Great Links: New TOS Theme, Fans At Home, Trek Being Blamed, A Picard Song and more

The Great Links has found some real fun stuff for you all this week starting off with a new version of the Star Trek theme made by movie insider. Plus we have a photo exhibit of fans in their homes, Buzz Aldrin blaming Trek, a look at the buzz for the new Star Trek movie, some more lists and a song dedicated to Picard. Enter the Link below.


Composer sees new Star Trek footage – inspired to create new TOS theme
Visual effects artist and composer Mike Verta was visiting at ILM last month and happened to see some of the effects work on JJ Abrams new Star Trek feature (he is not working Trek). He was inspired by the visuals to create a new version of the classic Alexander Courage theme which he posted on his website. It is a very interesting take. Verta tells TrekMovie:

This was a speed-writing exercise, inspired by a recent visit to ILM where I happened to see Star Trek  being worked on. I’d heard they were going to use the original series theme for the movie – that can be tricky, because it’s extremely club-lounge-like and dated sounding, especially to the uninitiated – so I wanted to take a shot at re-imagining it for a modern palette. I had 3 goals: 1) Use the original melody, 2) Make it feel like it belongs to the "family" of Star Trek movie themes and 3) Make it youthful and adventurous, to reflect the characters as seen in Star Trek.

 Listen to Mike Verta’s take on the Trek theme


Trekkies in natural habitat
Photographer Steve Schofield has been taking pictures of British sci-fi fans in their homes, including many Trek fans. The photographer tells NeatORama his ‘Land of the Free’ project is "exploring the fascination that the British public has with American popular culture and the sub-cultural world of fandom." Go to for the full gallery. readers? (if on the left…call me)

Quote of the week

I blame the fantastic and unbelievable shows about space flight and rocket ships that are on today. All the shows where they beam people around and things like that have made young people think that that is what the space program should be doing. It’s not realistic.

– Second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin
on why there is a loss of interest in real life science [SciFi Wire]

Picture of the week: mmm Trek Cake
Flickr member AnnaWhite has this photo from Sam and Dave’s wedding, and one of them is a Trekkie. 

Trek looks tasty

Video of the week: WWPD
In less than a week vlogger (and founder of the NerdFighters social network) Hank Green’s new song "What Would Picard Do" has over 40,000 views on YouTube…and it’s pretty good and just in time for Patrick Stewart’s b’day.

Star Trek Movie Buzz Watch
A new feature of Great Links (which may grow up some day and be its own column), where we keep track of what people are saying about the new Star Trek movie. This week we have two sites ranking the new Trek:

  • ranks JJ Abrams Star Trek 11th on their 20 most anticipated films [note: image Hypeful uses was originally posted at]
  • io9 grades the film an 8 out of 10 on their pre-spoiled meter for their latest Spoiler Forecast.


Skulls, Giant hand, painted face, spiky armor…and a Sombrero…yep


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That was an interesting take on the theme by Mike Verta. Obviously he’s under lock-and-key about discussing details of the new old Enterprise. But if they do use the original theme from the television series, I think some more orchestral arrangement like the one Verta throws out there could be good. I’d like to hear a version akin to John Williams’ “Summon The Heroes” with the Trek theme weaved in.

But what do I know? I’m a commenter, dammint, not a music composer!

Mike Verta’s take is somewhat reminiscent of Leonard Rosenman’s take at the end of Star Trek IV as the Enterprise-A is departing spacedock.

Rosenman’s is a very breif take, though.

LOVE Mike Verta’s Star Trek theme!


Your keyboard has some nice samples. Especially the lower brass. Nice work.

I always wondered what John Williams’ take on Trek would be! :) Awesome job, Mike.

Ah, silly me. Verta is somebody real in the business. And he gets to work with the legend, Malcolm McNab. What a warrior he is. I’d love to have those players to work with. Lucky man. You go Mike.

That music made me think of the Interplay Starfleet Academy game.

Well, whoever is actually scoring Star Trek now has their work REALLY cvut out for them. They have to top Verta.

I like that theme music, very upbeat without being campy.

love the theme tune ,very talented, sensitive rendering…BRAVO..!!

Those pics of the Brits are both funny and disturbing at the same time. Although I gotta give credit to the Picard impersonator.

I liked the theme music. It had a classic feel and at the same time a moderen feel. The Music of trek is almost as inportant as the show it self and i hope that the music in the movie is as good if not better then this. But if it is as good as this then there will be a lot of cds sold on the music of the new Star Trek Movie.

Interesting, but not my cup of tea. Too fast paced, at least in the opening, with too many brass flourishes IMO.

As odd as it sounds, I actually think the TAS theme is better than the TOS theme… and I am SURE I am in the minority on that one. Just the same, I’d love to hear a take on the TAS theme for the movie theme (though I know we won’t get one).


The theme was way too happy. Trek needs a darker theme imho.

Wow, I can see that theme roll on the end credits! or at the beginning of the film, either way, it was damn good.

That theme seems somewhat BSG-TOS in a way. In a good way.

Honestly, I prefer it to the version used in the ’60s.

