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As the project to digitally remastered Star Trek The Original Series wraps up its run on broadcast syndication, we are now seeing it slowly spread out into the world in other places and formats. Today we update TOS-Remastered showing up in the new Alternate Reality DVD Collective, streaming online, at iTunes and more. 


Fan collective gets TOS-R has confirmed with CBS that all four of the Star Trek The Original Series episodes on the upcoming Alternate Realities DVD Collective will be the Remastered versions. The episodes included are: "Mirror, Mirror" The Alternative Factor," "The Enemy Within," "Turnabout Intruder." Since "Turnabout Intruder" is from the third season, it will actually be the first time the remastered version of that episode is made available on DVD (other episodes appear on the Season One set released last year or the Season Two set that comes out in August — Season Three has not yet been announced). The Star Trek Alternate Realities Collective DVD set comes out September 16th and is available for pre-order at Amazon for $27.99.

Alternate Realities set — now with Remastered

Some Remastered episodes online at CBS
A few months back we announced that has made all three seasons of the standard Star Trek The Original Series available online via ad-supported streaming video. Now has added two episodes  ("Where No Man Has Gone Before" & "Corbomite Maneuver") of the Remastered Star Trek to watch in HD online (480p or 720p). It is expected for them to add more episodes, but no specifics on when. Check out the CBS HD Gallery for the two they have now.

Comparisons of streaming Trek (click to enlarge)

TOS-R Season One (finally) finished at iTunes
CBS had started putting Remastered Season One episodes up on iTunes over a year ago (in standard definition). After initially adding episodes regularly it slowed to a glacial pace, but recently the last few episodes were added and now all 29 episodes are up. You can buy the entire first season for $56.99 or individual episodes for $1.99. CLICK HERE to go to the TOS-Remastered page on iTunes. No word from CBS on if or when Seasons Two and Three will show up. Remastered Trek is also available (in HD) on XBox Live, but only 11 episodes have been added so far (a mix from Seasons One and Two).

Season One is finally done on iTunes

TOS-R NOT on Amazon unBox
As with iTunes, all three seasons of standard TOS Star Trek are available to download via Amazon unBox. Amazon does not currently have any of the Remastered Trek available as a download.  However, Amazon has created some confusion by putting links up on the pages for the two Remastered Trek DVD sets to the unRemastered downloads, stating ‘available to download now.’

Hey Amazon…those aren’t the same episodes

TOS-R Season One on sale at Amazon Canada for $55
Speaking of Amazon, the Canadian site has the first season of TOS-Remastered (on HD Combo/DVD hybrid) on sale for CDN$54.95 (which is about $55 US). So for those who don’t have a HD DVD player and skipped this set as overpriced for just the standard DVD side, now may be a good time to pick it up. The US site is charging $105.99 so even after shipping it is still a big savings from the US. And you can purchase from Amazon.CA using your Amazon.COM account. As for the pre-orders of  Season Two coming out in a few weeks, Amazon.COM still has the lowest price, selling it currently for $63.99.

Best deals: Season One from (Canada)
and Season Two from


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time to spendamoney

I’m loving the remastereds

damn I’m not first!

Second is good enough

hope someday us canadians can buy this kind of stuff on itunes

Thanks to Denise and Mike and the rest of the remastering crew!


I asked myself should I buy it? Then I saw this and said oh hell yah!

Waiting for Season 2 on itunes. It had some of the best episodes.

Until the bluray DVD’s are released I would like to download a few episodes but refuse to get them via iTunes. I tried once and found the quality of both the program and the player to be abismal. The episodes on iTunes are all 480i so forget getting them there in 720 or 1080. The player seems to want to only run smooth on dual or quad core systems which means I can only watch them on my laptop – not an option for paid for programming. My media center pc is a 3GHz P4 and can’t seem to play them worth a damn. Frustrating as hell considering I watch DVDs, recorded TV and other hidef sources on it all the time with no trouble but Apple’s software (on Windows) is just garbage.

