Chris Pine: New Star Trek Forges The Five Year Mission [UPDATED: More from Pine]

Star Trek’s new James T. Kirk, Chris Pine has a new movie called Bottle Shock opening next week and he is just starting to do press for that. In a new interview with SciFi Wire the actor talks about where in the life of Kirk the movie is set how the film blends blockbuster action and a character story. 


Excerpts from SciFi Wire:

Pine on the setting of Star Trek:

I think people will be surprised. I think what J.J. has created–and what we’ve been a part of–is really the birth of these characters. … Not only their individual journeys and how they all meet, [but also] the forging of those relationships and how it carries on to the five-year mission.

Pine on Star Trek’s balance of a character story and a blockbuster:

[JJ Abrams and writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci] infuse these characters with as much humanity as possible, so not only are you getting the big effects you would expect from a blockbuster, but also something of a character movie, which I think is difficult to do, and I think we’ve done extremely well.

More at SciFi Wire from Pine on being ‘blown away’ by his co-stars and also his pen pal William Shatner . 

UPDATE: More reports from the Bottle Shock Junket:

Pine on the characters of Star Trek [From Movies Online]

Movies Online: What did you bring to Star Trek because J.J. Abrams has been marveling about the character relationship in that movie?

Chris Pine: I think what’s new about this particular version of Star Trek and what J.J. and Bob (Roberto Orci) and Alex (Kurtzman) were able to bring to it that’s new and really exciting is an incredible amount of humanity to the roles for a project that could be so…you know there’s a lot of spectacle to it, there’s explosions and graphics and computer graphics and yet it’s really character driven and you really get to see why Kirk is Kirk, why Spock is Spock, how this crew got together.

I think they did an incredible job of casting and to really make something like Trek work it takes an incredible…you know, a good ensemble that works well together. You have to believe that these people would fight and die for one another and that’s what made the original series so good and I think they did that. When people see what Zack (Zachary Quinto) did with the role, what Karl (Karl Urban) did with his role, what Zoe did with Uhura. She really expanded that role a lot and I think people will be really surprised.

More from Pine (including discussing if he ’emulated William Shatner’) at MoviesOnline

Pine on why Star Trek wasn’t at Comic Con [From AP]

Chris Pine, who plays the young Captain Kirk, assumes "Star Trek" wasn’t there because director J.J. Abrams wants to make sure "that anything that is shown to the public, because it’s such a high-profile project, is perfect." He says "J.J. is a perfectionist" who understands how important this movie is to the fans. So, Pine says Abrams wants to make sure that "he dots the I’s and crosses the T’s."

More from Pine (including talking about the LA Earthquake which too place during the press junket) at AP via WSYX


He clearly has one aspect of Kirk down — Pine and co-star Rachael Taylor at the “Bottle Shock” premiere at Chateau Montelena Winery on July 26, 2008 (Wire Image)


Bottle Shock featuring Chris Pine opens Friday August 8th. More info and a trailer at the official site


NOTE: As per usual, when one of the Trek cast members is out promoting a new movie there will be more quotes and comments about Trek from various media sources. As more from Pine on Trek comes out we will provide updates.


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He likes hot chicks…….that’s a good sign!

Good news to hear indeed!

Love it!

Harry, where’s her….umm….I mean, does she have…..below her neck and above her belly button………seems ………kind of missing. Pine sure must squeeze tightly.

Nice to know the lad can speak. And AP, your note was duly noted.

‘Course, now that I look again, that chick has NO breasts! Hmphh!

Waiting for an objection from Iowagirl…

Any minute now…

seems to go in line with what has been said before: they will touch on areas they couldn’t believe hadn’t been shown before.

Harry#5- At least THX was subtle about it, you galactic oaf. I did not even notice, as my brain synapses stopped firing as soon as my eyes alighted upon Pine’s visage… uh, what was I saying…


looking at her flat chest reminds me of the summer I was 18, dating a lovely girl named Pamela. Same build. No breasts whatsoever, but a lot of heart!

Anything more than a handful is a waste.

She kinda looks like a young Carol Marcus.

“galactic oaf”, Nice. Sorry Ballz ,but you dating and a girl named “Pamela” with No breasts, Talk about fiction.

Look! Chris Pine has no breasts either!

