Season Three DVD Of Star Trek Remastered Arrives In November

Today CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment announced the third season DVD set for the digitally remastered Star Trek. The set will hit the streets November 18th, which is one year after Season One arrived (on HD DVD / DVD combo). Season Two arrives in stores next week. CBS does not have any more details or box art, but TVShowsOnDVD has some preliminary artwork.


TOS-R Season Three Box Art
From TVShowsOnDVD. They note this is preliminary, but it is consistent with the other two seasons and red is the logical choice for color (it was also used in the non-remastered set) released a few years back, although the red shown below is a bit more burgundy.

The set will include full-length versions all the episodes of Star Trek’s third and final season, digitally remastered with new CGI. The original Season Three DVD set included “The Cage” and so the remastered version is likely to be included in this new set, but this has not been confirmed. It will also include the same ‘collectors data cards’ as the previous two seasons. No details on what special features have been provided, but it is expected to include more of Billy Blackburn’s home movies. Pricing is likely to be the same or similar to to Season Two, which is available for pre-order at $63.99 at Amazon.

Seasons One and Two available at Amazon

The Season Two box set is now available at Amazon for pre-order, discounted to $63.99 (Amazon has a low price guarantee that if they drop the price before ship date of August 5th you will get that lower price). Amazon has also discounted the Season One DVD / HD DVD combo disk is to $104.95 (retail is $194.99).

Seasons One and Two of TOS-R ($104.95 and $63.99 respectively)

Last week of TOS-R in syndication
It is hard to believe but this is the last week of the 2007/2008 syndication season of Star Trek remastered before it begins reruns. This weekend’s episode is fittingly enough, the season three finale, "Turnabout Intruder." TrekMovie should have the review + vid and screenies from last weekend’s episode "The Empath," up shortly.


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Why is the Cage no longer on the list to be shown this season?

What about a UK Release date for season 2???

Should I buy it… or should I wait for a HD release? Argh!

hard to believe it’s over already

Nice. I’ll be buying this for sure, can’t wait to check out all the remastered episodes that haven’t aired in syndication yet.

Hopefully blu-ray versions will be announced someday…preferably AFTER the players have dropped in price…considerably.

Just plain DVDs, again. Utterly pointless, given the original mission of CBS-D’s efforts.

Any word on when “The Cage” will air?

Cool, they come in blue, yellow and red – tha national colours of my country :D

Always curious about the Bluray. While the prices seem to be dropping, a couple people I know sometimes complain about the load times for some discs. Do they really take that much longer than a standard DVD? I realize that there is more data, but I would think, perhaps naively, that the player would be equal to the task. Especially for $300 US.

And still no word on Blu-ray! Paramount needs to get on the ball with this.

The purpose of the whole remastered project was to prep the series for HD. Yet no station has broadcast these in HD and, save for the brief HD DVD availabilty of season 1, none of the episodes are available for purchase in HD (although some episodes may be as an XBox download?).

Probably an odd moan, but I hated the Collectors Cards track listing, would it have been so hard to list all the episodes on the back of the card?

The case itself is a nightmare for that “impulse episode”, you have to open the case, take out the discs in their slipcase, take the whole thing out THAT slipcase, pick up the disks that dropped out of that, then trawl through the cards looking for whatever episode the smell of chicken soup made you think of, by which point you’ve given up in the puzzled looks of your loved ones…

It also gives them time to realise what you’re doing and say “Oh not Star Trek AGAIN!!!”

Ninja fast disk delivery system with speedy indexing, that’s what we want…

Dumpin’ something like Redbull or a nice arabica blend really enhances tha’ load time fur Blue-Ray playing machines…

As a techno-phobe, I highly recommend dumpin’ yer liquid energy on yer player straight away…

But this is odd… I mean, iffa tha’ shows were meant fur those wit’ hi-deth teevees, then why are they not bein’ released on tha’ blue-lazor-ray?

