Rumor: New Star Trek Trailer Description [UPDATE: DEBUNKED]

A possible description of the next trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek has shown up online. According to CinemaBlend it was sent in by a reader so they have not verified it.
UPDATE: TrekMovie has confirmed the description IS NOT for the next Star Trek trailer.



The [FAKE] description makes the trailer sound like a modern updating of the TOS opening credits sequence. Excerpt from CinemaBlend:

Paramount logo shows (newly updated) and pans up into the stars… Then an incredible (new?) musical score begins which sounds as if a little of Trek 2 and 3 scores were blended in. Switches to shots of stunning starfields. Closeups of the Enterprise hull while voice-over begins. Narration from older Spock: “The needs of the many… outweigh the needs of the few..” quick pause… Younger Spock: “Or the one” (Quintos line seemed so Leonard Nimoy sounding!)Switch to shot of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto standing together looking over a horizon at the Enterprise on Earth with an epic city in the background.

The classic Trek overture begins (sounds far more symphonic and far more intense). Narrator: “Next Summer Paramount Pictures Presents…” “The beginning…. of the greatest epic…. of our time” Music dramatically intensifies with numerous planets shown (special effects are mind-blowing).

Chris Pine (?) narration begins with music continuing to intensify while showing a space bound Enterprise…. “Space… “The final frontier….”

more at Cinemablend

UPDATE: Sorry folks
According to multiple highly placed insider sources, this is just a fanboy dream, with one source even noting “Total BS,” Vreenak agrees…

Interest in the next Trek trailer is high and this is the second time TrekMovie has debunked a false rumor about the follow-up trailer to the teaser released in January. TrekMovie has confirmed that there is a trailer in the works and that it ‘goes beyond’ the January teaser. Right now the most likely target for that trailer would be for the Fall, with possibly another longer theatrical trailer for next Spring. As more is learned on the next Trek Trailer, TrekMovie will be sure to provide updates.

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