aboot… Hey! Am I on a ship? What tha’?… izzat a waterhorse? Get off ‘im, Ensign Benny!… that ain’t right even ta’ jest aboot… oh…. and I got dibs.


#11- Thanks Anthony. I just came back to this page and saw the pic of Nimoy in Equus and thought I must not have read the article closely and I did a careless, dumb thing. But no, I did a smart thing. One more for the Seven. Not on par with frightening Earth out of its arms race and setting humanity onto the path to peace, but it’s still a little something.


Kate Mulgrew proves that Shatner’s acting isn’t all that forced. She’s been showing those “chops” since her days as “Mrs. Columbo”.

Radcliffe hurts his colleagues and nobody stops him because he is the ‘star’. I hope he suffers severe injuries himself.

Mongo not know that Harry Potter boobies look like horse eyes. That not right.

Now audience at play will know if Mr. Potter really Harry.
(Mongo make play on words)

Kate still looks hot…in a MILF kind of way…:-)

#24- I have to agree with your assessment.

24 &25 MILF??

that is pretty sick. She deserves a bit more dignity than your trash.

All I meant is she is still attractive and sexy. Take it easy.

I make no apologies…I’d say more, but I would like to avoid banishment (if possible). ;-)

Saw Equus in London last March (2007), it was a fantastic production and I am excited to see it make its way to the US.

Captain Janeway can ‘command’ me anytime…I have to say that she’s becoming even more attractive now then at the beginning of Voyager.

I love Daniel radcliffe and he has a big !!”·%$YUU really really big I have seen the pictures at the internet and let me tell you tat I was in shock.wooooooooooooow Dany is super HOT.


Anthony, please tell Daniel Radcliffe to post under his real name. Using a fake I.D. is just beneath him, frankly.

#31, first of all I saw the play and Harrys “Magic Wand” is far from huge. Its actually quite the opposite. BUT thats not the point of his being naked. Yes he is adorable, but dont be crude about him…
I met him. He is such a pleasure and doesnt deserve that….