CelebWatch: Stardate 07.03.08

This week, the Watch brings you new interviews with with Shatner & Stewart and Picardo & DeLancie, a chance to hang with Brent Spiner, John Cho on his favorite places to trek, articles on plays starring Denise Crosby and Rene Auberjonois, more work for Wil Wheaton, and much more! Plus Colm Meaney is on a stamp…how cool is that!

Shatner answers your questions
William Shatner (he who was Kirk) took time from his busy schedule to talk to us, the little people. The Shat answered questions from BBC readers, which BBC posted here. Some of the highlights are posted below.

Q: Why was Captain Kirk such an intergalactic stud? What was his secret with women and how can I replicate his success?
A: Unfortunately, you can’t replicate his success. You need to have all my equipment.

Q: Womanizing, whiskey drinking, and cigar smoking, how much of William Shatner is Denny Crane?
A: All of William Shatner is there – plus there’s much more untapped.

Q: Have you ever been offered a role which you regret not accepting?
A: I can’t think of any that I did not accept. There are a few that I accepted that I wish I hadn’t.

Q: Your appearance at the 1978 sci-fi awards singing Rocket Man is still pretty infamous and legendary. Are you surprised at its legacy in pop culture and its continued reference today by such people as Beck and in shows such as Family Guy?
A: I’m flabbergasted at its continuity. The sci-fi award show was just a little show – no broadcasting and very few people. I was kidding around and yet here we are with continued reference every day

Stewart talks Broadway
At this year’s Tony Awards Patrick Stewart talked to BBC America about performing Shakespeare for American audiences, this year’s Broadway season, the difficulty of playing Shakespearean roles, and the actor who beat him at the Tonys, Mark Rylance. Stewart also talked with The Associated Press (below) about keeping a 400-year-old play fresh, exciting and interesting

Wanna be in a movie with Spiner?
Seriously, do you want to be in a movie with Brent Spiner (TNG’s Data)? Because you can! Well, maybe. From Brent’s official site:

How would YOU like to be in a film documentary with Brent? He’ll be traveling around the country and might make a stop in your hometown. Here’s how you do it:

Give us your name, address and phone number along with a few words about yourself or even better, if you can send us a short video – great!

email your text info and/or attach a video to: brentdoc@aol.com

Only a handful of people will be chosen so be sure you tell us why you think Brent should visit YOU.

All text, audio and video material submitted will become the property of the film producers and may also be used in the documentary. Materials will not be returned.

Meaney puts his stamp… on stamps!
TNG/DS9 regular Colm Meaney (Chief Miles O’Brien) will be among the actors to appear on a new set of postage stamps honoring the Irish film industry. The set includes four different stamps each honoring a different film, with Meaney’s stamp featuring the actor in a scene from his film Kings. The stamps will be released by An Post on July 8, 2008. For more info, see The Press Association and the Irish Stamps Collectors News (PDF).

A sneak (and low-res) peak at Meaney’s stamp.

More work for Wil
Uber-cool uber-geek Wil Wheaton (TNG’s Wesley Crusher) has been keeping busy as of late. The actor-turned-writer-but-still-occasionally-an-actor revealed on his blog that he worked with Family Guy on a new web series called Cavalcade (see his June 26th entry). He also announced (in his July 1st entry) that he’s working on a new sci-fi novella which may grow into a novel. He describes it as such:

It’s a noir kinda thing, set in a dystopian future Los Angeles. (It’s not Blade Runner. That’s the first thing people think when I say it, but I’m keenly aware of that, and I’ve taken the appropriate world-building steps to make sure it doesn’t go there.) It’s been ridiculously fun to write, which is good, because the joy I’m experiencing while I discover new and entertaining things about my world and my characters is (barely) holding the voices of Self Doubt and all of its friend Performance Anxiety at bay.

Most recently, Wil announced that he landed a guest spot on the CBS drama series Criminal Minds. He couldn’t say anything about the role or the episode he’s in, except to say “it’s a part that I am going to love bringing to life.” Could he be playing a killer? That would be very interesting… Criminal Minds begins its fourth season this fall.

Crosby on ‘Epitaph’
The New York Times has an article on the recent New York production of Epitaph of George Dillon, which starred TNG actress Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar). Specifically, it relates the struggles and sacrifices made in bringing the play to the stage. The report notes that Crosby “left her husband and 9-year-old son in Pacific Palisades and talked her way into a temporary apartment in Harlem.” Crosby and the other actors received no pay for the first 12 performances, after which they were each paid $10 per show. In addition to putting on what I’m sure was a fine play, however, Crosby points out good thing that came out of all this: “I can say now that I’ve done theater in New York, which gives you some credibility.”

