Sci-Fi Saturday: Dark Knight, Iron Man 2, Green Hornet, Max Payne, Heroes, Fringe, Prisoner, Caprica + more

This Sci-Fi Saturday is just bursting at the seems with tons of stuff on the soon to be released Dark Knight, plus status updates on the Green Hornet, Iron Man 2, Heavy Metal, Fanboys and more. Plus tons of new videos and clips including Max Payne. In TV news we have details on The Prisoner remake, the BSG prequel Caprica, Heroes, Fringe and so much more.


Dark Knight Watch: blockbuster in waiting + Talk of third film started
It’s looking more and more likely that we are in store for a huge opening weekend for "The Dark Knight". Insiders are reporting that the film could do $130 million (which would make it the third-largest ever three-day weekend). Warner Bros. is lowering expectations, predicting only $90-100 million for the weekend. Also, IMAX sales are very strong with some theaters adding 6am screenings and the film already breaking all kinds of records for the format (pity I have no IMAX screens in my area). By the way, there’s a good article on why Christopher Nolan chose to shoot many of the film’s big action sequences in the IMAX format, click here to read it. In other ‘Dark Knight’ news, /Film got a chance to talk with some cast and crew.

"I knew what I wanted to do with the end of the film before we wrote the story. I wanted the film to feel very complete, which isn’t the same as having a feeling of finality in the ending," director Nolan said.

When asked specifically about whether he had a plan for a third film, Nolan responded:

"I don’t know what I’d do next, or what would happen next. I felt in doing a sequel that it would be a big mistake to try to hold anything back for future films. You have to put everything you can into this movie and try and make it as great as it can be."

Christian Bale admitted that he is excited for another installment, but also made it clear that he "..can’t imagine doing this without Chris."

"I don’t even want to consider that because he’s created this. This is his," Bale said, adding "I think there is a great challenge to it for two reasons: one is that there have been a number of sequels that have surpassed the first movie. You know, you look at Godfather 2, Empire Strikes Back… There have not been many where the third in a trilogy has managed to be the best. And I see that as a good enough reason to want to tackle it. There is also another challenge that Heath has done such a superb job with this, then how do you create a superior villain?"

On the villain front, screenwriters David Goyer and Jonah Nolan were asked about which villain (or villains) they would use in a third film.

"We’re not gonna tell you… other than to say that Batman has been published for 70 years. In the first movie we use Ra’s Al Ghul and The Scarecrow, who had not been in the movies before, and had not been in the sixties TV show before. And there are dozens if not hundreds of other characters that fit that bill. Everyone says its gotta be The Penguin or Catwoman… well I completely disagree." Ultimately, Goyer said that the decision is up to Warner Bros., who he believes "would like to do another one".

If you’re more interested in insights on the current film, Bale talked with reporters about how his character Bruce Wayne considers abandoning his alter-ego in "The Dark Knight" (read it here) and Aaron Eckhart discussed his character Harvey Dent/Two Face in this interview and in another interview with Moviehole and another with MTV. And be sure to check out the videos section below for some new videos (including some interviews with the cast and crew).

Dark Knight Video Interviews: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckhart, Christopher Nolan, Nestor Carbonell, Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale–more video interviews here and more clips here and here)

Another Trailer

Batpod at the British Formula One Grand Prix

Bay Knight?
There is so much "The Dark Knight" news that there is even fake news. Ever wonder what would have turned out had Michael Bay got his hands on it Good news. Bay’s ‘spec screenplay’ that was "ultimately rejected by Warner Bros." has been leaked. Here’s a small selection:

Bay’s Bat Would Be….Awesome!

Favreau Returning to Direct Iron Man 2
We can all rest easy. Though it’s not "officially" official just yet, Jon Favreau will be returning to direct the sequel to "Iron Man". It’s hard to imagine this was ever seriously in doubt, however, a while back it was reported that Marvel Studios was “lowballing” Favreau in their offer for him to direct a sequel. Soon after it was made known that Favreau was offered a new contract that was quoted as being a good deal larger than his wage for the first film and now it looks like everything is good to go. Via Deadline Hollywood:

It’s not officially announced yet, but I’m told that Marvel Studios and Iron Man director Jon Favreau have reached a deal for him to helm the sequel, due out in 2010. (Robert Downey Jr had a sequel clause in his contract so he’s on board.)