Wrong, Maquis…it’s a true story.

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ooh, I feel a special “Bond” with you as I’m shaken, not stirred!

I thought my post at #10 was a flat-out compliment to the lovely Pamela, no?

#12, Is that the woman playing the young Carol Marcus?

Wait, shouldn’t she be green?

I Google-Imaged her name thinking it’s probably just a bad angle the pic was taken at, and alas no, she really is built like a 2×4. Ironic she is that flat and standing next to a guy named “Pine”.

Yeah, what are the chances he got “wood”?

What are the chances that anyone would notice that a young actress hasn’t had her chest cut open and stuffed for the titillation of voyeurs?

not meaning to be a buzz kill…just sayin.

Is that Natalie Portman?

I don’t mean to bark, but Pine could have got wood and nailed her, but she went against the grain, so he got board and went lumbering down Maple street (until it branched).

Kirk didn’t nail her. He was still thinking about Edith Keeler.

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What should I object to? As he didn’t say anything relevant, any objection would be breaking a Pine on the wheel. :D


She’s flat chested. He’s got some crazy ass werewolf eyebrows. Together they may just save the world.

The more I see and here from Pine, the more I can see him as the new Kirk. I am about at the point were I say I’m feeling better about the movie. Now if we can see a pic of Pine in uniform, with Quinto to his left and Urban to his right.


I still keep hearing chatter that Shatner is gonna be in this film and it’s been all part of the big secret. I hear that Picard may even be there. Don’t know if the sources are any good. But that’s what I heard.

Wow. What an ”X-Files” experience for me reading this commentary from a couple of you. Well, one great mystery that has vexed me for years is finally solved. Beavis and Butthead are indeed Star Trek fans and they comment here.


Come on, girls can be beautiful even without massive breasts.

#35 Paulaner : Agreed!! That’s an Awesome beer By the way. Partial to Spaten too. and Very well…. #30. Closettrekker

#35… true… but SOME would be nice!

Awesome! I am looking forward to hearing more Star Trek stuffs from Chris Pine cuz he is the one who did not talk alot about the new Star Trek movie until now.

Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be the Trek rip off of Casino Royale when it comes to the lead character, Kirks gonna start off cocky and turn into the Kirk we all know at the end of the film.

She DOES have breasts. If it is really important to you (and it is – you know it is) just do a google image search on her. There are plenty of shots that show a little more “character” than she shows here.

Wil FTW.

He really does look quite Kirkian in that pic.

Honestly, I wouldn;t expect a girl that thin to have much of a bust. Get the girl a sandwich, and you’ll be surprised what develops. Even Dr. Rey says that it’s rare for a “Hollywood Weight™” girl to have anything goign on in the chesticological region unless it’s enhanced.

Saw some previews at another show for Bottle Shock recently, looks pretty fun. Hope it lives up to the previews.

found the the video of zachary quinto checking out his spock poster for the first time. really cool!

The movie looks interesting, based on the trailer.

Dennis Farina must be in a state of suspended animation. He looks the same as he did twenty years ago.

Pine certainly looks the part… but anybody here ever HEAR this guy talk? I haven’t (never seen his films) and just wondering if he at all SOUNDS like Shatner. Because let’s face it… a large part of Kirk is Shatner’s voice–and it’s no wonder that Shat has done so much voiceover work in his later years–it’s not just a way to pay the bills—he and Nimoy both had voices that are deeply impressive and dramatic.

Hate to have a young Kirk who LOOKS like Kirk but doesn’t *sound* like him….


I like women with curves.

My wife is still nursing our youngest child. She’s like Power Girl.

Until my little spawn starts stops nursing. Then she’ll still look better than Ms. Taylor. Still not bad.

#14, 16.

Thank you.


He does not sound like Shatner, but he has a decent, intelligent-sounding voice. Not pipsqueaky at all. To me he sounds like the well-spoken guy in my microeconomics class, the one who stood up and explained all the &*^!! graphs in my textbook that I could never figure out.

Eliza Dushku is sex on legs.

ive always found a woman breast size to be proportionate to the grades they got in school. This one was obviously an A student. No dates = more study time lmao. ;)


I saw some posts to that effect. However Charles Trotter from this site had said that those were early rumours and have been found as false.