Crosby (at table, far left) and fellow actors rehearse lines for Epitaph of George Dillon

Auberjonois talks ‘Invalid’, returning to ‘Grace’
DS9’s Rene Auberjonois (Odo) discussed his current role(s) in The Imaginary Invalid in a new interview with The Washington Post. The former shape-shifter tells the Post he was initially hesitant to take on the role of selfish hypochondriac Argan (and playwright Molière), because when he first read the play, he didn’t “get it.” As he explains, however, his puzzlement regarding the play ultimately inspired him to take the gig:

It’s just always better for me to be challenged and to not think I know the answers. It’s in the figuring-out process that you can make the creative leaps.

The Imaginary Invalid is currently running at the Lansburgh Theatre in Washington, DC through July 27th. In the meantime, Auberjonois will be seen on television this month, reprising his role as Father Patrick Murphy (a child-molesting priest) in the season two premiere of the TNT series Saving Grace, as reported by Rene’s official fan site. The episode airs Monday, July 14th, at 10pm EST, so be sure to set whatever high-tech recordification devices you may own.

Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the greatest show on Earth! Well, at least in DC.

Sid’s ‘Who’ adventure coming in July
The Doctor Who audiobook Sisters of the Flame, which guest stars Alexander Siddig (DS9’s Julian Bashir), will be released in the UK on July 30th. You can order the CD directly from Big Finish Productions or from Amazon.co.uk.

Cover art for Sid’s first Dr. Who audio adventure

Picardo talks music, Trek and Atlantis
Robert Picardo (Voyager’s Doctor) and Stargate Atlantis producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed some spoilerific details regarding the new season of Atlantis, which are covered over at io9 and TV Squad. Picardo was particularly excited that his friend, Bill Nye the Science Guy, would be guest starring (as – what else? – a scientist) in one episode. Picardo also noted how he believes Stargate to be a more successful format than Star Trek. From TV Squad:

According to Picardo, Star Trek does some things well, but it doesn’t have the successful formula that Stargate has. Stargate does action very well and also does humor well. Star Trek has to take itself very seriously, while Stargate has the ability let the audience in on the good humor that we know we’re going to save the world every week. It’s the combination of action and humor that makes Stargate so much fun.

In other Picardo news, Jonathan Llyr (Star Trek petition guy who got pummeled by that Klingon guy in that SPACE Channel commercial) tells us that he has his own website, Hardcore Nerdity, and he has a new interview with Picardo (and John de Lancie – Q) from when they were in Toronto a couple weeks back for the Star Trek: The Music concert, CLICKY for pictures and to hear the interview.

Picardo gets caught in the Star Wars section by Llyr

John Cho talks Trek travel
In an interview with Sun-Sentinel.com, John Cho (the new Sulu) discussed his favorite travel destinations, specifically Paris, France. Comparing Paris to Montreal in Canada, Cho had this to say:

I love Chicago and feel it’s an underrated travel destination. Montreal gets overlooked as well — it’s a great city, the food is unbelievable and everywhere you turn there’s a historic place. It’s like France … but the people are nice and have manners.

After noting he was joking, the new Sulu described what he loves so much about Paris:

there’s so much culture and history there. For tourists who enjoy going to see things, it can’t be beat. Everywhere you go, you find something that should be in a museum or in a book of photos somewhere. And the food is amazing. Everyone eats a ton in France, but they’re all thin. Paris is a pretty easy city to get around in, too.

TOS Star Sightings
If you look for them, you can find stars of the original Star Trek everywhere

George Takei (the original Sulu) and partner, Brad Altman, attended a gala benefit hosted by The Trevor Project in Washington DC on June 30th. (Theater Mania)

Walter Koenig (the original Chekov) posing for a fan while signing at last weekends
TrekFest in Riverside, IA

Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura) signing at Supanova in Perth, Australia



  • Rocco Sisto, the actor who played Sakkath in TNG’s “Sarek,” will be starring in the world premiere Broadway production of To Be Or Not To Be. (Broadway World)
  • Star Trek: Insurrection actor Michael Welch (Artim) says he auditioned for the lead male role in Twilight (and pretty much every other male role) before winning the part of Mike in the film. (MTV)
  • The Action Institute has an interview with Trek movie producer Ralph Winter; you can read it here.
  • Jeri Ryan (VOY’s 7 of 9) was part of Modern Wives’ new ad campaign; check out her ad below (courtesy of I’m Not Obsessed… and I’m not, mind you!)