Does the First Season DVD include “The Cage”?

I am waiting for Blu Ray as well and hope they offer the original as well as remastered versions on each disk.

scanning the negative was the best thing they could have done for the show, that to me was the biggest improvement; the clarity.

Cool beans. I likes me some good streaming Trek.

#9, Agreed 100%. I need HD source material for my R.

Regarding Xbox Live, they have all three seasons up there, but its all TOS. There’s scattered TOS-R. They posted some initially, did one refresh, but have never refreshed it since. It’s been QUITE some time since they refreshed. There are some in Series 1 & 2 on XBLVM, but they’re scattered.

Doomsday Machine is not there. I do not recall right now when it was last refreshed, but it’s been ages. It needs a refresh.

I’d buy a few of them from there, so I can cherry pick the episodes I want. I do not want to rebuy them as TOS-R DVD sets, I bought all three TOS sets and they’re mostly dust collectors. The handful of episodes I’d want to see in TOS-R I’ll get from XBLVM.

Joe, I do not have access to XBL, do they have the Doomsday Machine on there? Many thanks if you would look!

I’m happy to see TOS-R to go to other formats (i.e. the Fan Collectives) and the TOS-R Season One price lowered. I thing that CBS-D did an excellent job and I’m looking forward to TOS-R season two.

A lot of good news from TrekMovie recently, and that’s always welcome.

ITunes has been crap in terms of TOS-R availability, and provide no info at all.

And with the newer “Treks,” They don’t seem to offer anything beyond first seasons.

Apologies if this has been asked before….

Are the episodes on DVD the chopped-up versions that aired in syndication? I realize the advertising hole on TV is a lot bigger than it was in the ’60s, but some of the cuts I saw on TOS-R were appalling….

something in the article is in error. Turnabout Intruder has been released on DVD. A few years ago I rented it from Netflix it was on the same disc as the Cage.

any of you waiting for the blue ray version if ever
i would like to get them on itunes before I buy a disk version

i think he meant the Remastered version. It will be out before the Third season box set is even announced.

#20 – first time Turnabout Intruder Remastered will be available as it is part of the third season and hasn’t aired in syndication yet either.

You know… it’s interesting. After viewing most of both episodes, I have to say that the new effects look much better than I had previously thought. Because they’re “broadcast” online in a far clearer image than what can be seen on a YouTube video, I’m actually a bit more impressed… especially with the galaxy barrier in “Where No Man…” and the giant ship in “Corbomite.”

I’m more partial to the work of CBS-D than some on here, but you know what? It’s pretty nice work… at least for those two episodes.

I think maybe it’s best to reserve criticism until one experiences the episodes in the format originally intended.

With the demise of HDDVD, and the apparent current bad sales of Blu-Ray players and discs, it’s a tough time for us, for sure.

The best DVD player I own I bought from Wal-Mart in December. It is a Magnavox Progressive Scan which cost $24.99. Blows away the $1000 Sony I bought at the beginning of DVD.

Blu-Ray players are still, minimum, $300 pre-tax. Wait until they are in the sub $100 range, or given away free. Our current economy will create this situation quite quickly.

This news *almost* convinces me to buy the set.

However, why buy this set when High Definition is obviously the next step?

Damn you, powers that be!!!

I must meditate further.

this is a little off topic, but I was looking thru my xbox 360 marketplace and they had all of the BSG episodes posted on 490 and 720p !! Not only that they had all 3 seasons and 10 episodes of season 4 all available for download. (all in 480 and 720p) it’s not 1080i or p, but I was most Suprised to see 4.0 (10 episodes) posted.

To my knowledge, only season 1 was available for purchase in HD DVD, pretty cool stuff, and well iTunes doesn’t have all that.

