August 2008

Cryptic Begins Outline For Future History Of Star Trek Online + Answers Game Questions

It has been just a few weeks since Cryptic announced their Star Trek Online and already they are providing more info on this exciting new massive multiplayer game. Just yesterday they issued their first ‘future history’ report bridging the gap between Nemesis and the setting of the game, plus they have updated their site with more answers on game details.

Attn Trekkies: Documentary Looking For L.A. Fans + Photo Journalist Looking For FL Fans

TrekMovie is helping out some people who are looking to find Trek fans who are ready for their close-up. First up, a UK documentary is coming to coming to Los Angeles and the producers want some Trekkies to help them as they get the cast of TOS together. Plus a photo-journalist in Jacksonville Florida wants meet some Trekkies in their natural habitat.

Science Friday: Death Rays, Rover Freedom, Super Milk, Flashgloves + more

Today in Science Friday, the final tests for the Large Hadron Collider’s death ray proton beam have been a success. Is world domination next? Also, the Opportunity Mars Rover is climbing its way out of Victoria Crater. Plus, read about the newest space telescope, and how a high-tech glass of milk is just what the doctor ordered for your bones, and much more science fun.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.28.08

This week, the Celeb brings you news on how Christopher Plummer‘s sex escapades made William Shatner a star, J.J. Abrams discussing the science of Fringe, George Takei being roasted, and a new Priceline ad with Shatner and the father the new Jim Kirk. All that and celeb spottings of Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart and more.

Orci & Kurtzman: We Were Called To Duty For Star Trek

This Sunday, Star Trek writers and exec. producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be the guests on Life After Film School on the Fox Movie channel, a show where Hollywood big shots like Bob and Alex talk to real film school students. Fox has released a clip of the show, where the pair talk about what it was like taking on Star Trek and all of that canon. 

Pegg: Star Trek Getting Back To What Made It Good

Simon Pegg is definitely the geek insider of the new crew for JJ Abrams Star Trek. of the bunch. Although others are fans, Pegg knows his franchises, just recently correcting the record on if the film is a ‘remake.’ In a new interview with our friends at Hardcore Nerdity, Pegg goes into more detail on his approach to Scotty and how the film works within Trek. 

SciFi ENT & TNG Marathons + Nemesis AMC Premiere [UPDATE: Trek Trivia Quiz w/ Prize]

This week there are some happenings for Star Trek on TV. Firstly the last Trek film, Nemesis, has its network TV premiere on the AMC Network, with more showings later in the week. Plus the Sci-Fi Channel has two Trek marathons lined up for Labor Day weekend. There are also some changes ahead in the fall schedule for Trek on cable.

Saldana Needed Some Convincing To Take On Uhura

About a year ago broke the news that Zoe Saldana had been offered the role of Uhura in the new Star Trek. At the time it wasn’t clear if she would take the role, due to her obligations shooting another Sci-Fi blockbuster, Avatar. Now in a new interview Saldana reveals that the director of that film helped talk her into taking the Trek job. The actress also talks more more about Uhura and her possible future as well as JJ Abrams’ respect for the fans.

Sci-Fi Sunday: Superman Reboot, Arnie Cameo, Stargate Does Voyager, The Return of the Hoff + much more

The ripples of Summer 08 are already starting–while work on the Iron Man sequel starts, the success of The Dark Knight gets WB to rethink the future, including Superman. In TV news The Stargate franchise is also headed for a Trek-like rethink, while David Hasselhoff is ready for his own reboot. All that plus tons more news, pics and videos below.

Pegg Talks Scotty, Drinking and Doohans

Recently Chris Pine stated that he is not impersonating William Shatner in his portrayal of James T. Kirk and it appears that Simon Pegg is taking the same approach. In a new Comic Con interview with AICN, Pegg talks about focusing on the character of Scotty, and also what it was like working with James Doohan’s son Chris, who also has a role in the film.

More Details On Alternate Reality Collective DVD Set + TOSR Season One Price Drop

CBS Paramount has just released the final details on the September 16 release of the Star Trek: Alternate Realities DVD Fan Collective. We have a full list of the special features, more packing art and news on the special promotional figure giveaway. Plus the Season One of the Remastered Trek has dropped in price to fall in line with Seasons Two and Three.

Kevin Smith (Sort of) Reviews Star Trek

TrekMovie previously reported that JJ Abrams has completed a first rough cut of his Star Trek movie and now it appears that he is showing it off. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back director Kevin Smith was a guest on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show this morning and the subject of the new Star Trek movie came up with Smith giving a positive review of the movie, but in a roundabout way.

CelebWatch: Stardate 08.22.08

The Watch was busy watching celebs instead of the clock, so it’s a bit late. Anyway, this week we have Shat making a top celebrity spokesmen list, a new play for Avery Brooks, Takei going to Red Alert 3, an injured Wil Wheaton being named a major internet influence, and more. Oh, and sad news: Simon Pegg is not a Bastard. Read below to see what I mean.