‘Alternate Realities’ DVD Fan Collective Box Art + Pre-order Available On Amazon

Today CBS Paramount released the box art from the September release of the Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective, see below images and more details. Also the set, which has 20 episodes and new special features, is now available for pre-order on Amazon for $27.99, which is a pretty good deal!


Box art front view:

Box art 3D view:


From our previous article with exclusive details. 

Disc 1:
Mirror Universe  

  • Mirror, Mirror – TOS  
  • Crossover – DS9  
  • Through The Looking Glass – DS9  
  • Shattered Mirror – DS9  

Disc 2
Mirror Universe  

  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 1) – ENT  
  • In A Mirror Darkly (Part 2) – ENT  

Parallel Dimensions  

  • The Alternative Factor – TOS  
  • Parallels – TNG  

Disc 3
Twisted Realities  

  • The Enemy Within – TOS  
  • Turnabout Intruder – TOS  
  • Frame of Mind – TNG  
  • Shattered   – VOY  

Disc 4
Alternate Lives  

  • Yesterday’s Enterprise – TNG  
  • The Inner Light – TNG  
  • The Visitor – DS9  
  • Before And After – VOY  

Disc 5
Alternate Lives  

  • Timeless – VOY  
  • Course: Oblivion – VOY  
  • E2 – ENT  
  • Twilight – ENT

Special features:
The set will also contain a number of special features (both text and video), but details are not yet available.

Special Free Figure Offer:
 Box includes an exclusive Geordi figure offer from Diamond Select Toys (you send in an insert along with shipping and handling charges to get your free figure)

Street Date: September 16, 2008

Suggest Price: $42.99 (US) / $47.99 (Canada)

Amazon Pre-order: Available for $27.99



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Awesome!!!! This is a great selection! I have no Star Trek DVDs, and I have been waiting for a package like this for years!!!
Oh yeah, this is my first time saying… FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good selection, but I would’ve included the Year of Hell episodes from Voyager as well. They certainly fit with the alternate timelines.

Those were some of Voyager’s best episodes, thankfully they’re on the Time travel set. but If they were on this one, that would have made it perfect.

The mirror universe Enterprise eps are mandatory viewing in my FX classes.

OK – Who picked The Alternative Factor for inclusion in this package?

…the adventure continues….

One man can change the present.

Are the TOS episodes remastered??

If not, then not sure if I’m interested.

Are the TOS episodes original broadcast versions or Remastered versions?

4 – Fascinating.

I’m sure they are the originals.

*Shrieks with glee*

This should be…


hey i just noticed
the word “fan” in “fan collective” is missing from the box art


I love alternate realities.

I want to be in one!

Oh yeah, I already am.

Bloody hell! Wheres my beard gone?…….

……Oh yeah, thats how it works………..


I can’t believe they still make these collective sets. I guess their profitable, but who wants part of the cake when they can have the whole thing?

These were especially fun because the women dressed like hookers.

@Anthony Pascale
Thanks for the add! I hope they dropped the remastered version in the set!

No Living Witness?


the exclusion of voyager’s year of hell is unforgiveable. and the TOS selections arent the HD versions is unthinkable. Nice set otherwise!

Why should they put the rem episodes in this when they haven’t in previous sets? That would be very inconsistant! As much as I prefer the “-R” before the original, they are still the original and that’s what should be included in a set like this I think.

i think the cover of the DVD on the front page (the thumbnail) with just Nimoy x 2’s eyes is more interesting than the actual cover shown at the top of this page.

Boy, that’s a lot of TOS duplication for me. And way too much of the lackluster Ds9 mirror episodes.

But it does feature a handful of the handful of episodes that I liked from TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. Until the special features are revealed, the jury is still out on this one.

“Living Witness”, as incredibly awesome as it was and as many “top ten” lists as I could top it on, could not ever count as an alternate universe/reality ep – it was all about historical perspective.

Likewise, I think they wanted to keep the number of physical DVDs in the set to a minimum while simultaneously grabbing every single alternate reality episode. Technically, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, “Year of Hell I & II”, and “All Good Things…” should’ve probably been listed on the Alternate Reality set, but since there were significant elements of time travel involved, they were included on that set instead (plus, I doubt they expected the Collective DVD series to go this far, so if they hadn’t included it at the time people would’ve been like, WTF???).

Also, while I’d love to see the remastered versions on these DVDs, to include them now when they haven’t included them on the DVD sets thus far would be even more confusing than the situation I’ve just described with classification of episodes.

#13 – cuz the “whole thing” costs waaaay more than I’m willing to spend, and many many episodes over the years have sucked big-time, so why own them?

These sets are perfect for me.

I pre-ordered!

All that said, I like the selection and must correct myself – it appears “YE” is included!

Now, what are they going to do re: special features? Much as I love their work, can we get someone other than the Okudas to do commentary? Like, I don’t know, a special audio/text track by writers, producers (what does RDM think of this or that? how hard was it for this guy to film that sequence without busting out laughing? etc. etc.) actors, whomever.

And what f***nut decided “Turnabout Intruder” deserved any placement on this list? “The Alternative Factor”, sure, but “TI” was just some half-mad feminazi whackjob who wanted to “be” Kirk! If you put that on, you’d have to include “The Schizoid Man” as well as “Datalore” – both of which deal with alternate personalities or dopplegangers. Perhaps even “Allegiance”.

