Quinto: It’s All About The Script

In the past Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy have talked much about how they bonded making of the new Star Trek movie. Nimoy has clearly become a mentor for the new Spock, but in a new interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Quinto notes that it was also Orci and Kurtzman’s script that drove his performance.


Quinto on what he based his Spock characterization on:

I really felt like my relationship to the character was specific to the text I was playing and to the world in which the character is being created right now, this time, so I didn’t feel beholden to Leonard, other than to honor the origins of what he created, obviously. But I think the whole project was based in that philosophy, so it wasn’t a problem.

Quinto also commented on how “cool” he thouight the new Comic Con posters were, noting “I think it’s a hearkening of what’s to come.”

For more from Quinto check out Sci-Fi Wire.


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1ST!!!! yes!!!
and yes – the new teaser posters are really cool. Especially Zachary’s

He’s a perfect fit for the role, i wonder if i got first.

Those teaser posters do exactly that. Tease me into wanting to see just a little bit more…then just a little bit more…

It’s a bad never ending saga.

They should release the first six minutes of the film on the web ala The Dark Knight.

Sure didn’t ruin the movie for me and just got me more pumped about watching it.

#4, the web would crash. LOL!

It would be helpful if the powers that be would let us know what holiday film they will be attaching a trailer from the film footage. So at least we would have something to wait for that’s happening sooner than the release of the film, but also get us ramped up for the movie. OK, Ok, I am ramped up already, but i would really like to see something!!

Not much here to comment on… but, it still sounds like he’s enthused. I wonder how many other projects they’re all working on before they have to be called back to promote Trek. It’s gotta be a little tough to jump back to whatever you were doing (even Trekking) 14 months earlier (by May ’09.)

Indeed their promotion of work done 14 months ago will feel like….TIME TRAVEL! ….. ;D

Imagine that. Good thing is they will be old hands at it by that time.

…the adventure continues…

– Hey…where are the military ranks..?

I have a very good feeling about this movie….absolutely cannot wait!

I’m excited as hell about this film! But, those posters aren’t very exciting… It doesn’t diminish my anticipation for the film, yet they just look thrown together since there was going to be NO Comic-Con presence; I feel it’s like that AWFUL Dark Knight teaser that was shown at Comic-Con last year that was again thrown together by Warner Bros. since Christopher Nolan was in the middle of making the movie and didn’t want to show anything unfinished. Anyway, promotion-speaking, there better be bigger and brighter things to show from the Star Trek movie than those posters on the horizon. That said, Bana’s Nero looks the best of the bunch.

#5: It would be cool if it was on the new bond film

#11 – Chances are new trailer will be with a Paramount release only, like the teaser with “Cloverfield” last year.

Gotta say the Spock pic is a HUGE relief. ZQ IS LN!

and the other relief in that pic is the hits at an original style shirt, don’t know if that will work today, but it keeps the purist in me happily bubbling away :)

Pine looks nothing like shatner, but he DOES look like a younger fitter Kirk, I can see it working.

EB looks amazing IMO evil looking S**T! I had doubts that he would look convincing playing someone “evil” but yup! he manages it.

gotta say though Zoe looks… erm.. like a transvestite, seriously, poor kid, take a good look at the overindulgence on those eyes.. and don’t let her supposed “hotness” blind you.

I really hope its just a bad shot, because I’d find her very distracting to look at in the film.

#3. Kobayashi_Maru

Please do not quote the Dark Knight as a way to promote the new Trek movie. The Producers (and many Reviewers) went way over the line and off the tracks completely.

To me the Dark Knight production stepped way beyound what I consider acceptable for promoting a new movie. IMO that opening scene should have been cut back dramatically, or merged into a REAL intro for the DK movie. Five seconds of blue flames and then that bank roberry intro made me wish for a REAL Intro, ala Marvels’ Spidey II.

I have read so many reviews of DK and most speak of how great the flick is/was. I saw the DK and it was fine if you like leaving the theatre feeling like your jaw was busted. Seriously, that movie was the most depressing thing I,ve seen in many years. Yeah Dark, but no fun at all. PLUS all the many, many plot holes.

Yes I know it was called the Dark Knight, But Batman should be a little fun. Remember Begins? It had fun heroic moments, It had a well envisioned Gotham that balanced fantasy well with reality, it had an epiloge that made you believe (minus the last scene with Gordon and the playing card I would have cut that in loo of the new DK movie – it looks silly now) that the character were really growing after thier experiences.
Not in Dark Knight. The only one who seems to have really achieved anything is the Joker??!!

So please don’t mention DK again as a way to score a big opening. The movie was all hype (period.)

My main desire for TREK XI’s marketing is to see more production design that does not make me think I am living in the 60s again. The teaser posters are OK but way to retro. I am really looking forward to the real trailer.

I am also looking forward to a flawless, adventurous and fun movie. That’s all. And please no downers. Can we please have a hero(s) to watch that we feel good about, knowing that they have actually accomplished something positive??? That’s not to much to ask is it?

What did they do to the Dark Knight??!!
It’s still an OK movie (minus the plot holes), but geees, What happened there?

RE: #14

Personally, I find the cat-like eye make-up a huge turn on…but, that’s me.

Also, If you want to see a great, fun summer movie, save yourself some heartache and see HellBoy 2. Yes, I said it, HellBoy 2.

Now that was a fun summer movie with a great opening sequence that draws you into the whole movie.

Not sure what the fuss over those posters is all about. The fake Kirk, looks just that…fake. The fake Spock looks OK. Uhura shouldn’t even be in the thing and the villain looks unimpressive and very un-trek-like.

