Great Links: Sombreroprise: The Movie, Cops With Phasers, SteamBorg, Creepy Trek Kids + more

In this week’s Great Links we have the return of the USS Sombreroprise in its feature film debut. In addition we have Cyberpunk Borg, Data and Seven of Nine getting recognition, creepy Trek kids, police planning on getting phasers, and much more. 



Star Trek: The Sombrero: The Movie
A month ago Great Links pointed to a thread at TrekBBS where the folks had decided to make some unique modifications to the USS Enterprise. This thread is still going and so TrekMovie has worked with  Jon Cockroft (aka Jon1701) one of the key artists to create a video chronicling the voyages of the USS Sombreroprise.

Cops planning for phaser future
Is it too early to be thinking about what the advent of phaser technology will mean for law enforcement? Well an editorial titled Science Fiction vs Science Fact at thinks now is the time, noting:

Think about this too: right now, law enforcement agencies use Force Continuums and Use of Force policy to control their officers’ actions. Firearms are lethal force. Period. No thinking about it. But what about a phaser with a sliding energy delivery level? It could be a non-lethal tool, a less-lethal tool, or a lethal force tool. So ONE tool, all of a sudden, would encompass more of the force option menu. I see LOTS more training being required to master that.

Don’t phase me bro

Pictures of the week: Borg Art
As part of io9’s series of Greatest Art Featuring 6 Iconic SciFi Villains, they have a gallery The Borg Assimilation of the Art World, including this pic of ‘Steam Punk’ Borg ocular implant:

The Borg started in the Victorian era?

Quote of the week:

I’m not a Trekkie by any means, but I would have to choose Star Trek, purely for the tacky retro qualities of the original series. I love when they hit a meteor storm and everyone flings themselves across the bridge.

– Alan Cummings (X2: Nightcrawler), when asked “Star Wars or Star Trek”
Q&A with Popmatters

Video of the week: Wrath of Caan
The true video of the week is the Sombrero movie above, but here is a quick clip uploaded to YouTube this week from The Critic (a great show from the 90s) with a special Trek moment.

Lists of the week: Cybernetic Trek getting their props
Trek is always making the lists, up this week we Data and Seven of Nine getting their props

Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine ranking 7th on Heckler Spray’s "Top 13 Sci-Fi Babes," noting "there’s something about a skin-tight grey jumpsuit and a metal eyebrow that really hits the mark."

Data, ranks number one on Zap2It’s "Top 5 Androids & Robots," noting "One of the things the TNG did so well was use Data to explore what it means to be human without being cheesy or preachy. And seriously, that stuff with the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact is genius."’s list "Ten Favorite Robots," also honors Data, but he comes in and #9 (five spots below KITT the talking car!)

Seven and Data make the rank


Nope, nothing creepy about these kids


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Boy, how deep does Trek go for it’s influence?

Finally, a look at the Sombreroprise!

“This is damned perculiar” indeed :)

Beautiful work.

Those kids creeped me out when I was a kid, AND THEY STILL CREEP ME OUT!

Jeri Ryan was a hottie. Too bad her career didn’t really do what it could have done. And then there was that wierd drama with her ex.

And of course even she couldn’t save Voyager.

Ok, you’ve got too much time on your hands

Again, thank you Anthony for featuring the Sombreroprise on Also, great editing on the video! It’s unbelievably hilarious! I’m still laughing about it. Great use of the music, too. Especially in the Star Trek: The Sombrero Home bit.

What’s next? CGI’ing a sombrero into Trek XI? :lol:

Keep up the good work!

#4. Totally disagree with your comment on Jeri’s Career. Check out her career list at (Refresh to get past the stupid screen blocking ads). I don’t think that her career has been hit that bad. She’s working at least.

Sombrelsior has been hit!!! LOL

thank you anthony and the team that put this together.

It’s nice to see Mexico represented in space…:)

too bad you can’t make the Enterprise a low rider blasting out the cheesy oldies..then it would be the Homeyprise hahaha


jeri couldnt save voyager?

as far as i know, voyager was only supposed to last seven years. it did complete it’s run.

on the other hand, if scott bakula was supposed to save enterprise, then he ultimately failed.

Anthony – that video was hilarious! Best laugh I’ve had in a while. Thanks for doing that!

@#1…..dare I say it, Harry? Ballz deep! Badoomboom.

Hey, that Newsweek article which supplied the quote of the week is dated November 13, 2000! Perhaps it’smore the quote of the decade? Nah!

Thanks for the “let know”.
Feel better now.


Zap2It’s “Top 4 Androids & Robots” link goes to the wrong site, and I think it should read “Top 5”, but good article anyway! Phaser development? Very interesting! :)

Fuzzy Dice. The bridge of the Sombreroprise needs fuzzy dice hanging at the top of the view screen.
And a statue of the Virgin Mary on the helm…

Love the Sombreroprise, especially the part where Bones lasers the guy with his eyeballs.

AYE AYE AYE Sombreroprise awesome!

it’s headwear forbidden! haha great video

not enough chilli’
more chilli please, Sombreroprise.
…….ooooh thats hot!……………

@ #14

Anthony —

Yeah, I noticed that every bit had music from the respective score. Nice touch. I think you made some very good choices concerning which pieces to use from the scores. And, as I said, the Star Trek: The Sombrero Home bit is the best. Leonard Rosenman was a musical genius.

I, too, would like to know if the Sombreroprise has any appeal to someone who hasn’t read the Trek BBS thread.

Ayiiee Chihuahua! Let’s rename all the original eps with Sombrero.

“Where No Sombrero Has Gone Before”

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sombrero.

“The Way to Eastwood”

(Hell, it’d have sombreros in it. Double hell, now I want a sombrero on the rocks.)

“Let That Be Our Last Sombrero”

For the World is Hollow and I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!!!

“The Critic” was AMAZING.

Good stuff, Anthony.

Denise — quick, get on the SyFyWyRadio thread!

If they ever make another TNG movie, 7 of 9 has to join the crew of the Enterprise E.

God wearing the sombrero was priceless!!!

…”What does God need w/ a Sombrero?” LOL

That sombrero video is hysterical. I’ve been following the whole sombrero thing from the beginning, and it just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

Gotta love Sulu’s pink sombrero.

Too damned funny. Thanks for the work to Anthony and all involved.

(I was almost expecting Spock and Kirk to say “Si”, “No”, “Si”, “No”, “Si”, No”… etc.). Awesome stuff.

Someone destroyed the Sombreroprise? Says it is no longer on YouTube. Aiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyeeeeeee!


I wondered if that was too much, I figured George would find It funny…


False alarm, seems to be working now. Youtube is keeping the spirit alive.


– 77777even…!!! :-)


“The City On The Edge Of Sombrero”

“What are Little Sombreros Made Of?”

“The Corbomite Sombrero”

no that mexican Sobrero song is stuck in my head…


La CucaRacha La CucaRacha….duh duh duh duh

The ’60’s were the Golden Age of Creepy Children.

Vote for Pedro!

You can add menorahs to sombreros all you want, but finding a kosher enchilada is damn near impossible.

Other than that, awesome work.

“The Trouble with Sombreros”

“Day Of The Sombrero”

“The Savage Sombrero”…ok, I’m done.