Pocket Outlines Star Trek Book Plans For 2009-2010

Tonight at the Shore Leave convention in Baltimore, Pocket Books is revealing their line up of Star Trek books from now into early 2010. We have the full list and a whole bunch of new covers below.



Something for everybody
When one looks at the lists of books (below) announced for 2009 and beyond you can see there is a lot of variety. There are books from all five TV series, including Voyager which hasn’t had a book in over two years and will get two novels in 2009. Enterprise fans are also in for a treat with this year’s Kobayashi Maru and next year’s big “Romulan War” trade paperback continuing the story of the show that ended in 2005. There are also entries from the popular book-only series of Titan, Vanguard and New Frontier. Another interesting development is that some of the books will be brought into sync with each other following the 2008 Destiny Trilogy. So the TNG, Titan and Voyager books will all be in the same timeframe. All in all it is a good time to be a Trek book lover.   

(all mass market paperback unless otherwise noted, newly announced books or covers noted by ‘NEW!’)


September 2008

by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
Second Lead-in novel to this fall’s crossover trilogy, STAR TREK DESTINY, as well as the prologue to 2009’s THE ROMULAN WAR; picks up where THE GOOD THAT MEN DO left off.

Cover art by Doug Drexler
(click to enlarge)

by Terry J. Erdmann & Paula M. Block
A casual fan¹s guide to the Star Trek universe. [Trade Paperback]

NEW! Cover art by Richard Oriolo
(click to enlarge)

October 2008

Authors: Ilsa J. Bick; Keith R.A. DeCandido; John J. Ordover; Terri Osborne; Cory Rushton
Omnibus of six previously published eBook novellas; first time in print. [Trade Paperback]

Cover art by Rick Berry
(click to enlarge)

by David Mack
Book One of an epic crossover trilogy.

NEW! Cover art by Cliff Nielsen
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November 2008

by David Mack
Book Two of an epic crossover trilogy.

NEW! Cover art by Stephan Martiniere
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by William Shatner, with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Mass market paperback reprint of 2007 hardcover.

Cover art by James Wang
(click to enlarge)

December 2008

by David Mack
Book Three of an epic crossover trilogy.

[no cover yet]



January 2009

by Kevin Ryan
Final book of a trilogy set during the original TV series.

NEW! Cover art by Alan Dingman
(click to enlarge)

Authors: Christopher L Bennett; Margaret Wander Bonanno; Peter David; Keith R.A. DeCandido; Michael Jan Friedman; Jim Johnson; Rudy Josephs; David Mack; Dave Stern; James Swallow; Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore; Susan Wright
A follow-up anthology to 2007’s MIRROR UNIVERSE compilations. [Trade Paperback]

Cover art by Tom Hallman
(click to enlarge)

February 2009

by Keith R.A. DeCandido
One-off follow-up to the Destiny trilogy.

NEW! Cover art by Alan Dingman
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March 2009

by Christopher L. Bennett
Fifth book of the popular book-only TITAN series, and a DESTINY follow-up novel.

NEW! Cover art by Cliff Nielsen
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Authors: Mike W. Barr; Christopher L. Bennett; Margaret Wander Bonanno; Dave Galanter; Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore; Howard Weinstein
Omnibus of six previously published eBook novellas, spanning the 30-year history of the original series characters; first time in print. [Trade paperback]

NEW! Cover art by Alan Dingman
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April 2008

by Kirsten Beyer
A new beginning for this series and a DESTINY follow-up novel. Picks up where the last post Voyager finale novel left off and catches up to the post-DESTINY timeframe.

NEW! Cover art by Mojo
(click to enlarge)

by Peter David
The new novel in the original book-only Star Trek series. Picks up where the last NF book left off, does not tie into Destiny timeline.

[no cover yet]

May 2009

by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
Fourth novel in the popular book-only Vanguard series.

