FanMade: New Intrepid Episode + Updates from Phase II, Hidden Frontier, Farragut + more

While the world waits for Paramount to make some more Star Trek (and there is a long wait) the fans continue to ‘roll their own.’ This FanMade column brings news on a new release from a European fan film, Starship Intrepid. Plus we have news and production updates from Phase 2 and Hidden Frontier, along with a new preview from the Farragut team. All that and new audio drama releases too.


New Intrepid Short + Picard look-alike guest star
After a bit of a delay, the Scotland-based TNG Starship Intrepid team has released their second production, the short "Where There’s a Sea." The story is about the Merchant Service Starship Ariadne in the crosshairs of an Orion raiding party and after the USS Intrepid fails to respond to their distress call, Ariadne’s crew must fend for themselves. You can download it now at

New Intrepid episode out now

Producer and star Nick Cook tells TrekMovie that they are now "deep into post-production" on their next full length episode, "Transitions and Lamentations." And they just wrapped shooting the remaining scenes for their third episode "The Stone Unturned," which features well-known Jean Luc Picard impersonator Giles Aston as Picard of course (see wrap video from earlier shoot with Giles).
Transitions and Lamentations will be released later this year, with The Stone Unturned currently planned for Summer 2009. Here are the posters for those.

Two more episodes on the way from Intrepid

Farragut Preview
As has been reported in our previous FanMade columns, the gang behind the TOS-era Starship Farragut production are hard at work on both the live action and the animated front. They have just put together a nice preview trailer which shows off what we can expect from them in the next year, including some nice shots from their Animated Series-style production.

Farragut have also announced that their next two live action ‘crew logs’ "Just Passing Through" and "A Rock and a Hard Place" will be released as a double feature at a live event at the University of Maryland’s Hoff Theater in November. There will also be some awards, a teaser from STF: TAE and more fun stuff, find out more and check for updates at the official site

Farragut double feature coming in November

Phase II a hit at Shore Leave + Luna’s behind the scenes photos
The next episode from Phase II, "Blood and Fire Part 1" will be released this fall, and producer James Cawley tells TrekMovie the date should be announced soon.  However some lucky fans have already seen it (or a version without all the effects) at the recent Shore Leave convention in Baltimore. The Phase II team have put up a Shore Leave after action report on their site with details and pictures from the event. Phase II have also updated their site with new on-set interviews with their new Chekov (Jonathan Zungre) and their new Sulu (J.T. Tepnapa).

James Cawley with Takei at Shore Leave

As previously reported, Phase II recently shot a new episode ("Enemy: Starfleet"), but didn’t get it all finished. Cawley tells TrekMovie they will film the final scenes probably in September and then shoot their next episode "The Child," written by John Povill in October. Meanwhile veteran TOS actress Barbara Luna who was part of the "Enemy Starfleet" shoot seems very excited to be part of Phase II and has put up a ton of fun behind-the-scenes photos of her experience returning to Star Trek in upstate New York.

Cawley gets cooled by Luna

Beta Shield Coming Soon + more Hidden Frontier releases in the Fall
The Hidden Frontier team are currently working on multiple projects, so many it is hard to keep track. Producer Rob Caves tells TrekMovie that the joint venture film "Operation Beta Shield" is now at the scoring stage and should be released this month. He also sent over a new promo graphic for that. They are also currently filming the Season One finale for The Helena Chronicles and just wrapped the pilot Federation One, both of which should be out this fall. A preview for Helena should be released very soon, check the Hidden Frontier site for that and other updates.

Beta Shield movie, next release from Hidden Frontier team

More Fan Made releases:

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Yipes. There are so many now I’m having trouble keeping track of them all.

You said:
“While the world waits for … more Star Trek … the fans continue to ‘roll their own.’ ”

L O L!
That is about the funniest things I’ve read on this site!
Right up there with when you said “sausage fest”!
Keep up the good (and sometimes funny) work!

Now….I can’t remember,….have I ever told anyone I love Barbara Luna?

I remember her in a Wild Wild West episode. As she told me at convention….”ah, yes….I was trying to save my people in that show. When have I not been trying to save my people?” Then she laughed.

