VegasCon 08: TrekMovie Arrives + Preview Of Event

The Creation official Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton kicks off this morning and is on the scene and ready to go. This week we will be bringing you wall to wall coverage of the event and beyond with multiple reporters on the scene. See below for some of the highlights we can expect to be reporting on. For this week, what happens in Vegas will definitely not be staying in Vegas.


TrekMovie hits Vegas, baby HQ was transferred to the Las Vegas Hilton on Tuesday and we will be the only major Star Trek site reporting events all week long, both from the con and other events associated with Trek outside the Creation Convention itself. Expect to see coverage and pictures of the stage events, plus we will do some interviews, look at some products and chat with the fans. Joining Anthony Pascale will be Kayla Iacovino to help give full coverage of the event. TrekMovie will also be publishing the official newsletter for the convention, but don’t worry TrekMovie-ites, you will always get the news first.

TrekMovie HQ hits the road at Vegas Star Trek Convention 2008

Star Trek Vegas Con 08 Highlights to look forward to

Wednesday – Guest Star O Rama
The highlights today are some big guest stars, recurring characters and short lived regulars, with the biggest names being Denise Crosby (TNG: Tasha Yar), John DeLancie (Q), and Robin Curtis (STIII: Saavik). Also appearing on stage today will be Susan Gibney (TNG: Dr. Leah Brahms), Barbara March (TNG: Lursa), John Fleck (ENT: Silik), and Carel Struycken (Mr. Hom). Jennifer Lien (VOY: Kes) will be signing autographs and doing photos today, but it appears she will not be doing an on stage talk. The evening event will be a ‘Celebrity Bingo Champagne Bash’ with Curtis and Struycken.

Thursday – Spiner & Sirtis + Roddenberrys + lots of TOS recurring stars
The headliners on Thursday will be Brent Spiner and Marina Sirtis (TNG: Data and Troi) who will appear on stage together. In addition, a number of other recurring stars will be appearing, most notably Majel Roddenberry (TOS: Chapel, TNG: Lwaxana Troi) who will appear on stage with her son, Rod Roddnberry. Other TOS guest stars appearing on Thursday include Michael Forest (Apollo), Sandra Smith (Janice Lester) and Grace Lee Whitney (Rand). The only other series regular on Tuesday will be Garret Wang (VOY: Harry Kim). TNG era fans can also look forward to seeing Max Grodenchik (DS9: ROM), Michelle Forbes (TNG: Ro Laren). On the secondary track there will be a talk on the Mars Mission by Patrick and Rigel Woida, an appearance by Mike and Denise Okuda and a ‘Sharing Memories’ panel discussion on Trek veterans we have lost in the last year (TrekMovie’s Anthony Pascale will be on that panel). The big evening event will be a party at Star Trek The Experience with entertainment from Suzie Plakson, Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, and Nichelle Nichols. Garrett Wang, Michelle Forbes, and Marina Sirtis will also be on hand. There will also be a non-official convention party at the Mirage hotel held by

Friday – McDowell, Nichelle & George (oh my) + Jolene and The Enterprise Boys
Things heat up on Friday with the appearance of Jolene Blalock (ENG: T’Pol) and the man who killed Kirk, Malcolm McDowell (GEN: Soran). Also there will be fun joint appearances with TOS stars Nichelle Nichols and George Takei and another from ‘the Enterprise Boys’ Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating and Anthony Montgomery. Other appearances include Suzie Paskin (TNG: K’Ehleyr) and Michael DeMeritt, a AD on Enterprise who will do a ‘behind the scenes’ presentation. There will be another party at the Experience Friday night with Max Grodenchik, Armin Shimerman, Chase Masterson, Anthony Montgomery, and Jeff Combs appearing

Saturday All about DS9 + Braga & Coto
The big focus on Saturday will be Star Trek Deep Space nine, with most of the regular cast appearing on stage: Avery Brooks (Sisko), Nana Visitor (Kira), Alexander Siddig, Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax), Rene Auberjonois (Odo) and Armin Shimerman (Quark). All will appear separately except for the old adversaries Auberjonois and Shimerman. DS9 guest stars Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun), JG Hertzler (Martok) and Solome Jens (Female Changeling) will also be appearing. The big non-DS9 event will be a joint appearance by Star Trek writer producers Brannon Braga (TNG, VOY, ENT) and Manny Coto (ENT) who are now both working on 24 and are going to be bringing a 24 preview. Last, but not least will be Walter Koenig (TOS: Chekov). Saturday Evening there will be a Star Trek costume competition and the ‘Salute to Star Trek music’ with 44 members of the the Las Vegas Philharmonic (and special guest Star Trek composer Ron Jones) performing music from Star Trek.
Sunday August 10, 2008

