CBS Announces Trek Remastered Complete Series DVD Set

TrekMovie recently reported that the third and final season of Star Trek (Remastered) will be released in November. Now CBS has announced that they will also be packing all three seasons in a money savings DVD pack, and both the Season Three box and the combo pack are now now available for pre-order. 


Star Trek Remastered Season Three is now available at Amazon for $66.99 (retail $84.98). If you have yet to buy either of the previous two seasons, you may be tempted to buy the Star Trek Remastered Three Season Pack which is now available for preorder at Amazon for $201.99 (retail price is 249.98). With Season One still selling at Amazon for $104.95 (due to the additional HD content) and Season Two, which was released this week selling for $59.99, by buying together as a pack fans save around $30 (at Amazon). It works out to about $67/season. So if you are shopping for Trekker holiday presents, these new DVD sets will arrive in plenty of time for the Festivus.

Right now it is not clear if the first season in the combo set will include the HD / DVD hybrid disks or just DVD disks. UPDATE: The Season One Box included in the Series Combo is the HD DVD / DVD hybrid set. CBS has not announced if they will ever sell Season One of Remastered as a DVD only set.

Each of the previous Star Trek shows (including non remastered Trek) has been released in this "Complete Series" format. As is tradition, these packs are usually on sale the same day as the DVDs for the final season of whichever show, and the same occurs November 18th, when both the pack and the third season are released.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3




 Available now
(HD /DVD Combo)

 Available now

 Available 11/18/08


Three Season Pack


 Available 11/18/08

Fan Collective Pack
September 16th, the Star Trek collective DVD sets continue with Alternate Realities (see previous story). However, if fans haven’t sampled the previous collectives, there is also a pack available now at Amazon for $131.99, a savings of $15. The pack includes the Q, Time Travel, Klingon, Borg, and Captain’s Log collectives with specially designed packaging featuring the Captain’s Log DVD art. These discs feature episodes selected by the fans as their favorites, and some sets, especially the Captain’s Log Fan Collective, features bonus features unavailable on the regular season releases.


Fan Collective
Box Set



 Available 9/16/08

 Available now

NOTE on Amazon pricing. Amazon prices change often, which is why the Season Two and Three packs ahve different prices even though the list price is the same. However for pre-orders, Amazon offers a ‘Pre-order price guarantee’ which means that if they lower the price between the time you pre-order and the time it ships, you will get the lower price.



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And yet… STILL no Blu-Ray announcement. Pass.

Oh how I wish…..

Sadly, it’s all too expensive, or I would’ve bought the entirety of Trek (all of them) years ago.

Most of us are going to pass Until Blu-Ray disks are available!

No blu-ray – sorry, not for me

Wasn’t the reason the Remastered series was made was so that it could be shown in high definition? So where’s the friggin’ Blu-ray???

Oh my God, come on with the Blu-ray please.

I won’t buy it unless it is on Blu-Phaser Ray…


#8: I finally see it first hand. I can’t believe this.

Paramount, king of the double, triple, quadruple DVD dipping! $200 for three seasons? Don’t they know Star Trek has a fairly intelligent fan base? If they are making a smaller sized set of all 3, and not just the three sets taped together, and its under $100, I would buy it.

It’s too bad the rest of the remastered episodes aren’t out on itunes.

I’m waiting until the Deluxe Trek boxset version with all three seasons formatted in Blue-ray/Holographic-Tone/Smell-a-Vision, where you can actually smell the perfume that Uhura was wearing that given week!

M’yeah………………………….that ought to do it!

Why are they issuing, at full price, a High Definition format that is no longer an industry standard? HD lost the format war to Blue-Ray.

I agree with Harry Ballz. When it comes in those combo formats I will buy.

But then again thats 3 formats so it will probably cost $605.97


It’s quite cynical for CBS to release this now, when we all know that, following Trek XI, it will all be re-released in Blu-Ray with a super-upgraded commemorative version of “The Cage.”

I think, like many of us who have grown up with Trek, we’ve upgraded from off-air VHS copies to licensed tapes to (in my case) laserdisc, then to to DVD, and now to HD.

CBS is trying to add an extra step before the new HD shows are released in BR format. The first reason may be that Blu-Ray sales are not great (and they are not), and they want sales now. Second is that they want the crazy fans to buy as often as possible. And that’s true, too.

wonder if Paramount Really Cares if people want Blu-Ray or not? I mean how many times have People Been Asking for them on here alone?

The beancounters in Hollywood have never been known for either good judgement or discretion! Shame on them!

Soooooooooooooo expensive

Any word on a future release on itunes? Or for any Trek show for that matter, other than just season one?

You have to be kidding me.

First, I am pretty content with my existing TOS set, so CBS will have to do some darned good convincing to get me to buy what they’re peddling.

1) I want original versions of the episodes and remastered versions
2) I want it in BluRay
3) I want it at a reasonable price

Until I get at least 1 and 2 on my list, they aren’t going to convince me of the need to spend an exhorbitant 3 on what I already have.