NEW! Cover art by Doug Drexler
(click to enlarge)

by David R. George III
An omnibus of the epic 40th Anniversary TOS trilogy, originally published as three mass-market books in late 2006. The hardcover will contain new story content by the author. [hardcover]

(NO COVER YET – above is compilation of original covers)

June 2009

by Dave Galanter
New Original Series novel set during the 5-year mission.

July 2009

by William Leisner
A DESTINY follow-up novel.


August 2009

Authors: Dayton Wad & Kevin Dilmore; James Swallow; Keith R.A. DeCandido; Jimmy Diggs; David McIntee; Marc Giller; Britta Dennison
A themed anthology spanning multiple Trek eras with stories exploring seven foes of the Federation:
The Romulans (Pride); The Cardassians (Envy); The Klingons (Anger); The Pakleds (Sloth); The Ferengi (Greed); The Borg (Gluttony); the Mirror Universe (Lust). [trade paperback]

DEEP SPACE NINE: THE SOUL KEY (working title)  [NEW!]
by Olivia Woods
Continuation of the post-TV DS9 saga; direct follow-up to 2008’s FEARFUL SYMMETRY.

September 2009

by Una McCormack
Continuation the post-TV DS9 saga with emphasis on the Cardassians.

October 2009

by Michael A. Martin
The infamous conflict revealed at last. [ trade paperback]

by Kirsten Beyer
Follow-up novel to FULL CIRCLE.

November 2009

TITAN (Title TBA)  [NEW!]
by James Swallow
Sixth book of the popular book-only TITAN series

Authors: TBA
Compilation of three new short novels, each about a different alternate Trek universe. [trade paperback]

December 2009

by David Mack
Fifth book of the popular book-only VANGUARD series

Authors: Kevin Killiany; Robert T. Jeschonek; William Leisner; Phaedra M.
Omnibus of four previously published eBook novellas; first time in print. [trade paperback]



Not Yet Scheduled

by Mike W. Barr
A Captain April novel, set early in his career as Enterprise captain.

by Margaret Wander Bonanno
A Saavik novel, set after the events of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.


What isn’t on the list
All in all it is a good selection with a lot of variety for 2009. One cannot help but notice that there is no listing for a novelization for the 2009 Star Trek feature film. Pocket Books tells TrekMovie.com that the above list is not a final list and that it is subject to change and a movie book could still end up on the schedule. All of the Trek films have had at least one movie tie-in book and so it is hoped that Pocket and Paramount can get together and make a movie book happen for 2009. Another book that cannot be seen is "Trial Run," the sequel to "Collision Course," the last book by William Shatner and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Apparently this book is still on Pocket’s radar, but just has yet to be put on the schedule, so stay tuned Shatnerverse fans.

Also not on the list are the Calendars, however Pocket has confirmed that they will do an Original Series and a “Ships of the Line” calendar for 2010 (same as 2008 and 2009).


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FIRST! Vanguard Cover looks awesome

The Vanguard series is so Awesome!!!!!! Great stories that should be made into movies. I loved the twist at the end of “Reap the Whirlwind”. The Vanguard series is Star Trek at its best and I can’t wait for the next book!!!

I agree, the cover is just amazing!!!

*yoink* — two more for my screensavers. hehehehe

Lots of good reading…. this is what I like about the Trek Universe… depth, texture and a sense that it has a history.

and the Mere Anarchy cover looks bad… sorry

Can’t wait for the Voyager novels. Also, I hope that “Destiny” can pull TNG out of the quagmire known as the Borg. I am so sick of Borg!

Well, there goes my disposable income.

Very happy to see that there are two DS9-R books on that list. I’m reading part two of Fearful Symmetry right now and I’m sure I’ll be eagerly anticipating those next two books.
Plus, The Never Ending Sacrifice was the name of the greatest book in all Cardassian literary history.

I wish Star Wars would pick up the slack and start making some quality books again. Until then I guess I’ll have to pick up a Trek novel.