Sunday – 2 Spocks + VOY Reunion + Star Trek Online
The headliners of the Star Trek convention are the original Spock Leonard Nimoy and the new Spock, Zachary Quinto, who will be appearing seperately and also in a joint appearance. It will be great to see them and hopefully some news will come out of the event. There will definatly be some news made when Cryptic, the newly announced developers behind the MMORPG Star Trek Online, make their big presentation which will be streamed live at at 1:30 PM Pacific Time. Cryptic will be joined by Leonard Nimoy as well. There is also going to be a joint ‘Voyager Reunion’ appearance with Ethan Phillips (Neelix), Robert Picard (The Doctor), Robbie McNeill (Paris) and Kate Mulgrew (Janeway). Picardo and Phillips will also appear in the second ballroom performing the the two-man comedy ‘House Call.’ The other big stars for Sunday are Michael Dorn (TNG: Worf), and Scott Bakula (ENT: Archer) in a rare con appearance.

There are no official Sunday night parties, but you can be sure Quark’s bar will be full of Trekkies. There is also the Bob Picardo Celebrity Auction taking place at the Palace Station hotel. Star Trek The Experience also also doing some of their own events, like a make-up class and an ‘aliens unmasked’ event on Sunday.

Tickets still available
Many of the packages are gone, but you can still get tickets at the event for both attending the show and getting autographs. More info at

Pics from Tuesday: the calm before the storm

outside the convention hall

Sign up area

Vendors unpacking in the dealers room

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Good time should be had by all!!

“and the man that killed Kirk”

That should be changed to who!

Wish I could be there!

that’s an interesting laptop keyboard Antony

If you see JJ Abrams walking around with a film reel under his arm, jump him!

Have fun in Lost Wages…
…play a nickle slot for me…

Anthony, hold off the real fun until I get there on Friday.

#2 I didn’t see any mention of Rick Berman in the line up ;)

I’ll see you there, Mr. Pasquale. I’m in Saturday.

My word, Anthony, is that an Inspiron XPS?

Here’s to the Dell computer that brings us happiness each and every day! May the joys spring from it, to the mountains of gladness and wellness and everywhere where talk is like bad fortune cookies!

Denise, I expect pictures of our crew with Anthony, our wonderful, merciful, almighty site Creator.


I mean, how long has it been since her last convention appearence? Someone should ask her about her line in the 2000 Con, when she mentioned two Rand Novels to come…. I wonder what came of that?

Denise– I’m typing this from my Hilton Hotel room and the fun has already begun but we’ll save some for when you arrive. I had the pleasure of running into Anthony last night at Quarks. It was funny, I was there looking for trekmoviecom folks and ended up hooking up with others who were looking for people they’d met online too. Warp Core Breaches for all! Trek fans are the best! I’m sure gonna miss the Experience.

krikzil#11- Now you know you are not suppose to engage in fun, frivolity and warp core breaches until I arrive. You may go back to the Experience and tell the bartenders I am coming there Friday night and if they run out of the ethanol-based libations, I will be forced to use my Mirror Universe dagger.

My partner (who HATES Star Trek–I know, I know) is in Vegas for work and is getting dragged into going to the Star Trek Experience with one of his co-workers… I can’t wait to tell him that he’s going to be at ground zero for a Trekkie convention! LOL!!

Cannot wait to see you again Anthony, and am looking forward to meeting Kayla.

Scott#13 — funny! He will think we are all insane.

Denise — I’m not sure if Quarks will be open to the public Friday with the Gold members party and all. We may have to wait until Saturday.

Where did I ever get the impression that Carel Struycken was doing the dirt nap thing? I usually don’t fall for stuff like that, but I really really believed it was true….


Welcome back, Mr Homn!