Fans will have a chance to be in The Hobbit + New Interview
Back when the "The Lord of the Rings" was released on DVD, Peter Jackson included the names of the members of the official fan club in the credits, now comes word from Guillermo del Toro that fans will have "a good chance" to appear on screen in "The Hobbit" and/or its planned sequel.

“In either of the two films, [fans] have a good chance of being there,” del Toro told MTV, adding: “We will set some rules and some contests and some fans will definitely get the chance of being extras.”

Del Toro also chatted it up with AICN. Click here to read the lengthy interview–and listen along on certain segments–in which the director talks about "Hellboy II", "The Hobbit" and more.

Warner, DC Rethinking Film Strategy
There may be a shake-up over at Warner Bros. in regards to its DC Comics film properties. THR is reporting that over the past couple of weeks, officials at the two companies have been meeting to map out a "new direction for film adaptations". WB no doubt sees the success that Marvel has been having of late (especially with "Iron Man") and may be looking to announce a new slate of movies, ala what Marvel did a few weeks back when they released an extensive 2009-2011 schedule. There are many untapped DC Comics superheroes and villains that could translate well on the big-screen. Who would you like to see adapted from comic to film? Fire away in the comments below.

The Green Hornet Close to Entering Production
Seth Rogen told Moviehole that "The Green Hornet" project is inching closer to a reality:

“We’re looking for a director currently. The studio says they want to make it – they want to shoot it around February or March. They want it to come out in June of 2010. It looks like it’s gonna happen! We just have to find a director – we’re meeting with some people.”

Rogen also told the site that he wasn’t aware his "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" director Kevin Smith had worked on a Green Hornet movie:

"I didn’t realize until I started working on it that he had written like a whole draft – and was gonna direct it. It just all fell apart. He told me his idea, I told him my idea – they could not be more different. I think we’ve got a little more freedom than he did – with the material and so on – which, you know, is great for us! [Laughs]”

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Sequel A Possibility, Says Director
"Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D"
director Eric Brevig was asked by The Rocky Mountain News about whether a sequel has been discussed:

"At the end of the movie, they find a book about Atlantis. That might be something", he teased, adding "If people embrace the movie and want to see these characters on another adventure, we might come up with something."

‘Earth 3D’ did so-so in its opening day Friday, taking in about $7 million. It’s headed for a 3rd place $15-20 million. Not a tremendous opening weekend, but with a budget estimated at under $50 million, certainly not a failure.

Fans Claim Victory in Fight With Weinstein over Fanboys
The Weinstein Company has restored the original plotline to "Fanboys" and have given the film back to the original director who is currently editing the final version at Skywalker Ranch. In response to the news, the folks over at have ended their boycott of the company. Read the full letter here. The movie is expected to be released later this year, and there are rumors of a sneak preview of the film being planned for Comic-Con in San Diego. It’s not often that studios listen to their fans in such a way, so kudos to TWC for actually listening to the fans and committing themselves to fixing the errors they created.

Heavy Metal Remake No Longer in the Pipe at Paramount
A while back we reported on a remake of the 1981 film “Heavy Metal” (inspired by the 1970s comics of the same name) being set up at Paramount, with David Fincher to direct. Now comes news from EW that Paramount has ended their involvement in the movie, forcing Miller and Fincher to shop the property elsewhere.

Tim Miller, whose Blur Studio is handling the animation, says he and Fincher, along with current Heavy Metal publisher Kevin Eastman, are now shopping the film to other studios because Paramount’s new production execs felt the movie was too risqué for mainstream audiences. Though things are on hold until another studio picks it up, Miller is confident the film will eventually see the light of day. “David really believes in the project. It’s just a matter of time,” Miller says.