Did I miss the review of the comics here recently? I think Assignment: Earth 3 is out and don’t remember seeing anything about it.

Can we get a bigger version of the “Crucible” cover compilation pic?? PLEASE?!?!?

There are some good books listed. But Sheesh! MORE of Crucible? That series was so bloody long. The McCoy book was the best, but it went downhill from there, fast! And I could have saved a lot of $$ if I knew that Shatner’s Starfleet Academy: Collision Course book was coming out in paperback in October. I have been searching for it for evah, and only found it in June when it was supposedly released in October 2007! BTW, Collision Course is a great read. I was 200 pages into it in no time, and was so sad to see it end.

I’m hoping for an “Art of Star Trek” (the new J.J. movie) coffee table book.

Which reminds me, they never made a coffee table book for Enterprise. Closest we got was all the photos of Enterprise props in that auction book.

i’m with no. 14 on that, can’t wait to see the designs for the new enterprise by john eaves and ryan church

I’m happy to see Margaret Bananno writing a new Star Trek novel.

Pocket Books has backed off on reference/non-fictions trek books, but I am glad they starting again (Star Trek 101), maybe this is to test the waters to start again?!

I dont really like reading novels (ANY novels), but I really like the non-fiction Trek stuff. I love getting behind the scenes tid-bits ESPECIALLY if they’ve got pictures (The Art of Star Trek, etc)

*David Mack is a good writer David Mack is a good writer David Mack is a good writer David Mack is a good…*

Pleeeeease be good, Destiny!

Bonanno can be counted on for a good read, for shizzle.

There will prob be tie in novels of the new Trek movie, there has been before and will be again.

Clearly, the holdup on the movie tie-in book is J.J. Abrams’ insistence that the tie-in novelist be imprisoned in an undisclosed underground location until after the film’s release in order to prevent plot-spoilers from leaking onto the Internet :)

What a diverse and interesting array of books! The only major disappointment is the lack of an Excelsior book in the lineup, but that’s forgiveable in light of several of the highlights on this listing.

In particular:
It is very, very good to see that Myriad Universes is getting a followup.
A Captain April novel? Are you kidding? That is absolutely wonderful!
A new ‘Five Year Mission’ novel, coming out after the new film… would it be too much for us to hope that it is in continuity with the new film?
I am very, very pleased to see the third book in the “Errand” trilogy. This has been a long time in waiting.
More Vanguard, more Titan, and DOUBLE DS9!

What can I say… I’m thrilled!


What sort of financial arrangement is there when actors’ likenesses are used on all these novels?

How about actors who have passed such as DeForest Kelley and Jon Abbott?

Just curious, if anyone knows…

22. FredCFO – July 12, 2008
What sort of financial arrangement is there when actors’ likenesses are used on all these novels?

I am not completely sure of this, but I believe the contracts they signed to be on the shows and movies allows their image to reproduced like this without further compensation.

Just give me a new edition of the Star Trek CHRONOLOGY!!! I know the Okudas have been busy, but a new edition would be great for a new movie tie-in.

I’m with you, Father Rob, a Captain April book sounds nifty. I have held off the Crucible series and I don’t know why. I just didn’t get the vibe when I picked them up. Obviously #13 ster j wasn’t a fan, but does anyone else have anything to say about those? I’ve been reading Greg Cox’s Khan books and they’re good. He does pay attention to detail and getting his facts straight, although I don’t know enough about genetics to know if I’m being snowed. It sounds good, though. I’ve also wanted to get into the Titan series and the McKenzie Calhoun (sp?) stuff but don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?

I used to buy and read every single book that came out. Some were sort of hit-and-miss, but mostly they were good, and I loved them! I have well over a hundred books at least!

But soon it was multiple books per month. Then they started coming out in hardback. Soon after that, the hardbacks came out in softcover. Then there were new series of books based on new ships and crews with sometimes an occasional known character thrown in for some reference. Then they started these long drawn out multi-book series that seemed to last forever and have no end in sight. Now they seem to be creating even more of these!

