On His Birthday Patrick Stewart Talks Trek, Aging and More

Today Patrick Stewart turned 68, and he is still going strong. TNG’s Picard recently finished his Tony-nominated Broadway run in Macbeth and is now preparing for Hamlet where he will play Claudius across from David Tennent (Doctor Who) as Hamlet. In a new London Times interview Stewart talks Trek, aging and more!


Captain’s Throne
Stewart had once described his life in theater before Trek playing Kings and Emperors and heroes, was the perfect preparation for playing a Starfleet Captain. In the new interview with the Times, the actor explains

The fact is, I was fed up with journalists constantly suggesting that I was slumming it. I said it in a sort of weary defiance, but there was some kind of truth in it: Star Trek was very theatrical – a throne, a king – classical in a sense. And the people who did it well all had a background on the stage.

Stewart on young women and getting older
The actor, who recently ended a relationship with one women who was 28 years younger and started up with another younger women, assured the Times that he doesn’t date younger women by design. Stewart says he doesn’t "search them out," but he just doesn’t meet women his age…sure Patrick. Regarding getting older the actor did admit that he considers his mortality:

Well I’m afraid of dying, yes, you can tick that box, and I work hard on fitness. If you want to be a classical actor, as Laurence Olivier said, you have to be fit as an athlete. You can’t go around with a big belly hanging out, drinking late at night.

More from Stewart in The Times.

Stewart keeping young at at last month’s Tony awards (wireimage)

Hamlet opens at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, July 24 and runs to November 15. More info at rsc.org.uk.


Happy Birthday Patrick
And in honor of Mr. Stewart’s birthday, here are our ten favorite Patrick Stewart videos from YouTube.

Stewart singing for Roddenberry

The Picard Music Video

“Picard Maneuver” Compilation

A scene that is even better taken out of context

Stewart on Extras

Animated Stewart as Director Bullock on "American Dad"

Stewart on Sesame Street

Stewart: Conductor

Stewart talks baldness on "Parkinson"

There are four lights




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Best. Captain. Ever.

Happy b-day, Patty. Young at heart, young at heart!

Yep… would love it, if we had a mention of the picards in the new movie!

“But I’ve seen everything.” :) Brilliant!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Stewart!

Still time to film that Spock/Picard scene before he goes back JJ….

Happy Birthday to Patrick!!

And may I say that Ricky Gervais and Stephan Merchant are gods.

And Extras and The Office are to comedy what Star Trek and The Next Generation are to drama

Happy Birthday Mr. Stewart.

Second best Captain. Ever! A very close 2nd!

Good actor and thanks for all you’ve contributed to Trek!

Happy Birthday Stewart :) he still has he’s charisma

he should be fed up with journalists , most of them have never seen an esp of star trek , or no anything about good sci fi , the just thing its slumming it cause they dont take the time to understand it , or see just how much depth there is in it.

But yes Happy Birthday Stewart, and heres to many more.


Im told if you look at the above photo long enuff,,,,,,,,,,,,

you might see Patrick Stewart in there somewhere,,


What a great set of videos – thanks for putting them together, TM.C!

Happy birthday, Mr. Stewart – My Mom’s still in love with you, and I still wish Cap’n Picard was my Dad.

I was recently in an opera where all us ladies would have to tug our Victorian bodices back into place after every dance number. We had a lot of fun referencing the Picard Maneuver, and calling each other “Number One” and “Mr. Crusher.”

just watched an episode of TOS. It made me so thankful for people like Patrick Stewart/Picard. Sorry, but it was an extremly cheesy one.

Wait, Stewart is 68? He’s like the man who never ends.

Happy Birthday Patrick!

Peace & Long Life!

Patrick is living proof you’re as young as the women you feel.

Happy Birthday Jean-Luc, Sejanus, Duke of Suffolk, Ahab, Professor X, King Leodegrance, and most of all Patrick.

Happy Birthday Patrick!

One of our best actors, period. And….20 years since TNG debuted- and the man looks like he hasn’t aged a day!

Talent of the caliber of Stewart have good cause to be fed up with reporters in general who do not do their homework and research the artist who they are interviewing. Most entertainment news is sleaze these days and there are very few places(this website a blessed exception) where you can get honest, factual reportage on the matter at hand.

I hope when I’m 68 and bald I’ll still be dating foxy young ladies. Way to go, Mr. Stewart.

Happy Birthday, you are an inspiration.

Whoa, 68. Congrats.

ps. When I skimmed it and read ‘Claudius’ I thought ‘Sejanus is back for the sequel?’

Of course Mr. Stewart’s best known role is….

Gurney Halleck from Dune :)

Day-um Patrick!
Happy Birthday!

You can pick the ladies…whew!

There is one horrible ‘Tube video above. While Patrick’s conducting skills were superb… did it HAVE to be at Michigan and their fight song? Ugh.

Go Iowa Hawkeyes!