I’m not sure how they could package it, but I’d like to see a collection that includes the first episodes from each series. I think the ENT first episode is included in the “Klingon” collection (?), but I doubt that would stop them from including it in another package. Still, this would only amount to a one-hour episode from TOS (WNMHGB – unless they wanted to include the original “The Cage”), and 4 two-hour episodes from TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. I don’t think this is enough to create the sort of package Paramount would bother releasing. I could suggest including all the final episodes as well (a collection of first and last episodes), but VOY’s final episode has already shown up TWICE. Then again, look at how many times Elvis Presley has been repackaged…

“Turnabout Intruder” is on there just to keep a decent balance of TOS episodes. It definitely doesn’t make much sense, but at least it brings the TOS eps to a respectable total of four.

No “Tapestry”?!?!?!

Repackage and repackage the 700+ episodes…

I guess it makes sense if you want one particular episode from a series and dont want to buy the whole set.

Seems like disc 3 is pushing the concept.

I’ll get this, but I hate that there are Sooo many duplicted episodes between sets. I swear there are several of the same shows on every single disc.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

The only Collective set I’m interested in would be one collecting all the episodes from the spin-offs that featured actors from TOS reprising their roles (McCoy, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Sarek, Kang, Koloth, Kor…).

My guess is it would sell quite a few units.

Scott B. out.

Initially I thought it was a great selection – and then people pointed out so many of the ‘missing greats’ – I’m unsure of the collection now. Can’t please everyone…

Tapestry, was excellent. Sad that they missed it here.

I’m excited… but “Course: “Oblivion”?! WHY, GOD? Anything that has to do with Demon-class planets should be, excuse the pun, obliterated. Like those weird warp 10 lizards.

I know that “Voyager” as a whole series was very mediocre, but there were some standout episodes, especially alternate reality ones. Where’s “Real LIfe” or “Living Witness”? Those would be a good fit for this collection.

…”exorcised” would have been a better pun, actually.


“Alternative Factor” on a special DVD!!!!
In a real alternate universe– this episode would actually be watchable.

Sounds like a great collection, despite the confused selection criteria. Not a fan of the DS9 Mirror eps (scenery-chewing can be fun, but it takes a certain knack to play it while keeping the drama serious), but the original and ENT Mirrors are must haves, as are most of the selections on here:

Parallels – TNG – Worf’s big scifi adventure, my favorite line: “The Bajorans are breaking off” LOL I’ll bet!

The Enemy Within – TOS – Doesn’t belong, it’s a transporter mishap, but I love it so I won’t complain.

Yesterday’s Enterprise – TNG Duh. Including this, I will let them live

The Inner Light – TNG – All Right, this is a simulation, but so encompassing that I can see its inclusion – and it just rocks, so cool.

The Visitor – DS9 – Alternate future. This heartrending ep is as good as it gets. If watched in a double header with “The Inner Light” you will run through every hanky in the house.

Before And After – VOY IIRC, the ep that first mentions “The Year From Hell” as a mysterious event in Voyager’s future. Solid and engaging, too bad TYFH wasn’t included to tie in.

Twilight – ENT – Stay spoiler free on this one, one of ENT’s finest hours.

Timeless – VOY – Alt Future: Geordi and an ice planet crash – what’s not to love?


Turnabout Intruder – TOS As above, this is a “katra swap”, but the court scene is worth it for Shatner’s hyberboic outrage – skip it if you don’t do camp

Frame of Mind – TNG Huh? This is a Mind Games ep, and there should be a collective for those with eps like VOY-“Projections” and so on. Why here?

Shattered – VOY haven’t seen it

Course: Oblivion – VOY – similar to DS9’s “Whispers” haven’t seen it.

E2 – ENT Haven’t seen it.

TOS – The Alternative Factor – It’s legit, topically, but… no. Not you — Noooooooo!


As to the TOS/ TOSR inclusion: we have heard zilch on this, but if memory serves, the entire TOS classic eps were scanned and restored, *then* the new FX were added, so the new restorations of the originals were done, just not prepped for release. IMHO, all new releases of TOS (not -R) should be struck from these newer scans. Hello. Just retire the old masters for new releases, eh?

A splendid selection that I will definitely be getting. Good job.

Another thing to make $$$$
First it was Beta, Selectivison, Laserdisc, 8MM (ST IV only), VHS, DVD, Hi def DVD, Probably Blu Ray. All of these had at least 4 releases of the same title (except selectavision and 8MM and Beta) Plus you have all the special collections, editions, cover art, etc. This is the reason why they need to make a new Star Trek so, we can stop rehashing old stuff over and over again!

I forgot, TOS-R! and those releases:)

Just think, someday they will redo the effects shots for TNG, and you’ll have the opportunity to buy them all AGAIN.

Where’s “Tapestry”? The greatest of all “Next Gen” episodes. If that episode was included, I’d buy the set in a heartbeat. Even though it would have been my fourth purchase (a VHS tape, the two-episode DVD, and the second season DVD set) of “Mirror Mirror.” Which is the coolest “TOS” episode, worth four purchases. I might buy it anyway, for “In A Mirror Darkly.” Heck, why not? I’m getting a raise next week…

EXCELLENT!!!! The alternative universe story lines have always been among my favorite. The Intendent is soooo hot!!!

Inner Light is among the best of TNG.

September cannot come soon enough.

i personally believe in the mirror universe because i was my other self.
i can’t wait either for this DVD of ST: FAN COLLECTIVE – ALTERNATE REALITIES turning ourselves/myself evil somehow. is there another me out there?