Shatner, Fuller, BSG, Lost Nominated for Emmys

The nominees for the 2008 Emmy Awards were announced this morning and there are a few Trek alumni on the list with William Shatner at the top of that list. Other Trek alums include Ronald D. Moore, Bryan Fuller, Gary Hutzel, Doug Drexler, and Sarah Silverman. Also Star Trek’s new masters picked up some nods for Lost. Full details below.


Emmys continue to recognize The Shat
William Shatner (TOS: Captain James T. Kirk) was nominated in Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series for Boston Legal. This is his sixth nomination, with two wins for Boston Legal so far. Boston Legal ended up with a total of seven nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series (where it will compete with JJ Abrams’ Lost). Shatner has issued the following statement regarding his nomination

We’re in our last season of Boston Legal and what a wonderful way to leave this great television show…all these nominations. We are very proud of each other.

Fuller’s show tops the list
Former Voyager writer/producer Bryan Fuller‘s new show Pushing Daisies has the most nominations, with a total of twelve, including Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for Fuller. Two of the shows stars were nominated, but ironically the show itself did not get picked for Outstanding Comedy.

Moore’s Galactica get nods
Former TNG & DS9 writer/producer Ronald D. Moore‘s Battlestar Galactica picked up a total of six nominations (including two for the TV Movie "Razor" one for a webisode). Moore got a writing nomination in 2007, but since he didn’t write any episodes for the 2007/2008 period he wasn’t eligible this year. BSG writer Michael Angeli (who is one of the BSG writers who isn’t a Trek vet) was nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series. Former Star Trek TNG era visual artists Doug Drexler, Gary Hutzel, David Takemura, and Pierre Drolet picked up nominations for Outstanding Visual Effects for Galactica. Drexler and Hutzel won the same award last year and all four have been nominated many times before (including for their work on Star Trek).

New Trek team’s Lost picks up seven
Lost, co-created by the producers of the new Star Trek movie JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof, picked up a total of seven nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series (Lost also shares Bryan Burk with Star Trek, who is an executive producer on both). This marks a bit of a comeback for Lost, which won for Outstanding Drama in its first season in 2005, but wasn’t nominated for that award in 2006 or 2007. Another new Star Trek team member who is being honored for Lost is composer Michael Giacchino who picked up his third Emmy nomination for his score of the episode "The Constant." (note: that is the episode Damon Lindelof told TrekMovie was Lost’s homage to the TNG finale "All Good Things")

Unfortunately Zachary Quinto (Star Trek’s new Spock) was not honored for his work on Heroes. Nor were Trek vets George Takei or Nichelle Nichols for their guest spots. But the show did pick up 3 nominations, all technical. Jennifer Morrison (who plays Kirk’s mom Winona) was also ignored for her work on House.  

Other Emmys 2008 Trek connections
A few former Trek guest stars also made the Emmy nominations list this year. Sarah Silverman (VOY: Rain Robinson) picked up three nominations: one for a guest spot in Monk, one for for a webisode on Comedy Central and another for writing the “I’m f***ing Matt Damon” song for the Jimmy Kimmel show. Alfre Woodard (First Contact: Lily Sloane) was nominated for her role in Pictures of Hollis Woods and Vanessa Williams (DS9: Arandis) was nominated for a guest spot on Ugly Betty.  Two-time Enterprise guest actor Tom Bergeron is nominated as Outstanding Host for Dancing with the Stars. Seth MacFarlane (ENT: Ensign Rivers) was nominated for writing the Family Guy episode "Blue Harvest" (the Star Wars episode) along with Enterprise writer David A. Goodman. TNG composer Ron Jones is up against Giacchino for his score to the Family Guy episode "Lois Kills Stewie". Star Trek ’09 make-up artist Clinton Wayne is nominated for his make-up work on a CSI episode, while TNG/ENT make-up artist Debbie Zoller picked up two nominations for her work on Mad Men. Veterna Trek sound editors Mace Matosian and Ruth Adelman are also nominated for their work on an episode of CSI.

The 60th Annual Emmy Awards airs Sunday September 21st on ABC. More info at Emmys.TV.

Thanks to Chuck Trotter for his ‘six degrees of Trek’ abilities and help putting this article together


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May I be one of the first to congratulate all of these highly skilled entertainers!

