Rumor: New Star Trek Trailer Description [UPDATE: DEBUNKED]

A possible description of the next trailer for JJ Abrams Star Trek has shown up online. According to CinemaBlend it was sent in by a reader so they have not verified it.
UPDATE: TrekMovie has confirmed the description IS NOT for the next Star Trek trailer.



The [FAKE] description makes the trailer sound like a modern updating of the TOS opening credits sequence. Excerpt from CinemaBlend:

Paramount logo shows (newly updated) and pans up into the stars… Then an incredible (new?) musical score begins which sounds as if a little of Trek 2 and 3 scores were blended in. Switches to shots of stunning starfields. Closeups of the Enterprise hull while voice-over begins. Narration from older Spock: “The needs of the many… outweigh the needs of the few..” quick pause… Younger Spock: “Or the one” (Quintos line seemed so Leonard Nimoy sounding!)Switch to shot of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto standing together looking over a horizon at the Enterprise on Earth with an epic city in the background.

The classic Trek overture begins (sounds far more symphonic and far more intense). Narrator: “Next Summer Paramount Pictures Presents…” “The beginning…. of the greatest epic…. of our time” Music dramatically intensifies with numerous planets shown (special effects are mind-blowing).

Chris Pine (?) narration begins with music continuing to intensify while showing a space bound Enterprise…. “Space… “The final frontier….”

more at Cinemablend

UPDATE: Sorry folks
According to multiple highly placed insider sources, this is just a fanboy dream, with one source even noting “Total BS,” Vreenak agrees…

Interest in the next Trek trailer is high and this is the second time TrekMovie has debunked a false rumor about the follow-up trailer to the teaser released in January. TrekMovie has confirmed that there is a trailer in the works and that it ‘goes beyond’ the January teaser. Right now the most likely target for that trailer would be for the Fall, with possibly another longer theatrical trailer for next Spring. As more is learned on the next Trek Trailer, TrekMovie will be sure to provide updates.

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That sounds cool!

Sounds like a decent 2nd teaser trailer to me.

First, methinks? Doubt it.

If this is the trailer, it’ll draw in FAR more people than expected. Gimme!

if it is true, i will die a happy man. and cry. i will cry well

OH MY GOD sounds incredible perhaps Star Trek will be at SDCC this year ;)

I love the idea of using an updated version of Horner’s Trek theme. It is the best of them all in my opinion. Evoking the naval origins of Trek and a send of thrilling discovery. Updating the classic voiceovers to include Nimoy and Quinto was a great idea. Not sure if anyone will recognize Pine’s voice, but the words and the fact that it’s not Shatner should probably be enough for most folks to figure out it’s Kirk. But the most important reveal is the spacebound Enterprise glory shot. It it’s done properly, that should make me cry with pride & joy in the theatre. I can’t wait.

My colon is starting to spasm a little.

It would indeed be a good day to cry.

Tres cool

I have no idea what “Tropic Thunder” is, but if there is a new ST trailer attached to it, I’ll pay to see it…

Are you listening, Paramount?

I just hope the movie has Harry Mudd.

(Jack Black for the role???)

Though I hope they don’t go too far with the mind-blowing special effects. Effects are important to be sure on a trek movie. I can’t wait to see a full realized starship interior, but effects are not what makes a good Trek movie (i love The Motionless Picture like a close relative, but it put effects well in front of meaning a good plot and character involvement). I sure hope JJ and the gang can come thru with the goods and create a story and update the characters so they are involving, identifiable and have a sense of realism to them as well as involveing them in a compelling story that’s fun to watch again and again. It’s a tall order. I hope they can do it!

Gawd, if it’s not true then J.J. should hire the writer of that script!
Now, I’ll be depressed if that trailer is not the real….McCoy!

This is wonderful news, people, even if it’s not true. Because if it’s true, then how exciting. But even if it is false… it was still exciting.

It’s sort of like Star Trek eroticale’™, innit? There’s nothing wrong with that. Lettuce get our kink on. Let them all watch us. WHO CARES?

Oh what wonderful Wednesday funtimes! This made my day!



Every single hair of my skin was just raised and refused to return to the body…

Hey, who the hell is using my name?
#1) #6) #12)

“The greatest epic of our time”? Somehow, that rings false. But the rest sounds good. And as long as we get to see the Enterprise, I’ll be happy.

I got goosebumps just reading the darn description!

Oh, man, I can’t wait! I think I’m drooling a bit…

I realize that it’s a free country and everything but I ‘ve been posting gag reels and using that name on this site for quite a long time now.
I would appreciate it it you could come up with your OWN name.

Thanks buddy.

And yes, the trailer sounds absolutely fantastic!

Sounds like a groovy trailer!

#17: Could be worse; it could say “everything you know is about to change” or some other painful trailer cliche :)

If they really do attach it to a Ben Stiller comedy, though (as the article suggests as a possibility) that would be … odd.