Anthony, will G4, or anyone, be covering this at all for TV?


G4 had better be. This is definitely one of those things that qualifies as “worthy.”

I live in Vegas sadly cant afforf to go all the days… I will be there on Sat or Sun for sure if not both… Look forward to this years event since I missed last year.

Aaron R.

krikzil#216- Gold members’ party is Thursday night – Friday night is Captain’s Chair, which is my package. Both nights, however, the Experience opens for the public at 1:00 am, according to the Creation site.

came so close to going…o well…hope all goes well, should be fun!

Couldn’t make it this year – but I’ll be refreshing this site every hour on the hour for updates!!!!

I’n NOT happy that I’m not there.
Oh well, tell Rene that Donn from Cleveland says hello, Anthony.

The Voyager people are always SO much more entertaining than their characters were on the show.

#17 – Bizarre; I had thought he was deceased as well. Maybe we were thinking of Ted Cassidy.

Please bring back photos and con reports of Jeff Combs for my blog! Thanks! :)

And have a blast! :)

Wish. I. Was. There.

wish I could be there aswell!

ENJOY IT despite providing us with tons of infos :)

any chance you can get some of Bakula’s views on ENT, Star Trek in general aswell as the new movie…

Will there be any big news released at this convention…like maybe a preview of the trailer or a couple of pics.

Never the less and even if not, still very exciting and growing more so as we approach May 2009.

I can’t express how freakin’ bad I want to be there. But I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t go anyplace.

Can’t wait to see the updates though. If I can’t go, the report here is the next best thing!

Your coverage will be the next best thing to being there to be sure.

Many thanks!

….the adventure continues…

Michelle Forbes? Go Cuz!!

I WILL be there…in two weeks! Too late for the con, but just in the nick of time to catch the Experience before it closes! Hope you all have a great time!

I just got back, spent sun thru tues there. WISH I had enough money to stay longer so I could have gone to the con but sadly lost $60 so ya. The whole reason I went was to see the experience. THe original was so much better. Felt so surreal standing there on the bridge and walking down the corridors. I was wondering what people were talking about when they say the video was all faded and worn out until I got on the shuttle. Ya its pretty bad, can hardly make things out. Not to mention the video really didnt seem like star trek. Honestly I think its the projectors that need to be replaced. The film is probably fine. Its like watching an old rear projection tv that is all fogged and faded, its the tubes in the projector.
Anyways I took some video of the experience. When I get the video edited I will post the link on here!!!

Have fun you lucky people!

If I win the lottery I’ll be there as fast as I can.

I was so close to going, and was even going to go to Roddenberry’s party… Then had to end up going to a wedding. :(

I will be there next year for sure, and hopefully, Shatner AND Stewart will be too.

I’m here in Las Vegas right now! I came in early in the morning and will be at the convention tomorrow morning.

Wish I could be there and meet a few of you, even if we’ve had words on here…it would be……. Fun!

There should be a trekmovie con.
With ample notice so we could all be there. It would be BIG.
Painful not to be at this one.
Oh well… I’m going to SFX in Toronto at least.
GREAT city!!

Woo hoo! I’m taking a Bolian transport through Sector 15 and arriving at the Gratitude Festival tomorrow for three full days (78 hours!). Can. Not. Wait.

Peldar Joi

Me wants to see some video!

Man, I am so contemplating just dropping everything and high tailing it over there.


My wife is going to the Oregon cost for the weekend… maybe I’ll check on last minute flight to LV, and tickets…… hummmmm should I or should’nt I….

42. No doubt. Totally worth it! Quarks closes in 24 days. (single tear)

i was there last year & had a BLAST!! so bummed i couldn’t make it this year……

I was there 2 years ago and Grace Lee Whitney was there 2 years ago I had breakfast with her and sulu and Checkov… was the paid celebrity breakfast…..George Takei was awesome Grace was ok she wouldnt let us take her pic with us cuz Creation said no…and Walter Koenig did not seem well poor guy but he was there like a trooper….

We will be going aug 19 20 21 to say our goodbyes to the experience….anybody else gonna be there those days? It sounds awesome that some of you have met anthony…

Braga and Coto are gonna kickstart 24 big time. Expect a whole new take on the show for season 7.