Roddenberry Party At Vegas Con + Trek Nation Gets An Editor

Gene may be gone, but the Roddenberry family is still here doing what they can to honor and keep the fans involved with the Roddenberry legacy. To that end they have a number of new things going on at and they just announced a special ‘Revolution Party’ in Las Vegas this week. 


Party with the Roddenberrys and Trek Celebs
If you are headed to Las Vegas this week for the Creation Las Vegas Convention, you may want to check out the Roddenberry Revolution Party at The Mirage Hotel on Thursday night. Rod Roddenberry will be there along with special guests George Takei (Sulu), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura). This first ever event is meant to pay tribute to Gene Roddenberry and allow fans to get face to face with some of their favorite stars.  TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale and Kayla Iacovino will be as well so why don’t you make a reservation now. Did I mention there was an open bar?

Win a captain’s chair
Another promotion going on over at is for a lucky ‘Member of the Year’ to win a replica Original Series captain’s chair. The Roddenberry team was showing off this chair at Comic Con and it is pretty cool and the buttons work with sound effects. You can enter at The chair is not available to buy, however TrekMovie is told they are considering making them available in the future (paid to order). However, Roddenberry productions do have quite a few other unique prop replica’s for sale at

Rod Roddenberry does his best "command performance’

Trek Nation gets an editor
A project that seems to be going on forever has taken a turn in the right direction. At Comic Con Rod Roddenberry introduced a new editor for his long-awaited documentary "Trek Nation." Rod Roddenberry shot hours upon hours of interviews with fans and film makers about Star Trek, fandom and his father and has shown intriguing clips of this project before. Now by bringing on the Emmy winning editor Allan Holzman, who was at Comic Con, it appears this project may actually finally take shape. Roddenberry showed a new trailer for the project which was much better than anything seen before and TrekMovie is told that was one of the first things Holzman did for the project. They also showed some clips of Rod’s interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas who spoke glowingly about Gene Roddenberry and how he ‘stood on his shoulders,’ and even joked about what would win in a fight between the Millennium Falcon and the USS Enterprise. Rod tells TrekMovie they still don’t have a date but are hoping for theatrical distribution for sometime in 2009. He also says that he will try and make some of the extra footage available somewhere since there is far too much to fit into any one documentary. TrekMovie looks forward to the release and will provide updates on this exciting project. More info on “Trek Nation” can be found at

Roddenberry comics
Another cool thing going on at you may want to check out are the new webcomics "Gene’s Journal" and "Rod and Barry." Both are from David Reddick, formerly of "The Trek Life" at "Gene’s Journal" chronicles the life of a young Gene Roddenberry and is based on the notion that as a kid he actually experienced the things that would later become part of his work, so all his sci-fi stories of robots and aliens are really from his childhood. "Rod and Barry," also from Reddick, is about a couple of aliens visiting Earth who have abandoned their mission of domination in order to just hang out and watch sci-fi. Both comics are updated every week at and

Inaugural "Gene’s Journal"

Check back later for an update from the Roddenberry party, unless of course you are going, then we will see you there.

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Id love to park my keister while I’m watching movies. too bad it doesn’t recline.

I don’t know why Roddenberry doesn’t just go straight to DVD with his documentary and sell it at his shop (and other retail outlets) rather than fool with all the hassle of theatrical distribution.

Does anyone know how Majel Barrett-Roddenberry is doing these days? I read so little about her of late, but have always found her fascinating, refreshingly un-Hollywood and a great deal of fun. Oddly enough, she is the only original cast member I have not met or seen in person (pout).

It’s a shame that chair won’t fit at my desk at work.
They have gotten used to the Trek calendars and toys in my work area already . . . .

Must.have.that.chair! I will fondly place it in my living room, sit in it, watch TOS, and heaven will be a place on earth. :)

I’m looking forward to the “Trek Nation” flick… I just checked out the trailer on the home page and it was very well done.

Oooh I want a chair too. Maybe if I get one my bank account will look like the guy who owns the Seahawks too. Doesn’t he have the two original chairs?

Harumph! Lucas should have said that he was standing on the shoulders of Gene COON! (BTW, folks, that is a joke for the benefit of the Coon and Shat worshippers).

Meh…. this is too much like First Church of Roddenberry for me. Of course, had a religion been based around G. Rod Denberry instead of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings, I’d have at least found it a shade more rational. A shade.

Of course, having lived through Trekfandom of the 70’s, Roddenberry worship was a not-so-uncommon faith.

See how he rests his cheek upon that chair. Oh that I was a cushion on that seat, that I might touch that cheek!

I would totally go on a date with Rod Roddenberry. He is cute. le sigh…

Hmm. is Rod Married? Girlfriend?

Rod has a serious girlfriend so i don’t think he is on the market. Yes he is cute.

Damn! Where are all the hot gay geeks?


The last time I saw Majel, and talked with her, was at Jimmy Doohan’s last convention in Hollywood a couple of years ago. She was getting a little on the frail side but still a wonderful woman to talk with. They had her stuck in a little out of the way corner (under some stairs as I recall). I was pissed off about it. They kind of treater her crappy. Of course, not sure of the history.

I don’t think she goes out as much as she used to but, as far as I know, she is doing ok. Sorry I don’t have anything more current.

Dunna ask, dunna tell…



I’m right here, if that’s what you’re asking. Gay and geeky is AMAZING.

I’m a biology freak, so my favorite pick-up line, however overused it may be, is “If I were any enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase so I can unzip your genes.” I used that on my boyfriend once, and he slapped me across the face.

TOG#15- Why did he slap you across the face if he was your boyfriend? Not a very fun guy…

That was back in the early days of our relationship. Later on, he didn’t care much, even after we broke up. He just rolls his eyes.


*groan* HAHAHAHA! That is hella geeky! I’m so gonna use that one on the fanboys in Vegas tomorrow.

I’ve RSVP’ed for the event. I mean…c’mon…it’s open bar, for cryin’ out loud! LOL

See you on Vegas Prime!

I want that chair too. And while you’re at it, get me plane tickets to Las Vegas to go the convention.

#4 I sat in it when I was in San Diego. SUPER COOL. :-)