Ryan is the very model of a modern major… bride?

The Trek Continues: Trek Birthdays
July 4th marks the birthdays of such Trek celebrities as director Gabrielle Beaumont (66) and frequent guest stars Bruce French (63) and Kerry Hoyt (46). Among those Trek luminaries celebrating their birthdays in the coming week are: actor Vaughn Armstrong (58), composer Jay Chattaway (62), actress Kim Darby (61), writer/producer Ronald D. Moore (44), Star Trek: Enterprise regular Linda Park (aka Hoshi Sato, 30), actor (and father of Chris Pine) Robert Pine (67), actor Lawrence Pressman (69), and actor William Schallert (86). To these and those who for some reason isn’t listed here, TrekMovie.com wishes you a very happy birthday!

In Memoriam
French actress Lilyan Chauvin, 82, died of breast cancer and congestive heart disease on June 26th, as reported on her site. She played Vedek Yassim in the DS9 episode “Rocks and Shoals,” though she is probably best known for playing Mother Superior in the horror flick Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Remembering Courage
In other memoriam news, The Film Music Society has posted a special remembrance article for the late Alexander Courage, the composer of the original Star Trek theme music.


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I suppose it’s up to interpretation if Stargate was more successful than Star Trek. (Or had a more successful formula) On one hand Stargate is still on TV but on the other Stargate has hardly had the cultural impact Star Trek has. I NEVER hear references in day to day life about Stargate but I seem to hear at least one Trek reference daily.

But now since Picardo is a regular on Atlantis I’ll have to tune in more often!

McCoy Responds to William Shatner Singing Rocket Man


:o )

come on folks,, lay off Shatner for rocketman,,thres been worse you know,,,
like maybe,,

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins by Leonard Nimoy

I believe Star Trek is more successful than Stargate. Maybe I am a little bias but I agree with Sloan47 that Stargate never had the cultural impact that Star Trek still has to this day.

Stargate is a different kettle of fish, I find Stargate a more tongue in cheek show. Yes Stargate is still on TV but it has been on for around 11 years, remember Star Trek was on for 18 years non stop from 1987 to 2005.

I have to agree with you guys, I do believe Trek has been more successful than Stargate – Overall. Yes, Stargate is still on TV, but Trek has had many more episodes put out, including the 5 spin-offs & 11 films.

As for the cultural impact? Seriously, the references are *far* too numerous to recite here. Suffice to say, even Stargate mentions Trek from time to time! Like when O’Neill wanted to name the first Earth starship “Enterprise”, or when McKay called Sheppard “Kirk” because he seduced an alien woman…

It just speaks volumes to not just the impact, but also the appeal of Trek.

William The Shatner, he who was The Kirk, is The Kirk and always will be The Kirk, hath spoken to His people! Listen to what He hath said about His Immortal Alter Ego: “Unfortunately, you can’t replicate his success. You need to have all my equipment.” Hear hear, you people of trekmovie.com – He hath adduced evidence beyond all doubt that any attempt to hold a candle to The Kirk, is foredoomed a priori and in perpetuity. We bow to His wisdom and leave in peace of mind.

I agree Dusk, Stargate draws heavily from Star Trek,

Damn yo, Picardo was all up in my hood.

Captain Neill, indeed it does. In fact, it draws so heavily, they even use the same actors! -_^ Not only does Atlantis have Bob Picardo, but it also has Connor Trineer as the main villain! Also, both Armin Shimmerman & Marina Sirtis both had guest appearances over on SG-1, AS as an alien in season 1, & MS as a Russian scientist in season 4.

They also both use the same story mechanic where the heroes are in a “seemingly-impossible-to-get-out-of” predicament, & use unintelligible technobabble to explain/justify the deus ex machina that inevitably saves them & the day every time.

That said though, I do see where Picardo is coming from, & think he made some valid points. IMHO, Stargate *does* do the action sequences better, with only DS9 really having good action scenes in the Trek franchise. Humour in Stargate is really something they make sure appears every episode, which adds to the sense of fun that Bob speaks about. It’s not so prevalent in Trek, with only the occasional one-liner, or the odd comedy-themed episode.