Good to see more more modern fan made star trek movies, I really despise the TOS stuff, it looks so cheesy and cheap it’s not remotely funny.

However the new TNG and VOY era fan made productions are stunning.


Quite funny, for me it is kinda the other way round.

The TNG productions never really worked for me, because I really don’t like all the blue screening. The lack of actual, touchable sets and actor interaction with them, is always hard for me to watch. Also I think there’s a bit too much fan service in these shows.

But of course that’s just my POV. And I nevertheless appreciate that these fans spend so much of their time and money to give the fandom something back.


Agree 100%. As far as I’m concerned the TNG era stuff is unwatchable because the blue screening is just not that great. Lighting never fully matches, subtle angles are off, etc. Ironically, this stuff should be far easier to build because, unlike the classic stuff, you don’t have to have buttons, dials and toggles.

All you need are the consoles, put lights in them, go to Kinkos and make some transparencies of your LCARS and backlight them. Pretty much what they did on TNG.

#4 and #5 I agree with you both. I cant stand watching those. I have never really been a fan of TOS but these fan made especially NV/P2 are awsome. Great story’s great F/X. ANd really good acting. THe TNG ones are none of what I mentioned.

Woops, I ment #5 and #6

#4 – without TOS, there would have been no TNG or VOY ;-) It’s always interesting to see the critics (for any of the productions) on this column every week. I’ll lay better than even money that the folks who are the most critical wouldn’t have the stamina to do a full-fledged episode shoot if their life depended on it. There are long hours (sometimes 18 hour days) and lots of physical labor, even with the green/blue screening. Not to mention the editing and post-production efforts.

It ain’t exactly like Mickey and Judy looking at each other saying, “Hey, let’s put on a show!”

Anyone who has the vision, tenacity, and capability to put together a fan series and get it into production deserves a huge pat on the back…critics be dam*ed!

The art & costume design for Intrepid looks really good to me. The trouble with the fan-made stuff for me has always been my dreadfully slow internet connection. It would be nice if they ended up on DVD & rentable from Netflix one of these….

Re # 10
“The trouble … has always been my dreadfully slow internet connection”

Well then, get a better connection!
I don’t understand why someone who spends any amount of time online would still use dial-up unless you lived in an area (like my friends in Bangladesh and Costa Rica) where there is no other option. If a cable modem or DSL is an option, then by all means use it.

Thanks for those kind words, Nick Cook does a great job with the costumes.

Regarding Intrepid – we’re try to make improvements all the time to solve the “blue screen” problem, TAL will have some great keying and hopefully improved lighting.

Regarding NV – I prefer TNG era stuff but the NV work has been stunning and I enjoy it a lot.

Farragut – Very good, klingons need target practice though ;)

Kirok’s new audio is very good, a departure from “normal” audio works with a nice little twist. The klingon voices are spot on imo.

And a shout out to Excelsior who have produced a lot and improved a great deal in a short space of time.

The only one I haven’t got into yet is Star Trek Beyond. I feel I must give it a try at least since they’ve managed to produce so much.

And Anthony, I love these Fan Made roundups, keep it up !

btw, “Where There’s a Sea” is also available to view online –

Although I’m not a regular viewer, the fan projects can be fun to watch, particularly Phase ll. At least the level of detail that goes into the recreated bridge and other sets is impressive. I wonder why there was no mention in this article of “Starship Exeter”?

#13 I think this article is about new releases and announcements and I’m not aware of any from Exeter at the moment.

14 That makes sense. The last time I checked, Exeter appeared to be stalled out on an unfinished episode.

#15 It might appear stalled but work is ongoing, they just don’t shout about it. It just tends to “pop-up” when ready ;)

I must admit, I am a huge fan of what the guys over at Hidden Frontier productions have done, but I’ve been concerned as of late.

Has anyone else here watched Hidden Frontier in its entirety? I thought it was simply amazing, & I also greatly enjoy the other shows they make. However, as a fan production, obviously there will be many more limits posed upon the production. Hidden Frontier only had about 6-8 episodes per season, but they still managed to convey a great story.