I lost the ability to keep track of them all long ago. What happened to the days that had a good ol’ one-off book that was an easy and fun read? It seems now that it is hard to just pick up a book and jump in without having read every book in that series prior to know whats going on!

I know that there is a reference book that lists all of the books, but who wants to read a book just so that they can read a book?

What’s a poor scifimetalgirl to do?

Like the Vanguard cover. Would have loved to see a shot like that in the remastered episodes.

Bailey please get a shot like that in Exeter!!!!

Have not read a Trek Pocket book since High School but man there were some good ones back in the day and some terrific Trek authors. Dianne Carey, V.C. Crispen, Diane Dunne. They alwys had the sweetest ass cover paintings as well. I remember how I wished Black Fire would have been a movie.

Kobayashi Maru looks awesome. Can’t wait!

25. Re: Crucible–I am a HUGE fan of the McCoy book. It just seemed to spoil me into thinking that 2 & 3 would be as good.


That being said, it was awesome how the author referenced every TOS ep and some TAS for good measure. He certainly loves and respects the show.

I am cautious now when investing major $ into books ever since TPTB started to formulate the novels. Some of my favorite writers of the early Pocket Books are no longer permitted to write pro-novel Trek (I have that directly from two of the authors) bc they don’t fit the formula of “Crisis–Kirk saves the day–no character development (unless it’s Kirk).”

“Some of my favorite writers of the early Pocket Books are no longer permitted to write pro-novel Trek…”

I really enjoyed the earlier novels. I stll buy any Classic Trek they publish, but they aren’t as good for the most part. It’s still good to see that we’ve got so much coming next year.

Ok, covers… I think they all are good, but the ones I am liking are:



Just my opinion tho

Plus, I think that there will be a lot of new stuff coming in April/ May as we lead up to the release of the new movie. Probably get the standard novelization, but some other Star Wars- like guidebooks and stuff.

26. SciFiMetalGirl:

Back in the 1700’s, you could have pretty read all the books there were at the time and be considered a renaissance man (or woman).

Back in the 1970’s, you could have read all the Star Trek books. Now, fuggeddaboudit, there must be thousands.

Check out the Trekkie Guy’s book reviews at http://www.trekkieguy.com. It is interesting to peruse all the titles. He also has wav files and a memory wall of all the TOS actors that have passed — that is interesting, too.

25 – I have not followed the New Frontier series, so I am not the best person to ask about that one. Titan has few enough books at the moment (4) that it is easy enough to get into. The story quality in the Titan series is uniformly strong, so they should be good, enjoyable reads for you.

As far as the Crucible series goes, you can view my review of the Trilogy here on TrekMovie – https://trekmovie.com/2007/03/20/review-crucible-trilogy/



Lots of stuff! Some day, I’ll get to em all (I still have unread numbered Pocket books from the 80s to get through…..)

25. THX-1138
I too have read Greg Cox’s Khan books, and I enjoyed them. For the most part, I tend to shy away from (fictional) Trek-lit but I do enjoy the non-fiction stuff. I could count all the Trek novels I’ve read on one hand. The Khan books, some VOY novel whose name I can’t remember, and most of Collision Course. The Whole Treknovel thing has really just passed me by.

Thanks for that, Father Rob. So, the Kirk portion isn’t such a hot read, eh? In order for the trilogy to work is it all that important, or could one skip it and have a satisfying experience with the McCoy and Spock stories? I ask because I could save some coin and just purchase those two and not the upcoming omnibus or the Kirk story.