Way to go!

Glad to see BSG get those nods, but none in acting? Not best drama?

(And “The Wire” didn’t get nominated either? That puts an end to my caring about the Emmys.)

The Emmys are a farce to me if BSG is not recognized as a nominee for best drama or that none of the actors have recieved recognition.

Caongrats to all who have been nominated, but the whole thing appears as a hollow shell.

3. You mean, like the Oscars.

Frakkin’ Typonians. Curse their alien intelligence!

“Congrats” is the word.

Congrats Bill! Way…toGO. :)

BSG has some of the best writing and acting in TV; once again Sci-Fi gets no respect.

Congrats to Bostaon Legal! And to Bill Shatner as well. May he win….again!

I hereby accept this award with an overwhelmed heart an’ wit’ such grand thanke’s ta’ all tha’ folks who…

Huh? What? Oh, I see. I’m not gettin’ an “Emmy”… rather I’m getting something up me ta’ relieve me constipated state… Pardon me please… dis will be a private ceremony now…


#3—-Are you kidding? It was amazing that a non-conformative show like LOST could even win for Most Outstanding Drama in 2005.

Straight sci-fi/fantasy (like BSG), IMO, has virtually no chance of winning an Emmy in one of the A-list categories like Best Drama, etc. It isn’t mainstream enough. It would have to have the kind of crossover appeal that a show like LOST produced.

not sure ifthis has been discussed at this site before but SHATNER SHOULD BE IN THE NEW MOVIE!!

Michael Emerson was the only actor from Lost to get a nom. That’s cool, but a shame.

Kudos to all nominees. Always great to see Trek alums do well.

sci-fi will never do owt in the main groups like best actor or best drama imho

I don’t think BSG was strong enough in Season 3 to be nominated for acting. I think the acting in Season 4 was better.

Lost! Lost! Lost!

I think the show falls in the sci-fi category. Call it “speculative fiction,” if you must, but it’s wayyyy out there.

And I think sci-fi gets more love & respect generally nowadays than it used to. Beyond question.

What do you think, Closetttrekker? Or anyone else.

I can’t take the Emmys serious anymore, sure there are a lot good nods here, but Battlestar Galactica should have gotten more like best series, not Boston Legal (It’s a decent show, BUT not TV’s best). It’s amazing that Star Trek: The Next Generation got nominated once (maybe it was the Golden Globes).

I only really take the Oscars seriously, well even they fudge things up sometimes, i.e. Crash and Shakespeare in Love.

#17 —

Yes, TNG got nominated once … for Season 7. Unreal. Must’ve been a weak year for scripted dramas.

MORN SPEAKS is right.

Emmy nominations mean nothing. Grammies mean nothing, and Oscars mean nothing.

It’s like hearing that the Reverend Al Green was nominated to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. I hereby nominate the Sex Pistols to the Gospel Hall of Fame.

Jethro Tull won “Best Heavy Metal” album in 1987 vs. Metallica. Jethro Tull couldn’t believe it.

Blind leading the blind.

I misread the title of this article. I thought it said that Shatner, et al, LOST their Emmy noms, as in did NOT get nominated.

I was never more glad to be wrong!

Huked on fonix wurkt fer me, obviously!

It is too bad that folks can’t get past the notion of “Si-Fi”. It has a stigma attached which isn’t fair. I think the folks that nominate should focus on the storytelling and acting. BSG is on a battleship but the stories are as good as ones told in a courtroom or a hospital. Some folks have a problem with flying in space, FTL’s and Cylons.

People have had complaints about the nomination and voting rules for the Emmys (and Oscars for that matter) for years. Certain networks and shows get nominated year after year (couchSopranoscough) while others who are deserving of the recognition don’t get it. Someone who’s in the business could better explain it than I can and there seems to be a few of you in these threads.

I could be summed up in this way: To quote David Hofstede, author of What Were They Thinking?: The 100 Dumbest Moments in Television History, “Sometimes it seems like HBO could broadcast a bowel movement and it would get 12 nominations.”

Sorry, that should say ” I think it could be summed up this way…”

It should be pointed out that LOST is nominated for Best Drama, and it too is a Sci-Fi show. Season 4 removed any doubt about that.