My worry with HF productions now is that with making so many shows at the same time, they seem to be going for quantity over quality. Right now, they’re making ST: Odyssey, ST: The Helena Chronicles, ST: Federation One, & their own original sci-fi show, Frontier Guard. As I said before, Hidden Frontier had 6-8 episodes per season. Now though, Odyssey had just 4 in its first season, & HC only had 3 (including the upcoming season finale). Is this really enough time to tell a coherent, well-written story? Is this enough time to include good characterization? Honestly, I don’t think so, & I’m worried that the production crew doesn’t know this.

I’ll still watch the episodes, but my doubts aren’t going away soon…


…filled with bad posture, pale skin, bad facial hair, and non-existent chins.

I kid! More power to ’em… I’m sure these things are a blast to make. Some may scoff at most of them, but I’m sure that if any of us knew someone who was putting together a TREK fan film, we’d jump at the chance get our own ugly mugs in there somehow!

WOW! The animated Farragut looks pretty cool! They did a great job re-creating the old 70’s show I watched as a kid.

And Starship Exeter? Hello, are you guys still there?

A tip of the hat to all those who give up their time to do these!

…the adventure continues…

This is a delicate question, but why are all the people on screen in the fan productions somewhat…unattractive?


You’ll forgive the indelicacy of my response to your question: you really are an ass.

Re: 22
“why are all the people on screen in the fan production somewhat …unattractive?

Well, there is a difference in the me and you fan and the Matt Damon or Ben Stiller fan.
People who are “Hollywood stars are GOOD LOOKING.
I’m almost 46, my cheeks are thicker, belly is bigger, back stiffer, other parts less so,.
And I would NOT make a good leading man.

#22 Because they are regular people. Hence the title “fan-made productions”. If they looked like Chris Pine they would be modeling or acting. BTW Are there any copyright infringment problems with these fan-made productions. If they make any money at all (or ever might make money in the future) are they greasing Paramounts bank account in exchange for using Paramounts intelectual property (namely Star Trek)? Just curious.

Barbara Luna = perpetual babe.

I thought the new animation preview looked dead on right.

Farragut and Exeter are my faves . Now Exeter guys get something done, you are clearly the best by a mile but do I need to state the obvious???


The cartoon version of Exeter looks more interesting then the live action. Very clever, incorporating a Saladin class vessel and original series aliens with the same style as the 70’s cartoon.

– Cool… now we can watch Spock 4.0 or 5.0..Kirk 2.0 ..or 3.0 (i can’t count anymore) and Picard 4.0 (if Shinzon is included..ofcourse ..).. :-)::

But there are plenty of ordinary people out there who look good. Somehow a great many of the folk in fan videos don’t. You can’t be dishonest about this.

#13:” I wonder why there was no mention in this article of “Starship Exeter”?”

Anthony checks with us every time he does a “Fan Made” column. Sometimes there’s something interesting to report, and often there’s nothing new.

The “nothing new” isn’t because we’re not working on the *final part* of the episode continually, but just because it’s process and therefore the news this month is the same as the news last month. And really until we’re close enough to finished to project a release date, the “news” is this:

Jimm is working on the final edit of Act IV, and effects work continues.

And that’s true, month in and month out.

Probably the next real benchmark that would constitute a status change will be when the segment goes to sound mixing.

Those Exeter guys are missing the boat, taking so long…

I always think that military (in this case Starfleet) officers must bee physicaly fit to sucessfuly don their jobs, not obese.

I have to give props to all the fan films whatever form or quality they may end up with. It takes some much time, work and dedication to create one of these films! It really is fun seeing some of the results and it is because of the fan films like EXETER, etc. that I really got back into classic TREK!

So rock on all you hard working women and men creating these cool visions and above all have fun!

Oh yes the STF: TAE looks like great fun! I need to watch them on a Saturday morning when they are finished!

Oh yes Barbara Luna she is the bomb! What a cool and lovely gal she is!

#22, 30 – ALI

I’m guilty about being facetious towards this very subject, too, but remember, these guys and gals are working with almost next-to-no-budget, which means top-notch cinematography, make-up & hair styling is out the window.

I’m sure the respective casts of TOS, TNG, DS9, et al, wouldn’t look nearly have as good they did if they had to do their own make-up and hair and be subjected to lousy lighting.