Speaking of:

#10: It’s a Ben Stiller comedy (w Jack Black and others) about actors playing soldiers who get drawn into real events.

AMAZING! I hope the rumorz are true.

<–Sounting down the time til 09!

wow…definitely can’t wait to see it…and it’ll be interesting to see if the flashes of the crew will be in the cadet uniforms or in their classic gear.

Please, Paramount, pick a better movie than Tropic Thunder to release this trailer.

Sounds great!

SPOCKBOY has encountered both an evil clone and a Mirror double on the same day. Rarely does that happen.

Time is the fire in which we burn.

WWVS (What Would Vreenak Say)

Well, see? You have to have some faith. From the start, the signs have all been good–I don’t think this team has missed a note yet. I hope this is real (and I think it is). The description alone leaves me speechless. Makes you want to quit slouching around and stand up like a human again.

Good on Trek. Good on the movies. And good on all of us fans. Wow!

i think Spock Boy (clone) owes me money…

wait – i am thinking of Kodos the Executioner…


The article goes on to say:

“It truly feels like a 70s or 80s film where it was an event to see a film at the theater.”

That has been sorely missing. Everyone knows why. It’s not the quality of the movies; it’s the deteriorating quality of the theatre experience. I look forward to Trek, of course. But, unless theatres effectively get audiences to behave (i.e. shut off the cell phones and other gadgets, leave babies at home — except for kid-friendly films including Wall-E — and stop talking during the film) then they may as well shutter the googleplexes for everything but the most crass films that are designed for loud audiences and low memorability.

Now I’ll shaddap.

If that’s the trailer it seems a little light. But I guess at this point it would still be considered a teaser.

Not that I don’t welcome it with open arms, but if they are going to reach out beyond the current fan base and put non-trekkie bodies in the seats, they will need a preview that goes way beyond a clip of NImoy and familiar dialog than only fans will remember. Then again, with a year to go, they have enough time to target every demographic imaginable. Maybe they are just targeting the trekkies first.

This sound AMAZING! I hope this is true!

WOW…I had been googling for information on this trailer for weeks each day, and the day I stop, the info is out and it is great news…

In the mean time someone ought to create a fake trailer with these descriptions and promote it as the real trailer.


Sorry, that sounds underwhelming and something shoddy you’d see on YouTube. Adding the “Needs of the Many” line (something I hope I never hear again–it’s already been done to death) only adds to the fanboyish-ness of the description.

I want to see this now!

And Spockboy (for real one) I’ve been waiting for your gag reel of the new trailer. This news is getting old. It’s been mere moments.

Goosebumps. Major ones.

I love that trailer description, i hope its real or if its not, i hope the real one is as good! Like a few people have said, they’re still in teaser trailer territory, so i’m not expecting a lot to be shown just yet, not till probs trailer 3, where they’ll most likely show a bit more ‘meat’.

May be Paramount will surprise us all and actually appear at Comic Con and show everyone the new trailer, we can only hope!

This sounds fake.

The transition from Nimoy’s to Quinto’s voice will only mean something to a very small percentage of people…..

I don’t buy it. Needs of the many v. the needs of the few is insider baseball, and Paramount wants to reach out. The segue to Kirk’s voice is awkward, too, and when was the last time anyone was stunned by a field of stars? Whole thing sounds off to me.


…nothing about how both Spocks look (what are they wearing exactly) or any real description of the Enterprise (other than showing the hull… and…???).

“Special effects are mind-blwoing.” How so?

Description ends with Pine’s narration, but nothing else? Do they show a new STAR TREK logo? Does it say, “Coming May 2009?” What?

arrr… hope this trailer is double-wide…

“Tropic Thunder’ entails a movie within’ a movie in which a film crew shooting a war film unbeknownst ta’ them in a real war zone… Bobby Downey, Jr. plays a black gent, perhaps stereotypically… not unlike Orson Welle’s “Othello.” Bobby Downey gets ta’ start tha’ summer and end tha’ summer. Arrrrr… so could be worthwhile ta’ see beyound a silly trailer…

sorry thar’ mates… actual ST footage not be silly, eh

bad theatre experiences… I find that yellin’ inta a rude person’s mobile telephone “Here’s yer twenty bucks.. whar’ are me pants now?” is an effective way ta’ curb thar’ behaviour… or at least have some fun… get booted oot by tha’ usher…

Oh, and I am changin’ me name ta’ “Spockboy”… not here, but on me birth certificate…




So when are we getting another REAL one?

man…..well at least maybe somebody could take that description and make a fake one of it for us to enjoy until the real one comes out

OK, wiping up my drool…

32: Agreed about the movies. I almost never go anymore because of the behavior of the viewers. Folks, you’re not in your living rooms.

MAN, this is a long year.

Wow it sounds so neat!

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