(Ducks behind a bulkhead and calls for an emergency beam-out.)

The original 60’s versions of the theme are untouchable classics. “Club-lounge-like” indeed.

It’s like saying John Williams’ SW theme has “too many notes.”

Video is already unavailable on the picard song? Hmmm, i swear i read an article somewhere the other day where Mashups are possibly not copyright violation…

Anyone know?

When my wife and I entered the reception on our wedding day, we used the Disco version of the Star Trek theme as the entrance music. During the buildup, the wedding party was introduced, and then at the trumpet note that begins the main body of the theme, we came in.

There was a lot of clapping, a few people who were a bit puzzled, and a LOT of groans.

It was our day :)


Anthony- You want the Mirror Universe chick above to call you? I am hurt – my costume is better and I show more bellybutton.

This take on the TOS theme sounds too much like an overture to a musical. It’s not bad at all, it just doesn’t feel like Star Trek. It’s more like an overture for “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Star Trek: The Musical.'” (Or even “Disney’s Star Trek”.) ranks JJ Abrams Star Trek 11th on their 20 most anticipated films

Does anyone know where the picture of Quinto came from? It looks like a good photoshop job, but could it possibly be real?

I felt in love with the mirror woman… :-)

I detech an extreme case of lack of Porpopopoplom! at the end of the theme song. I don’t know. It’s like if was missing it.

I like that theme for Star Trek, I’m surprised it didn’t get its own section because it talked about using the original theme in the movie.

By the way did anyone catch The Colbert Report last night??? Another funny Trek reference.

#14, #22 — I agree with you guys. It made me think of something Bill Conti would direct when Nimoy accepts his Oscar® at the 2010 Academy Awards ;-)

It was a nice effort though, and made me think that if it were slowed down, and given more of a march feel, it could work.

I love TOS; it resides deep within my marrow … but I’ve never been a huge fan of the original theme song. Heresy, I know. Still, I’m hoping to hear Michael Giacchino do his take on it for the film.

Scott B. out.

I still still think Horner’s theme is the best.

Rest assured, Buzz Aldrin, you CANNOT speak for today’s youth. There is an enormous surge of energy coming from us. Every single one of my friends, well over 200 (not on MySpace or Facebook, actual people), is going into some field of science. Biology, chemistry, quantum physics….

We are still standing strong. To say that there’s no interest is just dead wrong.

The reason that so many things exist, the computer, the cell phone, many medical procedures, is BECAUSE of Star Trek. If there is any one reason that my dream job is exploring the unknown, seeking out new life and new possibilities, and boldly going where no one has gone before, I would have to say that I owe it to growing up on Trek.

So don’t tell me that it’s Trek’s fault for ruining the space program.

What was the name of the the first orbital shuttle prototype….? OV-101?


The theme is very well done, but I find the whole full blown orchestra treament way overdone these days, especially in regards to science fiction movies. At some point, all these loud brassy themes started sounding alike. I hope the new movie, if it does indeed use the original theme (which I think it should) has a graceful, more sea faring arrangment like Horners. Or they could go to the other end of the spectrum and deliver a more ominous theme similar to the theme of Trek 6. It was low key, but it wonderfully set the mood for the dangers of the final frontier.

And don’t forget the bongos…I love me some bongos.

PS. I love the theme.

Not too impressed with the Verta theme. Comes across as heavy, cluttered and clunky – not memorable at all. Had this been the original theme used in the 60’s, we’d be hard pressed to remember it today.

The Steve Schofield photos are all really great, including the non-Star Trek themed ones… gotta love the Klingons hanging out on a couch, as well as the Wookie in the kitchen.

Mike Verta’s theme: definitely not. The original is far, far better and more honest.

By the way, Denise, is that you in that picture? Heh.

2. Tom –
“Mike Verta’s take is somewhat reminiscent of Leonard Rosenman’s take at the end of Star Trek IV as the Enterprise-A is departing spacedock.”

I kinda like Verta’s take also — except for the Rosenman-like elements, i.e. the twinkly-sounding chimes which I hate. It makes it too precious and dainty. I’d take out that element and it’d be much better. Overall a real nice arrangement though and I appreciated the James Horner touches.

14. Father Rob –
“As odd as it sounds, I actually think the TAS theme is better than the TOS theme”

I really love all the music cues from TAS and wish they were available somewhere for download or on CD. Don’t think it’ll ever happen, but I wish for it nonetheless.

I went ta’ tha’ photo link and saw a few odd things…

Thar’s a gent posin’ wit’ a baby and a batleth… Spcial Services anyone?

Thar’s tha’ Starry Wars Emperer wit’ his prescription meds… Cut his medi-caid or pension and save tha’ galaxy?

