Urban Talks About the Kirk-Spock-McCoy Troika

In the past Karl Urban has shown his Trek cred by talking about his respect for the Original Series and his predecessor, DeForest Kelley. In a new interview with SFX Magazine, Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy talks about favorite episodes ("Corbomite Maneuver" and  "Amok Time"), the appeal of the film to fans like himself, as well as that crucial Kirk/Spock/McCoy dynamic.


Excerpts from SFX Magazine

McCoy makes Kirk the man with three brains?
Urban on what he most likes about the character of McCoy

His sense of irascibility with real passion for life and doing the right thing. Spock’s logic and McCoy’s moral standing gave Kirk the benefit of having three brains instead of just one.

Urban on the fan appeal of the film

Long – time fans will be really happy with it. It will introduce Star Trek to a new demographic… it’s just so faithful to the original character archetypes. It’s going to be like the Star Trek that you know and, at the same time, like nothing you have ever seen before.

Full interview in the latest issue SFX Magazine [more excerpts at SciFiPulse]

Urban at Cloverfield Premiere, January 16
(during the Star Trek shoot)

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This is going to be a cool flick

Urban’s da man!

….the adventure continues….

he’s going to be a great backbone / compass for this new cast….just like DeForest was.

Better Karl than Keith (I keep getting the names confused!) Though that would fit the ‘country doctor’ theme…

It’s funny. In the picture, Urban bears more than a passing resemblance… to Tom Cruise….

That dude is very lucky to be married to Nicole Kidman™. Very lucky to be in Star Trek. Just a lucky guy all around.



The dude is not married to Nicole Kidman. But a good actor and I’m looking forward to seeing him bring his McCoy to us next summer!

I’d like to hear from “Captain Robert April” on Articles like this.

For lord and land, Riders of Rohan, its time to fulfill your promises! To war! :D

It sounds like old school sci-fi…

Hopefully there isn’t a kitschy quality about McCoy that must go – especially since there are doctors today who know a lot more about medicine than McCoy did!

For the record #6, country singer KEITH Urban is married to Nicole Kidman. Unless you were just trying to make a joke, in which case, ha ha ha.

I think KARL Urban will do well, and he looks a lot like DeForest with that haircut.

this is the sort of comment which reassures me. well done Karl.

For me, the whole thing kind of hinges on McCoy. And every interview with urban makes me feel a bit more confident that it’s going to work.

Karl Urban has a haunted romantic quality about him that’s similar to De Kelley. Pre TREK, Kelley played plenty of sad heroic types and reluctant villains.

With all of the story detailing and creative infill the producers have promised, McCoy and Scotty, being the oldest humans, should have the most stories to tell.

I recall Spock being about 70yo, but are those solar or vulcan years? So the story really had to start with Spock.

I think he looks a lot like Gary Mitchell (Lockwood)

He’s looking more like Dee in that picture, perhaps he’s taken on some subtle mannerisms over time.

TROIKA!!!! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

#15—“I recall Spock being about 70yo…”

Not during TOS. Since Paramount has recently declared TAS to be canon, the events of “Yesteryear” place Spock’s age during the five-year mission at roughly the same as Kirk’s….mid-30’s (Kirk is 34 when he assumes command of the Enterprise) in Earth terms.

Frankly, I’m becoming less and less worried about the actors and their performances.

I’m more worried about WHAT THE FRACK ARE THEY DOING TO MY SHIP!?!

Closettrekker, when did Paramount decide that TAS is canon? I’ve always personally put it in there, but I thought that they were ignoring it for onscreen projects.

Actually Roddenberry and Paramount have always considered “Yesteryear” to be canon and it was the only episode of TAS that held that distinction for a long time. I haven’t heard anything about TAS being declared canon but certain creative people doing new work on Trek have thrown in references to the animated series, like the appearance of the ship Antares in the “Charlie X” remastered episode. But let’s just say you’re not gonna see Kzin in Star Trek any time soon…

I like that shot of Urban–he’s looking less like a pretty boy and a little more like a guy who could grow into the craggy look of McCoy.

To start with before the flow of information came out – I was a little conflicted about this movie – now I’m quietly upbeat about it.

I’m also glad that Paramount and Abrams are not releasing to much information all at once.

I think one thing which spoilt the TNG movies was the fact that security at Paramount for all things concerning the movies was next to none existant.