Kirk may have done better with the ladies onscreen than Picard did, but IRL Stewart’s clearly winning that race. lol

5.: He already has… ;-)

To the honorable Mr. Stewart,

When I first viewed you I was recovering from a Traumatic Major Head injury back in 1989 as TNG premiered in Denver. I had been watching Trek from 1968 and thought even for a few years into TNG that Bill would always be the best Captain. Over time with your skills and talents your earned my honor and removed my 25 year bias to the first TV captain. I’ve viewed many of your other ventures and none yet have dimmed your shining acting talents that you have earned and forged in the years you have honored us with your skills.

May I wish you a perfect happy birthday, and as someone else would say “Live Long and Prosper” and we all will gain from your Prosperity and Talents.

This is the man that will never end! He has like the shat before him touched an entire generation and took Star Trek Forward. Many happy returns Mr Stewart.

Captain Picard and the Doctor. This play will certainly have a more “diverse” audience than usual.

In the Parkinson interview Patrick’s Northern accent really comes out in response to Michael’s

Have read the Times article – error full

Stewart is not “tall”

He can’t be both appearing in Hamlet 40 years after being 26 and be 68 years old.

And Picard did not have “Spocky” ears

Hopeless. A professional journalist.

Fantastic actor, the best of the ST captains. I hope he has many years to come!

Why not any clips from when he was on Saturday Night Live? The Star Trek skit was pretty funny. Although I must say, the singing and dancing Captain is a close second!

#25 – I was also recovering from a long illness at that time, and TNG was a great sickbed companion.

#31 – not to mention the erotic cakes!

OMG! That Sesame Street clip is one of the funiest things I’ve ever seen! “MAKE IT SO NUMBER 1!” Priceless!!!!

Class Act. A very funny guy, too. His spot on Extras was simply hilarious.

– Happy birthday !!!

Patrick was great on the British version of “Eleventh Hour”. I’m sure the American version will totally change it…

Happy Birthday Patrick!! I met you on Long Island, at your Library in Melville and you were so gracious and funny. It was so nice to meet someone so famous, that was just a “normal” guy.

The best Captain in my book!!

A truely great actor who has won the respect and maintains close bonds of friendship with his co-stars, and he always speaks highly of those around him. Too bad those who are somewhat more famous and came before him never held such high standards.

Commodore Lurker has no affiliation with the other poster called “Lurker.”

Happy birthday, Mr. Stewart!
I also vote for Best Captain Ever. (TNG may only be the second best show (very close) in my book, but that doesn’t imply anything about the captains.)
I’d also rather serve under Picard than Kirk! :-)

27: Not only will PS have to ask Trekkers to refrain from coming to the theater in uniform, DT will have to ask Doctor fans to refrain from appearing in Dalek costumes, and PS and DT will have to ask Starfleet and Daleks to refrain from phaser/death ray battles during play.

Happy Birthday!

You still look like 47 when you started your trek-career!

YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. Stewart knows everyone’s afterthoughts as he reads all our P.S.s on every letter an’ email we write… ‘tinks they be fur him… whar’ does he find tha’ time ta’ do such things… and play connivin’ Claudius ta’ rack up a resume wit’ Shakey-Speare baddies? Marvel!

Oh… and I have no affiliation wit’ tha’ poster known as “British Naval Dude”… well, almost none… copy machine accident…


I think Stewart stopped aging a few days after his 40th birthday.

Happy birthday, Patrick Stewart! :)

Welcome ta’ “Tea Time wit’ Bristish Naval Dude”
Me guest today be Patrick Stewart.

BND: Patrick, now as a classicaly trained and succesful actor, aboot ta’ give us all an earful playin’ Claudius, what aboot tha’ time ye’ spent on skid row meetin’ folks like me who smelt as bad as they felt? How’d ye’ get outta tha’ gutter then?

P.S.: I was fed up with journalists constantly suggesting that I was slumming it. And the people who did it well all had a background on the stage. You can’t go around with a big belly hanging out, drinking late at night.

BND: I see. Now, indeed I once played Benedict in an all-girl version o’ “Much Ado.” Ye’ ever been in an all-girl production afore?

P.S.: Yes, you can tick that box.

BND: I see. Very good. Now, I noticed ye’ didn’t wanna shake me hand once comin’ oot here. Why’s that?

P.S.: Well, I’m afraid of dying.

BND: I see. So, ye’ think me scabbies be a life-threatenin’ skin problem then?

P.S.: You can tick that box.

BND: I see. Alright then. Now, how do ye’ plan ta’ deal wit’ this completely irrational fear o’ death that ye’ have?

P.S.: I work hard on fitness- hanging out, drinking late at night… with a big belly.

BND: I see. Well, that’s all tha’ time we have fur today’s guest, Mr. Locutus Picard. And besides, I’m sure he has ta’ be off, getting in shape fur his ever-so-lovely young lady friend.

P.S.: I can tick that box.

BND: Next up on “Tea Time” our guest chef Jamie Oliver cooks us up three light dishes…

P.S.: There are four lights!!!!!!

BND:… four light dishes. Sorry, mate. Stay tuned…

“and I work hard on fitness. If you want to be a classical actor, as Laurence Olivier said, you have to be fit as an athlete. ”


I love how Stewart always defends Trek fans when interviewers mock us. He’s truly a gentleman.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Stewart! May you live life to the fullest with that brilliant head of yours.