Thar’s that Emperer’s guard wit’ a pussycat fur back-up… knock o’er big red and deal wit’ tha’ wee kitty… bet it’d eat Yoda…

Oh, some good pics… liked tha’ cowboys… an’ o’ course, tha’ wicked lass featured… Give her a cockney accent and a penchance ta’ use that phazor indiscriminantly and I be in love…

You are really pissed at Aldrin. Why? The man lived what most people could only dream about. Yes you and your friends are into science, but unfortunately there has been a big die off in interest just like Aldrin said. When I was a kid, everybody watched the astronauts take off, and land. All the networks broadcast them. They even showed them on TV in school. The shuttle doesn’t even get 5 seconds of network coverage a year anymore. It’s just like the war in the mid east. People today would rather be shopping at the mall than to be aware of the world around them.
And as far as Trek influence in science, let’s not go overboard here. Computers were regularly used in SF before Trek. Read Childhoods End sometime and see. Star Trek didn’t create cell phones either. The communicator may have influenced the DESIGN of the flip phone, but I wouldn’t call that the same as creating it. The walkie talkie was around decades before Trek was. That device is what influenced the communicator.

the theme made me slightly goose-pimply

Wow! I love Mike’s theme!

Sorry Buzz, but were it not for Trek I don’t think ANYONE would be interested in space exploration right now. Good grief, how many scientists, engineers and doctors have cited Trek characters as inspiration?? I think he also fails to take into account that we have so many terrestrial problems people are just slightly more interested in solving those first.

At the risk of angering the traditionalists, I have to say that Verta’s version seems far too similar to the original. I was expecting a break-through, outside the box version.

I guess I’m BSG spoiled because before I would have accepted nothing but the original or close to it but now I expect something different, something that will flow with the movie so seamlessly that I won’t even realize its playing.


No no, it’s fine. You make a valid point. Believe me, I know. If I’m wanting to go into science, I’ve already made the note that I’m probably not going to make anything…. ever. Scientists aren’t as appreciated as they used to be. Astronauts especially.

I don’t rant and not know where I actually stand. Once logics prevails over emotion, I lose.

I’m all too aware of what goes on. There’s virtually no funding for any form of science, NASA’s hurting like no other, and medical research has gone to the dogs. I’m just venting, for the most part. But believe me, I see what’s going on, and I don’t like it anymore than he does. Frankly, I agree with the guy. There HAS been a massive falling out.

But Trek has also been responsible for inspiring millions. Sean, I think you make a great point. NO ONE would be interested now if it weren’t for Trek. The fact of the matter is that we don’t have Warp drives. It takes days to get to the moon, much less out of the solar system. We are NOT a patient people.

As both Obama and Clinton put it: “We need to stop the war on science.”

Then maybe I’ll be able to make more than $30,000 a year when I get a job….

Guys, Buz Aldrin personifies what Star Trek is about: pioneers venturing into space, exploring the Final Frontier.

Let’s not slamming him for pointing out a side effect of popular Science Fiction, such as Star Trek, setting high expectations.

I actually disagree with him, but he’s actually making a valid point:

Star Trek and other science fiction presents a more fanciful future when it comes to the technology and methods of space travel, compared to what it REALLY takes to get up there today.

The simple fact is that we can not simply beam down to a planet, we have to enter the atmosphere inside a craft with a Heatshield, and plan out the intended trajectories, how to slow the craft down, and how to land without being turned into chunky salsa or being vapourized.

We have to take weeks or even years to reach another world, rather than a couple of hours at high warp.

We have to dig in the soil for microbes, rather thatn scan the planet for 30 seconds for life signs.

Where I disagree with Buz is the origin of the disinterest.

I believe it comes from the issues we have to deal with here on earth, which means they take priority in our lives.

Coupla thoughts:

I didn’t listen to the Trek theme by Mike Verta because I was on about the bigger issue. That being, he got to see some of the flick. WTF? We’re over here begging for a measly picture and this guy and Harry from AICN get to see whole clips? Fine, whatever.

Dear Mr. Aldrin,

You are a hero and an inspiration to this country. Your contribution to the space program will never be forgotten. But you should really stop talking in public about shows like Star Trek ruining things for NASA. The blame lays pretty squarely on the government’s budget cuts and lack of support for true space exploration. All Star Trek did was inspire young people to get involved with the sciences and higher learning. And use their imaginations. Your statements, sir, are a bit out of touch.

Oh yeah, that is a cool cake!

And, I almost forgot.

I like eggs and pancakes with my Great Links. Sorry AP, it’s kinda my thing.

The ST09 composed IIRC is Michael Giacchino. His Incredibles score was a great homage to 60 action films (Bond-type movies) while being an original work. Great Stuff.

This takes on the TOS theme sounds very Jerry Goldsmith-y or James Horner-ish to me. Yes it makes them “fit” with the other ST movies, but it just sounds like cliche movie music to me.

Verta’s theme is very nice but, as someone already told, is too orchestrated. The melody is buried under brasses and it’s not so easy recognisable. Nervertheless, simplify the thing and this is the way to go.

This reminds me of a project I did several years ago where I thought I would try to write what it would sound like if John Williams had written a Star Trek theme:

The theme: More “symphonic” but lacking the simplicity and clarity of the original. Too “busy”.

The theme is nice, but I’d like to hear something more in the style of Horner’s swashbuckling theme from The Wrath of Khan. Maybe a few plucks from a blaster beam would help.