Have a good day.

anyone else catch this:

“..and to the world in which the character is being created right now, this time…”

implications? spoiler? thoughts?



spelling quibble: it’s “harkening;” you may have been thinking of “heartening” when you were typing.

dictionary quibble: “harken” just means “to listen attentively.” I think Quinto probably meant “a >harbinger of what’s to come.”

take it up with Sci-Fi wire, we cannot change the words they publish

Stanky is back to being a stinker. Why shouldn’t Uhura be on the poster? Do you think McCoy should have been there instead? Maybe, but they are trying to SELL the movie! She sells it better than he would. Period.

The villian looks great! And your comment that he looks “very un-trek-like” might be the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever seen on the Trek.com board!

this movie and early teaser work is turning out to be both refreshing and retro(poster colors)

#3 and #5: Amen.

#19: “Hearken” is a slightly archaic spelling, but still a correct one. I think Quinto was riffing loosely on the metaphorical phrase “Hearken back to …” and flipping it temporally so it can refer to something yet to come. Appropriate for a time-travel movie, I guess :)

JJ Abrams at the premiere of “Tha’ Dark Knight”:

Pa-tooie! (spitting Diet Cola at screen) Holy canole! They totally stole my script for Star Trek! I’m gunna have to re-do my whole damned movie!

(rushes to JJ cave)

I’m hearkening back to a time when people knew how to spell.

23. And otherwise one could always put up a “[sic].”

Plot holes in dk. What? The idea that the Joker had won in a sense was the point and Batmans final sacrifice only prevented that victory from being total.
I have no doubt this trek film will be brilliant.
The new posters are fantastic.

OK, I’ll jump on the bandwagon.

The poster should be Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the other main character, the Enterprise. It’s clear that Uhura was put in because it’s red and they wanted a female character to balance it out.

I do like that they appear to be confirming classic uniforms and colors will be used. I also like the look for the poster but I think I would call it “clean and simple” instead of “retro”.

Quinto looks the part…yes…but what about his voice? That could be a killer to me. I hope he disguises it somehow to match Leonard’s (ideally) or at least more masculine than his existing voice.

:o) I am also fascinated that the newly released “Alternate Realities” DVD box also splits Leonard’s face.


I can imagine the result, if he had just stated that their only reason for making this new film was to mimic Nimoy, or do their best at impressionism.

No story, no new script; only an attempt to become a carbon copy of the original Spock.

i’m so pumped… the posters are great.

I consider myself a canonista but I’m not really worried about appearance per se as much as — Can they act? I’m glad about Quinto because I know his work on Hereos. Pine is a big blank to me since I’ve never seen anything he’s done. I know Urban’s work and I think he’s a good choice for McCoy.

I did like the poster which rather surprised me.

#28—“Quinto looks the part…yes…but what about his voice? That could be a killer to me. I hope he disguises it somehow to match Leonard’s (ideally) or at least more masculine than his existing voice.”

It’s not his face or his voice that will make a young Spock come alive. It is his behavior, and to a certain degree…his mannerisms, IMO. I don’t expect Quinto to smoke a couple of decades worth of cigarettes just to get his voice to mimic Nimoy’s. That’s absurd. I would rather them cast an actor who has the capability of understanding who Spock is and how to deliver his lines and reactions to certain situations/circumstances than cast someone based upon a similarity in voice tone.

If you expect to see clones of Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, Doohan, etc., you will be disappointed. If you want to enjoy this film, then IMO, you need to alter your attitude and expectations to accomodate a more realistic perspective.

17. Stanky McFibberich – July 21, 2008
Well welcome back, Stanky. I’ve missed your wet blanket approach.

Still stuck in the evolutionary process I see.



I think hoping for the voice to be similar is just a valid as hoping for the mannerisms, IMO. I would also point out that if you spend time trying to get someone that looks like Nimoy, and someone that has the mannerisms, it makes more than a moderate degree of sense to also try to get the voice as close as possible. Maybe a whopping amount of sense due to the fact that Nimoy is also in the film.

I’m not expecting clones and pretty sure I didn’t mention cigarettes. I am comfortable with Pine and the others. I only point out that Quinto’s normal voice is a bit far from Nimoy’s.

Have a nice day Mr. Closet

Boy, im sure not sick of only hearing from this guy. Who’d want pictures of the ships or anything like that.

hell, I’d be happy if spock didn’t have pointed ears….different, we need different. On the other hand the integration of the colors and the poster gives that late 60’s psychedelic feel. Everyone has to admit that is COOL!

Scary how much he looks like Nimoy/Spock.

Uuuuuuuuuh… Spock’s character was based on the script? NO WAY!!!

its interesting, #37, that u say u’d be happy if spock didnt have pointed ears…becuz st: enterprise they established wat a half vulcan-half human would look like….vulcan ears and human eyebrows—id have liked though if theyd gone more into re-envisioning vulcans to look more like roddenberrys initial concepts which wouldve been more true to vulcans living on a volcanic world…dark red/brown skin

also: a sidenote as to y jj chose not to do the ridges on romulans here: if he’d gone with the ridges, with the bald heads the romulans wouldve looked very much like the ubervamps from buffy the vampire slayer….its bad enough the remans look like certain interpretations of nosferatu

My big “problem” with Quinto is his voice.

Nimoy has such a strong, distinctive voice. Even when Nimoy is talking in real life, he sounds kinda alien. While Quinto, to me, just has a kinda “normal” voice, so at this stage I don’t see what others are seeing in him.

I hope I am proven completely wrong by his portrayal. It’s all down to that, I guess.

C´mon, guys, Quinto is a trained actor. He definetely knows how to work his voice!!! ST XI will rock!!! Kisses to all trekkers in BRAZIL!!!!!!!

They should just make CGI kirk and spock and have the original actors voice the characters and add imitations for Bones and Scotty…

I dont like Quinto as spock.. he is demonic and scary.. spock was serious and not scary.