Quinto’s Spock Is Funny?

And yet another update on Star Trek from yesterday’s TCA’s. E Online caught up with Star Trek (and Fringe) executive producer Bryan Burk who said of Zachary Quinto’s performance as Spock will “make you cry,” but it was additional comments from director JJ Abrams that raise an eyebrow, ‘fascinating’-style


JJ Abrams may be saying that his Star Trek is not a parody, but apparently his Spock is bringing the funny:

Zachary brought a gravity and an incredible sense of humor, which is a wonderful combination because the Spock character is deceivingly complicated. And the revelation for me in watching the movie was that he’s extraordinary. He was doing things I didn’t even realize while we were shooting. These amazing things that sort of track the story.

[E Online]

This might not be that surprising actually. Even though Vulcans are known for their stoicism, Leonard Nimoy probably gets some of the best laughs from both the Star Trek series and films. Of course not everyone appreciates Spock’s wit.


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And what about those communicators?! What is the deal with those? And what about those Tribbles?

Interesting can’t wait to see it

I would expect the part of Spock should be addrsssed with the same dry humor Nimoy instilled in the role.

I hope its the same dryness in his wit than he had with McCoy.

Hope he keeps the Vulcan mannnerisms

Technically, Spock *is* funny. Well, maybe not ‘funny’, but chuckle-worthy. His coolly delivered logical zingers and naivete when it came to emotions kept him from being boring.

Humor, when applied right, is very logical.

What’s the deal with starship food?

The universe is very… gassy.

…As long as the humor is not “kitschy’ it’ll be okay…

What is the deal with food dispensers? And what about those Transporters? And the Klingons! Who are those people?!

That’s Not What ‘kitschy’ means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I hope they don’t make Spock into a conversation piece – he should just be accepted at a regular character on the movie, not something to be nice to fans.

I still hope this will be an awesome movie.

Spock has always had a sense of humor, and a devastating one at that.

re: 11 KJTrek

I know what “kitsch” means . I was making an ill advised attempt at “humor” because of JJ’s recent comments:
“…… there’s a kind of kitschy quality that must go if it’s going to be something that you believe is real…Our Star Trek is not parody…”
( see https://trekmovie.com/2008/07/14/abrams-my-star-trek-not-kitchy-dissapointed-not-showing-at-comic-con/ )

Just kidding around… okay?
{*sigh, humans… )

I wonder if we’ll hear Spock’s guitar theme. They played every time he was on screen in TOS.

When did everyone start channelling Jerry Seinfeld? What is the deal with that?!

As long as there are no references to beans and whiskey being “an explosive combination.”

“It was SO hot on Vulcan today….”


Doesn’t Quinto ever shave?

“It was SO hot that I went deep into the Plak-Tow just to cool off!”

“Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all night!”


Yes, every 2 hours.

If I had a tomato you’d be sauced!lol

Spock is a smart guy. I bet his humor is all about equations and ratios and stuff like that.

I am deeply pleased to discover that Zachary Quinto’s Spock will have the oh so classical “Vulcan humor.”

I would hope he is every bit as capable of delivering “Spock humor” as his predecessor, and with Nimoy on set, I have never doubted that he will capture the essence of Spock (including that deceptively complicated personality and wit).

“A joke… is a story with a humorous climax.” — Spock

Of course Spock is funny…

Bones; “Logic? Medical men are trained in logic.”

Mr. Spock; “Really, Doctor, I had no idea they were trained. Watching you, I assumed it was trial and error.”

If I were human my response would be “Go to hell”.

One of my favorite Spockisms was his “beads and rattles” retort to McCoy. Watching Heros gives me hope that Quinto has the stuff to do Spock justice.

A vulcan, a scottsman, and a guy from Iowa go into a bar on Rigel and… stop me if you’ve heard this one….

I can’t hear the YouTube clip…

…because, apparently, I have “1 New Message!” And it’s chirping like a @%$&^#&^ cricket!!! Make it stop!

(Anyone else having this problem? That’s one ANNOYING ad up top, Anthony!)

Hey, #20! *I* laughed out loud. Very funny!

30. The Bova Effect – July 15, 2008
“A vulcan, a scottsman, and a guy from Iowa go into a bar on Rigel and… stop me if you’ve heard this one….”

Hey, I am from Iowa and I take offense to that….


Spock often had the funniest lines.

[to McCoy] “He was no doubt terrified of your beads and rattles.”

[to McCoy] “Nor have you, doctor, as your continued predilection for irrelevency demonstrates.”

[to Edith Keeler] “I am attempting, madam, to create a mnemonic memory circuit using stone knives and bearskins.”

[to no one in particular] “I’ve been dead before.”

“Anyone else having this problem? That’s one ANNOYING ad up top, Anthony!)”

I was looking for a cricket here under my desk before I figured it out! I’ve got tons of the danged little critters and they are always getting into my house.

As long as Spock doesn’t give Kirk a wedgie.

The best funny Spock line: any time he raised that eyebrow (or the other eyebrow, or both together…).

I think Spock is rubbish.

Lt. Kyle was clearly the funniest of the group.

Personally, I thought Nurse Chapel was hilarious!!!!

Aw, c’mon, didn’t YOU??

Harry#39- I know you were downing the vino last night, my darling, but what has been your drink of choice this evening…

I liked the part in Tribbles, where Spock is talking to Cyrano about breeding Tribbles in the wrong habitat, and Cyrano goes, “Of course, wha what did you say?”

Denise, I tend to have wine most evenings…..sometimes even to excess.

Harry#42- Put that wine glass down right now and devote yourself to the task at hand – being a scintilating conversationalist for moi.

As I understand it, Spock began to lighten up, and in due course was able to show his signature humorous side when Kirk became his commanding officer and offered his unconditional friendship. Now we’ll probably be told about the beginning of their friendship before the 5-year-mission. According to WNMHGB, Kirk was rather stiff then, a stack of books with legs. According to Spock’s mother in JTB, Spock was a very stiff guy then, too, as he was in constant struggle with his human half, not knowing where he belonged.

Can’t wait for them two funny guys trading jokes.

I love a deliciously dry wit like Spock’s – when you need some intelligence to get it.

Should make for some great back-and-forth between he and McCoy. ;-)

Can’t wait!!!


#42 n’ #43 Geez get a chat room

As long as he has the same dryness with Karl Urban than Leonard Nimoy had with DeForest Kelley I think this is really cool.

As long as he is not changing the essence of the character, it will be fine.

Sounds like Quinto will prob be great as Spock. He might honour Leonard Nimoy after all.

I take this as a very promising sign. Nimoy always played Spock with such a fun dry wit. If Quinto can pull that off as well, I’ll be in heaven.

I suppose you could get all three of the Spocks together to have a sitcom…

Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto and Jacob Kogan in.. Two and a Half Vulcan Men.

But yes sense of humor is essentialy. Spock had very dry humor.. even when he wasn’t trying to be funny he could be. Star Trek: The Final Frontier campfire scene comes to mind.

“One damned minute Admiral.”