This is info for the crossover fans of BSG. It looked pretty good at 720p, but they still have the same 10 episodes of ST TOS for download, and what is cool and different about those episodes, is that all the sfx sequences were 16×9 and when the scene switched back to live action, it was in the 4×3 format. What I never understood, was why the didn’t include the 16×9 sfx parts on the HD DVD, they were already done and it looks great when you get to see the sfx sequences in 16×9 , it’s worth the download price just for the additional widescreen space shots.

CDN$54.95 is about $55 US ? , wow the dollar is on hard times ,

I really really really wish they’d release the unedited versions on blueray. Remastered without the new digital footage.

The new footage is nice, but I view Star Trek Remastered like I view lucas’s 1997 Star Wars edits. All the updating is good an fine, but it’s not quite the same as what i fell in love with.

Who’s buying Blu-Ray?

Most people have never heard of it.

Anthony- “…for those who are pedantically inclined.” LOL! More appropriate words have never been uttered on this site.

Why aren’t the Star Wars movies on itunes. Man, those would be huge downloads.

Aggh! Couldn’t remember if the Doomsday Machine was Season 1 or 2. I’ve got my answer. I’ve been dying to download from iTunes, since I live in China and can’t see the remastereds. Geez, it will probably be two years before Season 2 is out given the glacial pace of Season 1!

Did I get that right, the updated trek is chopped for commercials and is not sold in its true length?


On the HD-DVD, DVD, and eventually Blu-ray discs, the episodes are full length uncut.

Those CBS streams appear not to work outside the US for those trying.

Oh and Irishtrekkie: yeah I work in foreign currency for Ulster Bank – the US dollar is currently worth less than the Canadian dollar. Which is why I’m thinking about taking a trip over real soon. Also, if you’re that way inclined, the New Zealand dollar (where I’m thinking of moving to permanently) and the South African Rand are all good buying currencies right now. The ZAR doesn’t look like it’s going to recover any time soon (possibly down to the Zimbabwe situation), but the NZD could well in the near future – it fluctuates a bit more.

Hey Mojonaut, my wife, kids and I are moving permanently to NZ in about 8 weeks time!
I cant wait!
I wonder how easy it is to get Trek material over there.

I’m a huge fan of the remastered TOS.

Now it’s time to start on TNG.

I’ve noticed that for the Region 4 release in Australia they are starting again.
Season 1 of TOS-R is being re-released on DVD only in September. Presumably seasons 2 & 3 will follow on quite quickly.
I wish they would hurry up and release them in the UK though.

#34 if you go to and search for doomsday machine, you would have easily found out that it was on season 2, which is being rereleased in the remastered format on August 5th on regular DVD. I also think Anthony has the episode listing on this site somewhere or u could go to for episode listings, air dates, season info etc

Hope this helps.

#34 sorry I noticed u are in China and this the release of the remastered Dvd season 2 is probably different, if you wanted to purchase it that is. Since I have no idea when season 2 will be released in blu ray, I will one of the few on this forum who plan to purchase it.

Best Regards



The title of this article got me excited. I thought iTunes finally added more seasons of Star Trek….bummer.

I#45-I thought the same thing.

Very misleading headline.

I’m not going to buy Remastered Season 1 until CBS releases as a DVD only, not HD-DVD/DVD combo.

Sean4000, Xbox Live has all three seasons of TOS up there. Not all of TOS-R, though. They have zero of S3, they have a handful of S1, and just a couple from S2. They’re way behind.

I am waiting for season 2-3 on itunes. Does anyone know if any ” Next Generation” episodes will make it to itunes any time soon?

I too enjoy the widescreen effects on the Xbox versions. I wouldn’t want them there all the time, but it’s fun to watch as something different.

The thing is, that’s the only way to get some episodes in high def right now. I wish Microsoft would realize that, because if they posted more episodes as the only way to get Trek in High Def, they’d get some business.

I actually did the math, if they put out the whole series, I’d buy an Xbox 360 Elite with an additional drive and download the whole series.