Heck, I got tha’ Starry Wars pre-quels on tha’ special yellow-ray format… that’s tha’ one where ya’ pee on tha’ disks… really gives ya’ some great relief…


I was looking at the TOS episodes on Xbox Live but couldn’t be sure I would get a remastered episode. The SD episodes are not remastered so I can only imagine the HD ones are just higher resolution?

Not sure.


Don’t know what kind of players they’re using. Average load time for a Blu-ray is about 2-3 seconds max on my player.


The HD versions are the remastered editions. Unfortunately, only 11(?) episodes are up so far, unless some new ones have been added. I would buy an XBox just for that if more eps were available.

Not touching these until they go Blu….

BND it seems you used the same technique on the “Starry Wars” prequels as Lucas did when he made them.

And thanke fer tha’ info on load times, I think.

Yarrrr… careful though, mate… load times can be affected by tha’ ED treatment drugs…


I aim to get all 3 seasons on DVD as finances allow.

At this point, there is no absolutely pressing reason to go Blu-Ray.

These are NOT Blu ray disks, correct?

I’m with you #16 —- let’s go Paramount we all know you guys want to make more money without really coming up with any new ideas for movies or tv.



Season 3 has some good episodes, but my money is on “The Cage.”

Good deal. Without a HD television, Blu-Ray is useless to me. However, the remastered episodes ARE something that I want, and since DVD has served me quite well over the years (and will continue to do so for years to come, in spite of the rabid fanboy predictions of a complete Blu-Ray takeover), I’m more than happy with the DVD release.

Bluray just hasn’t been a pressing issue for me yet, either. I guess I am a consumeristic sheep that will be content with my regular def remastered episodes. The difference this time is I will wait just a bit before pre-ordering season three to see if I can get a lower price than I did for seasons one and two.

And I am aware of the merits of the Bluray format. It just hasn’t seemed to take the industry by storm. Yet. The sheep says it wants a bit lower retail price before it bleats it’s compliance.

I’ll just stick with season’s 1 and 2…season 3 made me want to kill myself. no wonder it was cancelled after this one.

This a must-have for me. After I bought Season 1 and pre-ordered Season 2 it would be inconsistent not to get Season 3, even if the third season has a lot of awful episodes. But hey, what about ‘Tholian Web’, ‘Enterprise Incident’. ‘Elaan of Troyius’, ‘For the World is Hollow’, ‘Day of the Dove’, and ‘Cloud Minders’! They make it worthwhile. And ‘Spock’s Brain’ as a comedic highlight.

Are these episodes as edited as the ones on tv?

wait a tic… I gots all dese video tapes o’ me precious, precious family moments, all so irreplaceable…

oh, well, guess I’ll burn ’em up and get me on tha’ bloo-rayz bandwagon…

Now then, anyone know how ta’ do somethin’ about tha’ track skip in tha’ middle o’ “Super Trooper” on me 8-track?

What? Hey- Kirkie still had “tapes” in tha’ 23rd century, mates…


well.. with Enterprise Slimline edition boxsets just been released in the UK that leaves only TOS without the slimline packaging… so heres hoping theyll eventually re-release all of TOS as slimline… as much as i love trek i cant afford to pay those prices for a big set like that for 1 season

The bizarre packaging doesn’t bother me much. As soon as I get something like this, I search the InterWebTubes for a custom DVD cover and use it with a standard-sized DVD case. Nice that they make standard-dimension cases that have capacities from one to 12 discs; you can find one that’ll handle just about anything. :)

Not buying them till they come out on Blu-Ray.

28: The Season 1 box has the full length episodes. The same is announced for the Season 2 box, so you can be sure the third box will have the uncut episodes as well.

“…looking for whatever episode the smell of chicken soup made you think of, by which point you’ve given up in the puzzled looks of your loved ones…”

I love a story teller who paints a good picture.