Avatar ("Avatar" Na’vi character design artwork–details here)

Babylon A.D. (Russian movie poster)

Dragonball (magazine scans, click image for more)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (more here)

Max Payne (more here)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (more here)

Transformers (concept art from first film– more here and here)


click here to read the cover story

Tyrannosaurus Rex (concept art)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (more here)


Max Payne

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (TV spots)



Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Webdoc 3 – "The Cones are Coming"

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (videogame trailer)


Watchmen (video diary)

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (TV spots)


  • Guillermo del Toro revealed to Rotten Tomatoes that he turned down an offer to direct "Se7en" because though the movie had a great script, "it was a very cynical view of the world. And I loved it, I wanted to see it, but I’m a romantic, fat bastard and I don’t subscribe to that view."
  • Darren Aronofsky ("The Fountain") has been in to discuss MGM’s big-budget remake of "RoboCop". [THR]
  • "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" did not pass China’s censors, and the release of the Universal film has been delayed in the country until certain changes are made. The $145 million movie was co-produced with China. The specifics of what caused the delay are unknown. [Variety]
  • "Elfquest", the comic book series from Wendy and Richard Pinin, is heading to the big screen courtesy Warner Bros. Rawson Thurber will direct. [THR]
  • Rob Cohen ("The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor") sat down with ShockTillYouDrop to talk a bit about the film’s setting and some of its characters. Click here to read the interview.
  • Robert Picardo talked to SCI FI Wire about the upcoming animated feature "Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey". Picardo is part of a extensive voice cast that includes John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The movie is scheduled for release in December 2009.
  • Ernie Hudson tells that he had a larger role in the original script of "Ghostbusters": "I was the guy who got slimed in the hotel, but I guess the studio felt they wanted more stuff for Bill Murray," Hudson reveals. "I was the guy who thought of the marshmallow man on the rooftop, but then it became Danny [Aykroyd]’s character."
  • Though more favorably received by critics and fans, "The Incredible Hulk" hasn’t done much better than the 2005 Ang Lee film, putting a sequel in question. [Reuters]
  • Two reviews for "Lost Boys: The Tribe" have been leaked: One reviewer didn’t like it, the other loved it. They both agreed that Corey Feldman was the highlight. Click here to read the reviews.
  • IMAX has confirmed that a 15 second trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" will run prior to IMAX screenings of "The Dark Knight". Speaking of trailers attached to "The Dark Knight", Coming Soon has a list of what Warner Bros. is expected to show in front of the film.
  • Lorenzo Semple Jr., a screenwriter on the 1960’s "Batman" TV series, wrote an article for Variety in which he gives his thoughts on the contemporary Batman movies. Read it here.
  • Super 78 productions has greenlit the IMAX fantasy film "Flight of the Dragon". [THR]
  • Here’s a welcome update on that news about the previously feared lost "Metropolis" footage. The Digital Bits has confirmed that Kino International’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def release of the film will incorporate the footage.
  • Nike has produced 350 pairs of limited edition Nike Hyperdunks in honor of the pair that Marty McFly (Michael Fox) wore in "Back to the Future, Part II". Check them out below. [Cinematical]


  • Chin Han ("The Dark Knight") has joined the cast of Roland Emmerich’s apocalyptic movie "2012". [Variety]


"Heroes: Going Postal" Trailer Released, Premiere Date Set
The "Heroes" web-series "Going Postal" goes live on July 14th at 3pm ET/12 pm PT. The series’ three episodes will unfold over three weeks (July 14th, 21st and 28th).
On July 14th, Heroes unleashes its first ever web series, "Going Postal." The trilogy of online-only videos introduces us to Echo De Mille, a seemingly ordinary mailman with an extraordinary ability.

The three-part series is written and directed by the same creative team behind the award-winning TV show. Part one, "A Nifty Trick," premieres Monday, July 14th, with new episodes rolling out on subsequent Mondays. Visitors to this year’s Comic Con, will get a sneak peak at the epic conclusion at the Heroes panel on Saturday, July 26th.

Check out the just-released trailer below. "Heroes" Season three kicks off on Monday, September 22nd with a two-hour premiere, preceded by an hour-long recap special (Click here for a spoiler report on the new season and click here and here for two new promos). There’s also a two-part report on what may have been for season two, had the WGA strike not hit. Check that out over at Comic Book Resources (Part II).

Fringe to be screened at Comic-Con
The pilot to "Fringe", the upcoming Fox SF TV series from producers J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, will be screened by Warner Brothers Television at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 24th. There will be two screenings of the show: at 6pm and 7:30pm. "Fringe" premieres September 9th on Fox, and will air Tuesday’s at 9pm.