I think it is immaterial what other shows were nominated for Best Drama. Abrams can start making space on his mantle for another Emmy right now.

And honestly, BSG has been in decline since Season 2. If it didn’t get nominated/win for Seasons 1 and 2, it never will. Way, way, WAY too much water-treading going on in that show, even worse than LOST was in Seasons 2 and (early) 3.

“Pushing Daisies” is a great show, but I’m surprised it was nominated, given that it hasn’t seen the light of day since November. It is definitely a comedy/drama, which is probably why the show didn’t get a nomination… I think “Northern Exposure” is the only such show to succeed at Emmy time.

Nothing against Shatner but I wish for a rule that actors can’t get re-nominated for playing characters they’ve already won for. I remember Dennis Franz started refusing to accept because it was like he was winning automatically every year. The voters seem to vote from vague memory instead of really considering everybody’s latest work. More different nominees would have a good snowball effect because more people would get recognition and thus be offered better jobs which would be platforms for more good performances to recognize, etc.

Sorry if a bit off topic but what bugs me is the posthumous awards bandwagon. No disrespect intended to those that pass on and/or the quality of their work, but it just seems so cliche when they do that. Perhaps it’s just human nature.

James Dean had 2 post Oscar noms.
Peter Jennings won 2 post Emmys.
Ray Charles won 8 post Grammys.

And of course, Heath Ledger will win the Oscar for The Dark Knight.

Congrats to Mr. Shatner!!! And I’m glad to see them recognize Lost too.

Maybe Mr. Pascale should have an awards column for all of his regular posters. Like Most Original Persona (probably goes to Mongo) , Biggest flamer (I’m not touching that one), Best Female Poster living in Iowa (I’m guessing Iowagirl), etc.

You go Shatner.

And you go James Spader too. I notice his voice on the new Acura adds. Funny how the development of one’s persona can make them just right for a product. Wonder if Shatner encouraged him to get into the voice over arena. Lotta easy money to make there.

Thanks a lot, Tango. I’m actually German and I’m living in Germany – I’ve chosen my name with reference to Kirk’s future birthplace. But I’m still honored. :)

#26 Jimtibkirk — there’s no guarantee Ledger will be nominated (though it’s looking likely), and even if he is, there’s no guarantee he will win. After all, Dean didn’t win either of his noms. Neither did Jeanne Eagels for “The Letter,” Spencer Tracy for “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” Ralph Richardson for “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes,” or Massimo Troisi for “The Postman.” In fact, Peter Finch is the only actor to have won a posthumous Oscar. In the 79-year history of the Oscars, those are the only actors posthumous to have received posthumous Oscar noms (the last was Troisi in ’95), so it’s not exactly “cliched” for the Oscars. :)

i guess the academy has recognized something that Abrams can’t see: THE GENIUS OF SHAT!


then Wie gehts Iowagirl.

Andy, mir geht’s gut. Ich hoffe, Dir auch! Well, *that’s* amazing…More surprises? :)



I’m German and Scotch/Irish but I think I understand you said you’re doing fine. About the extent of my German is ser goot, das ist richtig and so forth and whatever German phrases are periodically notated on music..

A friend of mine from Germany has pointed out at least I know positive things. I didn’t learn the curse words first. He’s embarrassed that most of my perception of Germany came from Hogan’s Heroes as a kid. I have pointed out to him I realize it’s a TV show.

Where is the general chat forum you spoke of?

Andy, that’s a nice mixture. You’re right, it’s always good to know the positive things in a foreign language first. But there also are some nice German curse words, we better not go into here. Never mind about Hogan’s Heroes – we all have some dark, hidden places in our souls. ;)

My knowledge of the English language mainly originates from school, Beatles songs, and Star Trek. This should explain one or two things.;)

It wasn’t me who spoke of the chat forum; I think it was Denise – but I understand it’s the button on the right at the top of the page. Would be nice to eventually meet you there.


I must say your English and comprehension of slang and context is very impressive. I’m always impressed to find someone who knows more than one language. My wife is Hispanic and I marvel at her ability to switch back and forth.

We shall speak.

German. Well blow me down. Well that’s ok. I’m not actually a horse.

– I’m not actually a horse. –

Part of me is eased, part of me is disappointed – but I guess, it somewhat facilitates communication …Long live IDIC! :)