Top-notch hairpieces! Almost no man working in Hollywood is using his real hair. It’s all “enhanced” somehow! (Yes, I’m excluding Patrick Stewart.)

I would like to see a fan base show from the Alien point of view (Klingon)

That Farragut trailer is S-L-I-C-K! And the ladies’ hairdressing is impeccable.

And to the folks who are less than happy with the attractiveness of the performers in fan productions, I offer two words: James. Cawley. Now, I know Mr. Cawley sometimes reads these comments, so I hope I don’t embarrass him, but the man puts even the young William Shatner in the shade.

Those crew logs episodes from Farrigut look awfully hokey.

Luna was amazingly fun to work with and hang out with. She’s a gracious, kind, thoughtful lady. Any feelings of being “star-struck” simply evaporate away within a few seconds of being in her presence (and getting over the fact that she remembers your name – when you didnt even know she knew it!). She hung out with us between takes, shared her food with us, even cleaned up after us during lunch, and spent much of her between shooting time chatting with each of us… it could be other cast, or crew (including a bunch of hot, sweaty Grip/Electric guys who just walked off 100 degree sets)… didnt make a difference… she made us all feel like we were special!

I met her once before, during the TSAMD1969 Premiere in April 2008… we went out to breakfast with her the next morning, and (besides wanting OUR autographs) she decided she wanted a group shot of all of us. I was standing in the back, and ended up being mostly hidden by someone in front of me… she saw the picture, and “Who’s that in the back that isn’t in the shot?” (and learned my name through that) and insisted on re-taking it. Then comes the June shoot… her first night there, barely there for a few minutes and from 20 feet away, calls me by my first name – totally amazing!

Luna, if you are reading this, thanks for being you, thanks for sharing your lunch with us and cleaning up after a bunch of sweaty, tired Grip Electric guys!

STP2: ES Gaffer


I’ll tell you a story about Barbara Luna.

I won’t rehash how much I loves her. But will relay a story of how a picture of me with her helped me meet a deadline. I hate taking pictures and as some have stated in previous posts about themselves…I’m a common man and not attractive. The one good picture I could find of myself (and they needed this thing ‘tomorrow” to go to print) was of me holding Barbara Luna in a picture she took with me at convention. I had a great natural, ear to ear, grin on my face with my arms around this woman from behind. I had that one photo shopped, took her out of it, put a tux on myself, and sent it in. It’s now my stock pic for when I have to send a picture out for performances like that. And every time I look at it I know the look on my face and remember what I was feeling at the time.

For anyone interested it’s the pic at the very bottom of the page. If I knew how to do that photo bucket thing I’d post the original for comparison.

sticking up for the TNG fan movies.

As an independant scifi fimaker myself and working with alot of greenscreen. While i could never get into hidden frontier i do see that Helena chronicles and Odyssy where pretty well done and i really liked the characters in Intrepid, not everyone has the resourses phase 2 has so theyve done the best with what theve got and it shows off well.

oh… oh…. oh…… OH MAN I AM STOKED!!!!! I’m too excited bout dis FanMade column to even type *proper* !!!! Me was doing me online banking and thought I would check the site… AHHHHHHH!!!!!! WOW!! TOOO EFFFING COOL!!!!

I has got to compose myself and return.

I’ll be back with coherent thoughts. I’m too fired up now to think straight!



RE: 33. ILovespoilers – August 2, 2008
Those Exeter guys are missing the boat, taking so long


And what boat would that be? The popularity boat? I don’t mean to speak for the Exeter folks, but quite frankly they don’t need us. They are making Exeter for their love of Star Trek and making films, and are gracious enough to share what they’re doing with us all.
To be a fan of Exeter is an exercise in patience, but that patience is amply rewarded in the end.

Commodore Redshirt — I *do* have DSL, but it still takes hours to download the highest resolution versions of the productions. I think I should have clarified that I am also a bit of a hi-fi audio/video snob. I probably just need to det my computer up downloading one of these nights….

^ er… “get” not “det”

#33:”Those Exeter guys are missing the boat, taking so long…”

There is no boat to miss.

We’ll deliver the best episode that we possibly can. After that, people will judge the finished and complete work on its merits or lack thereof.