Changes Upcoming for Second Season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
According to the cast and crew of Fox’s "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", the new season [SPOILERS] will bring about changes for Summer Glau’s Terminator character Cameron. Executive producer Josh Freidman explained:

"I think sometimes [Cameron does have a sense of her own sexuality] when it suits her. Last year she learned how to paint her nails, and she’s learned how to wear miniskirts and exploit her legs for attention… I think if there were somebody else in John’s life that could cause strategic problems, I think that’s almost like jealousy, and she would work to eliminate that threat. I think we may see some of that this year.

Click here for another spoiler report on the character and watch a new promo from the upcoming second season of the show below (and another one here).

Some Prisoner Details + AMC Looking to Adapt More Classic Genre Programming
Very little is known about AMC’s upcoming six-hour mini series reboot of the classic 1960’s British TV series "Prisoner", but AMC’s general manager Charlie Collier teased some of the details in an interview with SCI FI Wire at this week’s Television Critics Association press tour in California.

"I don’t really think of it being sci-fi, but it has the elements of the Village and the gadgetry," Collier said in the interview, offering up just one spoiler: "Rover was a big part of the TV series; it will be part of it. We can’t talk about it extensively now–it will get me in trouble," Collier said.

In a separate interview, Collier told SCI FI Wire that the cable network is actively looking for more classic genre TV shows and movies for miniseries, movies and remakes, adapted to appeal to viewers in their 40s or 50s.

"There’s a wealth of old TV shows and sci-fi movies to look back at and see if we can take them and update them and reintroduce them to the public," he said. Adding "We are having a ton of fun looking into the acquisitions of past science fiction, both movies and television".

The Story Behind Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
"Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog"
premieres next week, and Joss Whedon is out and about promoting the quirky online musical. Whedon told MTV that he wrote up the idea of the series, a spoof superhero story told through the eyes of a wannabe supervillain (played by Neil Patrick Harris), with his brothers Zack and Jed, and Jed’s fiancée Maurissa Tancharoen and though it could have been done for TV, but is better suited for the Internet.

"It’s a big experiment," said Michael Boretz, who produced "Dr. Horrible" with Whedon and David Burns ("Angel"). "Our goal was to show that you could do good quality content for a reasonable amount of money. It’s not amateur hour in the backyard, but it’s not epic and unaffordable. We’re counting on the fans to spread it around and make it an Internet media event."

Cost of production won’t be disclosed, but they do say that it cost less than a cheap horror movie would cost, due in large part to Whedon calling in lots of favors for cast, crew, and locations.

"I’m surrounding myself with people like a reunion," Whedon said, "but that’s because they understand what I’m talking about. I think. Generally speaking, I don’t have to over-explain myself with them. And the more people like that I have in my life, the easier it is to accomplish these things."

"Maybe Nathan didn’t have the professional training Neil had as far as singing goes, but he can sell it," Boretz said. "And Felicia, she’s got a beautiful, melodious voice."

Click here for the complete interview. IF Magazine also did an interview with Whedon, in which Whedon talks about what’s planned at Comic-Con (a midnight screening and T-Shirt giveaways) and more. Click here to read it that one.

How The Star Wars Clone Wars Movie Will Tie Into the TV Series
The movie’s release is just a month away, and the TV series debuts this fall on Cartoon Network (October 3), yet ‘The Clone Wars’ project is still shrouded in secrecy. Finally, however, some details have been revealed about how the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" movie will tie into the TV series. Speaking at the TCA press tour, the series’ supervising director, David Filoni revealed that the show’s pilot will follow what happens in the movie (August 15).

"The movie is very stand-alone," says Filoni. "It sets up the major characters we know, like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and of course, the new character, Ahsoka. So it’s made to stand alone and introduce everybody to the universe we’re showing in THE CLONE WARS [movie]. Then you come to the series. It has its small arcs and shows you the war from across a broad spectrum of episodes."

"We have 22 episodes in the first season," he adds. "It’s a nice dose of stories every week, which is something that I’m excited about. There’s no more three years between films. It’s just a week."