For me, buying them in SD is pointless. I need the HD source material for my own remaster project.

I own a PS3 and it loads incredibly fast and the image ins spectacular. My screening room includes a 133″ projector screen so SD-DVD won’t cut it.

No Blu-ray, no sale!

I just received my seaon 1 set from Amazon-Canada for 64 bucks, including shipping. I saved $40. Same product. Can’t understand why Amazon – USA can’t offer it for the lower price as well!

#2 never buy Trek in region 2, they speed up the voices, probably to do with diff in frame rate conversion. Same with all american shows/films. That which you hear on region 2 is incorrect.

Always import region 1 (its cheaper even with import tax) and has the recordings at the correct speed as they were filmed.

All DVD recorders can be made multiregion. Just google search your model how to do this.

PS also waiting for HD the season 1 kicked ass on HD

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray do seem to take longer to load. This does not justify the whining, as the resulting picture is miles better than 480dpi.

The episodes ARE uncut, appx. 52 minutes long, each.

On my Sharp projector, picture on a naked wall (not a screen) the
HD content of the Season One box looks unbelievable.
I am sympathetic to the folks holding out for Blu-Ray.

I’ll be buying the 2 std-def sets, I don’t care to wait 2-5 years.

Im still going to wait for the blu ray. Won’t waist my money for the non Blu Rays.I love star trek anbd i want to see it in high def

As many, many others… will buy when on BluRay Disc.

#13 You do not get the remastered episodes on xbox live, I downloaded several and was disappointed.

HiDef or nothing.

…the adventure continues…

#24- Martin Pollard– I agree with you! I am more than content with the SD-DVD releases of seasons 2 & 3. If people want to wait around for Blue-Ray versions to come out, then that just means my local DVD retailer won’t be out-of-stock when I go buy my seasons 2 & 3 next week and Aug 21st.

“…looking for whatever episode the smell of chicken soup made you think of, by which point you’ve given up in the puzzled looks of your loved ones…”

that would be “Tomorrow is Yesterday”

Not buying until they’re on Blu-Ray.

Not because I am unsatisfied with normal DVD; DVD looks fine to me. But I am not buying these sets when I *know* that sooner or later I *will* want the Blu-Ray sets. I’ve already got the non-remastered sets, and I’m just trying to limit the double-dipping.

Feh. Come on, Paramount.

oh come on you guys and your blu-ray, half the population still doesn’t own it (me being one of them)

and for instance, why they stopped coming out on HD was because HD lost the format wars, it takes time to transfer from HD to Blu-ray. I personnally am glad to have regular dvd, as anything else is pointless for somebody like me who still uses a crt television!

I’m probably going to wait until they come out on Blu-Ray, but remember that the number of Blu-Ray players out there isn’t that big yet. The standard-def DVD market is still much larger, so I can see Paramount wanting to tap into that market.

Like the red

#46: it’s not about whether half the population owns one or not.
#47: yes, I realize that the market is still small.

The point is, one of the following things will happen (and in my opinion, this is the order of likelihood):

(1) Blu-Ray will continue to grow and eventually become the standard disc format. At that time, I will definitely want HD versions of these episodes. Consequently, I don’t want to buy them NOW on DVD only to re-buy them later. For the same reason, I’ve stopped buying DVDs almost completely.

(2) Blu-Ray will become purely a niche product like LD, and another, superior format will come along and replace it. I’ll probably want the episodes in HD on *that* format, then.

(3) Physical media will be replaced by downloadable content, in which case I’ll buy them that way — but not until I can do it in some form that allows me to back them up.

I own two HDTVs and will eventually own more. I don’t see the point in spending money on SD-resolution media only to replace it with HD-resolution down the road.

If they were in widescreen it would be much simpler of a decision….but because they are pillarboxed and me having a plasma tv, I don’t want to have to pay more for the blu-ray discs only to have to stretch them to avoid burn-in.