However, I really enjoy both franchises & think they’re both wonderful examples of science-fiction at its best. Of course Trek is more successful than Stargate – It’s been around 4 times longer! I don’t think Stargate will ever insinuate itself into popular culture the way Trek did, but I’m still one of many out there who love the show regardless.

Sorry for the double post, but one more thing – Did anyone else feel that the Replicators in Stargate were just a rip-off of the Borg in trek?

Yea I felt that to Dusk. But the Borg have similarities to the Cybermen in Doctor Who as well.

I agree there is great humour and do enjoy Stargate, unfortunately gotten out of the way of Stargate in the past few years. I would love to get back in it.

Star Trek is the best show period, but I do enjoy Stargate. Star Trek is light hearted compared to a lot of the shows these days. 24 takes itself so seriously that you cant help but laugh at the silliness of it.

I applaud Stargate for drawing upon Star Trek as I feel other Scienece Fiction shows aim for too much realism that it takes the fun out of the Sci Fi these days. I miss the episodes like the Naked Time in Sci Fi today.

Do you think too much realism ruins TV shows these days?

PS Dusk- I love the Borg

Yeah, I understand that the Borg & Cybermen have similarities, but I’ve only ever watched 2 episodes of Doctor Who in my whole life, & then only because I was round my friend’s place & his wife had it on! Heresy for an Englishman, I know! lol!

I totally agree that Star Trek is very light hearted compared to a lot of other shows these days. I don’t watch 24, but I do watch Heroes & Battlestar Galactica. I truly thought DS9 was the best out of the Trek series because it went to darker places than the others, & had a real sense of continuity. I like it when shows I watch explore the darker aspects of what they depict, but at the same time, I do deplore the emergence of “realism” as the dominant theme for everything on TV at the moment. For example, “reality TV” is a concept I despise. Big Brother, X-Factor.. I hate all shows like that with a passion. What is the point of them? If you really want reality in your life that bad, turn the TV off & go live your life! The only TV shows in that category I do watch & enjoy are Penn & Teller: Bulls**t! & 30 Days. Those are shows that attempt to educate as well as entertain (OK, maybe not P & T so much). But to directly answer your question, yes, I do think too much realism ruins TV shows. Genres like sci-fi are popular because they take us *away* from everyday mediocrity.

I love the Borg too! I just love the idea of an enemy who is immensely powerful & advanced, can’t be reasoned with, & who absorbs your own people into itself… Provided you don’t give away too much info about them, show them too often or make them too easy to defeat, they add a nice horror element to the show. That was VOY’s mistake, they showed the Borg too much, told us too much about them, & made them too weak to be an effective villain anymore. That’s why I *loved* the episode ‘Regeneration’ on ENT – It brought back some of the mystery about the collective, some of the menace of the Hive… ^_^

Can’t wait to read Wil’s book.

They played Elton John’s recording of “Rocketman” at our local fireworks show. The first thing I said was, “WHY NOT SHATNER’S VERSION?!?” ;-)

I didn’t know that Chris Pine was Robert Pine’s son… Robert Pine worked with Michael Dorn in the 70’s on the show CHiPs…

#14 –

It’s the other way around. Dorn worked Pine. Pine was in all 139 episodes of CHiPs. Dorn was in 27.

And Wil Wheaton is not cool, let alone uber-cool. No offense, just my opinion.

Sorry, worked *with* Pine.

The Meaney stamp is so cool. I’m so happy for him, it’s great!

I Like Wil Wheaton. always have always will. His blogs are very interesting intelligent and human aka emotional and real reads….One time he talks about how going on Star Trek The Experience in Vegas brought back all his good feelings about how great it was to work with the tng cast et al….and that up until then he was carrying ten years of negative feelings about tng. he also mentioned that some supposed Star Trek Fans at conventions would hate him and he didnt understand why.
Also I just got the 2nd star trek MANGA graphic book and hes got a story in there! Kewel! I think he is UBER COOL!

Also I loved his work in TNG. He always gave his best performance! It was not his fault that the writers did not write teenagers well or realistically or that they made him the genius that saves the ship every week. He was often used as the deux ex machina —-

I wonder what Wil has to say about The experience closing??


Same difference… Either way, Dorn and Pine worked TOGETHER on CHiPs.

a 6 degrees of Trek seperation :)