Filoni doesn’t know how long the show will run, but he believes that there is plenty of material to work off of.

"It’s a three-year period, the Clone War in the history of the STAR WARS’s universe, but in that period, there are so many stories to tell that I’ve been amazed that just in the first season what we didn’t get to, you know, and what I would still like to get to and what stories we would still like to explore," he says. "So for me and the longer it goes, the more chance we all get to tell fascinating stories in that galaxy."

Filoni also confirmed that the series has been mastered in HD, but notes specifics about the series hitting Blu-ray is still in the early stages.

Caprica and Battlestar Galactica Details + First Photos from set of Caprica
A couple new details about the "Battlestar Galatica" prequel series "Caprica" have been revealed. Collider has a script review of the pilot:

Zoe Graystone and her friends (Lacy and Ben) troll around in a holo-world, but they don’t seek the decadent hedonism of their teenage peers. They seek enlightenment and a higher calling. In this virtual reality, Zoe has created a double – Zoe-A – more a copy than a simple avatar. In their real lives, Sister Clarice heads the Athena Academy of their study with unclear motives. We don’t learn much about Tamara Adams except that it is her birthday. Zoe and Tamara’s paths cross on that fateful day as both of the girls shuffle off the mortal coil.

Daniel Graystone is at his wits end trying to pull a government military project together. It seems he can’t get his robot warrior (cue ominous music) to think, let alone shoot straight. Joseph Adams works as a lawyer but his Tauron past haunts him to this day, especially since his brother Sam doesn’t do his work for the side of the angels. The death of their two daughters unites their paths and the consequences of their decisions will be felt five decades later. Of course, the animosity comes a lot quicker. It usually does.

In BSG news, production has wrapped on the series finale (watch a wrap video here). SCI FI Channel’s executive VP of programming Mark Stern promised that the reveal of the final Cylon will feel “organic and satisfying” and that “it wont be some day player from Season One.” TV Guide also notes that the next BSG prequel TV movie will air this Fall, while Aaaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) posted on his LiveJournal that the TV movie will be shot in September (so apparently he is in it). Lastly, check out some set photos from the "Caprica" pilot below (click here and here to see more)

SCI FI Sets Fall Premieres
The SCI FI Channel has locked in their fall schedule. Here are the details:

  • "Ghost Hunters" and "Destination Truth" return on Wednesday, September 3rd, taking over for "Ghost Hunters International" and "Scare Tactics" which end their summer runs on August 20th and August 13th, respectively.

  • The off-network debut of "Lost" kicks off on Monday, September 15th. The series will run every Monday starting at 7pm ET in four-hour blocks.

  • "Eureka" will air its mid-season finale on Tuesday, September 23rd and "ECW" will premiere the following week, followed by the fall premiere of "Scare Tactics" the week after.

  • "Stargate Atlantis" (click here for a spoiler report for the new season) will end the first half of its fifth season on Friday, September 26th at 10pm and "Sanctuary" will launch the following week with a special two-hour premiere.


  • Uh, oh. Topless Robot assembled a list of the top 10 sci-fi shows that were canceled too soon and "Firefly" didn’t make the cut. "Star Trek" was, of course, #1. Read the entire list here.
  • Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (who hosts "Unseen Moon" on the National Geographic Channel) believes that science fiction, specifically the film and TV variety, is to blame for the lack of space flight in modern times. Read his take on the matter here.
  • HDNet network president Mark Cuban told reporters that he is looking to add more high-definition content to the network in the form of independent films in the science fiction and fantasy genre.
  • TV Land President Larry Jones announced that the network has renewed its popular "Myths and Legends" series for next season. "We are scheduling seven brand-new shows of Myths and Legends, and it is one of the most popular shows we have, Jones said.
  • ABC’s "Pushing Daisies" will be hosting a pie-eating contest at the Orange County Fair. The contest will run for 13 evenings. Here are the dates, times and locations: July 11-12, 15-19 at the Fun Zone Tent (7:30pm) and July 22, 24, 26, 29, 31 and Aug. 2 at the Cheese-A-Fair Area (7pm).
  • Someone’s likely not returning to "Doctor Who". Click here to found out who. [SPOILERS] In other casting news, Nicholas Courtney will be reprising his role as The Brigadier from "Doctor Who" in an episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Also, it’s been confirmed that David Tennant will be playing the Doctor in the Christmas special and the 2009 specials. Still no word on whether or not he’ll return in 2010 for the new season.
  • Three sci-fi dramas, Fox’s "Fringe", CBS’s "Eleventh Hour" and ABC’s "Life on Mars" are predicted to be the highest-rated new shows next season (in that order). That according to media services firm Horizon Media’s annual television report that tries to predict how the broadcast shows will fare in the fall.
  • Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker in "The Dark Knight" is drawing rave reviews, but MTV asks the question: Does "Batman: The Animated Series" Have The Best Joker Ever?


