Blalock: Why No Shatner in Star Trek? + Mini-Review of Starship Troopers Marauder

Jolene Blalock’s direct-to-DVD Starship Troopers 3: Marauder comes out soon and she is out promoting it at some cons as well as with our friends at Femme Fatales magazine, who point us to a preview of their interview with the Enterprise’s resident Vulcan and her thoughts on JJ Abrams Star Trek. We also have an exclusive new pic of Jolene and a mini-review of the new Starship Troopers movie.

Blalock: Where’s the Shat?
The new interview with Blalock covers her new movie, doing comedy, surfing and other topics, but Femme Fatales thought TrekMovie might be interested in the following comment from the former Enterprise star regarding JJ Abrams Star Trek:.

BLALOCK: I’m a little perturbed that William Shatner’s not in it, but that’s just me. If Leonard Nimoy is in it, shouldn’t William Shatner be in it? But I haven’t read the script. I’m just venting.

Blalock is scheduled to appear at Comic Con this week and at the Creation Star Trek convention in Vegas. She tells Fatales that she is looking forward to San Diego this week, noting it is ‘like the sci-fi gay parade’ with all the costumes. Femme Fatale sent TrekMovie this exclusive image from their photo shoot.

Exclusive: Jolene is hot in any color
(photo: Dove Shore)

There is more from Jolene at and even more in the next issue of Femme Fatales magazine (including an 8-page photo spread…oh boy).

Starship Troopers 3 Marauder arrives August 5th – mini review
TrekMovie has had a chance to see the new Starship Troopers 3 movie. Firstly, Jolene looks great in it and puts in a credible performance as Capt. Lola Beck. It is fun to see her drop the Vulcan routine and really put some emotion into a role. As for the rest of the film, it is pretty good for a direct to DVD film, and certainly better than the 2004 outing Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation. This film attempts to both better tie into Paul Verhoeven’s original 1997 film, as well as the original Heinlein book, both with mixed success, but the attempt is admirable. The film jups from from sensationalist videogame gorefest to thoughtful political drama to satiric commentary on modern media. The acting in the film is a bit hit and miss, but some put in admirable performances, especially Amanda Donohoe as Admiral Enolo Phid and Stephen Hogan as Sky Marshal Anoke. It is recommended for big Jolene fans and fans of the original films, for general sci-fi fans it is an OK rental…and at least there is some gratuitous nudity in it to keep you interested (not Jolene, unfortunately).

Here is the trailer

Reserve your copy at Amazon



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Wow. Slow news day?

Yeh,, its going to be pretty hard not having Mr Shatner in the next trek, Im was sort of hoping he would be.

Then again,, something tells me this Trek is really going to Rock!

:0 )

“Starship Troopers 3: Casper Van Dien needs money”

Is that Jason Taylor in this movie? Good grief. This series has gone into the realm of the ridiculous, as Tremors did. If it comes on cable, I’ll watch it.

PS: Jolene, I am as perturbed as you are, Nimoy and Shatner should have been together.


I sense a stinkbug.

Starship Troopers 3! Fantastic! Looking forward to this! I know it’s straight-to-DVD, but I’m aware of what to expect and I’ll enjoy the film for what it is!

I saw American Pie Presents: Band Camp for the first time the other night after a few beers at the pub. Quite simply, the film is what it says on the cover. It’s a piece of unselfconsciously trashy, lowbrow entertainment and none the worse for it!

If Starship Troopers 3 gives us some good jokes and amusing satire with plenty of gore and some gratuitous nudity, I’ll be certain to enjoy it!

I’m not so worried about the acting in the film. One of the points of Troopers 1 was that the cast were all average actors culled from soaps and teen dramas, all had had their teeth fixed and many of them (the women obviously!) had boob jobs. Then Verhoeven had a ball ruthlessly eviscerating their perfect, surgically-sculpted bodies!

There are worse ways to spend an evening than watching that! ;)

Sci-Fi gay pride parade!

Ahh yes… Jolene.

I’d go straight for her….


I knew I liked that girl.

Man oh man…just look at those LEGS!!!

HOT DAMN!!!! (Drool)

at least it’s not as bad as most of the films I’ve worked on…the go straight to Beta…hahaha

I agree with Jolene. Shatner should be in. I would agree with anything she said looking like that!
Has Bob Orci said that Shatner is definitely not in?
How about that for a question Bob

The real question is was Shatner in Jolene????

I think Shatner’s gonna be in it but maybe as a pic of him in some file that Spock views or something?

Wow- she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about does she?


…but the fact that she looks like a slimmer Jennifer Lopez in that photo definitely makes me pay attention.

Too bad her, um, photon torpedoes have always had that, um, replicated look about them…

Lord Jolene Blalock is so hot. Take one look at that picture of her and say to yourself “Oh yeah, she’d make a great Vulcan.”

As for #”s 1 and 8, your mom is calling. Why don’t you just run along now and play.