#36 Thomas

I read a lot of books, to be sure. Currently I’m reading three: The Hobbitt to my kids, Titan’s Curse to my wife, and Cox’s books for myself. And there are so many Trek books it’s really difficult to read them all. There are definitely a wide range of writing styles and quality to be found in the Trek stuff, but I still manage to find something to enjoy. But you should see my mother-in-law go at the sci-fi books. She has an absolutely AMAZING collection of Science Fiction books and is a much more prolific reader than I. Her collection of authors would put any of us to shame, I’m guessing. And it’s mostly as complete a collection of their works as you could hope to find. This last February she brought over a big cardboard box full of books she needed to get rid of to make room for the rest of her new stuff. Thought I might enjoy reading it. It would take me two straight years to get through it if I did nothing but eat, work and read!

I have a cool mother-in-law.

33. FredCFO – Hey wow! Very awesome! Thank you very much for that! :))


/Seconded. That’s an awesome picture; full-size, anyone?

I’m not very good at keeping up with Trek novels… in fact, I’m miserably bad at it. Right now I’m trying to get through Sarek, Uhura’s song, and the TAS novelization; thte last current book I read was… something. I can’t remember which one at the moment, but it’s been a while. Buying books is not something I do often, or willingly, unless there’s something special about a book that I want to own it to read and reread or finish a collection. I’m a library person and tend to get all my Trek novels from there, maybe supplemented with some used paperbacks now and then. But I don’t mind the wait. :)

Good article, though– I’m definitely going to be looking out for Mere Anarchy.

37 – Each story can be read completely independently in the Crucible trilogy. While they all interrelate in their own ways, they can be enjoyed on their own with no loss of quality.


Ster J, TPTB have always called the tune regarding Trek books. They decide what’s to be written (either directly or by vetting ideas from authors), offer contracts, set publication dates, etc., etc. It would be a very rare established author who would write an entire novel on spec.

Remember, too, that CBS and Paramount own the right to the characters and to labeling anything as “Star Trek”. It’s all their show, no pun intended.

Also have to take exception to the criticism of the “Kirk Saves The Day” plot. Yes, that happens in any TOS story, and, obvously, Shatner’s books, but not elsewhere.

by Dave Galanter
New Original Series novel set during the 5-year mission.”

OH PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASE let this book have Janice Rand! With FEW exceptions (Enterprise: First Adventure, Excelsior, etc.), there are NO TREK NOVELS with her as a major character.

(Of course, there IS the matter that I, myself, am writing the ULTIMATE Rand novel, and don’t want anyone to contradict anything…. Just a little respect for the gal would be nice –that’s all!)

Of course, even if the book DOESN’T have her, I’m sure I’ll like it –Galanter’s a GREAT action writer!

Chateu Picard, anyone? Here’s to ’09! Here, Here!

What does Mere Anarchy mean?

Mere Anarchy was an eBook series that was done to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Original Series. The book, schedule to be released next year, is a collection of these eBooks in print.


I myself am looking forward to the 2 ENT novels, Kobayashi Maru & The Romulan War especially.

I did hold high hopes that ENT would have covered the Earth-Romulan war in either its 5th or 6th seasons, but alas, the evil network execs put paid to that. All I’ve had to go on so far for it is the video game Star Trek Legacy, but that was kinda unsatisfying.

What about a “making of” book about the new movie?!

I just hope they keep shatner and nimoy as kirk and spock on the novel covers instead of putting pine and quinto on them instead

I’m sure there will be a novelization of the new film. And my vote to write it would go to: Vonda N. McIntyre. Her novelizations of Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and Voyage Home are spectacular — easily the best versions of ‘filmed Trek in novel form’ we’ve ever had. And, she was the one who gave Mr. Sulu his first name, Hikaru.
I’d like to see how she’d rectify the events of the movie with her “Enterprise, the First Adventure” – a novel that even Roddenberry gave a thumbs-up to. (And, it’s a tale that has yet to be contradicted by Trek canon, if I’m not mistaken.)
Vonda N. would be the only name on the cover that would convince me to buy a novelization.

No announcement for paperback version of Slings and Arrows?