Comic-Con Thursday and Sunday Schedules Released
The schedules for the first and last days of this year’s Comic-Con have been revealed. Check out Thursday’s lineup (plus the Wednesday preview) here, and the Sunday lineup here.

Werewolf Women of the SS Returning as a Comic Book Series
Rob Zombie posted the following message on his MySpace blog: "Werewolf Women of the SS is back! This time it’s back as a comic book series! The wacky exploits of Commandant Hess, Lt. Boorman, Von Strasser Eva and Gretchen Krupp, Fu Manchu and even Hitler will be coming you way. Everything you ever wanted to know about Project Pure Wolf but were afraid to ask!"

Nicolas Cage Was Voted the Top Celebrity Comic Book Geek
Nicolas Cage, who’s new Virgin Comics series, "Voodoo Child" has just hit stores, was voted the top celebrity comic book geek in a new list by Here’s the full list:

  1. Nicolas Cage
  2. Kevin Smith
  3. Jerry Seinfeld
  4. Rosario Dawson
  5. Joss Whedon
  6. Guillermo Del Toro
  7. Samuel L. Jackson
  8. Patton Oswalt
  9. Bill Hader
  10. Brian Posehn

The X-Files (sneak peek at new Comic)


Top 10 SF&F Broadcast Shows HH Rating/Share
1) Ghost Whisperer (R) 3.5/7
Fear Itself
3) Smallville (R) 1.5/3
4) Supernatural (R) 1.3/2
5) Reaper (R) 1.0/2

6/16/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Media Research

Top 10 SF&F Syndicated Shows Rating
1) Stargate SG-1 0.8
2) Star Trek 0.8
3) The Dead Zone 0.7
4) Stargate Atlantis 0.6

6/16/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

Top 10 SCI FI CHANNEL Shows Rating
Ghost Hunters
2) 100 Million B.C. 1.7
The Hulk
Savage Planet
Sound of Thunder

6) Grizzly Rage

7) Maneater
8) Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.0
9) ECW 1.0
10) Doctor Who 1.0

6/16/2008 to
– Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report via SCI FI Wire

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Egads is everyone else experiencing the same wonky format as I am?

I have an Imax screen in town. I can’t imagine seeing this on a regular one if it get’s screened in Imax here. Spectacular. Expensive, but spectacular.

funny to hear about the IMAX screens doing so well, they
close down the one in my area for not making money, and just turned
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Whew, that’s better. I thought I was going bat sh*+.

Sorry to hear about the closure of your Imax, Irishtrekkie. Did you ever get a chance to see a flick there? I got First Contact, Robots, Spiderman III, and Beowulf.

lol well its closed in 2000, so it was 8 years ago only opened in like 98 , so only there for 2 years , i saw a few movies , there . and like i said they still have a really big screen there just not a proper imax one, which i saw cloverfield on which was nice.

Fanboys and have given the film back to the original director ?, well after seen how badly they protrayed star trek fans in the first trailer , i was going to give that move a miss anyway