Well I was actually disapointed with the movie. Wasnt as good as I was expecting. THe graphics were absolutly horrible. I mean come on this is 11 years after the first one and the first one had great graphics. This one had graphics like you would see in a video game. The plot, was good but they really could have gone a different way with it and made it a great success. Really could have done without the who god worshiping. One girl just kept praying then got others to pray with her, it got really annoying.
Some things really didnt make sense at all.
Basicly this was a flop, had a lot of potential though.
Studio’s need to stop giving amateur’s the chair to what was once a box office hit movie.

She really does look beautiful in that picture. And I’m with her on the Shat thing.

…Well, let’s face it, kids: JJ Abrams simply doesn’t have his Shat together.

I am so glad she voiced her opinion. What was it again?

Humina humina humina!

17. SPB – July 22, 2008
re:photon torpedoes

Aye Sir, Photon torpedoes check out and stand ready.

Shatner could RETURN!!! Think of the possibilities… Think of the ethos… With time being as unset as simply warping around a son to change man’s fate who’s to say this new outing, a new beginning, could perhaps in some way alter the future and thus saving Kirk from ever having to die in the first place. Ok, it may have taken his death to spur Pacard to act on his emotions, but hey…difficult to see the future is, always in motion.

Man, I thought Jolene was gonna be a huge actress. Guess I’m glad I’m not an agent.

For my money she’s the hottest trek actress! Granted there are many. I sense a poll. No, not pole!

Haven’t reasons for Shatner not being in the new film been posted on this very site already?

1. He didn’t want a cameo role.
2. If that’s the case he’d have to be back as Kirk in some way, in which case the whole movie would have to be WHY he was in it otherwise it would feel slipped in and cameo anyway.
3. It would feel cheap to bring him back from the dead. I don’t care if you can think of a million Treknobabble ways of doing it, it just cheapens death in such a franchise even more. I mean, it’s already at the point that when an important character dies in Star Trek we know some time paradox will bring them back at the end of the episode. Enough is enough.

They have a copy of him in the transporter right? Just beam him back.

“They have a copy of him in the transporter right? Just beam him back.”

Transporters are the answer to everything. Getting old? Transporter can turn you back into a kid. Need a clone of yourself? Transporter can provide. Want to fuse with someone? Yep, they cover that too. XD

Would you care to perform surgery on a photon torpedo with me doctor?


Sci-Fi gay pride parade!!!! OMG! she has steroe typed the trekkers. That is the first time I heard from a celeb about the gay thing.

Ah, “Starship Troopers”, the “Spinal Tap” of Science Fiction franchises.

Never has a man’s seminal work of fiction been betrayed by a baser gaggle of jackalopes, intellectual concentration camp guards, and cinematic hubcap thieves.

Paul Verhoeven should be horsewhipped by demons for defaming the memory of Robert Heinlein.

Jolene Blalock, on the other hand, has a nice rack. She did when she was a Vulcan, too.

Casper Van Dien? He’s just trying not to become the night manager at the Carl’s Jr. in Reseda.

Yeah, she is hot but her left boob has an arm attached to it.

“Get Your Shat Together!” would be a beautiful tee for many, many people to be wearing to the next public appearance of Mr. Abrams.

Holy —t! Blalock is hot.

So, Blalock is both beautiful AND smart?


Lord Garth, at this point I’d be surprised if Shatner could get it up with a crane! Maybe Jolene simply believes in being kind to old men!

Such a well-mannered girl!

‘like the sci-fi gay parade’


God, I love her. She was great as T’Pol.

Dennis, you and I are in agreement??

p.s. did you ever get around to seeing The Illusionist?

Why did she have to bring up the Shatner thing?

I HATE the Shatner thing!

Jolene Blalock, on the other hand, I do not hate. I didn’t like Enterprise, but Jolene was worth watching from time to time.

Yeah, every time she turned left or right!

HA! You funny, Ballz.

Jolene I LOVE, but she does not look like herself in those pictures – she really does look like JLo for some reason. Hot as real estate on Vulcan, in any case.


as Woody Allen used to say, “I’d sell my mother to the Arabs for that girl!”

It would be only logical for you to agree.

Harry — 2 similar movies, both good. The Illusionist and The Prestige. If you haven’t seen the latter, you’re in for a treat. By the way, it stars Christian “Batman Pow Pow” Bale and Michael Caine, along with Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman.

Harry#44- I must ask you to rephrase, my dear, as I have no clue what you want me to agree to…

I’m afraid my feelings of Shatner being in the new film have changed of late. Much as I wished for it I’ve come around to the thinking that Bill, fantastic though he does look, just doesn’t look like Kirk anymore. Rather too much good living seems to have settled around his midriff. Its a shame, but I guess time and calories wait for no man.
Great that Jolene feels that way about him though. ;)

Denise, I’m only stating the fact that anybody would want to DO Ms. Blalock………wouldn’t you agree?


Maybe Jolene’s INTO wrinkles!

Harry#48- OH. Of course. As I have stated in 69 Forward, I would turn for her…