I mean the scripts for both Insurrection and Nemesis were available online for a good 18 months before those two movies came out – and bigger story spoilers got out about the movies as a resuilt.

Granted Insurrection was nothing more than an average two part episode dressed as a movie – much like Generations.

And Nemesis was ruined because you had a really awful director helming it who didn’t have a clue about Star Trek and by all accounts didn’t have a great deal of respect for the actors or the roles they were playing.

I also think that TNG should have took a two year break before making movies – I mean one wonders what things would have been like had cooler heads prevailed – as apposed to the money grab or taking a movie right into production once work on TNG the series had finished.

Lets face it they had some very big shoes to fill movie wise.

Go Karl Urban!!!

Wellington, New Zealand is proud of you !

Cheers mate ,,,I’ll have a Tui after I see the next Trek for yaa

Sir Martman
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Re: 11: McCoy is no kitsch he is the best damn character in the show. Your not a critic, your a bricklayer.

I can see the resemblance to Deforest in the posted picture.I hope that Karl is allowed to show De’s balance of warmth and acerbic wit,humanity and comic quips and definitely De’s toss away lines “I’m a doctor not a……”!

Everything about Urban makes me happy. Leonard McCoy is roughly 50%* of Star Trek for me, and speaking as an unabashed Bones fanboy I couldn’t be more satisfied with their choice.

Now I just hope the movie around him doesn’t suck :)

*[Followed by 30% Spock, 5% Miniskirts, 4% Fight-Music, 4% Kirk** 2% Miscellaneous, 2% Andorians, 1% the possibility of once again seeing a gold-faced midget in a Fez, 1% having already having seen some, and 1% Glancing Back at the Miniskirts]

**[Specifically, that thing Kirk does (or did at least twice, one of them in Journey to Babel) where his fighting-move of choice is simply launching himself through the air, ass-first, at his opponent. I still don’t know how he did that but it’s awesome].

Someone above mentioned Gary Mitchell…..I wonder if he’s going be in it or not…. But then again Dr. Piper, Aldrin, and Kelso would have to be in it to.


Oh well! LOL

Bring on the new cast. It’s going to be fun.

Academy Days??? What about Finnegan??? Ruth???

Is anybody even watching the damn show???

I tease Star Trek 2008 cause it’s so skinny.

Kirk ,Spock and McCoy troika ? Hmm .Is that why Uhura’s on the poster and not McCoy?
My guess is Uhura’s has a little more eye candy appeal.

…What’s the title of this film anyway? Star Trek Begins?

#21—According to Memory Alpha, Paramount declared TAS canon at the same time it was released in its current DVD format. That was the sole source for the information in that statement.

#22—Personally, I have always considered TAS to be non-canon material (with the exception of Fontana’s “Yesteryear”). I do not agree with canonizing the rest of it, but according to a recently updated article on “Star Trek canon” at Memory Alpha, Paramount did officially declare TAS canon alongside the DVD release.

If you can debunk that article, it would actually please me greatly. “Yesteryear” is the only thing I liked about TAS, and the sole reason I bought the box set in the first place.

I’ve become a fan of this guy. He really seems to respect Trek as well as being a big fan. And for the first time I can see a likeness for the character he’ll be playing. I thought he was decent in Lord of the Rings too. Himself and Pegg are definitely the two cast members I’m most excited about.

It would be more accurate to say that TAS was “off limits” for a while rather than non-canon, due to Filmation shutting down and the status of its various licensed cartoons being in some dispute. Once that issue was resolved, as evidenced by the DVD release, TAS was back in the family, essentially filling in the niche as TOS’ fourth season.

TAS wasn’t exactly declared non-canon, just off limits for legal reasons (Filmation was shutting down and the legal rights to its various licensed shows, like Star Trek, were still in a state of legal flux).

Once the issues were resolved and the various leeches, um, lawyers were all satisfied, TAS was back in the fold, essentially serving as TOS’ fourth season.

So, I guess the Enterprise will eventually run into Ringworld. They already found a Dyson sphere.

I’d just like to know why this thing wouldn’t let me see my posts yesterday.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have repeated myself.


If you sawp out “miniskirts” for “that thing where they do the Elizabeth Taylor lighting on Kirk’s eyes so they go all sparkly,” then you’ve pretty much summed up this girl’s equation for good TOS, too.