What!. No news on a new star trek trailer.Oh ok. I guess we will havt to wait.dark night looks to be fantastic and i already have my ticket to see it. They need to get jet Li as kato on the green hornet. He would be the best at that role since bruce lee did it. The new bsg caprica looks to be kool and im hopeing they have lots of the orginal cylons in it.The hobbit will be great. Can’t wait. But J.J please release a trailer on Star Trek. We havt to have our fix soon or we will all go stark (no pun intended)raving mad!!!!!!! and say KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there first time poster long time reader
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Hey Anthony. Please talk to J.J and see when he will release a Star trek trailer.PLEASE!!. Ok Im Also looking forward to the X files and It will be great to see whats been happining sice the show went off the air. There are a lot of things that dc comics can do. Wonder women would be a great idea and capt marvel would be kool. Also would love to see a movie on the Greatest American Hero. Remember that 80s series with william katt who gets a super suit from a ufo and with his cohort robert culp who played a F.B.I agent maxwell. Great Series and i think would be a great movie as well. I know stephen j Canell said they were going to do a movie but i have not heard anthing in a while. Does anyone know of any updates on a possible movie. Also New Buck Rogers Movie Would be kool as well and How about another Independence day movie where more aliens come to Earth.A New Hee man movie would be kool as well.Ok Everyone. Any other ideas on Scifi movies you would like to see.Hey Maybe we should all send emails and cards and letters to J.J Abrams about a Star Trek Trailer. What do you think Anthony.

Can’t wait for the DARK KNIGHT.

Curious about X-FILES.

WHAT?!? Firefly not even *on* the list of sci-fi shows canceled too early?! What kind of sick injustice is this?!?

@9 – the sickest of the sick.

They’re just trolling… everyone knows it should have been #1…

Great roundup as always. So much to look forward to – I’m even starting to get a little interested in the Star Wars series, though I’m hoping it’s more Episode IV than Episode III in feel (and acting and humour).

Patrick McGoohan is said to be involved in the new PRISONER mini series in some way. That would be a good thing. If done well, thhis coulld be fantastic social comment on our age of terrorism and secret wars.
Be Seeing You…

JJ’s really teasing us hard core Star Trek fans ain’t he.

For something like Star Trek he should reveal a few things to keep the fans happy. Not the plot but uniforms and sets so we know it feels like TOS and not a reinvention.

I am looking forward to the movie.

One thing can Holywood stop remaking every single classic Hollyowood movie and series. It’s really painful they are remaking RoboCop and Day the Earth Stood Still. Now The Prisoner is being remade. It annoys me that kids will watch the new one and prefer the new one over the original.

I hope the new fans this new Star Trek will like the new movie but hope they prefer and watch the origianla shows and movies

This sucks the Max Payne films gonna be steaming turd and I wanna know when we get a proper Star Trek Trailer.

Still the best cinema in town, Irishtrekkie. I’ve been giving the Savoy another chance for Hulk and Indie IV and I’m just as disappointed with the place as I ever was, although granted I was in the smaller screens, but they’re still using dim bulbs and the sound is still chronic.

As for the DC adaptations: Sandman would be nice to see adapted on the big screen (and I’m surprised no-one’s made an attempt before), but it would have to be with a very capable director and the cast would have to be just right otherwise they’ll just ruin the story for me. And I’m not sure as to the standard of Neil Gaiman film interpretations up until now. But it would even present the chance of a few tie-ins with other DC franchises.

Great post Rosario!! To #5, #7, #12. I agree with you guys 100%. I get the feeling that J.J. doesn’t want a new trailer till February of next year. He may think that not saturating the market now with trailers will “keep them wanting for more”.

J.J. okay we are wanting….please man….I…need…more…..(cough, cough)


Wahlberg and Kunis are the perfect choice for this. I just hope the movie does the game justice. This will keep me going until trek comes out!

Wow. A lot of content here. If I were to play all the trailers and follow all the links, I’d be here for hours. Not how I want to spend my Sundays. Liked the Star Wars links. I’m a big BSG fan liked the Caprica info. That alternative Batman script seemed lame. And when I say lame, I don’t mean when a horse’s feet hurt, I mean how the kids use the term in high school.

I hope that Michael Bay doesn’t read this site. I’m not in the habbit of pissing off hollywood directors. I never like to burn bridges. He may need my services one day, just to find out that I was that guy who said his Batman script was lame and then I get blacklisted and my carreer goes into the toilet.

It can happen.

I wonder if people would be raving about Heath Ledger’s Joker to the same extent if he was still alive. For some reason I get the impression that maybe the performance isn’t THAT spectacular…it’s just that the actor died tragically and that makes people think they have to adore him. Would they be just as “OMG HEATH LEDGER IS THE JOKER!!11!!” if he were still alive??