Besides when we move, I’ll probably watch most of my episodes in my office, with a standard def TV and DVD player, reserving the features for the HD flatscreen in the family room.


I’m enjoying my $59.99 season 2 set. It looks quite good, even if not in HD. Nice to see them uncut!

HD and Blue Ray are just money making rip offs anyway. I refuse to upgrade from DVD. Regular DVD is just fine.

What about region 2, let alone Blu Ray

I have most of the series on commecially produced VHS tapes and the rest recorded off the air. Maybe not as good an image or as convenient, but I still enjoy watching those.

Either Paramount is just yanking us around or they have the most incompetent people running the marking plans for these. Come on folks, get the hint. You did all this restoration with the intent of releasing in hi def; why are you stalling with bluray? Put the series out in 1 box that includes both the hidef and standard def remastered episodes, all the extras and then ask me for $200.


Man, I have all of Star Trek on regular DVD. I love that I can just watch an episode whenever. It only takes 45 minutes to watch an episode. Last year I started to watch all the series in order and right now I’m almost done with TNG.

#25 no kidding! and dont forget viewmaster!


Next up HYPER RAY 4D DVDS!!! It’s so real you actually have to wear bullet proof vests during the action scenes.

Damn Ferengis

Paramount could have really cleaned up if they would have released the season sets for 60 bucks each, and then later the full series for 140.00
Most folks don’t have the 150+ for the a season,,, these shows have allready payed for themselves, Paramount is blowing a huge opportunity by being penny wise and pound foolish.

Settle down people, the BDs will come. Try to have some patience for once… Most people still only have DVD and are fine with that so I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to release them in DVD. It’s still the dominating format. Do you know any other series that has a Blu-ray ONLY release? Well, not me. And no, BD doesn’t have a license to release DVD combos.

And they will re release them again when the movie comes out next summer.

Regarding Paramount milking it: yeah so? It’s their property and they can do what ever they want with it. They’re a business, not a charity project. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. That brings us back to BD again. If you only want BD then why don’t you just wait for that without complaints? Doing a BD mastering and encoding probably takes some time you know.

#14 – AJ
“It’s quite cynical for CBS to release this now, when we all know that, following Trek XI, it will all be re-released in Blu-Ray with a super-upgraded commemorative version of “The Cage.””

I realize that Anthony is checking on this but just exactly where does “The Cage” fit into all this? Both the sets and television premiere, if any.

Re: 23. Stanky McFibberich
” I have most of the series on commecially produced VHS tapes … I still enjoy watching those.”

I have the DVD box set (non remastered) of TOS and I’m fine with that. too…
Perhaps if I had no TREK on my shelf, this would be good buy
(and I may get this for my 13 year old nephew for Christmas.)

I refuse to buy these until they are re-mastered in 3D like the “Star Wars” films! :)

I want TAS remastered! ;-)

Paramount Pictures has always picked the loser in the format wars. They backed DIVX years ago and that went the way of the doo-doo. Any They are very stingy when it comes to Special Features on any of their DVD’s. The tranfers of Star Trek TNG and DS9 was really pityful. We may have to wait a while before Star Trek Remastered comes to Blu-Ray.


I think the prices are too high, the Blu-Ray version shouldn’t be something you have to beg for, and I still don’t like the packaging.

I plan on waiting for the Blu Ray version as well, but, if the price of this complete set were *just a bit* lower, I could justify buying it now instead of waiting for Blu Ray versions…

I agree with everybody that’s passing on this set. Paramount is just not getting it (WE WANT TOS-R IN BLU-RAY) and as long as that’s true we are not getting it (TOS-R IN STANDARD DVD ONLY).

Blu-Ray has come far too early, people don’t care and won’t care until DVD’s become like VHS and i can’t see that happening in the near future at all.

there’s also not any real reason to buy Blu-Ray seeing as there is to be honest very little difference in picture quality at the moment – far less difference than between VHS and DVD.

I think the real criminals in this are the idiots forcing new wave after new wave of technology and the latest craze upon us, it’s ridiculous – the next generation won’t want to wait for anything eventually.

By the time the combo-set released I’ll already have One and Two, and maybe Three as well. I’m curious whether the combo will sell well, ’cause it seems to me that the impatient Trekkers will already have purchased the single boxes, and the patient ones will wait for Blu Ray, anyway.

I’m with the others.

No Blu-Ray, no buy.


Well They Did cancel this Show After only Three Seasons….Now They want To give it Back?? Sure,
But Uh…BLU-RAY!!

I purchased all 79 (80) TOS episodes when they were released on VHS.
I also purchased all 79 (80) TOS episodes when they became available
with 2 episodes on DVD.
When Paramount released all 79 (80) episodes (again) on DVD in high
definition as Season 1, 2 & 3 I went out and purchased all 3 seasons.
I now have 9 seasons of episodes (reruns) of Star Trek: The Original Series. That’s enough! The only way I’ll ever get the re-mastered stuff is if I was to win them, recieve them as a gift or get’em from the black market.

# 45. JL “fhut the wuck” indeed.

#47. Starship Conductor