Bring back Michelle as Catwoman!

Didn’t Heavy Metal come out in 1981 vice the 70’s? I know parts of that soundtrack came out in 1981.


Michael Caine was actually on record last year (prior to Heath’s death) that he believed it was one of the best performances he’d ever seen. SO good, it even caused him to forget his lines. After that first trailer came out, a lot of fans were won over by Ledger’s take on the Joker.

Obviously a lot of buzz is related to his untimely death, but I think there was a great deal of excitement about his performance before that. There will always be the morbid curiosity in all of us, wondering if the role truly drove him to it, but in the end I think the performance has to speak for itself.

I’ll say this again….why are we making a Robocop remake? That makes no sense. Do a Deathlok movie instead and that’d be more truthful.

Regarding MTV article on best Joker ever . . . .this is without having seen the new movie of course, and all due respect to Heath Ledger. . . .I’ve long thought you can’t beat Mark Hamill’s portrayal (voice work) on the Joker. His acting range is remarkable on that and his vocal range is about 7 octaves. I’ve really been impressed with what he can do. Has anyone heard his Solomon Grundy?

Im looking forward to the new star wars movie and series as i think it will be great.I wait till i see the dark knight before i say what kind of actin heath ledger did. I hope the day the earth stood stll will be good but they had better stick the the premise of the origanal for it to be a big hit. Also I would love to see a movie where iron man and the hulk team up. if you seen the hulk you know what i mean.Star Trek Trailer Please.

Nice overview and update! Thanks, Anthony!

Batman: TAS does have one of the greatest Jokers ever. It also has one of the best Batmen ever. I watched Gotham Knight the other day and when Batman spoke for the first time I was like “OMG! It’s Kevin Conroy! He’s teh awesomeness!” I want a revival of the DCAU…

I’m counting the seconds until the Dark Knight. I bought my tickets last week.


please thank Russ who actually wrote it. All I do is publish


Agreed. Nobody can fill the shoes of Peter Weller. They tried in the past and failed.

18. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator – July 13, 2008
“I wonder if people would be raving about Heath Ledger’s Joker to the same extent if he was still alive. For some reason I get the impression that maybe the performance isn’t THAT spectacular…it’s just that the actor died tragically and that makes people think they have to adore him. Would they be just as “OMG HEATH LEDGER IS THE JOKER!!11!!” if he were still alive??”

I guess we wait and see.

I’m watching Book TV on C-SPAN. John Gorenfeld is talking about his book, “Bad Moon Rising”–nothing to do with this column, except there is a poster for Outlander in the backgound. It takes up 30 percent of screen. It’s like a plug for Outlander. I noticed it because there is a picture of a horse on it. Looks like a Percheron.

On the topic of X-Files, I wonder about the wisdom of casting Peet and Xzibit. Although I can understand that TPTB probably didn’t want any co-stars to overshadow and leads, I think the cast palette could have been widened a bit.


Anthony, glad you pointed that out……thanks, Russ! Very good job keeping us up to date!

Interesting bit about Buzz Aldrin. I have often wondred if sci fi HAS been in part to blame for what seems to be little interest in real space flight.

I wonder if the IMAX Dark Knight will be a shortened version?
I’ll pass anyway. IMAX is just TOO damn uncomfortable a format to view a “normal” movie in.
I wish someone would shoot a movie with Doug Trumbull’s 60 frame-per-second, 70mm Showscan process.
It’s used in simulator rides and it provides an almost 3D effect.

ACK – am I the only one who figured out, after reading the plot ‘synopsis’ of Caprica, the key to understanding the rest of the BSG series?

“smatter of fact, it hit like ton of bricks. Anyone else?

Well what do you mean Doug? That the last cylon is either Zoe or Tamara?

#9 & #10 – Yeah seriously. Firefly should be numero uno on that list, and if not that IT SHOUDLD BE AT LEAST ON THERE.

Super excited for Caprica, the future of BSG, and definitely excited for The Dark Knight.

Yeh, I went with friends last year to see the last Harry Potter on the local IMAX theather in Birmingham, AL … pieces of the screen were torn or tearing, hanging down. Huge waste of money!